1. The fact that the premier branded all us parents that took place in the rally at Queen's Park "Homophobic" is slanderous and defamation of character. All of these parents should file a class action law suit against the Premier and she should retract her statements and publicly apologize to each individual in which she has offended. These people were just a small sample size of parents that disagree with the new curriculum. Does this mean that everyone who disagrees with the curriculum is "Homophobic"????? If so, then the majority of parents in Ontario are "homophobic" and bigotry exists more than you'd like to believe.
    STOP playing the gay card Madame Premier, enough is enough!!!!! You want to teach the children about "consent", yet you refuse to get "consent" from said children's parents. Lets have a referendum on the curriculum and see once and for all if we truly do live in such a "homophobic" province.
  2. @dama I've worked with many constuction companies in my time. One more corrupt than the other. The one common factor between all these companies, big or small was whoever the work was coming from, there would be some sort of percentage kicked back to the middle man(the deal finder) usually between 7-10 points on the dollar. These kickbacks have gone to many politicians in the past Dama. What do you think makes your holy mayor John Tory so different????
  3. Let the overspending at city hall begin!!!! Any moron would realize that the faster you complete a project, the more profit you will earn. But, in turn, our newly elected, genius of a mayor decides to give this company an additional 2 million of our hard earned dollars as incentive to speed up the project. Hey, Mr. Mayor, why don't you just go to the CEO of the company, tell him you need the project completed by "this date" and if it doesn't happen, you will NEVER get another city job as long as I am the mayor.

    If anybody out there actually thinks that this is a good idea, step back and look at the bigger picture. Now, the next company that goes to tender on city construction is going to set the price higher than the last company to meet the deadline. All this means is that the rich construction companies(that do work for the city) are just going to get richer off our tax dollars and the ridiculous decisions that our mayor is already making.

    I'm also thinking that the mayor will probably receive some sort of kickback from this 2 million dollar back room deal. It's only natural, I see it happening on construction projects all over. Good for you Mayor Tory.
  4. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Another brilliant idea to get rid of the gridlock issues that face Canada's most prominent city. Kudos Mayor Tory, kudos for real. Keep up the good work. You are truly on the right track to making Toronto a World Class city. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. @AdrianoC1981 Hey old timer, if you actually read outside the box, you would've seen the article titled "". Read it first and then talk to me about reading comprehension. You're boy is on the "Smart Track" to make for a stupid city.
  6. @ToddJK Your mayor elect is on board with this ridiculous notion that shrunken lanes will ease traffic congestion. I'm glad that yourself and the majority of torontonians voted for this moron and you will get exactly what you deserve, from shrunken car lanes, to stupid track. Good job ToddK_2. Keep up up the good work. I'm sure you also voted the Ontario Fiberals in the provincial election. People like you are doing wonders for our future generations.
  7. John Tory, you are a Moron with a capital "M"!!!!!!!
  8. @IsobelF Do you really believe in your honest opinion that a political endorsement is a good thing for us the people??? Almost every politician has criminal instincts and obviously they would want to endorse the candidate that will help them to continue on with their own criminal agenda. Doug Ford has not been "endorsed" by any politicians because they are well aware that if he does get elected as mayor of Toronto, he will call a spade a spade. The fact tgat you think the provincial and federal government will refuse to work with the mayor of Canada's largest and most economically sound city is just obserd. Maybe we have a bunch of monkey, whiner councillors here in the city, but I do feel that we may have a few mature MP's & MPP's that understand building Toronto really means building Canada. Try not to get sucked into the mass media propaganda against the fords. Try to figure it out yourself.
  9. @Angry Bill You claim that you're against the fiberal party of Ontario, yet you would still consider voting for the one candidate that these fiberals are dying to work with.
    Why do you think Kathleen Wynne, Brad Duguid and the rest of the fiberal party are soooooooo enthusiastic to work with Mr. Tory??? Obviously so they can have a true strangle hold on the province seeing that Toronto will be in their accomplice if John Tory is elected. They will continue to rob us blind with the inside help if our own mayor. The only candidate that will not allow this to happen on his watch is Doug Ford. So, if you feel that a vote for the Ontario Fiberals was a mistake, then a vote for John Tory will just be adding salt to the wound.
  10. Be very wiry of these so called "polls". Many people I know have taken these polls and answered the questions opposite of how they will actually be voting on Election Day. I myself was a part of this mainstream poll and answered all the questions in favour of John Tory. I would never vote for John Tory. How could anybody vote for a candidate who refuses to answer the biggest questions on his main platform idea(Smart Track). He has been asked numerous times to clarify many concerns about his Smart Track idea, but has failed miserably every single time. He claims that it will cost 9 billion dollars, yet he is unsure how much tunnelling will have to be done. How is it possible to come out with a price tag(for any project) when you are unclear with the amount of work that is needed to fulfill this allotted project. John Tory is trying to sell the citizens of Toronto a story that will definitely finish with an unhappy ending. We need a mayor who will take into account the true needs of our beautiful city, not a mayor who will build consensus with the Ontario criminal government because he has no backbone to say "NO" to these criminal politicians. Do the right thing for Toronto, try to realize that many of John Tory's endorsements are coming from the criminal politician that we complain about everyday. Do the math. John Tory is just as evil as every politician who is trying to get into your pocket.