1. Not since the original downloading of road costs to municipalities by the Harris nitwits has there been anything this dumb - or expensive.

    The mere changing of millions of signs from 50 to 40 will result in tens of millions of dollars in increased property tax caused by the province but blamed on municipal government.
  2. @Angry Bill The push for the use of CFL's in Ontario began only as a direct result of federal NOT provincial dictates.

    Fell free to thank the autocrat, Harper and his merry band of nitwits and their forced national standard for lighting efficiency that came into effect in 2014.
  3. @Mark7 Regarding: "... you find the destruction of our province to be a big joke."
    Taking deflection lessons from Karl are we, Mark7?

    As you must know, the travesty here is actually that you and your constantly whiny posts are the big joke.
  4. Want some cheese to go with all that "whine", Mark7 ?
  5. @Karl Burgin Your math would be somewhat accurate if all 3 million people voted and these 2 were the only candidates.

    Here's the grade 7 arithmetic for you, son.

    A total of 725, 385 votes were cast for those 2 candidates.
    394,775 for Tory and 330,610 for Ford - a difference of 64, 165 votes or a differential of 19.6% between them.

    Sorry, son - that's not a race - that's an a$$ whooping.
  6. @Mark7 I seemed to have misplaced my prized "world's smallest violin" or I would serenade you and Karl at your little pity party.

    NEWS FLASH !!!
    Tory won - Ford lost.
    Wynne won - Hudak lost.

    Get on with your life, son. Your self pity is embarrassing.
  7. @Karl Burgin Only in Karl Burgin land could a 65,000 vote loss be called "close".

    Get back to that grade seven arithmetic fraction and percent section and recalculate, son.
  8. @Karl Burgin Good to see you back after the Ford brothers' debacle , Karl.

    I have enjoyed, along with many others, laughing out loud at your misguided comments and, frankly, your extended absence (time for healing?) has left these pages bereft of inane commentary for the most part (apologies to dama and Mark7 as exceptions).
  9. @Mark7 Regarding: "I am in the right. That is all that matters."

    You are such a laugh.

    Your record of being right stretches all the way back to your prediction of a massive Doug Ford victory and, before that, your equally astute prediction of a Conservative majority with Tim Hudak.

    Delusion is a dangerous thing, son.
    Get some help. You are never right.
  10. @Karl Burgin Oh please. Give up the undying adulation.

    My wife went through chemotherapy for intestinal cancer once a week for three months and missed only two days of work the whole time. She also had one radiation session that caused her to miss two more days.

    And, unlike Ford, she worked full days, not the 2 hours or so that he says he's able to work.

    Your hero is sure playing the sympathy card.