1. @Angry Bill I do solemnly swear I have never voted for the Liberal Party of Ontario or Canada, nor any of their candidates or proxies.

    I do not support the shenanigans that many see as apparent with our Provincial government - and are getting a pass for.

    However, I do not endorse any political party right now - you would have to work pretty hard for my vote right now - and yes, I do always vote.

    Still, not having Ford will be better for the Prov. PC's in most peoples opinion - including mine. K Bill and Karl?
  2. If you think Doug changed, you are amazing.

    His rhetoric only became more shrill.

    He was rejected by the people of this city - an no amount of " well he got lots of votes, considering he was a substitute candidate" can make up for the fact that there is a core block of Tea Party Municipal Heads like yours who think like you and voted for him. The vast majority disagree.

    You guys got your shot when Ford1 got elected, while Ford2 did nothing but defend his brother, and we all know the fool his brother made out of him.

    Yet, Doug was the most vehement and fervent media attacker, while the media was speaking truth. Sadly, Doug never owned that. So, you think that makes a good politician?

    If so then you want liars and defenders of liars as our politicians? Not me!

    Face it, Doug was thoroughly rejected by the city and so is your way of thinking.

    Guys - go to the Dr. and see how much they removed from your head. Maybe they have it in a jar and can put it back in?
  3. Mark 7 - You voted for Ford and call others idiots? All blowhard, no action, incompetence, bullying, incapable of cooperating, shrill, no record of civic activity ever and just plain ignorance would suffice to describe your would-be candidate.. yet you call those who would not support him Idiots?

    Dude, maybe you were lobotomized while you were sleeping for the past four years... You might want to get that checked out.
  4. Facts please folks:

    Doug had no civic experience before he took over Rob's seat. While a councilor it has been widely reported that he did little to no counsel work for his riding other than misrepresent facts to the media about his big bother.

    Remember - it was Doug who called the media "Rotten Maggots." He called a lady reporter "a bitch" while campaigning. He is mostly reviled by twice as many people than those who might tolerate him.

    Doug is more Tea Party than Rob is.

    As such, he would be an ideal candidate for the Provincial Tories, so that the Pirate Party could secure more seats than "Doug in Charge." Aside - he is already bullying the other PC candidates yet it has been asked why I call him Thug? Really? Peace.
  5. @dama Well if those 331k supporters all lived in one riding he'd do well.

    But since that is split between all ridings in TO, he'd get elected in an Etobicoke or Scarborough riding (though a pet cat put on the ballot named Ford, would be elected out there).

    You do not need to be a political strategist to know Thug would tarnish the PC brand much more than Hudak ever did across the province and especially the within the GTA. Here is how to determine how reviled Doug actually is : Tory + Chow votes = would never vote for Doug voters = revised by more than endorsed by others.

    Karl - have him run in your riding. You seem to want him.
  6. If he was ever appointed to the Provincial Tory Leadership, I predict all those who voted for Mike Harris will stand up and vote for Thug Ford's Conservative Party. Hey, there are 315k folks who voted for Thug live who in the GTA!

    But, since we all have a vivid memory of the damage done by that kind of government - I suspect (if Thug were Leader) the Provincial Tories would drop even further off the political relevance scale with a total of ... 315k votes.. Yeah, go for it. Prove how irrelevant and out of touch the Provincial Conservative Party really is.
  7. How Doug was able to garner so many votes with his terribly negative campaign is unsettling. I would have thought TO had enough of his flip flops to bury him. Apparently Ford Nation, now Ford Notion still had some gas.

    At least they have had to change the battle cry of "Ford More Years" to "Four More Beers."

    Karl, are we to look forward to you comparing Tory to Ford?

    Well, at least we now have a mayor who is crack free (so far).
  8. When Rob was mayor, I was one of the first people on this board to call out John Tory to run, knowing a rightest candidate that was not tied to crack would be a good option for the ballot.

    I understood Olivia was an outstanding back room dealer who could put people together that would not even sit at the same table - and was encouraged when she entered the ring.

    Now, I feel she is unelectable (by her own lack of personality and vigor) that any vote for her is a vote for Doug Ford.

    So I will be casting my vote for the person I originally called out on this board to run this city. K, you can blame me if/when it goes bad.
  9. A bus? He'd need all his subways that he ever dreamed about being full of Ford Nation voters across the city to the power of 4,000 to do that! But since those in Ford Nation do not take public transit... I always wondered what the attraction is?
  10. I don't get it:

    Doug Ford had and has done nothing civic in his entire life. He got onto council on Rob's coat tails, and did ZERO while on council other than run interference for his bother.

    Then he says, he's had it with City Hall and municipal politics. Then when Rob's illness happens, he does a complete Flip Flop.

    What is it Doug? What side of your mouth are you speaking from because your constant flip flopping on this issue of WHY YOU ARE RUNNING is the core reason why I would not vote for you. Well, that and ;your distortions of truth.

    Doug, you are a flip flopper! That makes you unworthy of my vote. Time both candidates took the kid gloves off and SHOW the city each and every lie and misrepresentation of truth Doug Ford has told and continues to tell through this campaign.