1. @StuG Somehow the name Sammy Yatim comes to mind. This is not just American culture!
    Doesn't matter, something is so absolutely wrong. Not the point, Michael Brown was unarmed. What is going on that police are shooting to kill?

    I feel so sad for society today!
  2. When have Dumb and Dumber ever followed protocol?

    When are people going to figure out that almost everything they do is for the campaign? Plays on words, lies, not following procedure. The only way to keep them out of the media is when they know they have been caught at something rotten.

    Things have been pretty quiet on the Ford front lately! This gives them one more reason to get their name out there.

    Yup, I agree that nothing the Fords do, right or wrong and people would still put a negative spin on it. Guess what folks? They have earned it! If he was such a good Mayor, Toronto would be better off after his first term. Who in their right mind would vote him in for a second one?
  3. @Cosmo You are so sadly mistaken Cosmo!
    Unions had a place years ago but, there is no reason to have them today! I have had to be in a couple of unions in my past jobs...what I learned...they support the LAZY! These whiny lazy fools that have a common expression of..." That's not my job!"

    When any supporting sector that deals directly with people goes on strike, who do you think suffers? The schools are loaded with students going to school for their teachers certificate and when they get done...there are no jobs. Why, because the unions protect the likes of you and protect your job and the teachers that do not deserve to have any impact on our children what so ever!
    I tutor kids part time. I see the results of your teaching methods all the time! I have seen first hand where kids are pushed through to the next grade, just because the teacher does not want to deal with that student again.
    My kids are in their thirties and I live alone and still pay school taxes, so don't tell me I don't have a right to voice an opinion or know what I am talking about.
    Remember, I am the one tutoring the poor kids that their so called teacher that did not do their job.
    It is attitudes like yours that are creating a generation of up and coming no minds like yourself!

    If you can't walk the talk you should be out on your ass but I guess that is the reason you love your union!
  4. @Goose And an honest, realistic and fair rant it was! Thanks!
  5. @Cosmo Hate to break this to you Cosmo, although that is a wonderful quote to a wonderful movie! Words can influence the world but it is actions that change it!

    You sound very defensive about your teaching abilities.

    Like most children these days, many of them have the idea that just because they go to school, they are above working for a living. Think they can start at the top.

    I am of the opinion that there should be NO unions in professions that deal directly with people....nursing homes, teachers, working with individuals with disabilities. The only ones left confused is the students, patients and clients.

    All too often, when there is a strike, it is over money. Some, not all teachers act like they are saviours because they deal with children all day. If you didn't want to, you should have gone into something else.

    Teachers today, do not hold a candle to the commitment of teachers in the past. Don't get me wrong, not all, but many.
  6. @Penny55 Penny, don't let the small mind of Cosmo get you down or get to you.
    Just reading your comments above reminds me of a teacher I had in Grade five. I am now 56 and called her last year just to say Thank you for the impact she had on my life.

    We need more like you, that go with what you believe and not just following the status quo.

    And no matter what Cosmo says, it is about loving children, what you do and walking the walk with your head held high. Students learn by example and need more like you.
  7. Funny in a way, so far yet you almost feel like you knew him personally.
    He was truly a legend!
    As one of the marquise said...RIP Robin, make God laugh!"
  8. @Penny55 You must be one of the good teachers Penny. I am so tired of teachers being so defensive about their performance. You bring up a very good point, like any of us, if we feel unsafe on the roads, by all means, don't chance it as everyone's comfort level is different while driving in snowstorms.
    If children are able to make it to school, it would be a good time to use that time wisely for extra studying or beefing up on subjects that they find challenging.
    I don't like the idea of students making it to school only to sit and watch movies or play games. This lends to the idea that Teachers are babysitters which should not be the case.
  9. @Ronecol So right! When your words do not match your facial expression, body stance and motions, who does he think he is fooling?
  10. @Angry Bill Couldn't agree more Angry Bill!

    What saddens me is the fact that there is no respect, morals and ethics in anything anymore, especially politics.

    We all know there is no love lost between the Fords and Chief Bill Blair. Should these "professionals" not be big enough to put their personal feelings aside and do what is best for the City?

    It is a pretty sad day when we go to the polls and cannot decide on who to vote for due to the childish games and lack of trust that the politicians are not going to follow their election promises. When we start seeing members of council and the Mayor going head to head with other elected officials, we have a real problem!