1. This is real sick.. ISIS is a cowardly group beheading
    innocent US citizens for their country's foreign policy..
  2. @AbbyW With expensive lawyers he can afford, he will not server any jail time, some
    money to charity and community work, ,, that is it...

    He really needs a good beating to show that even with bodyguards, someone can punch him out. with balck eyes and swollen lips then he might wise up...
  3. @MichaelP From my initial post: duck taped them. fly to Cuba.. holiday travellers get off plane except the 2 ladies, still in duck tape.. fly back to Canada, hand them over to authority..

    hindsight 20/20 ?
  4. Looks low,, snow storm will impact this new TTC streetcar
  5. @IBLeaf because GTAA would lose the income.. limo drivers would lose their livelihood.
  6. So really this Union Station Pearson Airport is JUST for travellers?

    If I work at the airport and living down town, I cant afford to pay $60 bucks a day to take this rail to work, isn't it?; I think it defeats what subway is intended for...

    If Metrolink wants to make sure this rail is run at capacity, they should build a big condo car park at the Airport Station and commuters from Mississauga and Brampton might park there and take the rail to Union.. ease the 401 congestion too.

  7. @frankling AaaaaMmmeeen, Amen to that..

    Frankling, you have finally seen the light..
  8. @CynthiaT_3 agree... Hope she recovers too,
  9. @Karl Burgin I think poll is an over used tool to predict a result that is always wrong..
    ; it might sway voter's mind to which candidate they might vote for
    and the Ford brothers dont believe in the poll themselvest.. Doug and Rob had been saying only poll is Oct 27 and they are right.....

    34 VS 31.. going to the wire..
  10. @JC Exactly.. good points.

    Reports on Rob Ford who is now - totally agree....

    and Rob Ford is gaining 6 points (31)based on today's poll
    to JT's 34, O Chow losing in ground.. the more debates she gets in
    she wil lose more % points..

    and Rob Ford will cherish reports on his past by The Stars and Globe and get more sympathy votes.. .I don't believe the Globe or Star columns is will hurt Rob Ford .........don't rule him out.. yet..