1. Only the pinhead voters of the criminal Fiberals are dumb enough to believe ANYTHING that bitch Wynne spews from her lying piehole. Get ready pin head voters for yet another I told you so when you see how much more money will be raped from your pocketbooks. I am starting to lose count of how many things the Fiberals have already screwed up since their voting in, in their latest term.

    When are you going to wake up?!
  2. Oops. I have confused this terrorist with one of the others. There are so many now that it is hard to keep track. But this prick still committed an adult crime and is deserving to be tried as such.
  3. Sadly Abby this will not end until the criminal Fiberals have bankrupted Ontario and all of Canada. Even more sadly the criminal Fiberal supporters will still say they are the best party for Canada provincially and federally.

    It will not be long now until we are bankrupt and it will make Greece's problems look minuscule by comparison.
  4. As always our "supposed" supreme court has made a buffoon of itself. It is filled with typical soft on crime Fiberals, so what more can one expect?

    If trying to blow up parts of the country does not merit an adult charge, than nothing does. It is utterly infuriating!!!
  5. AS usual, nowhere can one find a criminal Fiberal supporter in this post. At least they show enough shame after the fact to stay away from all news that shows how pathetic and corrupt this idiots are.

    All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads. I will always post this as it is succinct and to the point.
  6. All criminal Fiberal voters are beyond pinheads and mass stupidity. The proof now comes daily. Within weeks it will be hourly. Tis a disgrace this country is deliberately being bankrupted.
  7. All criminal Fiberal voters are beyond pinheads and mass stupidity.
  8. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads.
  9. I already knew Bill Blair was an idiot. This proves I was correct.

    All criminal Fiberal voters and members are pinheads!
  10. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads!