A Toronto citizen who longs for good city governance, smart spending, good transit, and an end to staff boondoggles.


  1. Good For Myor Ford for rising above his own challenging situation to plug his brother's campaign.

    Get well Mayor Ford.

    Doug Ford - citizens want an end to gridlock, subways, an end to arrogant pathetic waste at city hall, an end to gross over-staffing and surplus managers. I'd like to see good daycare for all children who need enrichment, respite from difficult situations, and who need care.
  2. @Murray_2008 You could have biked to work in 10 min. if the roads permitted it.
  3. Life in the burbs should be simplified with commuter chits and ride-sharing. If I go to Union station, for example, why can't I sport an orange flag or decal, or whatever, and be flagged down by neighbours going my way, who pay me with a chit worth one ride.
    Then I ride for four days and drive for just one, from now on.

    It needed be more complicated than that.

    But ending gridlock downtown means making simple changes right now. End main-street parking, end left turns and end daytime deliveries and forbid stopping except where designated.
  4. @AbbyW She slapped/attacked him 3 times on the video. I can see why no charges were laid and question some of the media dust-up as both appeared to be very drunk as well. It still looks bad, but not nearly as bad as some would have us believe.
  5. The tape is a real eye-opener. She slugs him in the hall, they get on the elevator and she hits him again and is going in for the third attack when he stops her, apparently with his right hand and arm, although he never extends his arm.

    Until I really watched it, I was on the 'hang-em high' team, but now, not so much. I also assume they were both plastured, hence his careless dragging of her. The tape also explains why there were no charges.
  6. 4 simple moves could greatly improve downtown gridlock by this Friday:

    1. ban downtown left turns
    2. ban parking on streetcar avenues
    3. end daytime deliveries
    4. create 2-hr TTC transfers

    Businesses will not miss the parking when 50,000 commuters hop off transit to shop; Companies will happily deliver four times faster on the overnights sans gridlock.

    To reduce gridlock on the DVP, 401, Finch, Sheppard & Steeles today, put on more express buses.

    Ending gridlock is not hard once we end the gridlock in city councilors' mind.
  7. Buses and trucks mount the curbs all the time. I'm afraid someone will be killed.
    Olivia is right. Further, stopping these ridisuclous make-work renos will save money.
  8. TIFF should exploit its popularity by booking more screenings of premium films. How about midnight screenings?
  9. Until I read that Metrolinx plans to use the high fares to pay for the entire airport link within three years, I never saw the genius in the high-fare plan. Clearly in the fourth year, we'll be funding those Go train stops to provide relief to the subway system. Heck, this is so much money they might even fund express subway lines, a Sky train up the DVP and another one along the 401. Caching.
  10. @Angry Bill I hate to break it you AB, butyes, LRTs, will ride up the middle of streets, just like streetcars do. The LRT model at the CNE last year was a very tall, streetcar-like item, very narrow, with sections off club car seating.

    It will stop, of course, for every stop sign, red light, left turning vehicle, and in so doing, will force all traffic to do likewise creating a King-Street-style traffic jam all day long. Remember to pack a lunch when riding traffic-bound LRTs!

    A remarlable choice given the Metrolinx negotiated a contract for $50M/km to tunnel and line subway tunnels, far less per km then the LRTs will cost to build and maintain on cement platforms in the middle of traffic. Won't they be spendid in winter for seniors? Icy cold, walk on ice to middle of road, and wait in the wind. Lovely and very, very slow, for more money than subways!.