1. When Rob was mayor, I was one of the first people on this board to call out John Tory to run, knowing a rightest candidate that was not tied to crack would be a good option for the ballot.

    I understood Olivia was an outstanding back room dealer who could put people together that would not even sit at the same table - and was encouraged when she entered the ring.

    Now, I feel she is unelectable (by her own lack of personality and vigor) that any vote for her is a vote for Doug Ford.

    So I will be casting my vote for the person I originally called out on this board to run this city. K, you can blame me if/when it goes bad.
  2. A bus? He'd need all his subways that he ever dreamed about being full of Ford Nation voters across the city to the power of 4,000 to do that! But since those in Ford Nation do not take public transit... I always wondered what the attraction is?
  3. I don't get it:

    Doug Ford had and has done nothing civic in his entire life. He got onto council on Rob's coat tails, and did ZERO while on council other than run interference for his bother.

    Then he says, he's had it with City Hall and municipal politics. Then when Rob's illness happens, he does a complete Flip Flop.

    What is it Doug? What side of your mouth are you speaking from because your constant flip flopping on this issue of WHY YOU ARE RUNNING is the core reason why I would not vote for you. Well, that and ;your distortions of truth.

    Doug, you are a flip flopper! That makes you unworthy of my vote. Time both candidates took the kid gloves off and SHOW the city each and every lie and misrepresentation of truth Doug Ford has told and continues to tell through this campaign.
  4. Amazing, the same North York that gave us Mel Lastman as Mayor, is now soundly behind Doug Ford? So much for Scarborough being the epitome of meat-headedness in Toronto?
  5. @dama ooops and VERY Sorry Bill!

    I meant to address that portion to Karl.

    I know you (Bill) are very sane and no doubt we share similar opinions. Again, sorry Bill, Karl is indeed the Fraud Notion Troll on this board.

    I used Rick Mercer as an example cause he is Canadian and does satirical ambush video interviews like this dude had tried at Ford's Scarborough campaign office.

    But, I'd bet that volunteer would have punched Joan....somewhere doubt. RIP Joan. Crazy Lady!
  6. Thanks for responding Ken and Karl. Typical of Ford Nation, attack one point with a ridiculous reply and ignore the post's true content.

    From your reply,I note with great interest you do not deny that bullying runs at the core of Fraud Notion, and you have no problem with it (nor the blatant lies, claims of accomplishments and impossible $ funding that Ford has put forward as truth).

    Keep drinking the Kool-Aid guys. It looks real good on you.

    Per the Troll comment - If Rick Mercer were to do what this Citizen Journalist did (he still lives in Halifax) are you saying it would be OK to punch him in the face on camera? Also , the out-of-town citizen journalist made no negative statements or did anything at all to warrant the beating, yet you defend it and by your actions support it. Very classy. er.. violent and arrogant. Nice.

    Bill, you are not a citizen journalist, rather a Troll on this board propping up a Mayor of a city you do not live in, pay taxes towards, or do anything other than buy stuff in, maybe... That's the difference. Own it.

    So guys, how do those Brown Shirts fit? Are they cotton or poly-fiber?
  7. Hitler had Brown Shirts, Rob Ford has volunteers.

    I guess "violence is the only way to handle people" must be the Ford mantra, otherwise the Fords would be falling all over themselves, apologize for their volunteer's assault on the guy, who was already outside of the office and offered no resistance when he was assaulted.

    So, if you are indeed an intolerant and violent bully, come join Ford Nation.

    Just like the Brown Shirts, Disgraceful.

    And Karl - you do not live in this city. You are the troll. You and Ford Notion think its violent ways will earn them more votes and are unapologetic for the volunteer's actions, right? What does that say about the volunteer, you and indeed Ford Notion?

    Idiots support kick first and ask questions later. What an irate bully the volunteer is.

    Is that the kind of people our mayor wants at his side. Well in term one he interoduced us to his pals that included gangsters, crack dealers and those who carry guns? (Yes, that makes the entitled millionaire, a man of the people, right? Not my people!)

    Not surprised at all. Neither is anyone.

    How could you support violence on a person who offered absolutely no resistance?

    Maybe the volunteer has diminished mental capacity? Cause he knew he was being filmed, yet still hit the dude. No, he's just arrogant, and entitled, just like the Fords.

    If you came into my place of business and I wanted you to leave, I would not kick you once you were already out the door. That would be wrong.

    But in fairness, maybe someone was smoking crack in the back and they didn't want it captured on camera? But the dude was already outside????

    Typical Ford Notion.
  8. Imagine this: My family who lives just east of downtown needs to get to the airport for a 6:00 am flight. We can take a limo for all four of us for $80, be picked up at our home, have the luggage loaded into the trunk and be taken in comfort to the airport.

    Or, we could take all our baggage, walk up the street, dragging it behind us (in the rain, snow sleet or burning sunshine) then wait for a bus (pay 4 x TTC Fares) to take us to the subway, then when we arrive at Union, pay between a proposed $80 and $120 to get the family to the airport.

    Hmmm. I'd be taking the limo.

    In fact the only scenario I could ever imagine taking this train would be if I was super pressed to get to the airport fast, was travelling alone with little to no baggage, or was on a business trip where $ is not an issue (and when does that happen?)

    I'd expect the Bay Street Elite crowd will be using this service. Good thing we are subsidizing them!

    Otherwise, maybe folks who travel to TO by VIA train and are flying out of Pearson would take this service - or the shuttle bus, which costs way less.

    BTW - NYC has a subway (A TRAIN - Rockaway Beach) that goes to the airport and it is the same fare as any other NYC subway.

    The JFK Airport Airtrain always costs $5, payable with a pay-per-ride. The LIRR fare varies with travel time: during the afternoon rush, the LIRR fare to Jamaica is $7, making your total cost $12. During other weekday hours, the LIRR fare is $5, for a total fare of $10. On weekends, you can ride the LIRR to Jamaica for a special City Ticket fare of just $3 – making the total cost of your trip to JFK Airport only $8

    If we want the public - other than the Elite - to use this service, it needs a costing shake up, similar to what NYC is offering.

    I'd say $10 each way "all in" would be an appropriate charge. Not more.
  9. Severance is what severance is. Those who have never held a job for a very long time, would not know what those who do, are entitled to. This is not a Municipal or any government thing - it applies to any and all employees.

    Chief, go for it. Sue him well. It is time for these ford brothers to know that there are consequences for their actions. Too many times though their reign they have said outlandish things they knew were lies, purported as truth, then cat called those who disagreed and stated the TRUTH. This is largely how they divide the city into Ford Nation and the rest. Trouble is, Ford Nation believes the lies and they too carry it as truth. The time of deceit, lies and cat calling municipal employees by this family is over.

    Time to pay the piper Dougie.
  10. Isn't it about time the city paints the sidewalk Yellow to demark Hydrant No Parking Places and stop making vehicle owners pace off how far they think they have to be away from a hydrant - and in the case of this money maker for the city - alert drivers there is a hydrant you may not know is even there?