1. What I find strange is the whole perceived context of this video. When It was first talked about on-line, it had nothing to do with cupcakes. The story was the parent had the little boy out in the park and found another child wondering alone who had lost their caregiver and did not know the name (s) of their parents. This mother taught the child their names in case this ever happened to him. But as the mother said, sometimes he uses their names at inappropriate times instead of saying mommy and daddy. This is just an example of how we all react to situations which have been twisted and turned in the media. I think we all need to think twice and not believe everything we see and hear in life...
  2. WOW, hey I'm not saying I agree with everything this man said, but I can see why there is so much hate and bullying in the world today. You all sound like you are beyond bitter. HR should not hire people to develop, deliver and promote employee programs if they are not going to be accountable. CASE CLOSED!
  3. @Frankie Humans don't respond well to profanity and anger Frankie. Let's get back to the 'Human Factor". People's attitude is based on the way they are treated.
  4. I have to agree with Ron, especially when you work for a big company like the TTC. Most large corporations have programs which come from their HR department on how to lead people. This includes celebrating milestones. Sounds like the TTC isn't putting it's money where it's mouth is. We really need to get back to the 'human factor' in the world today. For a good read try "Leadership @ Work" by Harvey Silver. It's a little old but the lessons from this book are classic.

    Happy Retirement Ron!!

    Judge Judith
  5. Too bad the neighbours weren't "busy bodies", maybe a childs life could have been saved. It's societies responsibility to protect those who can't speak for themselves, children animals and all others with no voice. People are dumb
  6. @REEAALLY Wow, sounds like you are full of anger. I never said "I ACCEPT" anything. I said it is a tragedy. Just like humans cause other tragedies every single day of our lives, pilot errors that cause plane crashes, driver errors that cause car crashes,government errors that cause 911. Tragedies can be caused by anyone, even you. Never underestimate the ignorance, and potential fralities of the human mind. I have had a dog, and I have lost my dog to illness. I have also lost humans to accidents and illness. You are not perfect, nobody is.
  7. @Townie I've yet to meet the perfect human being. Sounds like you're it. Congratulations
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending them but I truly think this was a tradgedy. They drove all the way downn from Sudbury to attend Woofstock with their dog and then decided to stop at the mall. The fact they left the window slightly open tells me they were just ignorant which makes this a tragedy. I remember a story a few years ago when a father left his baby in the back seat of a car on a sweltering day and it died. He was not in the habit of dropping the baby at daycare and simply forgot. Tragedies happen every day.