1. @Frankie Yup right on also Frankie.
    We are headed there.
  2. @Angry Bill Thanks Angry Bill.
    You can thank Jeff also since he is one of the experts I follow.
    He wrote most of it and he is right on.
    We as a society have more information available to us than ever before in time and we are getting more and more ignorant it seems.
    Especially in the area of financial literacy which is something we teach our kids for some time now but the public school system is why we are financially illiterate as a society and it is and will hurt us down the road.
    I know this seems off topic but I think it relates since we do not teach kids about entrepreneurship as a possibility for their futures.
    They are being taught that collectivism which means the nanny state will take care of us.
    Recipe for disaster.
  3. What a joke this is.
    Simply lies and more lies from our corporate media which helps to keep us the people divided.

    I can't say it better than my friend Jeff Nielson of Bullion Bulls Canada who follows this "stuff" daily."
    We are heading toward a big reset which is something I hope to be wrong on but we are lead by total incompetence at all levels of government who have some how got people to believe that government creates jobs. It does not and never has.
    It does though continue to expand at all levels.
    I live in Ontario where we have total morons as leaders

    Here's what Jeff says today and he is bang on.

    The general model of fraud/exploitation which has been inflicted upon us for what is now approaching a half-century. But what is going on today is now an order of magnitude worse.

    "Inflation" (i.e. excessive money-printing) was used to pump-up the entire system, and out of that system enough revenues were created to keep our governments afloat.

    Today; the the "inflation" (i.e. money-printing) is funneled 100% into the pockets of the One Bank (but at a rate 10 to 100 times greater). And then the One Bank uses a portion of this funny-money to pretend to "pay" the debts of these Deadbeat Governments.

    Our governments have gone from being "under-funded" (due to too much money being wasted on interest payments) to UN-FUNDED ; where most of the "financing" to pay the operating costs of our governments is now simply worthless paper -- conjured out of thin air.

    If you think of our governments being "funded" with roll-after-roll of toilet paper, rather than stacks of (supposed) "money"; you'll come much closer to seeing the actual Truth.

    Another fantasy jobs farce Friday from the Jobs-Farce Friday in the USA. And while the lies contained in these reports are now so far-detached from reality as to offer no analytical validity, whatsoever, what leaks out between the lies is often somewhat more revealing.

    In this case; I'm going to focus on a single line from Bloomberg's propaganda on today's "news"; as it says so much more than all the other paragraphs after paragraphs of complete fiction:

    Employers may be awaiting further evidence that the economy is accelerating before they step up the pace of hiring...

    Readers may not catch the somewhat subtle insinuation here, and may perhaps want to look at it again. What do "employers" represent? They represent the economy . What is "the economy" other than the collection of all of our Employers?

    Now let's re-write the Bloomberg line, in order to make the propaganda/gibberish clearly visible:

    The Economy may be awaiting further evidence that the Economy is accelerating before it steps up the pace of hiring.

    Complete gibberish, and we can now see what is being attempted with this propaganda. The idea is to portray "the economy" as some COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ENTITY -- an alien from another planet, for lack of a better metaphor. Thus "The Economy" is capable of moving in a totally opposite direction from all of our economic fundamentals.

    For example; as regular readers recall, for more than 6 solid months last year; we had Bernanke engaging in his "tapering" lies: "tapering is coming, for sure." And based on that talk alone; U.S. interest rates rose, with the interest rate on 10-year Treasuries roughly DOUBLING just on Bernanke's hot air.

    As this filtered through the economy; by the end of six months, higher interest rates were sucking money out of the entire U.S. economy at a rate of roughly $700 BILLION per year. It was that tremendous "sucking" which caused Bernanke to finally tell the Truth in September -- and admit there would be no (meaningful) "tapering", ever.

    But the damage was already done. Then we got the official "statistics" on The Economy. While the U.S. economy (small-case) was wilting under Bernanke's talk of tapering; "The Economy " did just great. It was actually accelerating while the economy was getting screwed by Bernanke.

    In this fantasy-world; anything is possible, because being "completely independent"; The Economy can do whatever it wants -- i.e. whatever LIES make the government look good.

    But let's take an actual number out of this web of lies to use as an example: the "unemployment rate". We're told that it fell down to 6.7% (LOL!!!!!!!). Readers will recall from previous translation that in the REAL WORLD there are more than 50 million unemployed Americans, with the real unemployment rate somewhere above 25%.

    The Truth About Western (Un)Employment (

    However, in our Fantasy World; you're no longer considered "unemployed" once you have given up all hope (like most of the 100+ MILLION unemployed Workers across the Western world). Once you give up hope (and cease looking for jobs which don't exist); you stop being a PERSON at all.

    Thus the U.S. "unemployment rate" is based on a definition of people which excludes somewhere in excess of 40 MILLION Americans -- well over 10% of the population. And obviously by adjusting our government's "definition" of people; The Economy can then do anything -- according to our Fantasy Statistics.

    Meanwhile; the propaganda machine only announced a pitiful, "disappointing" 74,000 fantasy-jobs. So how does the "unemployment rate" fall, when it requires roughly 140,000 net "new jobs" in the U.S. just to meet population growth ???

    Lots and lots of new Americans gave up hope last month; even the propagandists themselves realize they are forced to admit this:

    ...The unemployment rate dropped to 6.7 percent, the lowest since October 2008, as more people left the labor force.

    This brings us to another familiar (U.S.) chart: the "civilian participation rate", a simple list of how many Americans are actually working...

    For nearly five years now; the U.S. government has been claiming to have produced LOTS of (net) "new jobs" every month. And what we see -- without any possibility of contradiction -- is five years of lies.

