1. While there may be some merit to Olivia's idea, in most instances squaring up curbs could make things more dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles.

    Curbs at corners are rounded to allow larger vehicles such as buses and trucks a better turning radius, especially for right turns. By squaring the curbs, pedestrians will be given a false sense of security as they stand at the edge of the curb and a truck or bus mounts it to turn, and hits them.

    Furthermore, rounded curbs provide a better path for water to move across the pavement towards catch basins. A sharp corner, would send water into the intersection and then it will have to flow back to the curb to reach a catch basin. (unless you had catch basins at every corner of an intersection which is very rare) This could cause ponding at an intersection, that could contribute to reduced braking ability. Clearing snow would also be much more difficult for snowplows with no curve.

    Finally a rounded curb is also safer for cyclist or vehicles making right turns. With a squared curb a cyclist or vehicle will have to go farther out into traffic (sometimes drifting into the next lane) to make a right turn.