1. I work in manufacturing and I've seen a fair number of early-twenties workers come through the plant in my 17 years there. What I've noticed is that they're not necessarily lazy or entitled but they are very selective about what they will work hard at. When given a job they enjoy or find interesting they will work as hard as anyone. But, when the job kind of sucks but really needs to be done, you get push back and whining. This is a generalization of course but I do think it's accurate.
    As far as how they interact with people and their PEDs, I agree, John that we, their parents, are to blame. We allow it. My 20 year old daughter "loves" to watch NFL football with me on Sundays. Her version of watching football consists of looking up from her phone every 20 minutes to see the score.
    I don't envy this generation. I think in some ways we've given them a raw deal. I also think that they need to be realistic about their career expectations before they accumulate $80 thousand in university debt.
  2. Cue MADD who will sure to be using this "study" as an excuse to push for a .00 BAC law.
  3. @Don One of the basics of driver training is that you never swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid a collision. Even if he had managed to clear the front of the truck he puts himself - and others - at risk of a head on collision. He turned to the left which aims his truck at the driver of the other truck rather then the bed or the trailer. He panicked and froze up plain and simple.
  4. @Sam Re: Flip Flopping.
    Consider this. The Liberals introduced healthy lunch alternatives in high school and mandated that all unhealthy (fried etc.) food be taken off the menu. Sounds like a good plan on the surface. But, high school kids are now simply driving, biking or walking to the fast food joints to get the food they want. Result: Badly needed revenues from the cafeterias which go to sports, trips etc. are now gone. So, the liberals, instead of rethinking the issue, are now doubling down on the program with millions in increased funding. Or in other words, they did not flip-flop. There comes a time when a leader must accept that their policy is not working/unwanted and abandon it. I would rather have a leader that admits to a bad decision and takes steps to correct it than an arrogant social engineer that throws good money after bad.
  5. That was effin' ugly. I don't think there's a team in the league that could have handled that defence. Incredible defensive performance - that's coming from a Peyton Manning fan (Fanning?). Oh...and to the haters; Peyton didn't choke. His offensive line could not contain the pass rush. I hope he comes back next year. Love to see hime reire with another championship.
  6. @Jackie That will only account for the hydro that was not available to them, not the food that spoiled.
  7. Yup.3 dead dogs and an owner charged with assault with a deadly weaponh or attempted homocide.
  8. I read a study that showed since Sunday shopping was allowed, peoples shopping hadn't increased, only spread out over 7 days instead of 6. Don't get me wrong. I think a store/business owner should be allowed to operate whenever it wants. I don't like government interfering with private businesses in that way (safety, worker's rights etc. OK). However, all this does is put more pressure on the small business owner to stay open another day which is an increase in wages, overhead etc., while not adding to his sales.
  9. Hopefully the plane lands in the Atlantic Ocean.
  10. @JUDY STAYZER Hi, Judt. On the left side of your keyboard there is a button reading "Caps Lock". Please don't use it.