1. @Bootleggaz My point was there needs to be a better system for the entire GTA and it should be one system. Obviously you weren’t smart enough to pick up on that and it went right over your head.
  2. We have a ridiculous transit system in the GTA. For example, I used to live in Etobicoke just off Eglinton not far from the border with Mississauga, and work on Eglinton just inside of Mississauga. It was 6 km from home to work down the same road but I had to take the TTC the first 3 KMs and get off that bus, wait another 30 minutes usually for the Mississauga transit bus at the same stop to take me down the same street for the next 3 KMs. So to go 6 km down the same road I had to use two different transit systems and spend an hour waiting around, it was insane, and why I use a car instead.

    There needs to be one transit agency for the same economic area, it would make more sense and get more people to use transit.
  3. @Alex Oliveira If you actually read my comment, you would see that I stated there was no excuse for the guy to hit him. That being said he was clearly trying to agitate and get a reaction, and he got it. No sympathy for him at all.
  4. I think citizen a-hole got what he deserved, he was clearly trying to agitate and he got the reaction he was looking for. However no excuse for the other guy to hit him, he should have been the bigger man and not stooped to the level of citizen dumbass.
  5. @dama Don't make excuses for them, they are nothing but animals plain and simple.
  6. Imagine that, a cold winter in Toronto. Couldn't possibly be incompetence on the part of the Ministry and/or school boards right?

    I do agree with the minister that there won't be a strike, she will make sure they get exactly what they want so not to worry.
  7. This poll, if accurate, will thankfully spell the end of Chow as a serious threat to become mayor. As it gets closer to election day, supporters of Chow will gravitate to Tory rather than give their votes to someone they know is a loser, so that Tory can beat Ford. This poll is good news for John Tory.
  8. @AbbyW Yes I was, seemed obvious enough.
  9. If only we had Olivia Chow as mayor so she could institute her gun ban, and this type of thing would not be happening.
  10. I'm surprised the death toll isn't higher. The OPP says the majority of riders are law abiding and there are a "careless few". I drive everyday and I have to say there are a law abiding few and most are reckless. Driving up the shoulder, driving along the dividing line cutting between cars at a high rate of speed, etc.

    When I see a biker on the road, what comes to mind is that some really deserving people are about to receive a life-saving organ very soon.