1. @LiR Well said.
    You nailed it !!
  2. Come on, Toronto home owners, ... your property taxes are the 7th LOWEST in the entire nation !!

    Suck it up and start paying your share.
  3. Let's go with ...
    confiscation of his licence ...
    ... confiscation of all his vehicles ...
    ... confiscation of all his weapons

    Plus every possible charge under the highway traffic rules
  4. 3 Billion dollars for a one-stop subway !!
    "Great" legacy for both Ford and Tory.

    Time for Toronto home owners to have their ridiculously low property taxes raised !
  5. Truth be known ...

    WalMart wants to eventually force anyone using credit at a WalMart to use the "WalMart MasterCard".

    Then watch the fees and the interest rate !!!
  6. @Only Common Sense should read ... "un-convicted war criminal ...
    Sorry about that omission.
  7. Only in America could the choice be between an un-convicted (sadly) establishment politician and a complete loudmouth nutbar.
    A country having a population of 360 million has only these 2 as the "best" to be put forward?

    God help the world.

    ... oops !
  9. ... and in true Conservative fashion, they come knocking, a mere decade out of step.