1. Good God!!! Tory really is Wynne's little tin soldier doing her bidding....not only is this "highway robbery" those lanes are downright dangerous...traffic moving in and out of those lanes at profoundly divergent speeds. Cars whizzing past at 100 km/h right beside traffic almost at a dead do you move into 100 km/h traffic from a dead stop without someone eventually getting annihilated?
  2. @MarkFromEtobicoke It harms us when anyone is sworn in as a Citizen of Canada and we cannot determine who they are by facial recognition. Those body bags are not religious they are cultural. Canadians are the only ones who folks like you think are not allowed to assert their culture in Canada.
  3. @tanjo No..he was blowing off steam in his sisters basement..the media and the useful idiots they have on speed dial have not left the man alone for one minute...I challenge you to go through the next week and think how you would fare if the media was hounding you all the time...just stop and think how well you would do if someone was recording your every move.
  4. @Alex Yeah..make your vote for that white bearded guy who showed up in every shot during the first debate.
  5. @Me I too am sorry for your troubles...there is no's up to The People to keep a close watch on what is going on from day to day in the Legislature...the cable networks seem to be going out of their way to skew the message...I am still trying to figure out why we foot the bill for TVO...what is the purpose of a State owned broadcaster when the no longer even broadcast the Hearings and only air Question Period at 3:30 in the morning...It is paid for through the Ministry of Education and I personally see it as just a waste of Taxpyer's money.
  6. @tanjo Well they are not going to replace Hudak any time soon so he is the Leader for now...sometimes you have to make the best of what you are dealt...if the Conservatives would have gotten in last time the Province would be in much better shape..I'm sick that Sherman left the Party and Klees is not running again...WAKE UP!!!...time for a sea change my friends...
    Hudak has a lot of good people behind him...I beg you..give them a chance..
  7. @Mark7 How does boycotting an election help...if only five people show up and three vote for Wynne (herself, her wife, her mother, Deb Matthews and a homeless guy)...she gets back in with a majority...boycotting an election is giving away your rights, your liberty and your power...I do not believe that all politicians are as arrogant, corrupt and possibly criminal as the Wynne Government...I for one am not prepared to give up on Democracy.
  8. @Me Here's a hint...don't vote for the corrupt, criminal, tired, arrogant Liberals...there is no one else like them in the World.
  9. @Karl Burgin Sorry...we were the ones who voted this losers in...I mean The People of should be thanking Ms. Horwath for undoing our big mistake.
  10. @Karl Burgin Right...they were trying to force the gas plant down the throats of long term residents in Olde Oakville...they pay upwards of $40,000 per year in property tax....there was no way they were about to let the Government roll over them without as colossal fight. I can't believe any Government would be so arrogant and out of touch.