1. Yep, there is your criminal Fiberals hard NOT at work. Yep, it is no surprise with the crooks at the helm. Yep, all voters of the criminal Fiberals are pinheads. Many many more examples to come on our glorious way to Fiberal led bankruptcy.

    Is it still funny Fiberal supporters?
  2. For such utter incompetence and stupidity she should lose her job. Nothing less is justice.
  3. Oh oh, a nasty hammer. Obviously we do need to wait to know what transpired. Our gun happy cops just shot him lethally instead of in the legs. Sigh We are now a police state just like the US.
  4. A big yawn. Pan Am what???
  5. Agreed. Who really cares about this silly event, the Olympics or any large sporting event? They are all a waste of time and always cost money, NOT make it. They are only bragging rights for politicians full of vanity and have never served a viable purpose.

    The Olympics themselves have been a joke for decades. The Olympics are about amateur athletes ONLY. When pro athletes came in, that was the day the Olympics died.
  6. I voted for Rob in the past and will always vote for him. I would like to see any other councillor give a fraction of zeal for doing the job right, as well as Rob. Even with cancer he wanted to keep working. Others would have just given up. Go Rob Go!
  7. Who still watches hockey after the first NHL strike?! Screw 'em all I say. As for the Leafs it is well known where the problem lies, the fans. How can you expect us to ever win another Cup when every game is sold out? Where is the need to produce?

    I remember a book that came out in the late 70's that was selling at the now defunct Coles book store chain. It should be a best seller now. The title was "Will The Leafs Ever Win Another Stanley Cup". That author had great foresight! Of course the answer is no, never again.
  8. BTW... I know this is being looked at by Toronto council. The fact is Toronto council is inundated with lefties, hence I call this horrendous decision to even consider increased avenues of gambling to be correct blaming criminal Fiberals.
  9. The theiving Fiberals just can't get enough dirty cash to squander. Casinos should never have been allowed in Canada PERIOD. The destruction to lives and family just from the slot machines has been proven in frightening statistics.

    So what does the Fiberals have for us now? They want to increase the harm by adding more ways to gamble. It is utterly shameful and revolting. As the bible clearly explains, to gamble is money idolatry (the love of money) which is a great sin with all the repercussions that go along with sin. This world now almost full of non believers needs to wake up and face reality. The want of too much money never does anyone good, only bad.

    When you lose your love of money you become truly free to real happiness. I am fortunate to have grown up with parents who set a great example, although even they purchased lottery tickets and played bingo. I will not even do that. Life simply never works out properly without Yahweh's guidance and teachings. To keep trying to "do your own thing" one only has themselves to blame for their pain.
  10. Excuse me Ani? I have been posting here for years. How quaint you got a chuckle from your own silly reply. I have every right to tell the op to relax. It is NOT my fault that there are people who believe that that mountain is sacred which it is biblically not. Regardless, up in a mountain is hardly a "public" place where the masses would see someone get back to nature. We were born naked and it in itself is no sin. G'day lol