1. Bravo on charging those FOOLS with hand held devices. It is about time we weed out those with little brains or common sense from our roadways.
  2. @Angry Bill So are votes. I will be saying I told you so until the next election.
  3. Huge mistake! Now you will see the true colours of week kneed Tory. Toronto pinhead voters will never learn.
  4. @StuG "there you go again with your hateful comments"

    Spare us all you pathological liar. Need I copy and paste all your hatred in text against the Fords? So it is fitting only if you agree? You have been lying in posts here for so long that you are actually starting to believe you are not a child by age. It is rather annoying, little boy.
  5. What does one expect when people pay homage to s.a.TAN by celebrating Halloween? Evil begets evil...
  6. @DanielC_7878 Trudeau...the man who ruined Canada.
  7. @DanielC_7878 He is 47? Believing that is as stupid as believing the criminal Fiberals are not criminal.
  8. @StuG The Italian speaks again with great frivolity.

    Please don't lie again and say you are Jewish. ONLY Italians use the word manjacake.
  9. @Jack I hope they throw this thief in one of their jails for life.