1. @AdrianoC1981 I understand that there are corruptions every where especially with government projects and I am not a John Tory fan and i disapproved of the $2 million to speed up just 2 months for completion .. and for John Tory to say that it cost a million dollars A DAY that traffic congestion costing production.. is ridiculous.. wonder who came up with that million dollar a day...

    Having said all that.. I dont think John Tory would even think of kickback in this $2 million deal..
  2. @AdrianoC1981 I actually agree with most of your points until the last paragraph..

    "that the mayor will probably receive some sort of kickback from this 2 million dollar back room deal. It's only natural"

    I have to smh on this one.. the mayor taking kickback !!!!
  3. By Dave Bradley: the Special Investigations Unit has invoked their mandate, meaning Toronto Police were somehow involved"

    Why cant you just say: The 40 year old man was shot by a cop hence SIU was called upon to investigate?"

    Nonetheless,, the SIU's finding will be justifiable shooting just like the kid that was shot at by 28 bullets..but only 4 landed....
  4. It is just a futile exercise by the OPP, no Liberal MP will be charged
    for this crime.

    Suck it up for the next 4 years for there will be more waste and scandals by this Liberal government and hopefully voters will wise up.
  5. @Angry Bill you beat me to this, terrorist won...

    as with the Talibans.. ISIS and Bokol Harum...

  6. For future tender of any city work, the city should be the one responsible
    to put out the time frame and 12 hour shift or around the clock hours and
    let the tender begins without having to renegotiate like John Tory did and paying $2 million more.

    But the managerial brains at City Works Department are going at half the rate... I guess..
  7. This is just like a Mafia meeting . hosted by a neutral party(Canada) and
    The Corleone (USA) and the Barzini (Cuba), negotiating for ease of sanctions...

    It is all good when 2 countries can come to terms after 50 years.....

    Viva La Che Guevara
  8. @AbbyW i think they shoot with their eyes closed, with their adrenaline pumping they lost what they were trained to response..

    now you know the police budget is so high.. wastage of bullets..
  9. Hello world leaders, how many innocent children need to die by the hands of the Taliban, how many young children thta need to be kinapped and raped by Bokol Harum and how many innocent journalists or volunteers that need to be beheaded
    by ISIS before you really ACT.....

    Prime Minister of Pakistan and India and all world leaders are failing to protect its citizen...

    Do you really need another 9/11 to act?
  10. @Angry Bill I have to disagree.. if the USA, UK Canada and Italy France are willing to commit ground troops, they can slowly get rid of these terrorists.. using plane and bombs killed more civilians for the terrorists used them as shield..

    Fight dirty with ground troops.. there will be better results.. but No.. USA willing to see Talibans, ISIS and procol huram killing innocent citizens