1. Congrats to Newfoundland and Labrador.
    Not a simple-minded Con government to be found anywhere in Canada now.
    In the immortal words of Hannibal Smith:
    "I love it when a plan comes together !"
  2. @Karl Burgin You're right of course, Karl. Trudeau should learn from others, as ABBY would have him do, and simply follow the sterling example of Harper and muzzle the scientists while ignoring the science.

    Give your head a much needed rattle.
  3. @Karl Burgin Your selective "reading" of history is interesting. On one of his final trips as PM, your friend, Harper, took 3 plane loads of people with him as an entourage. Please, no lectures from the uninformed on the "waste" of Trudeau as he succeeds in undoing much of the harm Harper did - in his very first international foray.
  4. @AbbyW ... and this has what to do with your first frivolous comment or my response?
    Oh ... that's right ... nothing! You continue to state a lot of that.
  5. @AbbyW By all means, AbbyW, let's not try to undo all the harm (and the derision from the rest of the planet) that Harper and his hollow megaphone did on the trips he made.
  6. To; AbbyW
    The point you choose to ignore is that this is just the latest of the Harper lies to which we were subjected for almost 10 years.

    Go back to the original "story" on these boards of Harper's final budget projection and you will see that I predicted that Harper's "surplus" would likely be a 5 Billion dollar lie. In actual fact it appears to have been more than 5 and a half Billion.

    That, right wing AbbyW, is the point of it all.
  7. @AbbyW AbbyW - please stop scaring all of us who CAN read !
    ArtC is 100% correct and you are 100% wrong - AGAIN.
    Harper promised 3 or 4 BILLION to the farmers who will lose big time with this latest trading away of our economic health plus another BILLION or so to the automobile companies. Farmers and car companies are "private businesses", as stated by ArtC.
  8. 1. Labatt makes crappy beer and ale.
    2. Mill Street makes crappy "craft" beer and ale.
    3. It's a perfect match.
  9. @AbbyW He's far more ready than the ideology-bound Harper who still believes in Ronald Reagan trickle-down economics and who shared George W. Bush's "idea" that invading Iraq would be a good idea.