1. @Karl Burgin Hey Karl. It ios high time to leave Ontario. I am just in the process of finishing the probate on my mum's will. After that it is time to go to a province that does not vote Fiberal nor has top pay the way for the rest of the country.

    Only in Fiberal ran Ontario do we pay 70% MORE for electricity!
  2. The world has went nuts! What the hell is wrong with people these days embracing debauchery? There is also the attack on the English language. A phobia is a FEAR of something. I do not fear these freaks, I despise their sick lifestyles!
  3. @lynnea Welcome to the worst government in the world, the Canadian one. We always help others over our own who already live here. It is utterly disgraceful!
  4. The criminal Fiberals cannot DELIBERATELY destroy Canada fast enough on their own, so now they are recruiting. Stupid is, as stupid does.
  5. @Angry Bill "It takes a good driver to always be scanning a few cars ahead to be informed of upcoming conditions, to always be checking his blind spots, to keep an eye on traffic behind him to see any approaching situation and take appropriate action, to scan both left and right at green lights before proceeding and not just assume that just because they have right of way that they don't need to check anything.. You see a bad driver won't do any of those things, whether he's distracted or not."

    You just explained why it IS a cuase of accidents to be distracted while driving by your own words. The fact that a good driver has all these things to calculate is the very reason why adding talking on a phone will take away part of his/her concentration. Bill, you usually have pertinent posts but are clearly way off the makr on this one.

    ps...I am damn proud to say I have never voted criminal Fiberal even once in my life provincially or federally and never will. :)
  6. @Angry Bill "It isn't drivers being distracted that cause accidents. It's drivers who don't know how to frigging drive that cause accidents."

    Care to explain why all studies showing distracted driving to cause more accidents over alcohol refutes your erroneous claim?

    Back in the good ole days when dad smacked me and my sister too while driving, we had a minuscule amount of cars on the road compared to now. So the odds of an accident were way lower. Simple logic there.

    While I wholeheartedly agree that todays' drivers lack common sense, courtesy and proper driving skills, the use of ANY device while driving a car is utterly stupid. The driver of the car is there for one purpose only. It is to drive the car, not to partake in extra activities while doing so.

    I cannot fathom why you think using a phone is fine while driving. As an example while following a driver using a phone for one street light to the next, I saw three unsafe actions. I can use this scenario and have countless times while seeing someone on the phone. Some were either talking to themselves (hope not) or on hands free devices. Either way is just as dangerous and both types of phone users have not a clue of how many dangerous things they are doing.

    First offence for using a phone while driving should be a lifetime suspension and a 10 year sentence in jail minimum. If you find that too harsh, than you find it acceptable that peoples' lives are being destroyed daily by pinheads who find this acceptable.
  7. @LoretoS I must admit I misread the post, me bad. Fiberals love studies over action and is why I posted this way at you because of reading the posts before my morning cup 'o joe. :)
  8. @LoretoS You sound like a criminal Fiberal follower with the suggestion of a "study". No study is needed. What happened to common sense? BAN ALL USE OF PHONES IN A CAR. Duh!
  9. I believe Cueto has partaken in too much ganja and donuts.