1. @StuG Far better than being a greasy Italian, if you want to go that route, little boy.
  2. @BigDaddy You are nothing short of a smarmy person. Please spare us all your small minded thinking along with your small minded comments. Voting in lefties have gotten us nothing but financial bankruptcy. Remember this, two faced Tory is a weak kneed, caves into pressure leftie in disguise. Those of us that are not "the lowest common denominator" can see this. Then there is the majority of pinhead voters out there like you. G'day
  3. @Hinterland MIke The "circus" was around long before the Fords. The lefties at city hall will make sure the circus continues long after the election is over, regardless of who is voted in.

    It is a disgrace when anyone gets their jollies at councilors behaving like children. I guess you think your money being stolen form you is a big joke? Pitiful!
  4. @StuG The Star bringing us tabloid news is more like it. I cancelled my lifelong subscription because of their despicable measures.

    I will state this for you again stug. Ford will still be around after the election whether or not victory is achieved. Please explain how his political career would be over. Or are you just making a fool of yourself again?
  5. @Angry Bill I wish I could find that article for you Bill. It is not from any website. It was in a national newspaper.

    Just like at one time all doctors believed that 1-2 drinks of liquid poison (alcohol) gives heart benefits. there are doctors on the other side of the fence stating the damage done to one's liver outweigh any heart benefits.

    I did not need a doctor to tell me that alcohol is a deadly drug and not to be consumed.

    Like I said to IBLeaf, you cannot always listen to doctors, and I rarely get either a cold or the flu, and have NEVER been as sick before or since the ONE year I did take it.

    It is a medical fact that not letting the immune system do some of its own fighting without intervention weakens the body. Hence seeing those around me getting the flu with the shot whereas I without it, don't. Please explain that, doctors.
  6. @dama Dama, I appreciate that you are always polite in your posts.

    I have researched this topic heavily and knew what you posted. It seems IBleaf and Angry Bill think I am against vaccines. To the contrary, I believe in all of them except for the flu. :)
  7. I tip my hat to Pittsburgh for their show of respect.
  8. @IBLeaf You watch the Leafs yet call me ignorant? That is too rich. lol Spare me your political correctness (ineptness) about using the word retarded.

    Medical evidence has PROVEN that many are weakening their immune systems by taking the flu shot. Please explain why people never had these "flu shots" decades ago and yet now people who take this vaccine are getting sicker than those who don't.

    One year around 2004 a close lady friend and I decided to take the shot for the first time. BOTH of us fell violently ill. I was so sick that I went to the emergency room after vomiting up blood.

    The medical profession states that one cannot got the flu from the vaccine. Fair enough. Than please explain why the only year I tried it was the year I was most sick in my life.

    ps...I never take the shot anymore since that fateful year, and rarely get the flu nor a cold during the infectious season. It seams my immune system has not been weakened by experimenting with flu vaccines and apparently is stronger than those who go the "lets weaken our immune systems" fight. The medical profession is not always right.
  9. No thanks. I will not weaken my immune system with a flu shot. What would I want to do that? It is as retarded as those who walk around with hand sanitizers.