    ZERO NEW JOBS . In fact, the U.S. economy has been relentlessly losing more jobs -- month after month after month. But (as we see again today) a little thing like MILLIONS OF AMERICANS continuing to be thrown out of work won't stop The Economy from thriving...
    Payrolls Rise Less Than Forecast; U.S. Jobless Rate at 6.7% ews/2014-01-10/payrolls-in-u-s-rise-less-than-forecast-jobless-rate-at-6-7-.html

    Payrolls increased in December at the slowest pace in almost three years, indicating a pause in the recent strength of the U.S. labor market that may partly reflect the effects of bad weather.

    The 74,000 gain in payrolls, less than the most pessimistic projection in a Bloomberg survey, followed a revised 241,000 advance the prior month, Labor Department figures showed today in Washington. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.7 percent, the lowest since October 2008, as more people left the labor force...
  4. @Sonny He had a drink at a leaf's game...OK.
    Pretty sure alchohal is legal Sonny.
    But your implication is correct that I do not like the liberal/socialist TO Star.
  5. The left said they will go after him before he was elected and they did not lie.
    No surprise to me that the facist TO Star is leading the charge.
    This is simply a side show and takes the onus off of what's really important which is to shrink all governments.
  6. How much money can they keep taking from us?
    We simply have another socialist/marxist in charge and quite possibly we here in Ontario will vote this money grabbing ,money wasting administration back in to power.
    I don't think it matters who is in power will just be a different amount taken from us because no one in power will do what it takes which is TO SHRINK AND CUT ALL GOVERNMENTS EVERYWHERE IN AT LEAST HALF!!
    How stupid and apathetic we are.
    Nothing will change because we are too busy doing what?
    Pumping the pump just to have enough to pay bills with whats left over....that's most of us.
    This is from below and applies to all levels of government the world around..
    "Those dependent on the welfare state are unaware that their benefits are not sustainable. Most believe tomorrow will be like today and the checks will keep coming from Mother Government. Political power was gained based on promising these benefits. No politician will risk his position by trying to reduce them. No democratic society has ever rolled them back via peaceful political means."

    We get side tracked with stories like the Mayor drinking at the wrong time and such.
    I'm preparing by doing certain things and no I'm not a doom and gloomer.
    The first thing my wife and I have done is get totally out of debt some years ago.
    You may want to do the same folks.
    This big government everywhere is not sustainable and we are going to see some very bad situations within this decade because most of us are sheeple.
  7. I'll print this out and use it as toilet paper.
    Do folks actually get paid to come up with this crap?
  8. @SteveB_10 Jerry is afraid of debate....
    You don't watch Jerry much do you?
    Jerry lives to debate which is why I like him.
    The only folks who do not like debate for the most part are liberal/socialists......John Moore is an exception.
    I don't like many of John's thoughts but I respect him as he does deabte well.
  9. @Tim You are 100% wrong Sir.
    Union workers are the laziest workers on the planet as a whole and I don't change my mind with what you say.
    I am painting with a broad brush and will always do so when it comes to unions.
    As my story says.
    I worked with Unions when I did installs of large systems at IBM which is not a union.
    Every single install took many hours longer simply because we had to wait for a union guy to put in something simple like a power plug which I could have done myself.
    Then most times we waited for a Bell guy (Union) to waltz in when he felt like it to connect our PBX trunks to the outside world.
    These guys where a joke to work with ...not 100% but the vast majority.
    Well IBM had this thing called having to make a profit on their systems.
    Something Union folks don't get I suppose.
    Anyway you may be an exception and get it but most union workers do not and they know it.
    Like I said I have maybe hundreds of stories regarding union workers and their complacency.
  10. This union think does not surprise me at all since I come from a G.M. family...grew up in Bowmanville and most of my family and friends worked at G.M. Oshawa.
    My Dad and 9 Uncles and Aunts,a younger brother who just retired ,my best friend for decades and many other friends.
    I myself worked 3 summers in Oshawa as a student in the 70's.
    I know we are speaking of the TDSB but my point is that these unions are very powerful and thier workers like G.M. without question the laziest overall workers in the world.
    Yes I'm using the broad brush here because it's true.
    Why wouldn't they be?
    They can't get fired no matter what they do.
    Now G.M. workers are no longer in that position as they screwed themselves with thier attitude over decades by acting like the TDSB workers are doing now.
    I can tell you so many amazing stories that you would think I'm making them up regarding workers taking huge advantage of G.M. with the protection of the union.
    Here's an example without mentioning names...this guy is dead now.
    In 1978 I worked for the summer at the south plant in Oshawa.
    My Uncle picked me up daily since I was on his shift all summer.
    There where 5 of us in his car riding in and one of the guys was in his last years close to retiring.
    Evey shift this guy had a 26 ounce bottle of whiskey which he drank after he finished sweeping his area which took about 2 hours. Then he would retire to his drinking area ...which eveybody knew he did and kick back to finish his bottle.
    He even had a nice sleeping area made up for him which of course no one spoke of.
    The guards knew he did it and did not check his lunch pail coming in and eveybody in the area knew he did it but nothing was ever said.
    Apparently that had gone on for sometime since I asked my Uncle and he sort of sloughed it off.
    I have maybe 50-100 stories like that about G.M. in the past which tells you why G.M. had to be bailed out by the tax payers.
    I've seen similar things at my kids schools with the janitors who are also very lazy overall.
    Yes union workers are very lazy and over paid as a whole.
    But I know as you do that not a thing will change in the TDSB.