Liberals release platform based on the budget

Wynne wants to cut hospital parking costs for some and slash wait-times

Call it the 2014 Liberal budget - the redux.

Kathleen Wynne unveiled her party's platform in Thunder Bay on Sunday, repackaging what was tabled on May 1st in the legislature, in party colours.

There were no new revenues or spending announced in the plan, except for a change in the way the Liberals would approach the Ring of Fire. A Wynne government now says it will commit $1 billion in funding for the project no matter what, which was contingent on Ottawa matching the money in the budget.

There was also a promise to cap or fully cut hospital parking fees for people who make frequent visits to the hospital - either because they're sick themselves or family members are.

Wynne vows to cut hospital wait-times in half and increase the number of hospices in the province.

If re-elected, Wynne says they would start up the Experience Ontario program ,which would help graduating high school students get nine-month paid community work. She also says teh Liberals would improve your kids' math scores.

Wynne says her plan will help the economy more than the slim NDP platform or the Tory plan, which she says is a "slogan."

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  1. Gishan posted on 05/25/2014 01:54 PM
    It's official: We have two parties promising to raise taxes, lose jobs, and deepen the debt. In other words, two parties I DEFINITELY will not be voting for.

    With any luck, we'll end this election with a Parliament that has NO Liberals, NO NDP, and no tax-and-spend nonsense in their mandate.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/25/2014 04:38 PM
      @Gishan That's okay because a lot of people will be voting for the Libs and NDs in Toronto and the 905. So we are looking at a minority gov't unless you are using the Ipsos poll as can be seen when John Wright is shilling for his Cons...
    2. Cathy posted on 05/26/2014 05:17 AM
      @Sonny Sorry to tell you that I live in the 905 and I don't know anyone who is voting Liberal and only 1 vote for NDP. Everyone else is a vote for responsible deficit reduction and respect for taxpayers and their money.
    3. john posted on 05/26/2014 10:58 AM
      @Sonny makes sense after all thay love the fact they will be no jobs . with the 2 in power and we will join Detroit in the chapter 11 club one that dos not like men and one who is dumb as a 5 iron golf club . if we are stupid enough to put them in office we might as well call Detroit tell them to move over .
  2. Walter posted on 05/25/2014 03:12 PM
    Why does the incumbent party even bother with a platform? Basically, what you have seen inn the past is what you can expect in the future.
    In the Liberals case, we can expect incompetence, dishonesty and corruption.
  3. SteveB_10 posted on 05/25/2014 03:44 PM
    Tea Party Tim did a very good job of talking to kindergarten level of understanding today. The show should have been called plant center with Weed Killer Hudak.
    1. Sully7 posted on 05/25/2014 04:02 PM
      @SteveB_10 We're glad that Tim spoke down to your level on his show today so you were able to understand him but what does your comment have to do with this article about Kathy's grand plan? What do you think of it?
  4. Sean posted on 05/25/2014 04:08 PM
    The Tea Party Tories are preaching a political dogma that has failed again and again and again. I dislike the Liberals and NDP but I'll be voting for whomever has the best chance of keeping Hudak and his merry band of lunatics out of power.
    1. thor posted on 05/25/2014 06:31 PM
      @Sean Typical union characteristics. Name calling and negativity. Everyone has the right to work AND not have to belong to a union diametrically opposite to their way of thought. Someday I hope you union fat cats at the top like Sid Ryan, etc., get what you so richly reserve - having to actually work for a living instead of fleecing the members to support your cushy perks.
    2. franklin posted on 05/25/2014 08:01 PM
      @Sean With only 12M people in Ontario, only 6.8M private sector workers to support them and a whopping 1.33M gov. workers, a lot of gov. fatcats want to mislead voters into supporting the status quo that favours surplus gov. fatcats so much.

      Not happening.

      We need to reduce surplus gov. and move that money back into taxpayers pockets so they can spend their own money to improve their lives. This will create relevant jobs, goods and services in the economy.
      Fewer surplus gov. fatcats means a better quality of life for all.

      We also need to end all defined gov. pensions to reflect longer working lives and ensure taxpayers gain the full value of reducing surplus gov. workers, beginning with all pension contributions for 2015 and going forward.
    3. Sean posted on 05/25/2014 10:26 PM
      @thor thor: are you unable to see the irony in your statement, or was it somehow intentional?

      You start by lamenting that a typical union member uses "name calling and negativity" but then the last sentence in your post uses both name calling ("fat cats") and negativity ("having to actually work for a living ... fleecing the members").

      If you're going to go on a union bashing rant, have the good graces not to be a hypocrite while you do it.
    4. Sean posted on 05/25/2014 10:34 PM
      @franklin franklin: the government fatcats in question include, apparently, teaching assistants who work with special needs kids.

