1. @Mark7 Sorry, wrong again there, son.
    We vote for our local representative (Member of Parliament) only.
    The political party electing the greatest number of MP's forms the government. Each political party has already selected their leader and the leader of the governing Party becomes PM.
    We don't vote for the PM specifically like the Americans vote for the president.
    Please do all of us a favour and don't ever vote. You keep proving that you don't know the first thing about it.

    It's no wonder you spout off Con crap. You don't know any better.
  2. @Mark7 Still haven't found anybody willing to show you the proof that Campbell was, in fact, the first female PM of Canada - or anyone to lend you a spelier from grade five or so?

    Oh well, Mark7, never mind. You're more fun in your uneducated, unwashed way at any rate.
  3. @Mark7 The word is "moot" not "mute" here,
    It is so tiring watching the great unwashed try to sound smart.
    Go back to your cave and have some raw meat.

    ... And, by the way, Kim Campbell was, in every legal sense of the word, Canada's first female PM (and Mulroney's sacrificial lamb).

    Have someone read the appropriate information to you while you're building your cave fire, son.
  4. "Tory had an audience with Stephen Harper"

    An "audience" ?????
    Audience would be the appropriate word to use with ... oh ... the Pope ... or Queen Elizabeth.

    That's quite the promotion NEWSTALK 1010 has given to the egomaniacal PM.

    He probably likes it though ... his sense of self-importance is exceeded only by his inability to be honest with Canadians.
  5. @Mark7 Regarding: "... you find the destruction of our province to be a big joke."
    Taking deflection lessons from Karl are we, Mark7?

    As you must know, the travesty here is actually that you and your constantly whiny posts are the big joke.
  6. Want some cheese to go with all that "whine", Mark7 ?
  7. @Karl Burgin ..."taking a nap was not what I had in mind." ...

    What you had in mind has nothing to do with reality, sonny.

    The point is that, besides being wrong, almost without exception,, you and what you call writing are boring.

    Thus, the need for the nap.

    Back to your workbench, son.
  8. @Karl Burgin All your exhaustive effort just to find out that you're still wrong.

    It's been fun painting you into a corner, son ... but bigger things beckon my time.
    I think I'll take a nap. Reading your prose has made me drowsy.
  9. @Karl Burgin A couple of points for you to ponder, young man:

    1. Referencing Wikipedia as a "source" is funny in and of itself.
    2. My correcting your faulty math can hardly be called:
    - "sow(ing) discord"
    - being "inflammatory"
    - being "extraneous"
    - or being "off topic"
    3. as to: ..."the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response"...
    If, as a presumed adult you become personally "provoked" by having your inaccurate math calculations corrected, you may need to recognize that your apparent difficulty with math is one of your limitations.
    Rather than having an "emotional response", perhaps you should just grab that grade 7 math book and give yourself a refresher course. Self improvement is always a worthy goal.
  10. @Karl Burgin This was irony surrounding Mark7's inability to see how stupid he actually is. It's not about "spelling", stupid.

    The reference was to the point that someone like Mark7 (or you, for that matter - head cheerleader for the failed Ford brothers), who continually refers to himself as "always right" and rarely is, doesn't recognize that he isn't "astute" because he's too "stupid" to do so.

    Go back to your workbench, son - your breaktime is over.

    You can relate to that can't you Karl? God knows you have the level of stupidity to do so.