1. BREAKING #Germanwings #4U9525 Second black box found, but severely damaged; memory chip dislodged and missing. -
  2. @RobbieL_5067 Does it matter? Surely the donations came from the heart and were unconditional, as all real love is.
  3. Please say a prayer for the driver of the streetcar. He or she must be in a dreadful state of shock.
  4. Whole channels are themselves packages of a kind. I buy or rent movies on iTunes. Vast selection, much better than Netflix. Likewise, TV programs, I buy seasons or episodes from iTunes. Thus I see and pay specifically for only what I want to watch, - and pay accordingly; no monthly charge. Thus this CRTC package discussion seems irrelevant to today's way of viewing movies and TV at home.
  5. I'm very sad for you and with you, John, but heartened by your closing words, "And it will be again". There is some other little dog somewhere who needs to flourish by your (our) love. Zack would be pleased.
  6. @Frankie New York and London do not have the burden of railed vehicles running on city streets.
  7. Like all news like this, I thought I must have misread it. Unbelievable, but it has happened. Oh I am so sorry, John. I grieve with you and in the company of all who loved Zack. Thank you for sharing his life with us.