      Ending defined benefit pensions might save a few bucks in the short term, but in your laissez-faire utopia that will result in a lot of people reaching retirement age with no disposable income (in the best case) or having to rely on social assistance (so why not just give them the money up front and let that capital work in the market until they retire?).

      Pension funds are great sources of investment capital in the here and now and they'll guarantee another generation of well heeled seniors who can continue to support the economy in retirement.

      All of this smacks of Baby Boomer entitlement - an entire generation who thrived on the social safety net and then decided to pull up the ladder and let their kids fight it out over the crumbs.
  5. franklin posted on 05/25/2014 07:52 PM
    A chicken in every pot.
    1. thor posted on 05/25/2014 09:26 PM
      @franklin Those chickens will be coming frozen from China and probably packaged here by union workers
  6. David posted on 05/25/2014 08:36 PM
    How can anyone believe what the Liberals say. They are proven liars

    Fact: Dalton McGuinty promised not to raise taxes. After he was elected in 2003 he imposed the greatest tax grab in Ontario History. A few years later he imposed the HST which added the provincial 8% sales tax to necessities like electricity.

    Fact: In 2003 McGuinty pledged in writing "I promise if my party is elected as the next government that I will: not raise taxes or implement new taxes without the explicit consent of Ontario voters and not to run deficits. He broke these promises.

    Fact: "We will measure every investment against results." If the Liberals kept this promise we would not have Ehealth, Ornge and the moving of the gas plants.

    Fact: 'We will not raise the debt". The Liberals have doubled Ontario's debt. Paying the interest on that debt is the third largest expenditure after health and education.

    There many more examples I can give but you get the point.

    So Liberal supporters answer this. If Ontario continues like this we could become like Greece. Do you want that to happen?
    1. dama posted on 05/26/2014 06:58 PM
      @David I echoed what you have posted... and it is scary that Wynne is tied with Tim Hudak in the latest poll.. Are Liberal's supporters that blind to vote Liberal again after 11 years of disastrous performance? Must be glutton for punishment .

      Same platforms as what were reviewed in the budget.. spend .. spend.. on what Ontario does not have..

      If Liberal wins again.. our taxes will go up.. companies will leave Ontario due to high electricity cost.. then jobs will be lost forever..

      Tim Hudak,, even tho I dont like him personally,, his platform is sane..
      can he do any worst than the Liberal.. I guess not..

      No X for the Liberal for me......
  7. Alex posted on 05/25/2014 09:31 PM
    Very excited about Tim (Walmart) Hudak excising his Walmart Manager skills on the Province of Ontario.
    Just like the American Walmart model, the province of Ontario will enjoy lower pay, less benefits, less healthcare, and more uncertainty in their working life along with a widening rich and poor gap..
    After a 100 traditional jobs are axed we can look forward to supposedly a million probably part time or contract jobs.
    1. Wally posted on 05/25/2014 10:34 PM
      @Alex Don't knock a good thing Alex. They may even rehire you.
    2. Ernie posted on 05/25/2014 10:34 PM
      @Alex @Alex.. Yes wages are dropping. Except in the private sector. All under a Liberal watch! so what are you blaming the Tories for?

      the truth is that dropping wages has to do with global competition ( as a result of Canada's joining the GATT -- hmm. Oh yea that was Chrétien.. A Liberal .. You see Liberals believe that we should be allowed to trade with everyone because the 3rd world needs to be able to make money as well

      You cant trade with people whose standard of living is below yours. It drives down wages. this phenomenon was put in place by another Liberal.. Bill Clinton. and is being continued by yet another Liberal..Obama. In the Last US election, Romney.. A CONSERVATIVE wanted to restrict trade with China. But alas, most Canadians just love Obama. That is your wage you need to be honest about it!
    3. Ernie posted on 05/25/2014 11:11 PM
      @Ernie private in upper post was supposed to be public sector
    4. Alex posted on 05/26/2014 06:08 AM
      @Ernie Private sector wages are going up?
      Give us some details.
    5. thor posted on 05/26/2014 11:07 AM
      @Alex Learn to read all the comments before posting.
  8. scott posted on 05/25/2014 10:38 PM
    More verbal diarrhea from the lying Liberals.
  9. Ken posted on 05/25/2014 11:15 PM
    LIar! Liar! Liar!

    Wynnebag makes PinochioMcGuinty look like a priest.

    It is truly hard to fathom how low this province has sunk under Lieberal governments.

