1. ... and the noose will tighten around the mayor-in-name-only's neck very soon.
  2. Yet another expensive photo-op for our suddenly "worldly" PM.
    At least this time he didn't take 200 other people with him.
  3. Once again the Ford "math" looks as silly as it is.
  4. @Mark7 Ford's so-called track record went off the rails a long time ago ... but you can stay in dreamland if you want. Your mayor-in-name-only will do no better than a poor third place showing.
  5. The most competent person in the race, John Tory is also the person with the best contacts in both senior levels of government as well as in the business community.

    This is your chance, Toronto, to do the smart thing and elect him on October 27th.
  6. @Frankie Agreed.
    Between the antics of the "almost-mayor" and the copious red tape that he promised to get rid of ... and DIDN'T, Mississauga is the logical choice.
  7. The Harper nitwits strike again ... another gift to the Alberta oil industry with another disaster in the nation's auto industry.
    How can this possibly have more positives than negatives?
  8. @Peter Ha! Ha!

    Great call, Peter.

    Don't play the ponies.
  9. Regarding your " ...Exhibit "A".

    "A" stands for ABJECT - meaning
    "allowing no hope of improvement or relief", and "utterly despicable or contemptible",
    both of which aptly describe the on-going behaviour of the failed mayor-in-name-only.

    You are unwittingly correct, Karl, chief apologist for everything Ford.
  10. @Karl Burgin Your delusion is surpassed only by your verbosity.

    As to your "replies":
    1. You CAN'T " ... argue on the legality of the entire process". Your so-called argument on "the principle" holds no water - it merely repeats the obvious, thus pointing to and reinforcing my point about Ford doing no better than a poor third place showing.
    2 (a). Of course you incorrectly assumed I am a teacher ... stop denying AND deflecting.
    2. (b). Merely mentioning that you rely on spell-check is very telling. "... 99% of the time you can excuse the grammar..." is either lazy or evidence of the veracity of my comment regarding the typical Ford supporters and " their lack of either skill (good grammar and sentence structure). Try proof-reading, Karl.
    3. Your reference to council's actions as "... bypass(ing) democracy" is just silly and worthy of no further comment.

    Your final 150 + words in that "essay" you stated you were too tired to write (my goodness - you love to see yourself inprint) can be summed up pretty quickly again -
    - POOR THIRD - best case scenario.

    Please resist the urge to reply to me again unless you can be much more succinct not to mention logical and accurate in your "thinking".