1. @LoriT_2302 No danger of being " thief, a liar, cheat or schemer", Lori T .... he's just demonstrated he's not bright enough.
  2. ............"...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......."
  3. Finally ... he's really gone!
    Don't let the door hit you in your stiff ass on the way out.
  4. Welcome to the last minute desperation politics of the "new" conservatives in Ontario.
    As has been the case with his predecessors, Brown is showing the lack of coherent planning and thought in the Ontario PC's.
  5. @Angry Bill 1. If you were to add up just the Harris items I mentioned above (407 give-away, amalgamations, introduction of province-wide negotiations for teachers, downloading of services and maintenance, etc.) the Harris destruction would outgun the Liberal mess by a ratio of at least twenty to one.

    2. As I stated earlier - every provincial government from Davis forward has done a dismally poor job.

    3. As for your gag reflex not kicking in when Harris mumbled, it may have been because your head was down as you tried to hide from his seemingly unending rounds of cuts to just about everything.
  6. @Angry Bill As bad as the 2 or 3 billion that can be blamed directly on the Libs is ... that is "a little more dirt' when compared to the 104 billion wasted on just one mistake by the Harris nitwits,

    Let us not forget a couple of other "not-so-little things" accomplished by those same Harris nitwits:

    Amalgamation of school boards - billions upon billions in waste
    Closures of some and amalgamation of other hospitals - care to try and add up that mess?
    Downloading of services to municipalities - ouch!
    Province-wide negotiations by teachers and more than 80% of police personnel
    The original sell-off of 3 of the 5 companies that made up Ontario Hydro at the time.

    It's been a mess in this province with every government from Bill Davis forward - regardless of political stripe - but Harris was the champion damage doer - hands down.
  7. @tdotsucks Well said.
    When will ... and why doesn't ...the media complain about the more than 100 BILLION DOLLAR debacle of the 407 sale (yes , I said "100 B-I-L-L-I-O-N"") as much as it points to the 1 billion gas plant mess or the almost 1 billion e-health problems?

    Harris, Hudak and the rest of the 90's nitwits buried this province.

    The Liberals are merely throwing a little more dirt on the grave.
  8. @LiR Well said.
    You nailed it !!
  9. Come on, Toronto home owners, ... your property taxes are the 7th LOWEST in the entire nation !!

    Suck it up and start paying your share.
  10. Let's go with ...
    confiscation of his licence ...
    ... confiscation of all his vehicles ...
    ... confiscation of all his weapons

    Plus every possible charge under the highway traffic rules