    Wynnebag hugs her fellow crook Fontana (Lieberal facing criminal charges) but wouldn't meet with democratically elected Rob Ford. (Not charged with any crime)

    Can't wait to see Wynnebag and her crew of crooked cronies led out of Queens Park in handcuffs when the RCMP investigations are moved forward. That will be great TV!
  10. Alex posted on 05/26/2014 05:35 AM
    A million jobs.
    What are these so called jobs?
    Are they full time permanent or are we going to find out they are part time or temporary jobs?
    Why a million? More like a headline grabber?
    1. franklin posted on 05/26/2014 11:23 AM
      @Alex Hudak's promise is to create only 125,000 jobs a year in addition to the existing 8.2M jobs, or much less than one percent, not such a big deal. Ditto for provincial retirements and downsizing. It's less than 10% of gov. workers overall, but less than one third of Ontario's overstuffed workforce problem which costs us about $24B a year or $2,000 each. Family of four? You pay $8,000 per year, just to fund surplus gov. workers. But surely there is nothing you would rather do with your taxdollars than fund surplus gov. workers with out-sized benefit s.packages who get holidays you don't get a pension you don't have.
  11. Mark posted on 05/26/2014 06:47 AM
    Remember, it does not matter what "goodies" are in any librano budget. They are all lies anyways. When it comes to liberals, lies are all you can depend on.
  12. Angry Bill posted on 05/26/2014 09:34 AM
    I'm actually laughing as I'm reading this. My hat goes off to Wynne, that's for sure. The liberals are in the enviable position of being able to promise anything they want, and they know it. Because the last 2 elections have shown them that they can discard any campaign promise they want, and there are enough stupid people who will still vote for them anyway. Hudak couldn't get away with that. Not even Horwath could. But Wynne can.

    The liberals therefore have an unfair advantage going into this election. No one expects them to keep any of the promises they make, but the conservatives and NDP are not held to that same low standard.
    1. Sonny posted on 05/26/2014 10:50 AM
      @Angry Bill Wynne is not McGuinty. It is a thing of the past. Are you perfect?
    2. Angry Bill posted on 05/26/2014 10:56 AM
      @Sonny Stop it. You're making me laugh harder.
    3. Frankie posted on 05/26/2014 11:43 AM
      @Sonny You Liberals are so gullible! Wynne signed off on the $ 1 Billion cancellation and you merely say it's a thing of the past.

      Please give us your bank account and credit card details so we can rob you, then when we're arrested we'll remind you that it was a "thing of the past" and we should be forgiven.

      Dumbest people in Canada!
  13. Frankie posted on 05/26/2014 09:59 AM
    The Liberals have a proven strategy of lying, "stealing", mismanaging billions, bribing unions, and allowing natives to viciously attack people without fear of police intervention. This strategy has gotten them re-elected several times.

    Why would anyone expect Wynne to change a winning strategy? By the time she destroys this province she'll be long gone. Even Dwight Duncan, former Liberal Finance Minister has criticized the recklessness and danger of the budget.

    I don't want to see my province destroyed nor have my children spend their lives paying for the corruption, recklessness and stupidity of this Liberal government.
  14. john posted on 05/26/2014 11:12 AM
    well she did say she would use the budget as a election platform and she has done just that . dont get to excited people this will not happen again i can assure u of that . politicians telling the truth as very rare . so rare it will never happen again .
    1. Frankie posted on 05/26/2014 11:39 AM
      @john Mike Harris' first election platform was exactly what he did as Premier. He didn't lie. Liberals and lies; they both start with L.
    2. tanjo posted on 05/26/2014 02:12 PM
      @Frankie Bob Rae also did what he promised to do.

      Both Harris and Rae were villified by the time their terms ended.

      The best leaders are the ones where we can go about our business and don't even know they are there.
    3. Angry Bill posted on 05/26/2014 03:23 PM
      @tanjo Or they're the best pickpockets.
    4. tanjo posted on 05/26/2014 04:52 PM
      @Angry Bill That's when we hear about them.

      What I mean is we vote for them to keep the province running smoothly, like a hockey referee or baseball umpire. The more we notice them, the worse the job they are doing.
    5. Alex posted on 05/26/2014 07:25 PM
      @Frankie Rob Ford is not a liar.
      that is what I am hearing from you.
  15. Alex posted on 05/26/2014 07:28 PM
    Other parties need to use Rob Ford as a yardstick with respect to not lying and staying on the straight and narrow?

    Ford More Years (of lies), right?
  16. Alex posted on 05/26/2014 08:48 PM
    Tim Hudak is a no show at the northern debate.
    Guess he doesn't need any of those votes eh? lol
    1. David posted on 05/26/2014 09:45 PM
      @Alex Alex

      In a past election Dalton McGuinty did not show for the same debate that you now condemn Tim Hudak for not going to.

      So, It's OK for a Liberal to do something but it is wrong for a Conservative to the same thing?

      You are a hypocrite. But I have to expect that from a Liberal.
  17. Mrs. McGuinty posted on 05/30/2014 05:03 PM
    Liberals release platform based on their continued thefts of public funds.

    Liberal CROOKS.

    Send Wynne to prison.
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