1. @LiR Yes, he does deserve to go to jail, he was hired as a police officer not an executioner. He can't use his badge as an excuse when he exceeds his lawful authority and must be held to account. We don't live in a police state and they are accountable for the massive amount of power they are given and they should be held to a very high standard. But you would rather the police state by the sounds of it.

    You also may want to check on the definition of "scapegoat" because it doesn't apply here. He would only be the scapegoat if someone else actually did the shooting and he was taking the fall.
  2. The federal Liberals have learned valuable lessons from their Ontario counterparts. An enormous and rich public sector is an invaluable resource during election times and there is no price too high to pay (with our money) to keep them happy.

    I'm sure Scott Brison will take many more important steps in rebuilding the relationship between the Liberal Party of Canada and the people that work for us the taxpayers. We have to dig deeper into our pockets to shore up the Liberal vote for the next election.
  3. Perhaps other police forces can watch and learn. Some police forces that we know very well would have turned that guy into Swiss cheese, then maybe taser him after the fact. This guy was obviously mentally ill and they were able to subdue him without involving the coroner. Good job.
  4. It is enraging to keep reading about these stories about the Liberals but at the same time it is exhausting. We all know it doesn’t matter because people in Ontario will still re-elect this government in a few years. It is wasted energy because the Liberals essentially have created a province where one million plus government workers and a strong core of low-information voters can carry the election. Teachers will get more money and will once again be on side to campaign for them. The police will get a nice fat contract and will once again be publicly campaigning to keep the Liberals in power by using scare tactics about how the PC’s will cut cops.

    Those of us who are the payers are now outnumbered by the takers thanks to deliberate Liberal policies, so that leaves only a few options. One of those being taking your money and relocating, which is looking more and more attractive every day.
  5. The only thing the TPA has been concerned about over the years is making their members rich and they have achieved that. Most officers are now on the Sunshine list, so well done. As a result the cost of policing is now a big issue because of the rich contracts you demanded, so that will impact what can be done now. Perhaps you can co-operate a little more with the people you work for and find ways to cut the ballooning costs of policing that you are partly responsible for.
  6. @Angry Bill I don’t disagree that reform is needed but the way they are going about it is not right. They want to rush it through in time for the next election and not give Canadians their say, and that is undemocratic. They cannot take a popular vote of 39% and decree that the majority of Canadians want a change and the Liberal party itself will decide what that will be like some banana republic.

    Why the rush to make the change before the next election? If they were smart (and they are not) they would come up with a concrete plan and take it to the voters in 2019 saying a vote for the Liberal party is a vote to change the system going forward. In that way they would have a mandate.
  7. So he’s going to force through a substantial change in how we vote in Federal elections without getting a mandate from the people first? Whatever changes are proposed should go to a referendum in the next election. That is how democracies work, maybe Trudeau has spent too much time admiring China. Can you imagine the outcry from the left if Harper did the same thing?
  8. According to the Toronto Star article from today on this, the cop refused to co-operate with the SIU so they had to close the case. The incident apparently happened in 2012 and the SIU only found out about it in 2015, contrary to the law. They are legally obligated to notify the SIU in these cases, but chose not to in this case and only heard about it through the victim. But it’s the OPP and they shouldn’t have to be held to any kind of standard, just keep the pay hikes coming.
  9. I think we all know how this is going to turn out. Millions of taxpayers dollars spent and companies that were part of the recent $2 million fundraiser for the Liberal Party will be front and center on the contracts. Incompetence and cost overruns will ensue and before the next election it will be scrapped. The Auditor General will issue a scathing report and the Liberals will mock her as not knowing what she is talking about. The election will unfold and the Liberals will be re-elected with a majority government.
  10. She is very angry, maybe she was on her way to or from a BLM protest.