1. What's with cops and facial hair? Is this supposed to be a intimidating look.
  2. @Mark7 What un-named federal government is currently running the biggest defecit in history and has spending at 2x the rate of inflation. Hmmm
  3. @Mark7 Drunk in public represent the office of mayor and the city is not personal time. I suppose you'd be happy to the mayor, his brother and their assorted criminal friends living right next to you. Just remember that when he drives drunk down your road and your kids are out playing or associates of the mayor are rolling up to sell drugs out the windows of there car. If your all up on person time then I guess your all up on above.
  4. Stinz and Socnacki need to get out of the race, they are just clogging up the drain for the three real contenders. Its easy now, but neither has the money to run a campaign, at this point in time for them its just show and get face time their only cost is gas and time.

    When you're polling at 2% or below as they are do they really qualify as legit candidates?
  5. Why oh why is this eviction taking so long, I've packed and move an entire house faster than this. Patience and playtime is over kids. The cops are G20 afraid, don't be, the people are your side. Tear into that Yurt, cuff and stuff the squatters and clean up the park for the rest of us to enjoy.

    Send all the little boys and girls back to whatever Female Studies major she's taking, year seven in her undergrad, and him back to whatever the latest major he's dropped out of because 'the Prof doesn't get it man.'