1. @So what we are hearing Who really cares if he is campaigning? The candidates are always campaigning. Let John Tory or Olivia Chow throw a big party for the people and let them campaign too. It's not going to affect the election. The citizens of Toronto are already aware that Rob Ford has a big heart. Anybody and everybody is invited to this party. Maybe you should go and attempt to leave your misery at home. Have a good time, enjoy life for once. John Tory and Olivia Chow have every opportunity to throw a similar event but if they can't use our money to pay for, chances are they're not going to use their own.
  2. The people who are complaining about the Fords hosting a free barbecue for people should really give their heads a shake. Why would anyone in their right mind wine about anyone, not just the Fords throwing a free party. Grow up and stop being crybabies. They've had these events for years and all of a sudden it becomes a great issue. The thing is that John Tory and Olivia chow would never and I mean never spend any of their own money on peasants like me or yourself and they actually realize that Mayor Rob Ford has a genuine love and appreciation for the citizens of Toronto. Let them have the party. If you don't agree with it, it's simple. DON'T GO!!! But for the love of god, stop trying to ruin it for everyone else. I guess it's true what they say "Misery Loves Company". So if you're one of those miserable people who complained about Ford Fest do us all a favour and get over yourself, I'm sure your not perfect. NOBODY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. @Joe Johnston If a man exposed himself to your child would you be preaching the same story or are you the kind of man that would expose himself to children thinking that there is nothing wrong with it?
  4. Thank God my children attend Catholic school. The TDSB is disgusting and promoting public nudity by taking part in the gay parade. Why In gods name would any law abiding citizen feel that it is ok for these disgusting animals to prance around naked during the parade or anywhere for that matter. The TDSB represents "OUR" children and for some holy reason they feel that naked grown men during a parade is good life lesson for our children. DISGUSTING & DISGRACEFUL!!!! What values are our children gaining from the TDSB participating in this parade. NONE!!!!! Enough is enough. The LGBT community wants MORE rights, not EQUAL rights. You want to know something? If these people think that they for some reason deserve more rights than straight people, then maybe they should all move to an island where they can prance around naked and draw rainbows wherever and whenever they want to. EQUAL RIGHTS NOT MORE RIGHTS! Before you whiners suck out and call me homophobic, smarten up. I have gay friends and NONE of them attend the parade because of the lewd behaviour of all the morons who do attend. According to really shallow individuals, if you don't agree with public nudity during the gay parade, then obviously you have to be homophobic. GET OVER YOURSELVES, try not to use the Homophobic card too much, it's getting really old.
  5. @Townie Do you actually think that any of the other 100 debates will transpire any differently? Mayor Ford is like a cornered raccoon that will claw through anything to get to where he wants. Yes, I do believe that Mr. Tory and Mrs. Chow will eventually turn their focus towards the so called "scandals" that have followed the mayor around for months on end, but do you honestly believe that either one can really combat Mayor Ford's tenacity? I really don't think so. In regards to the polls released, yes, nothing scientific and not really so called "voter intention polls" but anyone who supports a candidate would hesitate to cast a vote(scientific or not) against said candidate that they plan on voting for come October 27, 2014. Thank you for your comments. Have a great day.
  6. @tanjo If you can't realize that this is 3 horse race, then maybe your better off reading the comic section of the Toronto Star. Oh, sorry, I forgot. The whole Toronto star newspaper is a joke as a matter of fact.
  7. If all these candidates(and I use the term candidates very loosely) can't seem to out wit or debate our so called "crackhead" Mayor, then maybe they should just bow out of the mayoral race NOW. Mayor Rob Ford reminded me of a bear protecting his territory. From every angle in which the attacks came, Mayor Ford repeatedly fended them off and came back on the offensive immediately. This is exactly the kind of person I want leading my city, protecting us from the animails(NDP/LIBERALS) that continually try to attack our pockets. We need a person who will stand up and not back down from attacks both political & personal. None of these other so called candidates have a backbone that is 1/4 that of our current Mayor. I am 100% satisfied with the job Mayor Ford has done for the past 4 years and I will continue to support him in the 2014 mayoral race. You have my vote Mayor Ford.
  8. @Alex TODAY'S POLL
    Which mayoral candidate do you think won the first major debate?
    Olivia Chow. 11.9%
    Rob Ford. 58.6%
    David Soknacki. 2.3%
    Karen Stintz. 1.1%
    John Tory. 26.0%
  9. @Alex You do know that John Tory had a show that he hosted on 1010 up until maybe a month ago right?
  10. @DocAndRoll Why if I may ask are you calling me a "bigoted a**hole"? I was merely sharing my own personal opinion. As for the education part, I too am educated. Educated enough to own and operate a business (that is doing very well for that matter). I post with my real name, unlike some cowards that hide behind their keyboards(DocAndRoll) and I am not afraid to share my thoughts. Just because you don't agree with my comments, there's no need to start name calling. You claim to be an educated person, yet the first spiel that protrudes out of your mouth is an insult. Rational, educated people would probably find another way to get their point across, but who am I to judge. Nobody's perfect. That is why I will put my vote behind Mayor Rob Ford come Election Day because I feel he is the best candidate for the job.