1. @MarkFromEtobicoke Have you noticed that no one has voted thumbs up on your posts? It is because you are beyond dead wrong in your coverup up your beloved, non caring, criminal Fiberals. Keep trying in vain to hide your shame.
  2. @IBLeaf Get it in your head. Mcguilty IS a criminal. That is why he had the emails deleted. You are nothing but a pinhead and condescending idiot.
  3. As always yet another news post where the pinhead voters of Toronto who voted in the criminal Fiberals, are nowhere to be found.
  4. AND AS ALWAYS...Not a pinhead criminal Fiberal voter in sight on this news post. As always they hide from their shame which is proven many times between elections by the criminal Fiberals. LOL
  5. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads in the extreme sense of the word.
  6. @Angry Bill "Until we develop viable alternate sources of power that don't involve fossil fuels, this problem is not going away."

    Canada has more natural gas than the middle east has oil. It burns 99% cleaner. If not for the pinhead voters of Toronto always voting in the criminal Fiberals we would have refineries here and the jobs that go with them. So very simple to solve, very simple indeed.

    Hey all pinhead criminal Fiberal voters I ask you this. Why since Canada has the worlds' largest supply of natural resources are we not the richest? The answer is simple too...criminal Fiberals always in power. Duh!
  7. @Only Common Sense You crack me up boy. It is you who need to be educated. In a democracy, the PEOPLE vote in a leader, NOT a political party. Wrong again son but don't worry, ignorance is bliss. Please go buy some more eggs for your face. You seem to be running out of them.
  8. The taxpayers money being used for frivolous in vitro fertilization should all be directed to research for this terrible affliction. RIP sir.
  9. Two more losers in life are about to go down hard. These boys I hope love the gang banging they will receive in jail.
  10. @Only Common Sense Kim was a PM ELECT only, not voted in by the people hence not PM. As for your grammar Nazi tactics son, I am not impressed nor should I be.