1. @Peter I wonder if the landmark Askov ruling would apply here due to long delay;
    if it does then it will be sad for the Bosma's family..

    Google Askov ruling..
  2. @MarkFromEtobicoke Apparently, if you will to call Rob Ford, you will get a reply from him.. and he will try to help.... try calling John Tory and ...ehhhh..
  3. @Samuel B. Those affected should be able to check into a hotel and claim through their insurance companies or city hall.

    I would probably check with my insurance company on this..

    Ultimately, the City should give you a credit ...
  4. Olivia Chow and now Hazel McCallion . is that what ex-politician gets now instead
    of patronage to the senate?

    Definition of retirement changed?
  5. @WalterP_2723 Based on your post of "downloading Thai etc etc,", your IP is now being tracked by the s"sax" crime task force.

    Watch out ..
  6. @Angry Bill Not Freemasons, Freemasons curved the clues onto beautiful architectural stones; I believed those tunnel rat Vietcongs thought the war is still in progress
  7. @Angry Bill If I were to guess that "someone" is probably his siblings of 7 year old.

    A split second can have serious consequences parents wise up !!!!
  8. @WalterP_2723 "watcha you gonna do,, when they come for you "

    Mark McCormack will get them off
  9. @Angry Bill Totally agree.. and I hope the AG will find someone guilty on this latest scandal..
  10. ahhhh shxt

    I was praying that he will pull through

    Sad, RIP Elijah