1. @Angry Bill Whenever those who support the abhorrent gay lifestyle call us who oppose it as "hate mongers" I have to wholeheartedly agree. We DO hate the evil ways. Thank you very much for understanding.
  2. @Angry Bill I just googled that church and was pleased to find one with the courage to stand up for Yahweh.

    Today's world has been utterly consumes by s.a.TAN. Although it is well known the Yahweh gave s.a.TAN dominion over the earth, he is now speeding up his agenda. He is the great deceiver. He now has the world feeling good about going against the Law. What a great and progressive world we now live in where anything anti Yahweh is praised, while anything that is good and godly is now shunned.

    I could not give a rat's patootie sir if you or others disagree with this fact. To call me anything negative on my statements here is akin to hypocrisy. One is either for good or evil. Which shall you choose?
  3. Here is what I want. The world's most dangerous drug/poison alcohol to be banned again. It is a sad telling of events when one can see most will not even go to any events without alcohol being served. What a sad and pitiful existence it must be for drinkers to have to pour back copious amounts of liquid poison to be able to enjoy life.

    I thank Yahweh that I do not have this terrible affliction and all the death and destruction it causes.
  4. "Who keeps voting these morons in??"

    @ AngryBill People without a clue of the irreversible damage being done each year the criminal Fiberals are allowed to legally be in power.
  5. Post #2... This is just another criminal Fiberal tax grab and nothing else. Sure, let's increase gridlock issues and the ensuing road rage that will transpire to make a buck. The criminal Fiberals still have no shame!

    The pinhead voters of Toronto can thank themselves yet again for voting in these incompetent pricks. As per always, many, many more examples to come. Sigh!
  6. "It's in an effort to improve safety for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians."

    What a joke! I witness head on collisions in shopping mall parking lots. If people drive so poorly as to have this happen, then lowering speed limits will NOT work. There are far too many ridiculous drivers on our roads now that are a danger as soon as their cars start moving at any speed.

    When will police wake up and START doing their jobs properly again like they did in the 70's on backwards? I watch daily where cops now refuse to pull offeneders over for all of the following reasons.

    (1) Tailgaiting

    (2) No turn signals!!! (no one uses them anymore)

    (3) Lights not on a half hour before dusk till a half hour after dawn, in overcast and rainy conditions (Even during daylight hours, people. It is the law.)

    (4) Not yielding right of way in passing lanes. (This is a major problem that causes most road rage incidents as well as effectively gridlocking an open roadway because of PINHEADS who refuse to move out of the left lane if going slow.) I have witnessed many new roads being built only to have an asshole refusing to yield right of way with no cars in sight in front of him/her. This is why building even 1000 more roads will not do one damn thing to improve relieving congestion, as long as police REFUSE to ticket this perpetrators.

    (5) Ignoring people too lazy to clear all the snow of their cars
    making for a dangerous obstructive view. This should receive a ticket immediately.

    (6) Failing to check blind spots. (Because of this one, most of us are cut of daily by those without a clue about driving or safety.

    Number 6 is not for the cops but for the pinheads in government and the car companies themselves. The more you idiot proof a car the more you make the driver complacent and therefore increases the danger to others, NOT improves it. Great examples of this "features" are back up cameras, cars that park themselves. Basically any new device that takes the responsibility of knowing how to drive properly away from the person and does it for them.

    It is no fluke that as these things have been added to cars, people have gotten far worse in their driving skills.

    Cars in the 70's on back had no handling, were heavy as tanks, had no ABS brakes, no traction control, no independent suspension..... We also had far quicker speed limits, yet for all this lack of tech people could handle these cars better than the drivers of today. Some trying to claim it is the sure volume of traffic that is the root cause for the increased accidents on our roadways. That is poppycock and boulderdash! My example of the head on collisions in parking lots negates that tired old excuse. It is the complete loss of driving skills that my generation had to have BEFORE attaining a licence.

    So in closing, until the cops get off their lazy asses and start ticketing for ALL infractions instead of just speeding like the good ole days, than the majority of the blame for the continuing road carnage rests squarely on their shoulders.
  7. Another two cops who should have their badges taken away. Some of these pricks are on a power trip to an extreme level.
  8. Has not anyone with astuteness yet to notice Tory proving his Fiberal in disguise ways yet?! Add to that, that he is becoming a pompous a-hole. Whenever HE wants to reach into our pocketbooks he declares "it was the right thing to do". Oh Brother! He is well on his way in his tax and spend agenda now. Toronto voters never have been too wise at the polls with voting in Rob Ford being the exception in a long list of losers at the helm.
  9. @JohnC_4 Excuse me? Please do tell what is dangerous about cooking with natural gas. I will trust a gas stove over an electric one any day of the week.
  10. I have never joined Facebook because of this very reason. It is a hacker's dream world come true. I have always called it Hackbook. Looks like I was correct. Anyway, Hackbook is a site for the kiddies anyway.