1. Look at the losers lining up to buy garbage.
  2. @StuG We already know that you are one of the trolls still present after the clean up, but you are also a tasteless ass for your reply. Only you would make a joke about someone with cancer. Bad karma is coming for you, and I hope you get what you justly deserve, punk!
  3. @StuG You have no respect for yourself, let alone anyone else.
  4. @Fact Provider Education does not give a person street smarts, intelligence, the ability to properly communicate with others, nor common sense. You have none of these qualities and give education a poor name.

    Do not worry though bs provider, I am in the process of having you eradicated from this site for your continual attacks on Karl, without just cause.

    If you think anyone believes you when you mention your background, we don't. What you mention contradicts full force what you truly are. A boy who was probably abused and now lashes out at others instead of seeking help. That would be the only scenario that makes sense for what you do. If not that, then you simply are an a-hole?
  5. @Karl Burgin Good morning Karl. I have been absent on purpose and only viewing what is transpiring here, since threatening legal action against CFRB in regards to what goes on here. This is why we now have to be members to comment. It got rid of most of the trolls, leaving only bsprovider and stug now.

    I mentioned to you weeks ago that I would be in contact with CFRB on this matter. The results speak for themselves. Now I will be pursuing getting bs provider removed as well.

    If you ever want to take this punk to court for his countless law breaking ways on the internet, I will be honoured to go with you to court. These idiots have to learn that there are repercussions for their actions (even when HIDING behind a keyboard). Cheers mate.
  6. @Fact Provider Sorry little boy but I do not do the liquid drug/poison alcohol. Only fools drink alcohol. Could you be one of them? Yep!
  7. @Karl Burgin Hi Karl. Fact BS'ER already knows he is a pathetic troll. We both know he has a hard on for you. He is trying to aspire to something he is not. A decent individual with something to offer.
  8. @Karl Burgin We already know that you are an insufferable prick with nothing to offer. But you have hit a new low, punk! You knock John's learning impairment with English skills? What the hell is wrong with you?!

    Other than the fact that you are a jerk!
  9. FACT...Fact Provider is nothing but a trolling fool. A quick read of his comments proves my case.