1. @John B There is nothing 'basic' about this incident. There is no space to go to safely, no guardrail to prevent you from going into the ditch or keep you from striking oncoming traffic or dry, clean shoulders on which to pass; all part of the daily routine of driving on a 2 lane highway. And by the way, any ditch up north can easily become a 20 foot drop without notice. So anyone suggesting to put it into the ditch, again, doesn't understand 2 lane highway driving and the added treachery of winter conditions, no matter how 'nice' the weather appears to be.

    Stay in Southern Ontario and you may yet live to critisize another incident you know little about.
  2. @John B Amazing how the 1 second which exists between determining that the truck was not stopping at the sign and he started applying brakes is plenty of time to make a safe and complete stop.

    Clearly you are new drivers with little experience driving two lane highways in the winter with no safe shoulder space to navigate. I've been driving these types of roads for over 40 years. Your wit and misguided conjecture won't help you once your in the middle of it.
  3. @Greg IMPORTNAT NOTICE: For those not accustomed to 2 lane highways.***
    My apologies to Greg who feels that a 1 second time frame before braking is enough time to decide the best way to ditch your vehicle. Any hard maneuver at this speed results in a flipped car.

    A similar event happened to me. Fortunately the car was blocking only 1 lane and I could see there was no oncoming traffic I like the driver's option. AIr bags it is.
  4. @HP Love him or hate him, Mike Harris was voted in for his platform. He did what he said he would do, and paid the price for the tough decisions. He made up for Bob Rae's lack of spending control and put this province back on a solid financial foundation. That's all gone now. And you have no one but the weak Ontario vote to blame.

    Mike Harris said he would slash and burn and the voters put him into power. It's funny how so many forget about how many voted for him and this policy. They also forget that democracy works for everyone. I've had to endure this last corrupt government at the expense of my democracy. When a government willing to make proper financial decisions is voted in, the crying from those don't agree will start. WELCOME TO DEMOCARCY. Wait your turn... like us responsible citizens did.

    AGAIN, GO OUT AND VOTE. That is every citizen's right.
  5. @dama How does McGuinty, Horwath or Wynne get a pass in this department. Get real. Just go out and vote OUT a party that has screwed us for 10 years. This is not the end of the world folks. Another 4 years with the Liberals is!!!

  6. @Sam "hidden agenda"... Only the Liberals have proven they had hidden agendas. Check out the provincial bill for their "agendas" (hidden or otherwise).

    Power plants
    Hospital funding in Niagara.
    etc, etc, etc...

    Tim Hudak... never in power. GO VOTE
  7. @Only Common Sense The 'Only Common Sense' is to remove the party currently in power. Pick someone else. If you like the Liberal party, that is your right. I have grandchildren who are going to be paying off the sins of this self-centred government. The people of this province want everything paid by the government. They can't make difficult decisions. The people of this province truly are incapable of getting through life under their own effort. If you've maxxed out your money jar (credit cards, line of credit, 2nd/3rd home mortgage), you know there is nowhere to go but down. That's where this attitude is sending this province.

    Please stop endorsing the most corrupt government to date. But most importantly, get out and vote.
  8. @Bob Walker Not if you vote for Hudak. As wimpy as he is, not voting is worst. Stop making excuses to not vote for the guy. Hold your nose like I'm going to and vote the party. It's the ONLY answer for now.
  9. Did you think Dale would actually follow through on dropping the lawsuit. It was the very media that continued to implicate Mayor Ford (some true but not all) that put the words in Ford's mouth. The media continues to fuel itself even after the actual news has ceased to be relevant.

    It appears only the media can suggest/accuse/allege the unproven wrongdoings of others. God forbid they get cut with the same knife.
  10. Canada Post home-to-home delivery is simply too expensive to continue its use. I hope those who will no longer be employed by Canada Post will understand the rest of us in the various Canadian industries have already undergone the hardships of change. Many have lost their jobs and had to move on. Many adapt (me included), some wither.

    As a tax-payer, I do not owe anyone a job any more than they owe me a living. If you were thinking ahead, you would have started preparing yourself for a possible shift in employment; if you haven't, shame on you for thinking you only need to apply once in your adult life for a job. I have been forced to change 5 times.

    In closing, that's life so get over it. I, like the millions of private sectors workers, worked it out. You will need to as well. Who knows, you may actually reach your true potential.