1. @Rik He went out at 6. They realized he was missing at 8:30.
  2. @Liz I don't know the circumstances of this case, but I do know that it is pretty difficult to force someone to get treatment, no matter how badly they need it. I'm sure his loved ones tried. I also know that the person has to make the call for help themselves, which often doesn't happen when people are clinically depressed. It is a very difficult situation.
  3. I know someone who was turned away because they took anti anxiety medication which they had with them.

    There are 3 classes of crimes listed on the U.S. immigration website, which generally result in non-admittance - one of which is drugs.
  4. @john And he was appointed because he's a PC
  5. @Keith M And, he has declared conflicts of interest at least 6 times inthe past, so in spite of what he says, he does actually know about conflicts of interest.

    Hardly a left or right matter - it is an obey the law matter. Hard to understand why people have a problem with that.
  6. Give me a break about the "left" going after him. I voted for Harper as PM in the last 2 elections, so I think that clearly qualifies me as not left".

    What is so difficult to understand about why he is in court? It is NOT about the money. He used city resources to solicit donations from developers for his private charity. Then he was told by the Integrity Commissioner that he had to pay it back. He ignored this and the 6 ensuing reminders. Th Inegrity Commissioner was so frustrated with him that she brought the matter to council's attention. Council then voted on whether he should pay the money back.

    OK - here's the tricky part for those of you who think it's about the money. He voted in his own favour, instead of recusing himself from the vote as is required under the law, since the vote could potentially (and did) benefit him. Not only did he vote in his own favour he made a speech imploring other councillors to do the same. That is why he is in court - not because of $3,000 but for allegedly breaking the law.

    Got it now? Suggest you stop name calling and start paying attention.
  7. Let's not forget the apology also due to them by His Worship the Mayor, who is so well known for doing the right thing.
  8. I would have thought that someone in Mr. Mammoliti's position knows that public housing is not just for welfare recipients. It is also for low income employed people who cannot afford to live anywhere else.

    So what is his proposal for employed Canadian citizens who live there?