1. @Angry Bill If you want to go back to his " for public funding for faith-based schools" and he stuck to it proved that he is not "weak" but rather stupid,

    The Liberal under Dalton at that time, took that opportunity and hammered on JT's public funding for faith-based schools and won over the voters and that election was JT's to lose and he did and he was leading in the poll too .

    I bet if he could take it back he would and won that election, first and if he had a majority then he can plan his with Tim Hudak and his 100, 000 thousand job cuts.... I bet he would take it back too and worded it better than cut cut cut he might have won,,,

    then again hindsight is 20/20,
  2. @Karl Burgin I think Susan Fennel will proceed with legal action against Deloitte Canada, the integrity commissioner and a few councillors.

    Every Brampton councillors were guilty of misspending taxpayer's money, councillors buying Rose theatre's tickets for their friends and spouses, excessive expensing 407 invoices ec etc.. hence Brampton have 7 new councillors a and a new mayor..

    Wonder why all incumbent councillors except Parker were voted back in !!! SMH
  3. @Suz58 Rob Ford dropped out of the race for he can't campaign and do all those debates and that was a great strategy by him to get his brother to run for mayor..and he won back his councillor seat.. with no debate and not too much campaigning.. al incumbent return except Parker.. said a lot of the voters for councillors..

    His performance will be affected by his health in council for sure.
  4. @dama correction: would NOT rule him out
  5. @JustSaying you are really not a forgiving person even tho the race for mayor is over and Doug lost and you still called him a Thug... I really hope you do no wrong in your lifespan...

    Also,, why would Doug tarnished the PC brand.. the PC brand , right now is a NO brand, it is tarnished already.. and all the 5 candidates are old school with a different name and I bet still handled by old school PC strategists.. .. hence still maintain the old PC policies...

    From Doug Ford with Joe Marmingston:

    "Doug Ford would like to see the PC's open their arms to a whole new set of people, "The frontline union members, a tremendous amount of people from TCHC and other areas of the common people that are fiscally conservative, but you have to have a social conscience."

    "Open arms to union people", which other PC candidates has that in their mind.. that already scored some points.....
    also unions with their attack ads sunk Tim Hudak..

    Futile debate if Dug Ford decides not to put in his name.. isn't it? but I would rule him out .. . .
  6. Can you imagine way back when there is no winter tire and yet we still drive.

    Even with winter tires, drivers still had collision.. so to me advance driver's training takes priority over winter tires and now you have ALL weather tires that you can use all year round..

    Drive extra slow and look beyond and leave early and give yourself 3 or 4 cars length , even if car cuts into that space.. you still maintain that space..
  7. @Karl Burgin The Provincial party needs to break through the inner city of GTA and Doug Holyday won when Doug and Rob campaigned on his behalf and Holyday won in the bye-election and then slaughtered by the Liberal party in the recent provincial election..

    PC did not win any seat, so Doug Ford is a legitimate candidate if he wants to take a shot at the leadership with his 331 K Ford Nation supporters.. which PC candidate can command that?

    Doug Ford needs support by some current MPs and build a solid team around him and money(he will be broke if he use his own money again) and I wouldn't be surprise if he wins over Christine Elliot ..
  8. @tanjo Even if Susan Fennel ran under the 3 parties colour, she will still lose,,hence Linda Jeffery decided not to run in the last provincial (for she thought the Liberal will lose) and seek the Brampton mayor's post..

    right time for the move.. .. good call
  9. @tanjo hmmm Rob Ford as deputy mayor !!!! lol

    I think I just open up a can of worms.. ha ha
  10. @Angry Bill Will it work? Depends on a lot of things. Will council be behind him ?

    Of course, it boils down to negotiation and trade off with those lefties councillor and that is where the game starts..

    how much is John willing to spend (trade) in order not to create a divisive council.... as with David Miller with the unions..

    i hope John is tough enough to say No at times..