1. @IBLeaf How classless you are. Pitiful!
  2. @Fact Provider Now now now little one. You who is obviously a child before grade 3, stop calling the kettle black.
  3. @Fact Provider BS Provider just keeps on trolling, and trolling and....
  4. Now we will get to see the real damage caused by the pinhead voters of Toronto, voting back in the criminal Fiberals. Thank you idiots!
  5. @Angry Bill Please do not forget about the cats too.
  6. @StuG Bravo! You just gave the repertoire of a Fiberal.
  7. @Fact Provider Trolls have no shame. You are proof of that, along with your habitual lying.
  8. The only bigger waste of time than watching the leafs rights. I am sure those with s.a.TAN in them will disagree.
  9. @Fact Provider Whatever you say internet troll. One might think you do not realize that it is what you truly are. Since all you do is make erroneous comments and attack Karl who is far beyond your mental reach, I will keep telling you what you are....a troll.

    It does not matter if you agree. Your actions prove the point.
  10. @Fact Provider You are like the Energizer bunny. You just keep on trolling and trolling and trolling. You are a hypocrite in every sense of the word. Mummy is calling you, little boy.