1. @Angry Bill I had the same issue.. multiple log in before connection.
    but I am calm always.. lol

    I am just wasting time posting in this forum.. ha ha .
  2. @AbbyW What if...

    Rob Ford was not caught doing crack

    Rob ford was not drunk

    and he did good prior to his issues..

    ya,, what if !!! John Tory wouldn't consider throwing in his hat if Rob Ford was not caught..

    What if..
  3. Back to main topic; Tax break...

    "He said the Conservative government will fulfil an election promise to cut taxes"
    was that promise becomes a reality ONLY when there is a surplus?.. no wonder, they waited til 2015 and election year,, buying votes, isnt it?

    Anyway, don't be too happy for they will give you a dollar and take back $3 once you vote them back in.. and the PC might win a majority too if voters did what they did in the Ontario election recently
  4. @Herry James Moore, the Industry Minister tried to do that but failed, for his plan back fired,, no outside Telecom company is willing to spend billion of dollars buying spectrum

    "More competition in the wireless marketplace will mean lower cellphone prices for Canadians, Industry Minister James Moore says.

    New competitors in wireless, such as Wind, already have brought down the cost of cellphone plans by 18-20 per cent over the past few years, Moore said in an interview with CBC’s Metro Morning. Nevertheless, he said, Canadians still are spending too much."

    The last point is banded on.. there are cheap no frill plans available but users prefer the no limit data for they like their FB and IG

  5. @IBLeaf Say WHAT !!!!

    Way back to July reported by the Globe and mail

    "Toronto City Council is backing a Scarborough subway extension, a move heralded by Mayor Rob Ford as a “historic” moment in a 30-year battle to expand underground transit."


    "In approving the plan, council put a Sept. 30 deadline on commitments from the province and Ottawa. Mr. Ford said his recent meetings with federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray have led him to believe they will be “willing to work” with the city."

    and Jim Flaherty came through for Rob Ford: as reported by CBC in Sept 2013

    The federal government will contribute $660 million to help extend Toronto’s Bloor-Danforth subway line in the east-end neighbourhood of Scarborough, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Monday morning.

    “You have our money, let’s get this subway built,” Flaherty said.

    Flaherty says the money is a "done deal" and comes at the request of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and city council.

    on top of the money provincial government pledged

    and NO other mayor was able to achieve that..

    so IBLeag,, you dont know what u r posting .. ..
  6. @Herry At time of reporting the reporter did not have or knew the parent's name
    but I agree with you... throw them in prison and throw away the keys...

    Cant believe, parents are failing to provide the necessaries of life to their young son,, just like the recent case when the son and daughter in law failed that too to their 80 plus old mother.. .
  7. @AbbyW It is possible and Katie Mahoney, as a "friend" felt betrayed, so in between the lines Hazel is telling Katie that her husband is not the right person to be the mayor; I would felt betrayed too if my fishing buddy friend would endorsed another person, I rather she stays on the side line..

    I hope voters have a mind of their own and vote who is the best to serve their needs and not swayed by who is endorsing who and that goes with the Toronto election.. and Doug Ford is correct is saying that " there will be payback for these endorsements are not free.. "
  8. @StuG I wonder why you even want to listen to Doug Ford's podcast since you hate him and his family that much,, you are just hurting yourself .. I can see your face turning red..

    Ford more years,,, lol
  9. @StuG Apparently you live in a mansion,, but tenants at TCH can attest that the Fords helped them in their issues.

    As I had posted.. you are one sure Ford hater so no matter your mind is closed, for you are always assuming the worst of the Fords..

    with regards to Gene Jones,read Sue Ann Levy's column on him..

  10. @tanjo Didn't know that Doug Ford is that powerful that ICU really obyed to his request

    Tory withdrew when he found out that Ari Goldkind was not invited not because Doug Ford withdrew from the debate then again each candidate has the right to not attend..

    these debates are meaningless now..

    Is that white RV a Ford ? probably