1. Strike or no strike, it wouldn't bother me, I am not going to be inconvenienced
    for I cant afford the NBA all star tickets or the car

    City hall is screwing up the taxi industry not Uber, city hall worker including those good for nothing councillors are sleeping on their jobs; knowing Uber will be invading cities around the world, including Toronto and yet they didn't look at their by-laws until its too late......took the taxi industry to complain to city hall that Uber is operating illegally
    and yet no change is forth coming....wonder how Edmonton can react so fast to the change of their by-laws, . Toronto city hall workers and councillors are slow in making the change !!!!

    Go figure...
  2. """"Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins attributes the drop in numbers to lack of awareness about the service"""

    Anne, Anne, Anne... whom were you trying to fool ??? lack of awareness !!!!...
    its too frigging expensive, duh !!!

    Pricing structure is wrong, wrong, wrong...look to the London, England tube and Singapore MRT; normal fare from Airport to city zone.. ..

    Put the Union Pearson Express as a regular subway service, ridership
    will escalate much higher..
  3. great story.. Maple Leaf should trade for him..
    what do they have to lose since The Leafs are in the bottom...
  4. @Karl Burgin again, from that video, I didnt see that the car was moving at all..
    if it was floored, the cop would have been injured and no chace to fire 14 shots...

    From what I heard from news radio, he was charged for discharging the firearm unsafely, bullets could have been ricocheting from the hood of the car and injure bystanders,
  5. Looked like an episode from Miami Vice.. crooked cops planted heroine
    and pocketing the drug money.. add in a Testarossa..CTV might bring the series back
  6. another one bites the dusk..

    the car was sandwiched by 2 police cruisers and not moving except the wipers and the cop was standing in front of the car , so why would the cop killed
    the car by unloading 14 bullets !!!!!.

    I see... your honour, the car was going to kill me, charge for attempted muder of a car ????

    Probably not using his brain again....
  7. @Angry Bill "What kind of that message does that send to our front-line officers who are out there every day dealing with violence, dealing with weapons," McCormack said outside the courthouse. "Are they going to hesitate when they should take action and what is this going to mean in terms of front-line enforcement," he wondered. -

    To Mark MCCormack: The message is LOUD and CLEAR, use the gun as a last resort, depending on the situation.... using the Yatim's incident....put away the gun... DO NOT SHOUT your frigging order, de-escalate the situation instead of inflaming it which Forcillo did...

    The message is for cops to use their brains in the future instead of their all mighty power hungry attitude to diffuse a situation...

    The Crown did a good job by adding the attempted murder charge when the SIU only charged him for 2nd degree murder which he was found not guilty. without attempted murder charge, Forcillo would have walked yesterday...

    and wtf, need to wait till May 16 for sentencing.. paying him another 4 months of my money to sit at home !!!!
  8. "If passed, the fee would be imposed as of April 1st and would reportedly save the city $5 million a year."

    should have added this: " The $5 million saving is at the expense of future sellers and buyers of homes in GTA" and the motion is from Gary Crawford, no wonder, easy way out...

    cut cost and find the inefficiencies at city hall...instead of taxing and increasing fees.
  9. @AkramS i dont think he is going to walk,, jury is still deliberating, so there are some holdout
    ; either way, so jury foreman has a tough job to do...
  10. @Angry Bill "The jury was told it does not need to find a motive for Forcillo's actions, and that Yatim's state of mind prior to their confrontation is not relevant. During testimony the jury heard Yatim had consumed the drug ecstasy before he boarded the streetcar.

    "The state of mind of Mr. Yatim is not relevant. Only the state of mind of the defendant is of relevance," Then said.

    The judge instructed the jurors they must decide whether they believe Forcillo's testimony that he didn't intend to kill Yatim when he shot him and that, as Forcillo testified, he believed the shooting was necessary for his safety and that of others. "

    The above instructions from the judge should make the job of the jury easier?

    If it is and with the backing of the videos, the jury would have come to a guilt decision, but not so, there are some holdout hence the deliberations continues....

    Personally, I think Forcillo will be found guilty with a lesser charge.. appeal is given in any guilty decision....