1. @Next stop: Dead Cops ahhhh.. resorted to name calling.... me an idiot.. I will refrain myself by calling you something else See I am already one up on you....also idiot like me does not kill cops.. for my thinking is more positive than your negative posts.. eh Dead Cop !!!

    You think a company's CEO knows everything ? They dont.. they hire good people and delegate his responsibilities.. same as the police Chief.. so it is not necessary so to have someone that has 20 years as a cop and be the police chief for they will bring old school policing and hire cops like James Forcillo..

    Clean sweep.. an opportunity to start from the top by even hiring a woman police chief..

    I still maintain your view of dead cops is very negative..
  2. @Next stop: Dead cops The next Chief will be one that is not from old rank and file, it will be someone with more people skill and will act on the latest recommedations that was release last week.

    More lives will not be wasted by "cowboy" officers, and you are painting a very negative scenario for the future of public safety and police policing..

    Change is needed,. so the Police board will and should go for someone with knowledge of policing but not necessary a policeman from rank and file..
  3. @Starchild I hear you.. we, Canadian are friendly people and we just "bitxhed" among ourselves.. unlike the Korean,and others.. , they will go to the street .. even in their parliament, they fought and threw chairs.. lol

    My take of this case:

    If it goes to jury then there is a chance of conviction,,
    if it is only by the judge,, then he might walk,,

    Then you can start/organise a small revolution..Yatim's sister will do that.. lol
  4. @tanjo I was having a conversation with my wife in the car and I lost track of the light and I was "late" in stopping on the line, so decided to go through, snapped by red light camera and I paid the fine..

    I felt so guilty and bad about the situation and I believed this driver felt the same too hence the letter to explain the situation..

    it was a grave mistake on her part for she was driving a TTC bus and almost hit that pedestrian, also she is one month into the job...

    TTC already said she is no longer working at TTC and I dont think they will revisit their decision,, but it is sad to lose a job.. only one month into it.. hope she wil recover from this and get another job elsewhere..
  5. That is a rich contract for a 10 goal and 11 assist defenceman.. $4.05 per year..
    then again much less than Dion Phaneuf
  6. Sweet.. real cute..

    A child still and yet so smart.. and loving..
  7. @Starchild Based on that video, many has concluded that Forcillo used excessive force and should be fund guilty.. but in law.. it is innocent until proven guilty..

    The police union lawyer representing Forcillio stated that there are more than that video, so there are more evidence/witnesses that defence will produce and that is their job.. so prosecutors have to present a stronger case to find a verdict of guilty.. then again, if it is not a jury case, just the judge.. Forcillio might walk..

    then Starchild , you can organise a revolt.. .
  8. @Jim If the evidence is based on the video, I doubt he will walk,, unless there are other videos that we have not seen that will show Forcillo's life was in danger hence he fired..

    I agree that it is not a good sign to add another charge at this time.. hence the Plan B for a lesser charge..

    The prosecutors need to treat this case with utmost care for the public is watching.... but statistic is not good for the SIU.. hence a slap on the wrist..
  9. @franklin I would be very surprsied if Forcillio is found guilty and here you are just looking at ONE case, the one that pumped 9 bullets into Yatim and you want the taserman and the rest of the cops who were there to be charged?

    I dont like what the SIU is doing by adding a new charge one year later, telling me that 2nd degree murder charge will not stick hence a fall back Plan B..

    tsk tsk tsk... smh
  10. I caught a bit of the debate and I thought David Sonacki(sic) did well..
    when JT answered that as CEO or any executive position he held, he was able to
    delegate the responsibilities. etc etc and David said.. running city hall is different than a CEO and he was right..

    Really.. if you dont do what the CEO said.. you will be fired where else in city hall, you only have ONE vote..

    If there is a new poll after this debate I think O Chow will be losing a few points too.. her performance was not that great..