1. @Angry Bill Well, you can buy ticket in the comfort of your home now....
    I wouldnt want to be in this guy's situation, spending $100,000
    and getting nothing out of it

  2. Senators will spend their time thinking of ways to bilk taxpayers on their expense accounts than to spend time passing this bill, now you know why after 3 years it is still sitting on some shelves some where..
  3. If he is found guilty, I hope the punishment will be lengthy to satisfy
    Hashem Atifeh Rad's family
  4. John Tory has a long way to go.. yes.. and his rating will be lower than 67%
    then again who cares about rating, he will even enjoy his rating at 49% for the next 3.45 years and yes.. "it is the right thing to do" and with the little increase of taxes and user's fee, "you will still get excellent service" .. so people.. the trade off is good in John Tory's book..

    also how can you balanced a budget when you have to use a line of credit of $200 million.. that you and I have to pay interest on.....then again in Jon Tory's book.. a few more dollars here and there.. "You will still get excellent service" and it is "the right thing to do"
  5. If you are 17 and went around shooting out windows of homes and car windows
    they are old enough to be identified to the public who these 2 guys are..

    Protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act , this act should be abolished
  6. @Angry Bill and none of the other students went to break up the
    wrestling match
  7. what is going on ?? World and people are going nuts..
  8. 2.25% is almost the GTA rate of inflation, so it is still below the rate of inflation as John Tory has promised, then again it is not carved in stone, still a chance that councillors will turf this, so there will be no increase

    Fat chance ?
  9. Two weeks education to learn how to merge from 3 lanes to 2 lanes
    since 1 lane is closed for PAN AM traffic?

    If not, what are the 2 week education for? to let driver time on learning how to adjust?
    If you are sane enough. you take a vacation unless you like to go and watch some sporting events..
  10. @Nicholas W Those workers that stood around are support personnels;
    They provide morale support for the worker in the hole

    Yes,every municipal needs 2 workers to cut grass, did u check the lawn mowers? One is higher by 2 inches n the 2nd worker will then cut that extra 2 inches,perfect ravine,don't u think that us well thought out?

    Sarcasm again. Lol