1. ... and in true Conservative fashion, they come knocking, a mere decade out of step.
  2. The practical, common sense solution is the democratic way AND will cost NOTHING!
    Do what most municipalities do and appoint the person who finished second in the election.

    In this case the person would be Luke LaRocque.

    The hidden benefit of this process will be NOT having to listen to the Doug Ford
  3. 1. I was not a huge Rob Ford fan.
    2. I have not been a Mark Twohey fan.
    3. I am not - and -never will be a Desmond Cole fan.


    4. The death of Rob Ford is a sad event in the life of his family - and - in this instance, an entire city.


    5. Desmond Cole exhibited the worst behaviour I have ever heard on the public airwaves.
    Congratulations to Mark Twohey for resisting the urge to adjust Cole's loose lip - literally.
  4. I think you've all been "punked" by a bunch of cabbies who never intended to hold the so-called protest in the first place.

    They're trying very hard to make up for the mess they created with the first protest.

    Too little ... too late ... but clever nonetheless.
  5. @Angry Bill Your comments are right on the money. Very well said.
  6. @AbbyW Actually the real embarrassment is that 2 of the 6 planes Harper dispatched with great fanfare are being used as spare parts for the other 4.

    Now Canada is taking a larger and far more meaningful role with this change by the Trudeau government.
  7. "The party says the date allows for a time frame that will provide (hopefully) a candidate who can walk, talk and chew gum at the same time".

    The current candidates have made it evident that this litmus test has yet to be met.
  8. @Karl Burgin awww, so sorry, Karl to hear you lost your little Stevie Harper selfie?
  9. @AbbyW Sorry - incorrect, AbbyW

    Some things for you to consider (some education if you will):

    1. Canada's largest single trade partner by is the U.S.A.

    2. The U.S.A.'s largest single trade partner by far is Canada.

    3. The U.S.A.'s next biggest trading partner is the most populated country on earth, China. China, with a population of almost 1.4 billion people, does 10 billion dollars less trade yearly with the U.S.A. than little Canada with its population of barely 36 million.

    4. Together Canada and the U.S.A. have the largest trade relationship in the entire world.

    5. The trade across the bridge in question (Ambassador Bridge), between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan, alone is equal to all the trade between the United States and Japan - the country that is the U.S.A.'s 4th largest trading partner.