1. @GregH_5652 The voters are never, repeat never wrong. The minute you go there you start down the road to some people just shouldn't have the vote or be allowed to vote. Next thing you know their wearing little gold stars on their chests to ID them as people who can't vote.

    A free vote is just that, free and your reasons are your reasons for voting and to impune your reasoning onto other people is just plain foolish and wrong. The voting public had two looks at Hudak and didn't like him both times.

    I've seen High School Student Council campaigns handled better than what the PC's did in both elections under Hudak.
  2. @BJA There is not one scientific study done by any credible organisation or person that has found any like between wind turbines and health. Not one. That canard is simply a lie.
  3. Full disclosure first, John and I have emailed each other about cycling, I've seen the bike he bought, super high end and he has seen mine, low end road bike. But seriously John, 100km is just 60 miles on mostly flat roads, At 20 mph that's just 3 hours. Buy yourself an indoor trainer like a Kurt Kinetics and train year round. BTW if you ever want to ride with me, come up to Tottenham and we can mix in some moraine and marsh roads. Congrats on doing the ride.
  4. What's with cops and facial hair? Is this supposed to be a intimidating look.
  5. Bad leadership for the first half of the war by when career officers like Sir Julien Byng showed up and of course Sir Arthur Currie, things started to turn around a little.

    The sad part was that technology had raced ahead of tactics resulting in the horrendous death tolls. As a friend once told Hiram Maxum if you want to make a lot of money invent a weapon that will allow Europeans to kill one another faster. He of course invented the modern machine gun.

    I think your article points out more about Canadians and how we refuse to be defined by what we are told and would rather define ourselves within the contect of the country than have the country do it for us.
  6. @Adriane Taylor Notice like all people who can't read listen or comphrehend that you are just replying by attacking the person and not the argument.

    For the record, yes I believe this government broke a trust with the people and as Locke said 300 years ago, a government can no loNger stand when it breaks fundamental trust with the people who elected it, so yes I do think their should be an election. However why would Wynne pull the plug on her own government? Dio you think for a second if the roles were reversed an Hudak was in her place that he would, no he'd wait and make the other parties do it.

    Which brings us to Horvath and her too cute tricks and non answers. Maybe she needs to step up and do the right thing. But not to worry in three weeks we will have an election.

    And when the vote is over, we start again, prbably wiht a minority government.

    Having said that, their is still not direct link between this whole mess and Kathleen Wynne and until someone can establish one, in our system she is innocent until proven guilty. Now if you want to change that, then fine, then apply it across the board and not in a partisan approach. Me I'll stick with common law and jurisprudence. You stick with insults.
  7. Its good to see the Jerry Agar Star Chamber is in session. Me I'll wait to see a direct link before I say guilty, too many people like to jump to a conclusion and impose punishment thinking that is justice.

    Also good to see you're telling people how to vote now. Its a good thing too saves me all the trouble of actually being informed and involved. Thanks Jerry for being my personal Big Brother, tip of the hat your way.

    Finally you might want to spread whatever it is your spreading, toward Andrea Horwath and her culpibility in all this.
  8. Stinz and Socnaki have 2% or less of the vote, they are never going above that, neither have the money to run a serious campaign, kind of like LeDrew. Their needs to be a harsh ruling that debates are for contenders not pretenders, and those two should be excluded from further dabates
  9. @Mark7 What un-named federal government is currently running the biggest defecit in history and has spending at 2x the rate of inflation. Hmmm
  10. @Mark7 Drunk in public represent the office of mayor and the city is not personal time. I suppose you'd be happy to the mayor, his brother and their assorted criminal friends living right next to you. Just remember that when he drives drunk down your road and your kids are out playing or associates of the mayor are rolling up to sell drugs out the windows of there car. If your all up on person time then I guess your all up on above.