1. @Jack You said:"and Doug Ford could have the most taxpayer-friendly and economically-sound platform in the world and Council would still stonewall him just for being a Ford"

    and you think those lefty councillor will not stonewall Tory?

    The mayoralty system in Canada is weak, one mayor, one vote unlike in the US when a mayor has total power on hiring and firing...

    Olivia Chow just had 4 lefty councillors endorsing her, so as you can guess these councillors will band together to veto JT's agenda.. so I am not so sure that JT will have a smooth sailing term if elected..

    With Doug, one knows he is just like a bull dog and like you said, most taxpayer-friendly and economically sound platform in the world..on that I take my chance with Dougie..
  2. @Ronecol I dont think it was disingenuous, it is politic and an election year. so it is just normal for Rob Ford to plug his brother.. I bet most politicians would do the same in this situation.. ..

    Voters have already made up their mind,(based on polling) so there is no sympathy vote that Rob Ford was trying to generate by his message..

    I think media read too much into Rob Ford message from yesterday,, then again it is the media,, and small brains picked u on that..
  3. He will face bad days after chemo but Rob Ford is a strong, stubborn guy
    and he will fight this...,
  4. @AbbyW The doctors said it might take up to a week for the results, hence there is nothing to say so far.. the doctors, based on their experience, probably can guess what it might be but is waiting for the result to be sure..

    Even if it is not great news, and if it is stage 1 or 2, it can be overcome
    with today's treatment..

    Will see..
  5. @StuG Why should I let you go? This forum offers me a voice just like you..

    You are obviously a very stench Ford hater, all your posts were about hate for this family.. so who should give it a rest ...

    If he happens to win,, I know you will be greatly disappointed and starts blaming all the voters..or rather Ford Nation.

    You should take a break from here else you might ends up in hospital with a heart attack.. .
  6. @ChristaK helping t get his life in order??.. wasn't that what Rob Ford did by going to rehab, since rehab is there any video of him smoking crack? any video of him in a drunken stupor?

    Dont relate his current illness to him being a better mayor,, Rob Ford is never a better mayor but he is a different politician.. hence Ford Nation is stlil sticking with him unless you are the 1 percentile..
  7. You can always expect the Fords to come up with a strategy..
    and what a strategy .. end result might differs but nonetheless.. good strategy.....
    cant waste what Rob Ford had started.. and running as a councillor,
    Rob Ford doesn't have to do any debate thus conserving his ebergy if he needs a surgery to remove the tumour..

    Speedy recovery Rofo..

  8. That man is rather strong.. he wouldnt checked himself in if the pain is berable....
    Took this to down him.. but I know he wouldnt quit...unless the treatment is aggressive that he has to

    Fight on Rob Ford,, speedy recovery and the decision is yours alone to make
    Hell with media and Rob Ford haters...
  9. Soon, even those intelligent students that do not have a scholarship will not even afford to attend University without their parent's help and those parents better have a good paying jobs..

    Goverment and school systems are not really doing a great job at school fees but is willing to pay more to teachers and professors and CEOs of univeristies..
  10. @JustSaying eh what Brown shirt? I thought he was shirtless..

    and finally Rick who?? yo meant Joan River> she is funnier