1. I really wish the Tories would stay away from these social conservative policies. I realize it could be an issue in the riding where the by-election is being held but it just gives Wynne more ammunition to deflect from her egregious record and focus on the "scary" PC's. It gives the low-information voter second thoughts about throwing Wynne out of office, especially with the well-oiled Liberal fear-mongering machine running at full steam.

    Perhaps when the election rolls around in 2 years there will be more focus on economic issues, government spending, debt/deficit, etc. and not on these side-issues. The sex-ed curriculum is something you can tweak when you get elected and hold hearings if you so choose, not make grandiose pronouncements that you know the Liberals are just praying for that they can exploit. Smarten up and stay on the economy and the shameful Liberal record.
  2. So she is a leader of a party whose policies she doesn't support, but is staying on as leader of that party because it gives her credibility on the issue of electoral reform that she and Trudeau have no mandate to implement? Interesting reason to stay leader.
  3. Great, another bureaucracy for the Liberals to balloon out of control. I think I would rather have the local mafia outfit run this thing than these clowns.

    But really, what is the pressing need for this, especially since now that most deals waive this condition, thanks to Liberal restrictions on housing developments that have caused massive price escalations.
  4. This is the one category of government employee that the Liberals hate and will vilify at any opportunity. Most likely it's because doctors are not part of their voting base like every other public sector worker. This government has oodles of money to pay huge salaries to unskilled workers in the civil service, but tries to run down doctors because of their incomes.

    A police officer with a grade 12 education makes well over $100,000 per year, but paying doctors $300,000 or more per year is somehow theft of taxpayers money according to Hoskins, even though they are highly specialized and spend almost 10 years in post-secondary education. This is by-product of our socialist medical system that rations healthcare to it's citizens and outlaws choice. It's no wonder doctors leave this country when they get the chance.
  5. @lynnea_0576 Over the last 13 years they have created an enormous government and we now have well over 1 million government workers in this province. They have basically bought the elections and the unions can mobilize their members to vote for the Liberals to keep the sweet deal they have. We now have cops who used to support the Tories now campaigning for the Liberals because they don't want to lose the annual increases to their already six-figure incomes.

    There are now enough government workers plus the always dependable low-information voter to keep them in power. Those of us in the real world who pay the bill are less and less in number and the takers in society have multiplied like rabbits. What do you think Ontario will look like in 10 years? I hope not to be here to find out.
  6. This year's Darwin Award winner, unfortunately she won't be able to claim her prize.
  7. The FAO is obviously lying, Kathleen and Charles told us we will be returning to balanced budgets just in time for the next election. Even if they don't balance the budget it was only a stretch goal anyway so you can't hold them accountable for it.

    This would be the reasoning Liberal supporters would use to support Wynne for the next election. Sadly, they have the votes to be re-elected again, with the public sector and low-information citizen support all but assured.
  8. Congrats to the Liberals...13 years of profligate spending, massive public sector hiring initiatives, skyrocketing hydro rates, and a $310 billion debt and over $1 billion a month in interest alone, are finally starting to pay dividends. The good times are here again.

    Can't possibly risk upsetting the apple cart and elect another party they will just undo all of this goodness. That will be the battle cry of the Liberals and the unions in a few years, and they along with their low-information voter powerbase in Toronto will ensure their re-election. Not to worry, if a few bad quarters come up before then, the blame will go to the global economic issues that are in vogue at the time.
  9. How about the city actually take charge and TELL these agencies what they are getting. The highly paid senior management of these agencies should be able to make a budget using these numbers, and if they can't they should be fired.

    However we all know what will happen, some will come back with higher budgets and demand more money. The mayor will then back down and give them more money, especially the police. So predictable.
  10. It is no surprise anymore...whatever the Liberals tell you is the cost just multiply by 5 to get the true number.

    When you have the likes of the NDP recoiling at your "wanton spending" and OPSEU saying public money is "poorly spent", how much lower do you have to sink?

    What a stinging indictment that is, but most likely they will be re-elected. It never fails to shock me when I speak to people (even in my own family) who keep saying the Tories sold the 407 so I will never vote for them again. I just shake my head and walk away at that point.