1. Sincerest condolences to Addison's family and friends. Praying for the newborn. Very sad when carelessness take an innocent life...RIP Addison.
  2. Mishandled is an understatement!

    Unfortunately, we lost a young life to learn to invoke change in the way police deal with psychological disturbances in individuals.
  3. @AdrianoC1981 Ok, now we do have two different situations. Yes, the police should be doing something about this individual who is threatening your children and others. I do not know why the police say they cannot do anything but no, you should not have to live like that. I have worked with individuals with developmental disabilities and in my experience there was the odd person, (not much different than anyone) in the way that a certain trigger or reminder could set them off. For the most part I would say and of course it depends on the disability on how they would react to situations. Much of the problem with people with developmental disabilities is, even though they are and adult physically, they may have the intellectual capacity of a young child, thus, they do not always understand what or why things happen as they do. Their world is very literal.

    Many of the individuals I worked with needed to be taught how to behave and interact appropriately in the really is a process and very intense, needing much consistency, patience, explaining The way the disability act reads is that people with developmental disabilities are entitled like anyone to partake in any community events or anything and should not be discriminated against. With that said, it does not mean that they are entitled to special treatment. This is where this whole crisis intervention would be beneficial for your situation. Then if you were to make a complaint for a threat he makes to you and your family, they would have the team of workers investigate further and make recommendations on what would be the best course of action.
    I would find out if he is living with family, a monitor family or an organization.
    If he is problematic in the community, yes, the police can do something about it. I have supported a couple of individuals that were in fact arrested for wrong doing and rightly so. This is the real problem, the police do not know or have training on how to proceed in these situations. People with developmental disabilities are net

    If this guy live with his family, and they do not listen to you about your concerns, the police would be the next course of action. If like you say, they do nothing, lI would then take it to the ombudsman or even call community living or better yet, near you and explain it and get some recommendations from them as to who you can contact is They would probably be able to direct you and peossibly give you more valuable information on who give you help and direct you to get this to stop this. I did work with people with DD that were charged legally.

    I truly understand what you are going through and I have supported individuals with DD but when a cop says there is nothing they can do, I refer to this as reverse discrimination.

    That is why this training and crisis intervention will prove to be a positive step because in fact, again they are taking precautions to keep your family safe. This way, the psychologist and police can work together with all, using information provided.

    Please remember that it really depends on this person's diagnosis and will then know, they can help in a way that
    They are trained in law and psychological issues. They must be dealt with in a united front.

    I do believe your story and Sammy Yatim's cases are quite different issues.

    I wish you all the best and if it were me, I would try several avenues to get a true diagnosis and how to intervene effectively for all involved.

    Please, if there is anything I can do to help just reply to this post.

    I totally understand what you are going through I also agree with you on this one and something should be done.
  4. @Mark7 Yes Mark7, I know. I thank you for the heads up.
    I know, people like that you cannot get through to. Sad but true.

    Even more disturbing is, sop cops think like he does. I hope the two cops are charged and thrown off the force. And I do wish Sammy's family all the best in their lawsuit. No, it will not bring him back but justice will be served...unfortunately too late.

    This training they are proposing is not new, I first became aware of it about six or seven years ago. Don't know why it has taken them so long.

    Message received and very much appreciated Mark7. :-)
  5. @Suz58 At least I don't hid behind someone else's ID an try to make people think these are my words.

    Only a coward plays sock puppet puppetry! You know there is no truth about what you say so you use others' IDs to make a fool out of yourself.
  6. "It is a tricky situation because anything that is held during this period, someone can point to it and say this really wasn't meant for the community." said municipal law expert John Mascarin.

    Lol...does the name FORD and tricky have a certain ring of reality and truth to it?
  7. @Dean Dean, this is not just public opinion but public outrage!
    You are not getting it Dean. To put one of the concerns in simple, language for you....were eight shots necessary? Was it necessary to use the taser after Sammy had been shot eight times?

    From what I could see in that video, all that was visible outside the bus where the cops were, was a quivering foot of a young man laying on the floor near the door of the streetcar.

    This is a clear case of Overkill!
  8. @Dean Hmm, knife vs. Gun/s??? Did you watch the video Dean? The person taking it on their phone was not threatened. And really EIGHT bullets and taser?
    If not mistaken, only one cop did the shooting, why did the others not? If Sammy was so out to get someone, why did he tell everyone to get of the streetcar, including the driver?
    Geez, Sammy Yatim must have had some kind of superpowers to still be a threat after hit with eight shots and still have to be tasered, holding a knife on an empty streetcar, one 18 year old against about a dozen cops, knife vs. gun.

    The only good coming out of Mr. Yatim's death and second degree murder is, hopefully the police will follow through with Non Crisis Intervention training and follow it.
  9. @dama Very well said Dama!
  10. @AdrianoC1981 Yes, KARMA IS A BITCH! thank you for your opinion but you know not what you speak!