1. @Walter Wynne was not sworn in as Premier until Feb. 11. She maintains no one wiped computer hard drives after this date. The OPP investigator testified at a legislator committee hearing that David Livingston was being investigated not Wynne. Hudak and MacLeod said publicly otherwise hence the lawsuit.
  2. @Scrappy And Harris/Eves were in power for eight years prior to that. Not only did they cut funding for the TTC, they canceled the Eglinton subway (a real subway not the current LRT) which would be in operation by now, and environmental assessments for Sheppard Phase 2 to Scarborough Town Center, Eglinton Phase 2 to Pearson and Bloor westward to Mississauga. Hudak needs to explain how, even though he thinks Harris was wonderful and the Common Sense Revolution needs to be restored, the previous PC administration was wrong about transit and how he would do things differently.
  3. @Fact Provider Plus Ford spent an additional $800 million City of Toronto taxpayer dollars for a subway rather than the original LRT. Diverting infrastructure money the way Hudack wants to means something else will fall apart instead.
  4. "PC leader Tim Hudak also wants DVP, Gardiner and Allen to be taken over by the province"

    It would be nice if he took responsibility for the fact that it was the previous PC government under Mike Harris that downloaded the expense of these highways to Toronto in the first place.
  5. @JohnH_6636 So let me see. Ford is spending $800 million of Toronto Taxpayers' money to build an unnecessary subway extension further into Scarborough and Harper is throwing another $450 million Federal Tapayers dollars into the pot all to buy votes there. Seems to me all levels of government, regardless of party, try to buy votes with voters' own money.
  6. @Jack The 2010 election had Ford at 47.1% to Smitherman at 35.6% That was a decisive win but hardly a landslide. I think that plenty of conservative (small "C") voters are currently parking their votes with Ford which is why Ford is polling at around 30% but that will fade as election day nears. I predict that Ford will get 10-15% on October 27.
  7. @Karl Burgin So why didn't Ford sue like he threatened? Oh, he would have to get on the stand and testify. Why didn't the Star publish a retraction when threatened by a Ford lawsuit the way Ford apologised (twice!) when Dale gave notice of one? Maybe because the Star's allegations have more substance.
  8. @Mike from the hinterland You can believe whatever you want but the law is the law and implying something without outright stating it is just as libellous. Don't take my word for it or the actions of the Toronto Star or its reporters. Take a look at the column by Alan Shanoff in the Dec. 21 Toronto Sun. He says judges take into account what the words imply as well as what is actually said. Incidentally, Shanoff was the Sun Media's lawyer for a decade and a half.
  9. @Frankie "The worst was Daniel Dale in my backyard taking pictures. I have little kids. When a guy's taking pictures of little kids, I don't want to say that word but then you start thinking, 'what's this guy all about.'"

    Yep, nothing libellous or untrue here. Move along now.