1. "Guillaume Donovan, 24, and David Foucher, 25, are charged with sexual assault."

    Young and stupid?.. The court will decide their innocence and or if found guilty.. even a University degree will not help them..

    Lives destroyed for a few minutes with no-consent sex..
  2. I am going the opposite direction - to Buffalo to shop this weekend..
    insane to drive in GTA this summer..
  3. @Karl Burgin that would be a smack down.. just JT and RF, epic race to the end..
  4. @CynthiaT_3 you probably lost the part when she said she is not seeking re-election as a councillor..
  5. @Karl Burgin Agree.. she tried.. very good effort.
    next David Soknacki.
  6. Reports pertaining to this come up every 5 to 6 years.and the have been talking about this for decades.. . flogging a dead horse.really.

    No government will let corner or grocery stores sell beer or wine if it is not CONTROLLED by the LCBO or Beer store.. the recent partnerships with some Loblaw stores attest to that.. so, consumer will not enjoy lowering price of beer..
  7. @Angry Bill Of course it is a revenue generators and the power that these parking enforcers enjoyed.. most time, they don't use common sense and no compassion at all.. when it is just a few minutes over the time..

    M Layton and most councillors think with their arse,, and always come up with stupid ideas such as this.. like the recent closure of Bloor to Queens, so that people can take a leisurely stroll, ot do yoga..

    hello parks are for that ..,, and with the current constructions going on. you are insane to travel into GTA,,,,, uness you really have to
  8. @Jack There is no news of her at all hence once in a while she has to make some noise to get her in print.. like the white horse and now this drug test..

    $200 is a cheap price to pay for publicity..later on.. she will throw her support to John Tory hoping that John will appoint her a seat in any committee
  9. @AbbyW Warren , a Liberal does not work for free or as a volunteer..
    Chow will lose another few percentage point based on her reply
    on this issue, distancing herself is worst than man - ing up..

    This election is John Tory to lose too therefore he has to make sure
    his handlers do not make such mistake..
  10. What !!! Expendable 4 ???

    6 days and it was boring is it ??
    someone has to start up this shit ..


    Give peace a chance.buddy.. .