1. @AbbyW If it wasn't for the public sector a lot of these councillors would be manning the local drive thru window handing us our coffee, if they are even capable of doing that much.
  2. I've never thought BLM was right in this case, that he was killed because he was black. I find it hard to believe that the officers would all of a sudden holster their weapons and say "hold your fire it's a white guy".

    Unfortunately this poor guy died because the police are not trained to deal with mental health cases (and being drunk in this case on top of the mental health issues) and don't have the skills to talk down people like this and de-escalate. Tasers should be standard issue for all front line officers to at least prevent unnecessary deaths.
  3. But if you refuse to rent your condo to gangsters like this you will be called a racist by BLM folks, and will be taken to the Human Rights commission.
  4. Sure he's "outraged" at the murder of this innocent man, and says we will not pay ransoms, but what is his contribution to the war on terrorism so far? Cancelling our involvement in airstrikes with our allies against ISIS, and making it a priority to ensure terrorists with dual citizenship can't be stripped of their Canadian citizenship. It is quite obvious where his priorities lie...
  5. @LoretoS If the $6.6 million is so egregious you would think there would be checks and balances in place to keep on top of things. That is what smart organizations do, but not government where it's only taxpayers money so who cares, there's always more where that came from.
  6. The Sunshine List is full of people who work at various agencies that make over $100,000 per year for jobs that require only a high school education (ie. OPP), but government is now taking shots at highly educated and specialized professionals that are desperately needed? The funny thing is that the government created the rules in the first place that allowed this type of billing to take place, so why are they now criticizing it?

    We are the only industrialized country that outlaws private sector medicine (yes, even socialist France has a parallel private system) so taxpayers have to pay for this expertise directly and we also have to compete with the US where being a doctor is very lucrative. Instead of paying unskilled labour six-figure salaries why won't the government direct that compensation spending where it's needed. It's much easier to tar the medical profession as greedy instead, since doctors don't tend to vote for Liberal clowns.
  7. This is exactly what the Liberals wanted. The teachers will now get a massive settlement as a result of this decision, and taxpayers will have to drop their pants again while the Liberals can say "it wasn't our fault, it was the courts". It's a win-win for the Liberals and their powerbase, and another stinging loss for the rest of us.
  8. Total incompetence on the part of the police and Crown in this case. We can't really expect too much from our police and prosecutors, they are just cogs in the wheel of the legal system that only rarely dispenses justice.

    Keep in mind we also live in a country where the Supreme Court of Canada ruled only last week that a 1 year mandatory minimum sentence was "cruel and unusual" and as a result unconstitutional. So we really haven't come too far since that case unfortunately.
  9. Meanwhile in Ontario the Liberals are firmly entrenched as the governing party. For anything like that to happen here there would need to be a revolt by the public sector unions against the Liberals towards the NDP which would allow the PC's to grab seats. Good luck with that, especially with the army of one million plus government workers (a large portion of whom are on the Sunshine List) at the Liberals' disposal during the election campaign.

    The monumental incompetence of this government is accepted by enough voters, and in conjunction with their union powerbase, that is enough to keep Ontario Liberal red.
  10. So Mayor Tory looks foolish for not meeting with the leaders of a mob who don't represent anyone but themselves and Desmond Cole? John Tory was democratically elected by the citizens of Toronto while BLM "leaders" are a group of professional agitators who don't have standing with anyone. Who is Sandy Hudson and why should anyone care what she thinks. She is a self appointed "leader" of a group of protestors that offer nothing except shouting and hatred.

    Tory was extending them the courtesy of a private meeting when really he should just tell them to get lost. The fact that Wynne met the mob in public does not set a good precedent, and Tory is smarter than her by a country mile so he is doing the right thing.