1. @IsobelF Do you really believe in your honest opinion that a political endorsement is a good thing for us the people??? Almost every politician has criminal instincts and obviously they would want to endorse the candidate that will help them to continue on with their own criminal agenda. Doug Ford has not been "endorsed" by any politicians because they are well aware that if he does get elected as mayor of Toronto, he will call a spade a spade. The fact tgat you think the provincial and federal government will refuse to work with the mayor of Canada's largest and most economically sound city is just obserd. Maybe we have a bunch of monkey, whiner councillors here in the city, but I do feel that we may have a few mature MP's & MPP's that understand building Toronto really means building Canada. Try not to get sucked into the mass media propaganda against the fords. Try to figure it out yourself.
  2. @Angry Bill You claim that you're against the fiberal party of Ontario, yet you would still consider voting for the one candidate that these fiberals are dying to work with.
    Why do you think Kathleen Wynne, Brad Duguid and the rest of the fiberal party are soooooooo enthusiastic to work with Mr. Tory??? Obviously so they can have a true strangle hold on the province seeing that Toronto will be in their accomplice if John Tory is elected. They will continue to rob us blind with the inside help if our own mayor. The only candidate that will not allow this to happen on his watch is Doug Ford. So, if you feel that a vote for the Ontario Fiberals was a mistake, then a vote for John Tory will just be adding salt to the wound.
  3. Be very wiry of these so called "polls". Many people I know have taken these polls and answered the questions opposite of how they will actually be voting on Election Day. I myself was a part of this mainstream poll and answered all the questions in favour of John Tory. I would never vote for John Tory. How could anybody vote for a candidate who refuses to answer the biggest questions on his main platform idea(Smart Track). He has been asked numerous times to clarify many concerns about his Smart Track idea, but has failed miserably every single time. He claims that it will cost 9 billion dollars, yet he is unsure how much tunnelling will have to be done. How is it possible to come out with a price tag(for any project) when you are unclear with the amount of work that is needed to fulfill this allotted project. John Tory is trying to sell the citizens of Toronto a story that will definitely finish with an unhappy ending. We need a mayor who will take into account the true needs of our beautiful city, not a mayor who will build consensus with the Ontario criminal government because he has no backbone to say "NO" to these criminal politicians. Do the right thing for Toronto, try to realize that many of John Tory's endorsements are coming from the criminal politician that we complain about everyday. Do the math. John Tory is just as evil as every politician who is trying to get into your pocket.
  4. @Karl Burgin Although I truly do normally agree with a lot of your posts and ideology, on this particular one I don't Karl. If these rockets and mortars were not glorified fireworks, then there would be a lot more civilian casualties in Israel. The whole world sees that the Jews are the ones in the wrong here, just no politicians have the courage to stand up for what they think is right. Ask yourself Karl, is it right for the Israeli army to kill all these innocent people in gaza? Or, should they instead be looking for these so called terrorists(Hamas) and apprehend them one at a time and limit the amount of civilian casualties? Which do you believe is more humane?
  5. @AbbyW The Jews are launching missiles into highly populated civilian areas!!!!!!! Killing innocent children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters and brothers too. But still, ignorant people like you call Hamas the terrorist. Hamas are launching fireworks at israel(who in turn are blowing up at least 95% of them with the so call "Iron Shield"). Israel is targeting UN designated areas, and yet the stupid Americans and Canadians still back the Jews although they are the ones acting like the terrorists. Why isn't Israel getting sanctioned for all the innocent people(including many children) that they have killed???? Vladimir Putin and Russia have been sanctioned for a lot less if you ask me. They really didn't even kill a single soul before the first sanctions were tossed their way. Don't be brainwashed by the western media, do some research and try to figure it out yourself.
  6. To all of you who responded to my post, I respect your opinions on the matter but put yourself in my shoes for a minute. I live on a quiet cul de sac in the city and have 3 children with one on the way. Sounds great right? Well, on this cul de sac lives a person with some "mental health" issues as the police have stated numerous times. This person has threatened to hit, kill, smack, stab all the children on the street, including my own and the police cannot do anything about it because for some reason or another people with "mental health" issues are untouchable in the eyes of the law. This is a bunch of bullshit!!!!! If someone cannot handle being amongst the general public, threatens kids or adults, then maybe they should be put in a home where they will not be able to harm others or tgemselves for that matter and the police can go out and do their job which is to serve and protect the law abiding citizens of this great city. I have lost a great deal of respect for the police in this city, not because they shout Sammy Yatin, but because they allow people like the crazy person I have to deal with everyday of my life to roam free with the rest of us sane people. So, before you judge me and think I am some sort of a-hole, that's just a little taste of the mental health issues I deal with on a daily basis. Sorry if anyone got offended by my original post. If your kids were threatened EVERYDAY by a nut job, I'm sure you would feel the same way.
  7. You people are all sick on the head. Yes the cops should have shot the mental kid with the knife. This should be a lesson to anybody else who decides to wave a knife, gun bow and freaking arrow for god sakes not to do this within the general population. Why should people with mental health issues get treated differently for the rest of society. What if they didn't shoot the mental kid, then down the road he sawed someone's head off on the bus/streetcar,MANITOBA GREYHOUND, or ran over a cop or one of your family members with a F-N SNOWPLOW!!!! Wake up everybody, mental health issues need to be dealt with swiftly. Our cops should not have to worry about asking criminals if they're sain or not. Or if they took their meds today. I hope that one day none of you defending this psycho kid have to deal with a mental patient and need the cops to help you. KARMA'S A REAL BITCH.
  8. @So what we are hearing Who really cares if he is campaigning? The candidates are always campaigning. Let John Tory or Olivia Chow throw a big party for the people and let them campaign too. It's not going to affect the election. The citizens of Toronto are already aware that Rob Ford has a big heart. Anybody and everybody is invited to this party. Maybe you should go and attempt to leave your misery at home. Have a good time, enjoy life for once. John Tory and Olivia Chow have every opportunity to throw a similar event but if they can't use our money to pay for, chances are they're not going to use their own.
  9. The people who are complaining about the Fords hosting a free barbecue for people should really give their heads a shake. Why would anyone in their right mind wine about anyone, not just the Fords throwing a free party. Grow up and stop being crybabies. They've had these events for years and all of a sudden it becomes a great issue. The thing is that John Tory and Olivia chow would never and I mean never spend any of their own money on peasants like me or yourself and they actually realize that Mayor Rob Ford has a genuine love and appreciation for the citizens of Toronto. Let them have the party. If you don't agree with it, it's simple. DON'T GO!!! But for the love of god, stop trying to ruin it for everyone else. I guess it's true what they say "Misery Loves Company". So if you're one of those miserable people who complained about Ford Fest do us all a favour and get over yourself, I'm sure your not perfect. NOBODY IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. @Joe Johnston If a man exposed himself to your child would you be preaching the same story or are you the kind of man that would expose himself to children thinking that there is nothing wrong with it?