1. BLM needs to use that same enthusiasm they demonstrated on Sunday and direct it towards the black on black crime.
  2. Wow a black man in a hoodie (in this weather)invloved in a shooting.
    I wonder if will hear from Black Lives Matters.
  3. What about the black on black crime, why are they not protesting that issue.
    How come in most cases there is always a gun involved?
    Why it always the white mans fault?
    It's about time they looked after themselves and stop blaming someone else.
  4. Wow that must be what I had just the last day or two. Not very nice.
  5. Yes let's blame it on the contractor. Have a look at how many shiny white hard hats that are usually hanging around these TTC sites, there usually TTC engineers and there support staff. Are they not involved the installation process or are they just hanging putting in time. I doubt TTC project department even looked at the proposal drawings and specs. There needs to be an accountability check done at the TTC.
  6. @Don was right It's like Ground Hog day over and over and over again.
  7. How much does the LCBO spend on advertising??
    Why bother when there is no competition, imagine what all that extra money we could use for health care.
  8. You know a lot of these old trees appear to look healthy on the outside but are rotting on the inside, there needs to be an effort made by the city's arborists to examine and weed out the sick ones.
  9. The feds should have stopped this abuse years ago, I don't know how long we can continue to have socialized health care with this type of issue happening.
    It's bad enough with all the obese people we have here and I fear we will pay dearly for.
  10. Was this venue known as the Rockpile years ago???