1. @DawnP Studies done in Texas have shown that full day kindergarten kids do have a slight advantage over other grade 1. That advantage is gone by grade 3. $1B/year so kids can be slightly ahead for 2 years? Not worth it. But we get to employ more teachers so that should make the union happy.
  2. @AnNH_7721 Be careful what you wish for. I, too would like to see judges accountable to the public. However, in the U.S., the elected judge becomes just another politician. And no judge wants to lose his job because he appears to be soft on crime. So you end up with judges who give some kid 5-10 for a bag of pot.
  3. @StuG Aaaannnd that's the reply of a man with no comeback. Well done!
  4. @Adriane Taylor 100% agree, Adriane. Although he could have been a bit more tactful, I fully support the sentiment and the frustration with which it was delivered. Not anti-immigration at all, not even anti-burka, but your religion does not supersede the laws of the country of which you are becoming a citizen. I'm sure Justin will be making some comment full of disgust about "racist" comments from a Conservative.
  5. OK, great so read the fine print. Then what? Turn around and pack up my family and head home? Only solution is too boycott these places unless and until they provide a more reasonable waiver. I'm not at all litigious but a ski resort can't absolve itself of all responsibility just by saying "Well you signed off on it...".
  6. Where do I find the video!?!? Need to!!!
  7. Why are we giving this clown more press? It only serves as encouragement to the next jihadi looking to make a name. I think, in all cases of domestic terrorism or mass shootings, we don't print their name or their picture and if we happen to take them alive we put a bag on their head until they are in prison.
  8. @63r01d Oh, but then they wouldn't get their video and become YouTube stars! Used to be the ultimate goal was to be on TV. Now everybody wants fame on the internet. That's why you get people filming tragedies instead of, you know, trying to help. Like a human being.
  9. I dunno, seems like whining to me. They really want monetary damages for a stupid tweet by some troll? Yes, TSN should have caught it and they acknowledged as munch. They also apologized. Let it go.
  10. @Angry Bill I think the big deal is we just want them to get spanked for SOMETHING. And hard. Won't happen though. I'm not sure what it will take but perhaps all these investigations that go nowhere will embolden them and they will finally get caught doing something seriously illegal. Need to see some Libs do the perp walk.