1. @Karl Burgin Sadly Karl, the fire started decades ago with these cold hearted ***tards. My version of Canada has money in the peoples' pockets. This obscure assumption each election that the Cons would be our doom and gloom clearly dictates no logic, unless you belong to a union. Yet you and I, AngryBill and countless others see the doom and gloom by the now criminal Fiberals each time they are given the helm.

    As always worth repeating...all Fiberal voters are pinheads.
  2. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads!

    Like I keep saying, many many more examples coming up...
  3. Bravo and congrats!
  4. @MarkFromEtobicoke "For the blind refuse to see"
  5. @bryanw_2689 Yes. Why can so many be blinded of the track record that has already ensued here?
  6. @AbbyW Correct. Neither is the kirpan.
  7. @MarkFromEtobicoke With respect to you, sorry I had not replied to your comments. I was not trying to use scare tactics. These are truly my beliefs on this subject. Looking at Britain or Australia (both of which I talked to many on skype) say basically much of what I warn about here. I have no problems with any religion, as I am a believer in YHWH.

    I hope you are correct about the Sharia law subject. I seem to recall two times already it was put before parliament in a motion. But I simply cannot tollerate the use of their religious laws trumping that of the country. Take care.
  8. Just another disguise for the government on the way to the new world order.
  9. What the hell is wrong with our government?! Anyone who travels to a country known to have the ebola outbreak should not be allowed past customs until tested. Otherwise a huge death toll can happen at any time a person with this terrible disease re-enters Canadian society. Don't dare try to use the human rights bs argument. The safety of an entire population is at stake. There is no common sense left in this supposedly higher educated world of today. SIGH