1. @Angry Bill I am just counting the years, if any left, until Ontario's bankruptcy. Then I will laugh my ass off at the blood sucking unions when their jobs are toast!

    I will say it again as this always holds true...All criminal Fiberal voters are utter pinheads.

    Someone save us if brainless twinkle toes Trudeau gets in federally. His father was an utter disaster leaving us with a debt we have never caught up on. Imagine how much faster twinkle toes and sticky faced Wynne will bring the country down by working together. Sigh
  2. @AbbyW I could not agree more! We need to clone Ronald Reagan and deal swiftly with these malcontents. Their wages were over the top many years ago.
  3. "The Ministry of Transportation says fatalities from distracted driving are projected to eclipse those from drinking and driving by 2016 and ((a driver who uses a cellphone is four times more likely to be in a crash))."

    This is why penalties for distracted driving need to be MORE SEVERE than for drinking and driving, duh! First offence should be a year in jail with no early parole and 5 years without a licence.

    I see daily those who give not a hoot about others and will always refuse to obey this law. So then, better they are off the roads and in jail at least a year.
  4. All those who hit someone and run should lose their license for life as well as a minimum 10 years in jail, FIRST OFFENCE!
  5. @Anl_ So let me see if I got this right troll. I cannot dislike the gays but you can mock the mentally ill who use the CAMH facilities?! Yep, you proved your true colours once again, fool.
  6. @Angry Bill Hi Bill. Although we are on opposite sides of the gay issue, unlike donny p aka anl, you and I treat each other with respect. That is the beauty of Canada, having the right to speak your mind without fear.

    Have a great weekend.
  7. @Karl Burgin Hey Karl. Clearly donnyp is back with a vengeance. His short name for anal (anl) was one of donnyp's aliases long ago. I remember this twit, lol. Cheers mate and keep up the great posts.

    He has been after me for being a Canadian. By that I mean that he detests my right to free speech. That free speech is my inacceptance of the gay lifestyle. It is something that he needs to deal with. The beauty of the right to free speech in Canada, that is.

    Possibly donnyp aka anl needs to move to a communist country since he dislikes anyone who thinks for thermselves.
  8. @Angry Bill Not to worry Bill. The criminal Fiberals are almost there now.
  9. @Anl_ Karl Burgin and I were on this site long before you showed up, donnyp. Why must you keep being an insufferable twit who thinks everyone is using annonymous usernames? We both made accounts so no one can post under our names like you have in the past donnyp. The names used against us are easy to find out. They are not in red.