1. @Krusty Kommando You and the 10 who liked your comment come across as people with intelligence...NOT.
  2. @StuG Sorry to break your heart on this matter, but the fords will be around for decades to come. May Rob beat this cancer like he beat the cancer of media.
  3. @StuG You Stug, like all small minded people confuse me. Where is this assumption that the Fords will be gone after election day? Where does this prove that they will be gone? After the mess either Tory or Chow make in office, if elected, either Ford will be elected next time. Deal with it.
  4. @DarcyM I AM DAMN PROUD TO BE IN THE RIGHT. Right is always right, and wrong is always wrong. IT IS NOT DICTATED BY WHAT IS POPULAR AMONG THE MASSES. Enjoy answering on Judgement Day for your support of evil.
  5. @Fact Provider You cannot keep from trolling, can you?
  6. @DarcyM It is quiet sad how many like you use the media made term :homophobia". A phobia is a FEAR of something. Those of us with decency abhor the practice. We are NOT afraid of them. So learn to think for yourself instead of making grammatical errors copied without thought from the brainless media.

    What the hell has happened to this world where doing the right thing is chastised!
  7. @Cuddles The political garbage that will likely get voted in is either Chow or Tory. Hey!, we have given the elitists the helm for decades, so why change now? Sigh
  8. Look at the losers lining up to buy garbage.
  9. @StuG We already know that you are one of the trolls still present after the clean up, but you are also a tasteless ass for your reply. Only you would make a joke about someone with cancer. Bad karma is coming for you, and I hope you get what you justly deserve, punk!