1. Let us not also forget that the distracted driving charges should be at least 3 times as severe as drinking and driving charges are. First offence for either should be a minimum 10 years suspended license and a $20,000 fine.
  2. @CarrynS "safe places"?! hahah The last time I looked, shootings and stabbings are all good in the schools.
  3. @CarrynS Oh paaaleeese spare me. If you don't like the job, leave like anyone else does from a non public sector job and quit the whining. It is as simple as that.
  4. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads...
  5. One of the most infuriating and biggest waste of my tax dollars!!!

    If you want a kid, pay for it yourself! A child is a want and NEVER a need.

    It is pathetic enough that science plays YHWH (g-d) let alone people are forced to pay for this folly by some.
  6. @HelenD_6158 You should be deported for spewing that lie.
  7. Post should read "Let the shootings continue as per usual at another venue where utter crap masquerades as music"
  8. @AbbyW We do have the dumbest voters, imbecilic even.
  9. "Liberals have a slight lead"

    Post should read pinhead voters of Toronto are at it again. Voting for the criminal Fiberals is akin to trying to put out a fire with gasoline...utter stupidity to the maximum.
  10. The party full of potheads strikes again.