1. @DarcyM Well said Darcy!

    Doug has nothing to offer but lies! I truly believe that he is afraid to be involved in any debates because he is a bully and does not want people to see his anger, he cannot handle himself with dignity when he is backed into a corner. how many people can actually afford to take their kids or themselves to a Leafs game at the ACC?

    As far as transparency, Doug needs to take his own advice. Yes, rumours are just that, but more often than not, there lies some accuracy in them.
    All the Fords seem to care about is their Family business, their own personal well being, status and pretending to be something they are not.

    Again, I go back to the comments made by Doug about the group home for people with disabilities, Rob's racist comments, and on and on.

    People need to realize that these two bigots need to be turfed from Toronto politics, never to return. Funny I heard or read someone say that this was a well laid plan by the Fords. No wonder we do not trust politicians. We are not trying to pick the best person for the job, we are actually trying to pick the person who is the least crook for the job.

    At least Tory has a resume that shows he has worked. What you would see on Dougs is Deco Labels, his brothers campaign manager and councillor. Spoiled little rich kids that are use to getting their own way with no consequences. Bullying their way through life and as the saying goes..." It is my ball and if you don't play by my rules, I am going home."

    It will be good to hear no more about the Ford Family for four years. :-)
  2. Part of running for Mayor of the people...all the people is to attend debates and take part so the voters have some insights as to the platforms of the politicians. Doug Ford is a bully and this is just a poor excuse and an extra precaution as to not mess up this close to the election. Bully type personalities have a difficult time hiding their tempers when caught off guard and unable to rehearse their responses.

    Less than a month to go before we don't hear the name Ford when referring to Toronto or Ontario for that matter.
  3. Wishing Rob Ford and his family success in battling this cancer.
  4. @Suz58 I don't think we have Ford haters here, but I do think we have people here that see this family for what it really is.

    They should be requesting drug testing for all the council members and the mayor and then the truth would come out...but then again, I wouldn't put it past either one of them to use someone else's sample.

    If the Fords did not have the money to throw around, they would have been out long ago or charged with something. Don't kid yourself, money does talk and these guys are nothing but spoiled little rich kids trying to throw their weight around.
  5. @dama Dama, Christie is in no way relating his illness to being a better mayor. You may not have seen anymore videos of him smoking crack,doesn't mean he has not!

    Two months in rehab is not near enough for what an individual needs to clean up.

    I agree, Toronto would be better off with none of the Fords at City Hall and hopefully the voters see that come October!
  6. When you consider Doug Ford's body language, lack of compassion and support for people with developmental disabilities and their right to be included in the community, he would be even a worse Mayor than his brother.

    Doug thinks a group home is bringing down the house values, he has said that people with DD are problematic in the community. This is talk back in the days when institusionalizing people was acceptable. This guy is just not trustworthy! His body language speaks volumes!

    Vote for the right person for the job Toronto, which includes being informed!
  7. @Ronecol I get that, doesn't mean people have to like it or vote for them. I think its high time the people of Toronto saw how much truth there is to their BS by not voting any of the Fords in.
  8. I think this has been planned from the time rob went into rehab...knew something was up there too! You have to remember, Doug wasn't running for council again, and who is Rob's campaign manager? Now they want Mikey in there too? This whole family has been manipulating Toronto for too long now. And that is just it, if you let one in, know it or not, you get them all!
  9. Is this the worse of two evils?