1. There always seems to be oodles of money available every year to pay for salary hikes for already highly paid city employees, thousands of whom are already on the sunshine list, but when it comes to things we actually need the cupboard is bare.

    Now we are looking at new taxes in a city and province where taxes already consume close to 50% of our incomes. At what point are we paying enough and perhaps the takers among us that consume our tax money for their paycheques can bear some of the burden for a change.
  2. @LoretoS Yes the ORPP would have been a disaster. Thankfully I would have been out of its reach as I am in a federally regulated industry, but it would have just been a slush fund for this government to waste like it does everything else.

    Rest assured however, this government has plenty of implements in it's toolbox to drive us into poverty. They aren't just going to let that billion or so dollars get away that they were counting on from the ORPP, they'll get their cut somewhere else.
  3. The police union has only been concerned with salary escalation over the last 10 years not efficiency, and they have always had a mayor that gave in to their demands. As a result they have been pricing themselves out of jobs.

    What they really need to do is take every officer that is currently in media relations, recruiting, administration, standing with a coffee at a construction site, or directing traffic and deploy them out on the street and in neighbourhoods. Every uniformed police officer should be out on the street. If you want to make $100,000 a year that is where you go. If you want to be in media relations or other non-core roles, you have to be a civilian. You have priced yourselves out of these jobs and the city can’t afford it anymore.
  4. It's too late for this poor guy, but the tough talking incoming president of that country has vowed to exterminate these scum. He takes office at the end of the month, but too bad the current one doesn't seem to want to do anything. How could this group operate within the borders of the country and the authorities are powerless to deal with it. Hopefully the JTF2 can get in on the action and deal some serious street justice to these animals.

    Unfortunately Justin will be very critical of any such actions by the new president and will scold him for killing the terrorists. He may even offer sanctuary in Canada to those that murdered those two men, since you know there must be some root causes that made them do it, and he will apologize for it on our behalf.
  5. The government just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You wouldn't think that Ontario was the most indebted sub-sovereign entity on earth with the way the Liberals operate. Now we even have a minister of "Digital" government, and not only an education minister but another "advanced" education minister. Well that's one way to increase the gender balance, just create costly unnecessary ministries.

    I'm sure the Teachers Unions are very happy to have Mitzie "the Subway Champion" Hunter to deal with as new education minister. The cozy relationship between the unions and Liberals will continue right into the next election campaign at our expense.
  6. "However, a closer look at the data shows the number of more-desirable private-sector positions fell by 5,200, while the labour force added 30,200 public-sector jobs."

    Adding over 30,000 government jobs to the already ballooning public sector, while at the same time losing jobs in the real world that generate the taxes to pay for it. Sounds a lot like how Greece operates, or used to operate before it's economy collapsed.
  7. This space cadet actually believes Canadians will embrace communism and the total economic ruin that would result from her policies. It's all about wealth confiscation and nothing about generating the wealth in the private sector to pay for the society she wants. It's very similar to Kathleen Wynne's ideology in that she is trying to build an economy based on an enormous and rich public sector while not understanding it is the private sector that pays the bill.

    I hope she wins as it will set the NDP back 50 years and relegate it to nothing more than a fringe party of loons.
  8. Pretty pathetic to resign for that reason, but Liberal men are feminists these days. Too bad it couldn't have been a more high profile and incompetent man resigning, like maybe Charles Sousa or Liz Sandals. Or maybe have only women and people of colour being allowed in cabinet, that way it will right all of histories wrongs.
  9. Wynne and Sousa got what they wanted, a Liberal federal government, but they are still not satisfied. First it was Harper standing in the way of CPP expansion so they had to create their own plan. Now they have a friendly federal government and still it’s not good enough, they aren’t moving fast enough and the increase in premiums for employers and employees won’t be crippling enough to satisfy them.

    So why the rush for this thing? You have your Liberal government in Ottawa that wants to expand the CPP but needs buy-in from other provinces to get an agreement. But that is not good enough for Wynne and Sousa, they want THEIR plan forced on the rest of the country and if they don’t get that they will go their own way.

    Obviously the other provinces care about the impact such increases in payroll costs will have on their economies and low wage earners. They understand that increasing the costs on business to hire will affect those at the bottom, just like any first year economics student would understand. Ontario Liberals do not care about such things. They are also going full steam ahead with cap and trade that will increase costs on everyone, and will plunge many of us into energy poverty with their green energy plans. But this is what Ontarians want and this is what they vote for.

    Their public sector powerbase will not be affected by the ORPP so they are safe there, and the increased cost of living caused by cap and trade and the green energy initiatives the rest of us will have to face will most certainly be cushioned by future union contracts that will add COLA clauses. We can’t expect cops and teachers to absorb these increases like everyone else, especially when it gets close to election time.
  10. Unfortunately the zoo had no choice but to kill the gorilla even though he did nothing wrong and likely would not have hurt the kid, but you can't take the chance. The idiots that were screaming put the kid in more danger as it heightened the anxiety of the animal and you never know what could happen. I'm sure they were thinking lawsuit more than anything so the gorilla had to go