Candidates throw post-debate punches, make budget vows

All three provincial leaders start days off in the GTA

The gloves are off with nine days to go on the election campaign, with all three leaders throwing punches at each other the day after the debate.

Premier Kathleen Wynne scoffed at Tory leader Tim Hudak's vow to resign if he doesn't achieve his goals. She calls it a gimmick.

Down the 401 in Ajax, Hudak repeated that he'll keep his promises. He then pointed out that Wynne couldn't answer spending questions in the debate.

Meeting with supporters in Toronto, NDP leader Andrea Horwath also looked to the debate. She says she knows why the premier can't stand by her record - she just can't justify it.

Wynne announced today that she'd get the legislature back within 20 days if re-elected. She says that includes having a throne speech and re-tabling the budget. Hudak also said he would table a mini-budget as soon as possible if elected.

Neither opposition party supported the minority Liberal budget when it was tabled on May 1st, thrusting the province into an election campaign.

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  1. Mike posted on 06/04/2014 01:14 PM
    ok! debate is over newstalk 1010.
    let's talk the Ford brothers and how the globe and mail is reporting now and previously the family is trying to grease the stones of one of the largest printing co's in the world and getting them city business in return this company is greasing the stones of Deco labels in getting them contracts. can you say "conflict of interest"
    if it was Wynne trying to push provincial contracts to her cousin in would be front and centre. never you will see the our family involved in city money scandals Doug has said on numerous occasions. really?
    1. Sam posted on 06/04/2014 01:18 PM
      @Mike so true!!
  2. ToddK_2 posted on 06/04/2014 04:31 PM
    Attention those managers managing that 1 person and those useless paper pushers prepare for that pink slip and off my tax paying dime.
  3. █Alex█ posted on 06/04/2014 04:48 PM
    █ Insead of answering the question last night about what Tim Hudak would do with respect to education cuts, he just gave us lots of filler material.█We heard stories about his father, his mother, his daughter and some trip.█ These were time wasters that were used to give the illusion that he was answering the question.█ Tim Hudak looked stiff and coached with his arms always out 5 feet from each other.█ He looked like a tv evanagilist trying to convince them of his Million Job vision.█
    1. Dean posted on 06/04/2014 04:56 PM
      @█Alex█ It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling when you run out of material and start talking about Hudak's hand gestures as if it had any relevance to the election.

      The Liberals will kill employment.

      The NDP will deepen our debt.

      The PCs will create jobs and allow Ontarians to keep more of their hard-earned income.

      I've voted PC in the advance polls, and so should all of you.
    2. Jack posted on 06/04/2014 05:14 PM
      @█Alex█ I've noticed that you never criticize what any of the other candidates do with their hands as they speak, even when Wynne assumed the "invisible beach ball" position multiple times.

      I'm curious, what do you do with your hands when you speak? Shove them in your pockets, cross your arms, stroke your chin? Perhaps we should all start ignoring your opinions based on superficial traits as well.
    3. █Alex█ posted on 06/04/2014 05:29 PM
      @Dean █ Shut your damn mouth, you Walmart loving income worshipping tool. █ You just can't see how much better your life will be when the NDP has everyone living off of welfare. █ You're probably some kind of greasy hand-talking dago like Timbit Who-dat anyway, who cares what you think. █
    4. █Alex█ posted on 06/04/2014 05:46 PM
      @Dean █Glad you got the warm and fuzzies█ You and many other Ontario workers will need that feeling of being warm when their wages go down, down, down as Ontario because the worlds largest Walmart store.█
    5. █Alex█ posted on 06/04/2014 05:48 PM
      @Jack █Do what you got to do Jack.█Just because Hudak looks phony and calculating (he doesn't pull of sincerity well at all), doesn't mean you have to be a victim too.█
    6. kenfromcanada posted on 06/04/2014 06:36 PM
      @█Alex█ I love that just by waiting - EACH TROLL shows its true self.
      Alex who promised to remove the 'blocks' highlighting his posts, reneged - as to be expected. AND NOW the racial slurs start.
      So - donny p(utz) has yet another profile here.

  4. Mark posted on 06/05/2014 07:45 AM

    Like I have always known, liberals get voted in by selfish union pigs and idiots. Anyone who believes the barrage of tv and radio ads by the union group pigs is an idiot but my question is - Why are these union pigs allowed to lie in their ads? Of course class rooms will not turn into chaos and hospitals will not go to hell because all the nurses are fired.

    Oh, and isn't is nice that it has been revealed that the piggy OPP union heads had a meeting with liberals recently.

    Watch out Ontario, we are almost at the edge of a high cliff on a slippery slope.
    1. Justin posted on 06/05/2014 09:08 AM
      @Mark While the unions themselves have thrown their support behind bankruptcy and waste, there are individuals in those unions who are still capable of thinking for themselves and planning for the future.

      Read my conversation with a friend from Toronto EMS, where he tells me the debate convinced him and his also-unionized wife to vote PC:
  5. ToddK_2 posted on 06/05/2014 09:51 AM
    I have too much anger towards the Liberals (and the NDP for supporting them) to vote anything but PCs.

    It will give me great satisfaction when the OPA is dismantled.
  6. Ted posted on 06/05/2014 10:51 AM
    Wynne is a crook. Put her in prison, not in public office.
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