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Posted By: John Moore · 10/23/2014 10:06:00 AM

As jarring and infuriating as yesterday's awful attack in Ottawa was, Canada did not lose its innocence. It is breathtaking to see a gunman storm into the halls of Parliament, and appalling to watch as a young man in uniform is effectively executed by a mad man. But these events are not unique in Canadian history. 

One of our fathers of confederation was shot in the back of the head. A man tried to throw a bomb onto the floor of the Commons in 1966 was killed when it blew up in his face in a bathroom. Amazingly back then the media featured long earnest discussions about how much security the complex needed and what it would mean to turn it into a fortress. The country has seen other terror events (The FLQ's reign of terror and the bombing of Air India) and other random events of violence that can ...


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