1. This year's Darwin Award winner, unfortunately she won't be able to claim her prize.
  2. The FAO is obviously lying, Kathleen and Charles told us we will be returning to balanced budgets just in time for the next election. Even if they don't balance the budget it was only a stretch goal anyway so you can't hold them accountable for it.

    This would be the reasoning Liberal supporters would use to support Wynne for the next election. Sadly, they have the votes to be re-elected again, with the public sector and low-information citizen support all but assured.
  3. Congrats to the Liberals...13 years of profligate spending, massive public sector hiring initiatives, skyrocketing hydro rates, and a $310 billion debt and over $1 billion a month in interest alone, are finally starting to pay dividends. The good times are here again.

    Can't possibly risk upsetting the apple cart and elect another party they will just undo all of this goodness. That will be the battle cry of the Liberals and the unions in a few years, and they along with their low-information voter powerbase in Toronto will ensure their re-election. Not to worry, if a few bad quarters come up before then, the blame will go to the global economic issues that are in vogue at the time.
  4. How about the city actually take charge and TELL these agencies what they are getting. The highly paid senior management of these agencies should be able to make a budget using these numbers, and if they can't they should be fired.

    However we all know what will happen, some will come back with higher budgets and demand more money. The mayor will then back down and give them more money, especially the police. So predictable.
  5. It is no surprise anymore...whatever the Liberals tell you is the cost just multiply by 5 to get the true number.

    When you have the likes of the NDP recoiling at your "wanton spending" and OPSEU saying public money is "poorly spent", how much lower do you have to sink?

    What a stinging indictment that is, but most likely they will be re-elected. It never fails to shock me when I speak to people (even in my own family) who keep saying the Tories sold the 407 so I will never vote for them again. I just shake my head and walk away at that point.
  6. This guy is a total clown by the sounds of it. They were mentioning on the radio that he is one of those tinfoil hat types that believe in wacky conspiracy theories. Fortunately for him and for MLB they don't show the Canadian anthem on the US network, wouldn't want to subject ignorant American viewers to another anthem and make them think there is actually another country out there. American ignorance and indifference likely saved the Tenors from a bigger backlash.
  7. All we hear from the socialists is we all need to get out of our cars and use transit. If there was a convenient and efficient transit system available many more of us would. Unfortunately we have a third-world level transit system in Toronto, the only thing missing is passengers hanging off the sides of the trains and buses or sitting on top.

    Unless you live and work along the subway corridor, or one bus gets you to your destination, the transit in this city is not a viable alternative for most. If I had to go to work and several full buses blew past me as I wait and wait, I wouldn’t do it for long. I would rather pay more and sit in the comfort of my vehicle rather than be at the mercy of the TTC.
  8. It's really amazing that a bigger tragedy didn't unfold with these morons armed to the teeth walking around. It wouldn't have taken much for one idiot to start shooting at someone who he thinks is the bad guy and touching off a major gun battle with other idiots and then police who can't tell who is who.

    Maybe that is what they need in the US, a bigger wakeup call about how totally insane their gun laws are. But if Trump gets in then everyone will have an AR-15 just to make sure society is protected.
  9. @Karl Burgin That is part of their problem for sure, they are speaking as if Toronto is Detroit or Baltimore. For one thing, Canada and the US have a much different history with their black communities. In the US there is a 300 year history of large black populations being marginalized. Some cities have black populations at around 40-50% of the overall city population which has resulted in a large underclass. In Canada and Toronto specifically it is mostly an immigrant or first generation born population, and a relatively small one (less than 10% of overall Toronto population) and is one of many minority communities rather than a dominant one. That’s part of the reason why their clown act doesn’t resonate here, because we aren’t the US and don’t have the hatreds that have been simmering for centuries, and really we don’t have a white-black divide to that extent.

    That is not to say we don’t have issues with cops harassing blacks or racism in society because we do for sure, but whatever reasonable points they do have or have had, they get lost with the scowling faces and black power salutes and their outright bigotry and hate.
  10. You definitely wouldn’t confuse the local BLM chapter for the local chapter of Mensa. They don’t have much in the way of understanding how a civilized society works. Just to keep it simple, the mayor has every right to be involved with the discussions between Pride and BLM. The event is the recipient of taxpayers’ dollars both directly and indirectly so as mayor he does have a say on behalf of council and voters. If Pride wants to embrace BLM and their extremist tactics then the city should cut off any funding and make them pay their own way for the event, including paying the full cost of security and cleanup.

    BLM also claims in all seriousness that the elected mayor of the city is taking the side of the police service over their hate group. Yes, in a democratic society where the rule of law prevails that is usually what happens. If we had mob rule here where the angriest and most violent get their way then maybe things would be different.

    BLM has no democratic mandate from anyone, and uses their angry looking faces to intimidate feeble politicians into bending to their will. Wynne is totally their pet now, just hope John Tory has the onions to stand up to them.