1. @AbbyW Oh, so true, true, true. It's a bloody shame the majority of people who voted in this province voted because they didn't like Hudak instead. Small minds. We are so screwed for the next 4 years. We are going to keep running into these situations with nothing, I repeat nothing, anyone can do to stop them!
  2. Surprise, Surprise. Did they not think they would need satellite villages before now, Or passing the torch, and television - are they not selling the broadcasting rights? Who are these so called experts hired to put on this fiasco. You're right AbbyW, we will never know how much money was wasted to put on this show we'll just know it was wasted but the executives will all do well, very well.
  3. How has the $3,143,666 slipped past everyone - this is money this company has already siphoned from the Liberal government. Add this to the ever increasing Ministry of Ed file and the cost of educating today's children with the brutal results being reported is out of hand.
    We don't need more outside programs or do-gooders, we need a complete over-haul of the ministry of ed. And no, McQuinty should not be allowed anywhere close to a government anything.
  4. @Some Common Sense for You Wow, aren't you the smug, condescending, typical Liberal supporter. Let's take a guess! You are a public servant or work for one of the many unnecessary bloated bureaucracies created over the last 11 years. You are over-paid for what you do and take advantage of every benefit presented to you. If anyone needs to get over themselves it's you and those like you.
  5. @The Real Explanation What part of "the Liberals have been in power since 2003" do you not get. The debt retirement was paid back 2 years ago and they are telling us they are going to keep it there for another 18 months - why? Because they're thiefs - plain and simple.
  6. Can somebody answer why it is the drivers of this province that are going to pay the bulk of the costs of the transit. Why can't they charge the person riding the TTC in Toronto to pay more than they are now. The rates are ridiculously low for a city that size. Maybe they should get there house in order first.
  7. @Jack Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack - My father was a union executive most of my life, my husband just retired after 35 years in a union, I was born and raised in Windsor, ON so please, please don't tell me about unions. What you missed was my point. Private unions have had to take concessions over the last 15 years, whether it be in the pensions, in the benefits, in the uniforms (if incl), in wages, vacation and sick time, in order to keep jobs here. NOT SO with public unions.
  8. Oh Tim, you are so blowing the Conservative's chance of ever getting back to power. Make noise about the real problems with this province, loss of jobs, gutting the public unions, slashing the bureaucracies.
    There are 2 types of unions, private and public. Private unions, such as those protecting employees whose jobs are going down south because the company says "play our way or no way", are in trouble and loosing or have lost control or have made heavy concessions to remain viable. In Ontario, the public unions on the other hand have been made powerful by a weak, spineless government who have used this alliance to their own benefit and to the detriment of every taxpayer of this province, now and in the future.
  9. They refused to change to Blue & White for the Grey Cup, held in Toronto with the Argos playing yet they may pander to a special interest group. Enough already with talking about the plight of gays in Russia - these are the Olympics - race, creed, colour, sexual orientation, height, sex; are not of importance. What is important is that we light the tower RED & WHITE for Canada and all Canadians.
  10. @AC Actually AC, Detroit, a city in the State of Michigan, went into bankruptcy for a lot of unscrupulous reasons mostly caused or approved by the mayor. Detroit is now on a come-back and we in Ontario should be so lucky. The Senate is a Federal entity, therefore there is no correlation to your comment. Except of course if you want to concern yourself with the charges handed down, Breach of Trust. Too bad we can't charge the Provincial Liberals with that over the unscrupulous and high-handed way they are bankrupting this Province.