1. City Slicker, hate is never a good thing. By the way, you are a narcissistic idiot
  2. The real reason is the criminal Fiberals need more money. When will they stop trying to fool those with a higher IQ then all of these a holes put together?!

    All criminal Fiberal supporters are pinheads!
  3. Good luck on Judgement Day telling Yahweh you are right and he is wrong. You are already dead and you have lost.
  4. Yessir little Ani. You still do not know that a phobia is a fear of something. I don't fear gays, I despise them. Man you are beyond dumb! lol
  5. Utterly disgraceful! Now not only does the city hold this event of debauchery, evil, and morally bankrupt individuals, we are going to throw more money into it!

    This world has lost all its priorities. We have homeless in the streets, and the government forces us to pay for frivolous in vitro fertilizations! We have homeless in our streets yet the government has millions for syrian refugees. We have homeless in our streets yet the government funds perversions!

    I rue the day that Yahshua returns and puts an end to this madness. Today anything anti Yahweh like is envisioned as progress. Well people it is not working. Time to shake your heads and get back to a non perverted society that does not embrace it in a parade! You as always can call me wrong but then again, s.a.Tan has you right where he wants you.
  6. All criminal Fiberal voters are pinheads!

    G'day Karl my friend. :)

    It is the same old weak kneed criminal Fiberal supporters who as always in EVERY news event who are NOWHERE to be found. The only thing lamer than their small minds is their weakness to admit they blew it. They never once after each criminal Fiberal election win are ever found when negative news about them is present. For this reason alone us who have never voted for the criminal Fiberals can be DAMN PROUD.
  7. @Karl Burgin Hey Karl. It ios high time to leave Ontario. I am just in the process of finishing the probate on my mum's will. After that it is time to go to a province that does not vote Fiberal nor has top pay the way for the rest of the country.

    Only in Fiberal ran Ontario do we pay 70% MORE for electricity!
  8. The world has went nuts! What the hell is wrong with people these days embracing debauchery? There is also the attack on the English language. A phobia is a FEAR of something. I do not fear these freaks, I despise their sick lifestyles!
  9. @lynnea Welcome to the worst government in the world, the Canadian one. We always help others over our own who already live here. It is utterly disgraceful!
  10. The criminal Fiberals cannot DELIBERATELY destroy Canada fast enough on their own, so now they are recruiting. Stupid is, as stupid does.