1. Crap! The guy looks like me. However, I worked that day during that time far away from the train.
  2. Tim Hudak wants to take over the subway system in Toronto. He wants to run the mostly profitable lines while the TTC gets stuck with the less than profitable bus and streetcar lines. If the TTC loses control of the subway lines, there will be nothing subsidizing many of the bus and streetcar lines. Either fares will have to go up or bus lines will have to get cancelled or both.
  3. @earl In places where there is right-to-work for less, the non-unionized employees still receive the same benefits and protection from their unions as required by law. Essentially, the employees who opt out of paying dues are free-riding on the coat-tails of their unions. This adds costs to the unions as the remaining members are required to subsidize the free-riders. If a non-union member gets into legal labour difficulties, the union is still obligated to defend the non-dues paying employees.
  4. First point: if the Conservatives were in power right now, the same diamond lands for the Pan Am games would be proposed.

    Next point: why will some lanes on the 407 toll road being used as diamond lanes? Who will be paying to reserve a lane in each direction? The government/taxpayers?
  5. Teachers are not required to teach what is not listed in the curriculum. There is nothing in the curriculum which states that students must learn how to read and write using cursive.
  6. As an opponent of Tim Hudak, I don't trust him on his abandoning of the "right-to-work-for-less" promise. If he does become the next premier, he will implement it.
  7. This is a disgusting photo! Were those Hell's Angels guys in a drunken stupor?
  8. I could accept "In all of our command." However, I think I would get tongue-tied over "In thy dust dost command" or whatever it is.
  9. Even if the Scarborough extension gets built, expect the TTC to "short-turn" trains at Kennedy back to downtown Toronto. Instead of subway trains running every 2 1/2 to 5 minutes, the TTC may run trains in Scarborough every 5 to 10 minutes.
  10. Let the Conservative pork-barreling begin!