1. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads!
  2. When is this bitch Wynne going to jail for her criminal activities?!

    All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads!
  3. Here we go again. The criminal Fiberals simply cannot bring in the cash fast enough to then turn around and waste it. This now comes at the expense of a huge increase of drunk drivers and others under the influence of this world's most dangerous drug/poison, alcohol.

    There is only one thing more shameful than the criminal Fiberals, those pinheads who vote for them.
  4. @AbbyW Quadruple the taxes I say. Nothing is dumber than to drink liquid poison/drugs to enjoy life. How sad it is that the majority of civilization is overcome with this affliction full of folly and stupidity.
  5. "This party is so deprived of reasoned thought or discourse that they actually make excuses for their absentee backbench guy, Patrick Brown, missing more votes than anyone else in the House."

    What the hell is wrong with you BS Provider?!!! I guess reasoning to you is to approve of gun crimes. You are as always an utter twit!
  6. @StuG "Are they on the same page with the rights of people in Canada or are they running it like a conservative dictatorship?"

    Go away you little troll! What rights do those who commit crimes with guns have, ZERO! LESS THAN ZERO.

    It is unfathomable that you TRY to spin this like a criminal Fiberal against the great Harper government. Explain the logic of supporting the Fiberal court (Supreme) in their abhorrent decision

    Thank god idiots like you have no real power other than to spew their utter crap in forums for others to read only. Again I say you little puke, go away.

    This from the say malcontent who made a joke at the murder of a man by police mere days ago. You are beyond low brow. At least low brow people have some class. I will continually remind you have this as one of many reasons why you need to just shut it!
  7. @StuG Yes I eat cake. Your point silly Italian?
  8. @StuG When a line speaks volumes of utter perfection in what it states, there is no need to change it or add anything to it, son.
  9. @StuG All Stug's are pinheads. Keep giving the thumbs up vote to yourself. It is too obvious.