• The Jimmy Page interview captured a Silver Medal in the Biogaphy/Profile category
  • So a hockey game broke out on the floor of the Commons yesterday and ever since people have been losing their minds. 
  • Much like The Raptors, we`re going to the second round on The Peoples’ Voice Awards. We`re not pulling an American Idol tease here, we really couldn`t choose based on the first week of appearances on Round 1.  All five were strong. They each had certain things that put them ahead of the pack and a few aspects that leveled things out again. 
  • The case of two parents who allowed their little boy to  die because they thought they could cure his illness with crushed peppers and horseradish is heartbreaking and infuriating. 
  • Well that does it! They've gone and blocked the peoples' will by refusing to honour the results of an on line contest to name a naval research vessel. British Science Minister Jo Johnson announced that the ship was too important to be given such a silly name. 


Born and raised in Montreal, John Moore arrived in Toronto in 2003 to take over the afternoon show on NEWSTALK 1010 but was already a regular contributor to the morning show since 1999 – the show he currently hosts. Moore in the Morning, the informative morning show airs Monday to Friday 5:30AM – 9AM.

John holds a degree in Communications from Concordia University and graduated from the School of Community and Public Affairs. He cut his teeth as a hard news reporter and anchor in the 1980s before moving into entertainment and arts reporting which involved fewer separatist rallies and more free wine. His movie reviews and freewheeling entertainment commentaries were a staple for years on several Montreal stations, NEWSTALK 1010 and Global Television.

John was one of the founders of the award winning On the Spot Improv and spent years playing reporters and evil lawyers in film and television. He worked as a director and reporter at the French language CBC for two years before they decided his accent wasn’t nearly as cute as everyone had thought. Moore also writes regularly for The National Post.