1. NEWS FLASH...Man was created from apes. But some apes decided to stay apes. They thought it would be more fun to swing from trees and throw feces. They were correct. There goes your idiotic Darwin theory straight down the tubes.

    What a refreshing change that Rick Nicholls is not a typical arrogant human who thinks Yahweh does not exist.
  2. Nobama has not a brain to reason with.
  3. Bravo. It is a refreshing change to see our boarder guards doing the right thing. We do not need egotists like this idiot in our country.
  4. @WalterP_2723 I do not find it amusing that mass marketing has brainwashed the masses with reckless abandon.
  5. @Angry Bill When someone can give me a viable reason as to why I NEED one of these toys, then your statement will be correct, sir.
  6. @Peter I do not have a cell phone, tablet, i-phone or any of those gimmicks. I cannot fathom such a stupid statement such as you have made. Please explain where mobile devices are a "necessity in life." My life is moving along very nicely without any of these unneeded toys. Add to that the huge amount of money I save. Many will not have adequate funds come retirement because of money squandered on these products and the very pricey plans they need.
  7. @StuG As always folks, this twit continues to troll and cannot help himself. He needs help.
  8. @MarkFromEtobicoke You are simply pathetic!
  9. @MarkFromEtobicoke Do not try to cover up the facts Karl has posted. You are embarrassing yourself. Only the criminal Fiberals have mastered lying to fool the pinhead voters of Toronto. Are you saying that you are one of them? LMAO
  10. People who vote for the criminal Fiberals are pinheads. Told you idiots yet again. As always, many many many many many more things will prove me right time and again. Until next time...