1. It is a sad sad world now where proper messages about the bible are taken down. Looks like the moderator of this forum is yet another deceived by s.a.TAN.
  2. You have far too big an opinion of yourself. This is the second time you have assumed a post was mine that was not. I could care less of you or those like you who mock Yahweh. You can continual to follow man's (s.a.TAN's) ways. I shall keep following the only set apart (holy) path. Your smugness at calling those who follow right over wrong will be soundly addressed on Judgement Day by Yahshua. You brought this all upon yourself by your arrogance.

    ps...The fact that you are a bragger is just one example of what happens when one does not follow the path. It causes a lack of humility and arrogance that you are showing here. May you one day wake up to the attacks on your soul.
  3. @ AbbyW, Sad but too true. The bleeding hearts will one day realize the great damage they have incurred on us all.
  4. @ Anl...Another thing, what ever happened to people having a thick skin? I am English and Scottish and when someone calls me a blimey limey I simply laugh at it. That is the MAIN problem with our world now. Everyone takes themselves far too seriously. Political ineptness helped this along the way. The wrong term is used for it (political correctness).

    The more we try to worry about everyone feelings, the farther down the drainpipe we go. Will you touchy feely type people ever grow up?!
  5. @ Anl...For the record I remember you calling me a bigot (wrongfully) in a post where I stated I will never tolerate the homosexual lifestyle. For that you said I was hating. Sad that you do not know the definition of the word.

    So you made a fool of yourself there as well as in this post. Send in a complaint, as it was not me although your small, media brainwashed mind directed this post at me. When will you learn not to make a fool of yourself by assuming things?
  6. Spare me your silly word homophobia. A phobia is a fear of something and I do not fear the homosexuals. Also spare me your learned rhetoric from mass media. Simply because I will never approve of the homosexual lifestyle has NOTHING TO DO WITH HATE. It is my Yahweh given right!

    As for the Roman Catholic religion, one only has to do their history research on the many sun worship things in the Vatican alone. Add to that many other pagan things taught that are not in the original books...

    Before you spout off like a fool, educate yourself on words and their meanings.
  7. ps....Do not say it is not about money, as it always is. They simply are complaining of their work becoming more demanding, something the private sector workers have to deal with daily.

    A bunch of self entitled twats are the ones educating our children. A scary thought indeed of what the outcome of the childrens' lives will become with this pathetic example.
  8. Hey pagan Catholics and your man made religion...the want of money is idolatry. Hypocrites!
  9. This is NOT news so stop putting articles like this up and save some bandwidth for crying out loud! These losers in life, like all unions, strike everytime the contract is up for renewal.

    We need Ronald Reagan to clean the slate so that those wanting the jobs are the ones doing them. Shame on these idiots for putting their WANTS over the childrens' needs!
  10. Yep, there is your criminal Fiberals hard NOT at work. Yep, it is no surprise with the crooks at the helm. Yep, all voters of the criminal Fiberals are pinheads. Many many more examples to come on our glorious way to Fiberal led bankruptcy.

    Is it still funny Fiberal supporters?