1. @LoriT_2302 No, you are not.

    The Province needs to change the Police Services Acts to prevent paying cops to sit at home and collecting their big pay check.

    Really, I wonder what is preventing the Liberal Government to change the law, I am sure the other 2 parties will support it.
  2. @Angry Bill ha ha,, Prince died indoor.. cant escape death when the time is up.

    another talented musician died too young..

    RIP, Prince,,,,
  3. The tree house is much better looking than the Brampton Blue house that the city
    issued the permit in error and now after more than 2 years is still before the court while the house sits deteriorated... neighbours suffer due to this ...
  4. Mike Bullard, you can do better than US$50, come on...US$100.
  5. @Angry Bill haha.. what do you expect???

    Sitting at home doing dick all and getting paid..... beer in hand and Tortilla, Lays chips watching Blue Jays and Raptors...of course, one puts on weight.. .
  6. @AbbyW Peter Brauti works for the police union and he has to try to pull a fast one
    (house arrest) knowing that you and I will cry double standard, if the judge agrees with his argument then its on the judge and he won it for James Forcillo

    I am not too mad of his argument for his client to serve out his sentence on house arrest but I also hope the judge is smart enough not to agree with that argument

    I am mad that we are still paying his salary even though he has already been convicted, that police service act needs to be changed ASAP.
  7. @LeeAnnM ya,if you really need to know.. I am lazy to rewrite my points
    , therefore I took the opportunity to show to you ONLY, my cut/paste skill,

    also....if you dont have any comment on this story.. go fly a kite...
    at least I tried to make a point....
  8. Is this worst than the Muzzo's case?

    22 year old, driving an Acura at 3.30 am with 5 friends in his car,
    lost control, hit another car then went off the road and hit a pole, a fence and several trees. At some point the Acura rolled over, throwing four of the five people inside out of the car. The fifth person was partially ejected, eventually killed 3 friends...

    He has been hit with eight charges: three counts of criminal negligence causing death, one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm, three counts of dangerous driving causing death and one dangerous driving causing bodily harm.

    If found guilty, 10 years? and serve one third?

  9. @Angry Bill agree, time signature is the same, key can be transpose , a lot of similarities...
    Jimmy Page added more notes to the riff....

    best copyrights lawyer wins.....
  10. Newstalk 1010, took me 5 tries to log in to comment !!!!!

    Fix this, will ya ????

    Now that I ranted...

    Two teenage boys are dead following a fiery single vehicle crash in the town of Milton, west of Toronto. as reported....

    fiery single car crash, if it is not speed and lack of driving experience, I don't know what is....sad for the parents too, the driver's parent would be second guessing themselves if they had made the right choice buying a powerful sport car for the son
    or was a loaner from the dad .. I dont know

    RIP... young lad...