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  1. This is indeed road rage. Physical acts of intended harm. Not to be confused with the odd finger, or verbal rant from a window, which I prefer to call Drive By Education. Pointing out someone's dangerous motorist activity as stupidity is not road rage. Throwing steel blocks through windows or hitting cars on purpose or stopping, and hopping out for a fist fight is what road rage really is, and those offenses should be charged, especially those that endanger children by their acts. Ragers have an incessant need to be ahead, as though there will never be another car ahead of the one they are behind, it is beyond ludicrous to be a tailgater and rager simply for a few feet further up on the roadway. I stop in traffic at rail tracks and green lights because I have common sense not to block intersections or tracks, far too many motorists don't grasp this concept and are Horn Happy Harrys from Hell, most likely missing a brain cell. Rage is an issue, and this was definitely that, but don't charge people that yell an f-bomb out the window with a finger, that is a release, not a rage. I prefer to use rhyming poetry myself.
  2. I received an email for this contest, supposedly over by July 1, checked website map and only 1 case was available somewhere on the island, another Lake Shore named road. Clearly they moved that case to this intersection to get found, as all other GTA cases were found without incident. (That we know of) All of this for iTune and other gift card prizes.
  3. I think it's good the pollees have finally stopped putting him third. If only Rob's numbers would drop below 20% then we could be comfortable against a vote-split which would hand Chow the mayoralty.

    I'm still waiting for a battle in my city, as we only have Danny DeVito so far, Mauricio has yet to commit another term.
  4. Though my neighbourhood has over 10 grocery stores within a five minute drive by road or highway, Sobey's was not one of them. The No Frills is closest, then Fresh Co. , we have 2 Fortinos, 2 Longos, a Hasty Market and 3 Walmarts around us. The former Dominion which became Metro was empty for a long time, but one of the Longos is expected to move in. The Fresh Co. was a Price Chopper that we expected to become Sobey's but didn't. Despite the glut of stores, you can still never find everything at just one of them. The one item we got at Metro existed nowhere else, and we still cannot find it. McCormick's Garlic and Herb spice mix. It simply is not sold.
    It is never good to lose jobs, but I am shocked how long these stores stay open with so many in a small area.
  5. It didn't start raining until my subway made it to Wilson, by the time I made it to the surface at Downsview it was heavy buckets falling. It had apparently spent only a few minutes in Vaughan so I opted to wait, but it didn't stop, so I braved the elements to the parking lot, where the bus laneway between the parking lot and the subway entrance was a lake. Walking around the lake and clinging to the fence to get to my car I was soaked through. (Bless heated seats) Steeles near Petrolia was also quite flooded, as it was in previous rainstorm within the week. But somehow the rail bridge dips are never flooded here, as they do at Wilson. Despite the obvious lack of visibility in storms like this, the number of people smart enough to use a full light system on their car could be counted on one hand, including myself. It is mind boggling. The last major flood of DVP forced me to Victoria Park to get to work on Lake Shore. Transit has some benefits so far.
  6. They are all around York Region, I have personally saw last year a coyote or wolf or coywolf as some claim they are, near Confederation drive which is half industrial, half residential. Dogs hind legs do not look the same as these, these have slim but muscular legs and what I saw had a light grey fur coat. I've heard friends say they've seen them in other areas. There are many rivers/streams in Vaughan/Thornhill as Rutherford has six water crossings between Jane and Bathurst. There is a forest and stream where I saw the coyote last year.
  7. I may just bother Mr Del Duca with some ideas, since the previous ministers did not know me personally, I now have a chance to offer suggestions with respect to his ministry.
  8. It appears he forgot about his family Canada Day vacation in the Muskokas where his rehab is. Are taxpayers paying for the 2 way trip 3 times in a week?
  9. Tory=Smarttrack which has potential to work and aid Scarborough subway.
    Chow=cancel Scarborough subway, automatically alienating that part of Toronto and yet leads polls.
    The whole GTA is confusing, handing Liberal majority or minority governments for too many years now, and a solid PC majority at federal level, and a very Tory mayor last round. When I last lived in Toronto Ford was my councilor and I voted him in, as he always paid $8 for stamps while Mammolitti spent $45000 on neighbourhood BBQs and such. Pre Ford was a very NDP mayor of Miller, yet when Jack Layton ran they voted in Police Services Chair June Rowlands. The entire area is a conundrum. I voted for Miller as councilor in his riding around that time.
    I understand some listeners' opinions that the station is pro-Tory as he was a former colleague and a likeable man in person. Agar despite being obviously Conservative actually told him not to run. Tory may be good at many things, and being a mayor could be one of them, but his campaign seems to always be a step behind. As good as Smarttrack can be, there are many unanswered questions about how it will operate. Will it be Presto fare, GO fare, or TTC fare? It's on GO Tracks so how does that play out logistically. Will it run like GO inbound mornings and outbound afternoons? Or like a subway in both directions and where does it switch tracks to that? It's a pretty picture, an ambitious timeline, and likely to require 3 levels of funding, despite costing less than Scarborough extension. Will Metrolinx swallow the TTC to prevent the 3 fare boondoggle, and add YRT? I did drive, I still have to drive to Downsview, but TTC is half my commute these days, and any option to improve it, helps my view. We need to go back to the days when subways expanded more often, or when the Bloor viaduct bridge was built 50 odd years ahead of a subway it was meant to hold.
  10. The biggest cause of gridlock is impatience and stupidity and an inability to comprehend simple geometry a 5 year old could do in their sleep. An inability to read a road sign (that doesn't have to be there) that tells you not to do what they always do.
    Just try Bayview between Steeles and south of Moore (especially at Sheppard and 401). Try Lake Shore by the Tip Top. Try Steeles eastbound before Don Mills. It does not matter if signs are there, 1,2,3,and even 4 signs, impatient stupid people will not pay attention while smart intelligent DRIVERS (not motorists, that belongs to the bad) do not need the sign and leave gaps to allow FLOW. Four hardest words in GTA motorist vocabulary (because they don't understand it) DO NOT BLOCK INTERSECTION.