1. Imagine that, a jurisdiction where officers can actually lose their jobs for egregious conduct on the job. Lucky for our cops that doesn't exist here, they are free to do what they want without fear of losing their jobs. The worst that will happen is being suspended with pay for years.
  2. "Custodial and maintenance workers will no longer unlock doors for staff members who forget their keys..."
    So if a teacher forgets their keys is the CUPE union member really going to say no to a Teachers Union member and not unlock the door? I find that hard to believe but in unionland anything is possible. They live on a very different planet than the rest of us.
  3. The only job McGuinty is suited for after his horrendous job as premier is making licence plates in an orange jumpsuit.
  4. @JakeS The fact that they came out in support of the Liberals in the last election, after a huge pay hike earlier in the year, might indicate they aren’t really too concerned about it.
  5. What needs to happen is tougher penalties for gun crimes, but judges continue to strike down tougher sentencing laws. Whomever was responsible for killing these two youths should face life without parole, but that would never happen with the judges we have in this country. The judges say tougher laws for gun crimes is too cruel to the killers so they should be freed as soon as possible.

    Is it any wonder why police have a hard time getting witnesses to come forward? I sure wouldn’t if I saw anything, I have a family and it’s not worth it for me when the judges couldn’t care less whether these scumbags kill again.
  6. @DawnP_5509 Where did it say the poll was only of "white property owners that speak English"?
  7. @Bootleggaz My point was there needs to be a better system for the entire GTA and it should be one system. Obviously you weren’t smart enough to pick up on that and it went right over your head.
  8. We have a ridiculous transit system in the GTA. For example, I used to live in Etobicoke just off Eglinton not far from the border with Mississauga, and work on Eglinton just inside of Mississauga. It was 6 km from home to work down the same road but I had to take the TTC the first 3 KMs and get off that bus, wait another 30 minutes usually for the Mississauga transit bus at the same stop to take me down the same street for the next 3 KMs. So to go 6 km down the same road I had to use two different transit systems and spend an hour waiting around, it was insane, and why I use a car instead.

    There needs to be one transit agency for the same economic area, it would make more sense and get more people to use transit.
  9. @Alex Oliveira If you actually read my comment, you would see that I stated there was no excuse for the guy to hit him. That being said he was clearly trying to agitate and get a reaction, and he got it. No sympathy for him at all.
  10. I think citizen a-hole got what he deserved, he was clearly trying to agitate and he got the reaction he was looking for. However no excuse for the other guy to hit him, he should have been the bigger man and not stooped to the level of citizen dumbass.