'None of the Above Party' registered in provincial election

Voters who are fed up with the 3 main parties can register their vote in protest

Ontario voters fed up with the offerings of the mainstream political parties may feel sorely tempted to vote for none of the above come election day, and now they can.

Registered for the June 12th election is the None of the Above Party of Ontario (or NOTA) whose main plank is to press for elected politicians not bound by party control.

Party Leader Greg Vezina says he's had requests for lawn signs from Thunder Bay to Ottawa despite fielding only eight candidates.

If voters find him NOTA good choice, they still have about 20 registered parties to choose from. Among those are the Ontario Moderate party and the Pauper Party of Ontario, whose leader, John Turmel, is in the Guinness Book of Records as a perennial losing candidate.

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  1. john posted on 06/09/2014 11:49 AM
    i would rather vote for Elvis at this time .
    1. steve posted on 06/10/2014 10:19 PM
      @john Not voting or voting for nobody does NOT solve any problems.
  2. Jack posted on 06/09/2014 11:52 AM
    I met John Turmel once, he was collecting signatures on a petition to get into the televised debate for a by-election. Seemed like a nice enough guy.

    Still though, anyone who's still undecided needs to watch the Leader's debate, read the party platforms, and educate themselves about the numerous scandals and billions of wasted dollars in the Liberal track record.
  3. tanjo posted on 06/09/2014 12:20 PM
    Great, but the platform really just describes a "party" for Independant MPPs.

    I want a true "none of the above" party, as in "All of you go away, and come back when you have real solutions and a real leader."
    1. steve posted on 06/10/2014 10:29 PM
      @tanjo Think about it. In the history of Canadian elections have you ever seen anything like this? What will actually be solved. You believe the province will operate with no government in place. Do you think the government that has the power to change laws is going to put themselves out of a job. Not likely! doesn't matter what group takes over.
  4. john posted on 06/09/2014 01:13 PM
    if we had that in the ballot i wonder how many elections there be a year .
    1. john's mom posted on 06/09/2014 02:11 PM
      @john English please.
    2. John's dad posted on 06/09/2014 03:10 PM
      @john's mom Shut up bitch
    3. Angry Bill posted on 06/11/2014 11:34 AM
  5. HP posted on 06/09/2014 03:50 PM
    BOYCOTT...stay away from the polls. Please join me and other responsible Ontarians and stay home. It's the only way to support democracy in this election.
    1. Jack posted on 06/09/2014 03:59 PM
      @HP There have already been record turnouts to the advance polls; even if a boycott could produce any meaningful result, which it can't, it's too late for that. You're effectively telling people to support democracy by refusing to participate in it.

      What we need is for people to educate themselves about the parties, their platforms, and their histories and go to the polls with an informed opinion.
    2. HP posted on 06/09/2014 04:18 PM
      @Jack My sources tell me that 99% of those voting at the advance polls were union members, mostly civil servants mobilized by their unions and peers. They're motivated and wanted to ensure that all members voted, and you can guess who they're not voting for.'s the only responsible thing to do. Platforms don't matter and their promises amount to squat. History proves that they all lie and will treat us with contempt when elected.
    3. Jack posted on 06/09/2014 04:52 PM
      @HP Do you even hear yourself? "The advance polls were crowded with people who depend on government waste to line your own pockets; better for all of you sensible people to stay home."

      If your "99%" statistic were remotely true, that would just mean an even greater reason for the rest of us to get out and vote PC to counteract the damage the Liberals and NDP are trying to do to Ontario.
    4. HP posted on 06/09/2014 05:00 PM
      @Jack Yes...99% of the voters were police, firemen, nurses, doctors, first responders, game and park wardens, front line civil servants, teachers, security forces, and many of the people that help you get through your daily life safely, ensure your health, and build the infrastructure that enable you to make a living.

      If you call that waste, then lets see what happens if you have an accident, get sick, or want your kids to learn how to read...try calling 911 and getting voice mail.
    5. Jack posted on 06/09/2014 05:07 PM
      @HP Have you paid any attention to the campaign, or are you just relying on union-funded scare ads? The PC plan doesn't touch ANY front-line workers, bringing us back to a government the size of what we had in 2009 through attrition of middle managers and cuts to useless bureaucracy.

      People like you are what's going to send us down the exact same road as Detroit and Greece. You make me sick.
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