1. @Angry Bill I think the big deal is we just want them to get spanked for SOMETHING. And hard. Won't happen though. I'm not sure what it will take but perhaps all these investigations that go nowhere will embolden them and they will finally get caught doing something seriously illegal. Need to see some Libs do the perp walk.
  2. No sympathy. Like the man said, you don't reach into a police car you effin' idiot! Challenge the cops and assert your rights all you want but remember they interact with dangerous people all the time and they do NOT fuck around.
  3. In September of 2014, the Liberals said there were "no plans to change the default speed" - the Liberals said one thing and then did the opposite? Weird.
    The town in which I work - but do not live - has a long stretch of road through a subdivision that is 40 km/h. It is ridiculously slow. There is a school at the one end of the road which is why its 40.
    I wonder if this is a way to generate more revenue through more speeding tickets?
  4. The interior of that bus is hideous.
  5. @Auntie Lu You've seen PLENTY heave you? What kind of crowd are YOU running WITH? I've been smoking FOR over 20 YEARS and never saw ONE case of SICKNESS. STOP making up scenarios TO prove your PoInT!
  6. And who gets sick from marijuana anyway? Lightweight can't handle his high.
  7. "Well, you guys said it was POT luck".
  8. Great. This just means the Liberals will increase the on-peak prices and keep the off-peak prices as is. Please don't give these shysters any more ideas, Gord.
  9. @Angry Bill Busy lawyers are why they want to ban tobogganing on city property!
  10. It matters not. These shows were booked and tickets sold long ago. After this tour, The 'Cos is finished.