1. @Mark7 Still embarrassed to use your real name I see, twit. It must be hell living inside your head.

    Try posting as I with RED letters. Good luck son, but all know already that you are not I. I shall be posting under my account again like I used to. Too damn bad little boy that you cannot post my name in red. lol
  2. @Cristina Sorry I keep forgetting to add all points into one post. One more to add and it is the most important.

    Time outs replacing corporal punishment has directly caused the mess we are in now with kids murdering each other, their teachers, and even for some, their parents.
  3. @Cristina My first comments were directed at those at the party and those who think nothing would be wrong with it. Although the numbers are dwindling very fast, there are still some good ones out there now as well.
  4. @Cristina Speak for yourself only please. Neither me nor my friends trespassed. Maybe my area had parents who disciplined their children properly more so than others. Who knows?
  5. @Cristina Can you not see that it was a major fire hazard? Are you that blind?! If a fire started many would have died.

    What ever happened to people being able to see the consequences of certain actions before the trouble shows up? Sigh
  6. @Cara Agreed. It also goes to show the upbringing of today's' children and their morals, to go to a place under construction to trespass. Shame on them all.
  7. @Bobcat Everything you just stated here is what the criminal Fiberals have already done. Wake up!
  8. @Karl Burgin That would cause mass confusion for them on where to find their next field of grass, Karl. Baaaaa
  9. @arthur So like you are so easily duped. America is not "the richest country on earth". America is the country that borrows money and pays its bills with extra money prionted from the Federal Reserve. It in fact is the country who BORROWS the most, thus not the richest. US is not even close!

    Watch this 7 hour special to enlighten and educate yourself on how the US monetary system works. I eagerly hope you do watch this very insightful program.
  10. @fran Really? Surely you posted this in jest.