1. I hope we're not seeing the thin edge of the wedge here. Cops have already requested they be allowed to carry firearms while off-duty. While I acknowledge that a Remembrance Day ceremony would be an ideal place for an attack, we need to be careful about granting the police more and more power.
  2. @DTjohnkim Did you miss the part where that creepy guy was walking right beside her for 5 minutes? Or the other gut who wouldn't leave her alone and wanted to give her his number? I'll admit someone saying "Good Morning" or "How are you today?" isn't exactly harassment but this video gives a great insight into what an average woman goes through on a daily basis.
  3. We'll see who's the "obstructionist" now. I'll bet you see Rob vote against everything Tory tries to do.
  4. Well done, Toronto. Now if only you would have exercised such good judgement during the provincials.
  5. @dama You don't have to be that old or smart to know not to rape. Calling them young and stupid diminishes the seriousness of the crime. I shoplifted when I was "young and stupid".
    And, yes, let's worry about the lives of the accused rather than that of the victim. Crawl into the 21st century.
  6. Kinsella is a bit of an enigma. He can write the most thoughtful, balanced and insightful article and then turn around and spew the trash that he sent to Tory. What an obnoxious ass! Still neatly and warmly housed up Chretien's ass after all these years.
    There's nothing sincere about what you wrote, Warren.
  7. Not a supporter of the man or his party but I feel for him and his family. Damn scary.
  8. When I first heard this story, they said she was pulled off the road and I had some sympathy for her. Now I find out that she was in the goddamned passing lane??!! Good Lord, how stupid. Complete lack of common sense.
    When I was in driver's ed, the teacher asked the class what to do if a dog darted out in front of your car. Some said "Brake", some said "Swerve". He said "You hit the dog". It's not pleasant but you don't risk human life over an animal.
  9. @GregH_5652 @Stephen S_5505 Liberal Tool.
    Whoa, whoa, whoa. Take it easy. The fact is the majority of voters are ill informed and will believe whatever lies are broadcasted the loudest and most often. Hudak may be unappealing physically or whatever people are paying attention to, but his message is spot on. This Is Not Sustainable and something has to change. Too many voters look at this as some kind of sporting event where they just want their side to win. It's more goddamned important than that. If Wynne had come out with a sound budget with an eye towards cutting waste and raising some taxes to slay the deficit I just might have voted for her. Her budget is ridiculous and her plans for balancing the budget are pure fiction. This province is going to be in deep trouble 4 years from now. I just hope the PCs have a candidate with enough appeal to allow the fence-sitters to vote for fiscal sanity.
  10. Most of the problems with the PC campaign you mentioned are actually an indictment of the voting public. A lot of people I talked to who were voting Liberal were doing so because they "Just didn't like Hudak". Well, you're not voting for Hudak, you're voting for the candidate in your riding.
    I agree that bringing up all the scandals over and over again leads to people tuning it out but, at the same time, you can't let the voters forget it either.
    The Liberals ran a very tough attack-style campaign against Hudak and he didn't respond well - or at all. He was, however, the only candidate willing to tell it like it is and the public stuck their fingers in their ears and voted against him.
    I look at like this; One parent spoils and indulges the kids all weekend with promises of more to come even thought the bank account is in the red. The other parent tells the kids not only do the treats have to stop but we may have to sell the Xbox. Who do you think the kids will side with?