Hudak vows to turn health-care decision-making over to doctors, nurses

PC leader wants to eliminate Local Health Integration Networks

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says he'll hand decision making in Ontario's health-care system to doctors and nurses rather than bureaucrats.

Speaking at a hospital in St. Catharines Saturday, Hudak repeated his promise to eliminate the "bloated" bureaucracy he says is siphoning funds from patient care.

The Tories say they'll get rid of the 14 Local Health Integration Networks set up by the Liberals to co-ordinate regional health-care funding and services.

Hudak has made cutting 100,000 public-sector jobs a cornerstone of the Tory platform, part of his plan to eliminate the $12.5-billion deficit in two years.

The Liberals and NDP have warned such steep cuts would be economically destructive and put public safety at risk.

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  1. Thor posted on 05/31/2014 06:56 PM
    To the Libs and NDP I say horse feathers!. Right on Timmy cut those cushy bureaucrat jobs. The money that's wasted on these no nothings can better be applied to actual health care! The medical profession know what's needed to be done.
  2. █Alex█ posted on 06/01/2014 05:34 AM
    █Sounds simular to a workplace cutting jobs and spreading the work out to the employee's left█ I would guess other than their opinions being considered, the doctors would rather practice medicine than business█ I doubt that this is anything more than job cuts (which are there for a purpose not discussed) from Mr. Walmart Tim█ He is just sounding like Mike Harris█Talking to people last night I sense they are afraid of this guy█
  3. Fact Provider posted on 06/01/2014 06:17 AM
    If Tea Part Tim were referring only to the bureaucrats, there would be no problem.

    However, according to his own platform, he's including nursing, maintenance, technician and other critically important positions as well.

    Be very wary of the Hudak slash and burn (Harris X 10).
  4. sarah posted on 06/01/2014 08:01 AM
    Wasteful agencies, boards and commissions and their upper tier expenses need to go, but we must not have a return to family docs taking up surgery hobbies, or hospitals scheduling surgery, they are not skilled in or which is not needed, to pleae docs.

    The public system is funded by the public for the public, and not for the benefit of docs and nurses.

    We lack a policy of "Best Practises" in major fields such as cardiology, we fail to do needed testing to sharply contain prescription use, such as Pattern B cholesterol testing which might remove the substantial portion of folks who will never benefit from statins, from having to take them.

    We need written informed consents to enable patient knowledge and true accountability, a savvy press which can see through the self-interest in this high-stakes, high-pay industry and better management to allow needed alternative medicine practises to be funded.

    It's a no-brainer when insurer such as Manulife are funding naturopaths. Any fool can see this cuts down on illness and prescription use. So, when will the province wake up?

    I hope Christine Elliot, PC, is just the person to fix our healthcare. Deb Matthews did a lot of good, but we are at the Liberal public sector-pleasing boundary of reform. We need innovation in the public interest and to shift funding away from over-unded medicine and into healthcare with more useful viewpoints then mere symptom removal til next time$$$'
  5. Mark posted on 06/01/2014 09:14 AM
    Leaving Doctors to decide which medication and treatment a person needs sounds reasonable. Health care is a doctor / patient relationship not a doctor / patient / bureaucratic relationship.

    It should be obvious to any idiot that our government bureaucracy is far too big. Cutting 100,000 / 10% of government paid jobs through attrition and better management over a 4 year term is the responsible thing to do, especially when the provincial debt is cost to 300 billion.

    Poor Alex, who never misses an opportunity to post uber partisan comments, must be either a deranged idiot or a person who twiddles his thumbs doing nothing all day at a government desk. Fess up little Alex, do you need treatment or are you a hog ?? Speak.
  6. Liberal Idiot posted on 06/01/2014 09:32 AM
    OMG, if Hudik is elekted then were in big trouble.

    People will move from Ontario and leave the provise a barren wasteland.

    Doctors will kill patience because no one will control what the doctors do.

    In the first day he will slash all the most important jobs in Ontario. All the nurses will be gone so who will give me my vitime B injections. I think I will die if Hudik wins.

    Why should we wurry about our province debt of 300 billion. That's pennies and our kids can pay that off for us.

    I don't care about the mars building. Our government workers are our most important people and they should work in the finest most money buildings.

    People need two learn that we need to work harder to pay our government. They protect us from ourselves and that's the most important.
  7. Liberal Idiot posted on 06/01/2014 09:38 AM
    ^^^^^ O I forgot. I was told that the conservatives hate children and that the only people with kids are liberals. We need children. The cons can not win or no mor kids will be born because who will want kids in a conservative ontairio. This election is sooo important, we liberals must wynne by a land slide.
  8. Mark7 posted on 06/01/2014 11:20 AM
    To all criminal Fiberal voters, baaaaaaaa.
  9. █Alex█ posted on 06/01/2014 01:52 PM
    █ Walmart just cut 700 management jobs to serve the customer better, they said this past week.█Which really means that more work will be downloaded on the associates and remaining management█Things they don't have time for because their other duties are already not being accomplished.█Doctors and nurses (which will be cut too by Hudak) will be expected to do more administration, putting patients at risk.█ Tim wants this province to run like a big Walmart store█That's all he knows as a former WM manager█
    1. frankie posted on 06/03/2014 08:31 PM
      @█Alex█ Big diff. Walmart is a business. Gov. is not. Gov. cuts management to free up program money for better uses, to pay down debt, and hopefully!!!! to cut taxes.
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