1. "The party says the date allows for a time frame that will provide (hopefully) a candidate who can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time".

    The current candidates have made it evident that this litmus test has yet to be met.
  2. @Karl Burgin awww, so sorry, Karl to hear you lost your little Stevie Harper selfie?
  3. @AbbyW Please, AbbyW - as is the case too often - you are bitterly right-wing-wrong.

    In 2006 Harper the "economist" took our Canadian dollar worth 90 cents American at the time - parlayed 38% of the country's total economic output into an oil industry already showing signs of slipping in value - and then sat by and watched that industry tank.

    That is the brand of "thinking" that has put our dollar into the 70 cent pit and our economy into its current mess.
  4. @AbbyW Sorry - incorrect, AbbyW

    Some things for you to consider (some education if you will):

    1. Canada's largest single trade partner by is the U.S.A.

    2. The U.S.A.'s largest single trade partner by far is Canada.

    3. The U.S.A.'s next biggest trading partner is the most populated country on earth, China. China, with a population of almost 1.4 billion people, does 10 billion dollars less trade yearly with the U.S.A. than little Canada with its population of barely 36 million.

    4. Together Canada and the U.S.A. have the largest trade relationship in the entire world.

    5. The trade across the bridge in question (Ambassador Bridge), between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, alone is equal to all the trade between the United States and Japan - the country that is the U.S.A.'s 4th largest trading partner.
  5. Another mess created by Harper when he agreed to underwrite the total cost of replacing a bridge originally built as a joint venture. Guess what - this goes back to the final print of the "clever" deal undertaken by lyin' Brian Mulroney called NAFTA.
  6. Trudeau is facing a lot of work undoing the massive secretive obfuscation created by a decade of Harper sleight of hand.
  7. @AnthonyB_6955 Completely correct.
    We do know from the report discussed earlier in the day that over 10,000 drivers were stopped in Durham Region (at a cost of many thousands of overtime hours for the police at roughly $90.00 per hour per cop) - and the result was a "charged" rate of 1.18%. The conviction rate will be lower than that - the millions will have been spent and we will see a mere handful of drinking drivers - who likely won't change their behaviour later anyway.
    This is the result of the M.A.D.D. overkill that is currently in vogue.
  8. Like most New Years resolutions, these will last only a day or two.
  9. This "unfair" increase amounts to between 6 and 8 CENTS per day. Come on, people, there's no sympathy available to you for this "massive" increase.