1. America needs a president like Donald Trump, how bad can America be
    with him at the helm...
  2. I really would send him to house arrest and encourage Forcillo to enjoy the backyard pool with a few beers in the cooler and steaks sizzling on the BBQ, thats justice.(sarcasrm)
  3. @AJHK Thats the Singapore law, if you are caught selling drugs or smuggling drugs - hang.

    If you vandalized,, caning..

    If you commit a crime with a gun, mandatory 7 years in jail, and its 7 years, not like the 1/3 you serve in Ontario..

    and who is Mark Saunders kidding?; stil one og the safest city in North America;
    every night thee is a gun shooting and a few during the weekend....if it kept on going
    ;soon there will be no tourist visiting Toronto...and, are we supposed to do policing now, seems cops cant solve any murder or crime without witnesses...
  4. Like father, like son eh !!!
  5. i see a law suit coming and Simone wins with the aid of this video...
    he was down in all 4s and what did the police do?; well.. watch the video..
  6. WTG girl.. keep on driving, as you can see.. not all young people drove above the speed limit...
  7. @Angry Bill Now you know why immigrants love to come to Canada, for those bad immigrants,( and I qualified bad immigrants) they knew the justice system is a joke and they get free health care too.. dont you just love Canada?
  8. @AbbyW No heads will roll and CBC will get more matter how screwed up
    they are....
  9. @LoriT_2302 No, you are not.

    The Province needs to change the Police Services Acts to prevent paying cops to sit at home and collecting their big pay check.

    Really, I wonder what is preventing the Liberal Government to change the law, I am sure the other 2 parties will support it.
  10. @Angry Bill ha ha,, Prince died indoor.. cant escape death when the time is up.

    another talented musician died too young..

    RIP, Prince,,,,