1. The York police should have no issue arresting this dude based on the clear pictures
    in this article.. let's see.. how many days it takes for them to do so
  2. @MarkFromEtobicoke You mean the unions have spoken !!!

    Unless you have just flown in from the cold, yes, we have been overtaxed by the Ontario Liberal government....

    I will not raise your tax _ Dalton McGuinty, you got arxe holed by the Health Tax..

    Emission Test - another unwarranted tax and the new test does not measure emission at all.. and there is a surplus of money on this..

    Tax tax tax and more tax coming..

    The union members are well paid so it might affect them little hence they voted for the Liberal...
  3. @Angry Bill There is always power involved in political positions and I didnt say that JT is in it for the power trip, I meant the title of Chief Magistrate signified a powerful position...

    Rob and Doug Ford and councillors care about the city and the people of Toronto too so JT is no different.....they are all politician.. so anything JT or Toronto council in the next 4 years
    are politic motivated based on the agendas they set forth....

    some even use this municipal platform as a stepping stone to Provincial or Federal politics;so yes.. anything accomplished is in the name of politic....
  4. @DanielC_7878 I think it is just a saying when one said: "I will fight this"

    I will fight/combat this cold
    I will fight this/combat this cancer, .. more preparation of the body and attitude of oneself

    and of course you need the team of specialists(doctors) to help fight this battle...

    Speedy recovery .
  5. @Angry Bill "John doesn't need this gig. He's already well known and rich. Politics can do nothing for him. Nothing at all"

    On that statement of yours, I think you are wrong that JT dont need to be in politic..

    It is n his blood,, ..I don't have to elaborate on his political aspirations and careers which you already knew, ...

    I also believed JT went into the race because he knew that Rob Ford can be beaten with his crack and drunken stupor scandals hence he waited to announce his late candidacy, granted nothing wrong with that,, he did his due diligent.
    and he won finally .

    Granted JT is articulate, rich and well known and well connected and now as a mayor (soon after swearing in)
    you don't think he wants his next 4 years to be his political achievements ? I bet he does and I know he will accomplish more things than the last 4 years.. and all in the name of politics

    so yes, JT needs this gig and wants to be The Chief Magistrate(power) instead of Newstalk 1010 Host of Live Drive .
  6. @Angry Bill I don't expect you or anyone to agree with what I had posted, forum is just a point of view n u have yours

    I don't really know John Tory but I have been listening to him for years n know of his political background

    N you think JT does not need this gig? I think u r dead wrong, I bet he finally said:hallelujah,I finally won after failing so many times, so I think you don't know him well too

    It is all politics hence he went in for it,u would be naive if u think

    I donated to charities for the right reason too but you don't know me

    He talked about the city n traffic because he was a radio host, I would be talking about those issues too if I am in his position before thinking for running for politic, so JT is just as normal as u n I

    No saint
  7. The freaking media has been reporting that 5 to 7 cm of snow coming on Wednesday, the only thing they got it wrong was the timing.. it came around 3 pm instead of 1 pm

    sooooo .... How can driver be taken by surprise ??

    some drivers might have lost sleep the night before the snow.
    due to the media blitz.. of impending snowstorm.... lol
  8. This guy should pay for the bye election cost.. after 5 months.. and quit.. !!!!.
  9. @Angry Bill John Tory is doing it for political reason,, he campaigned on this and stated that YOU will see an improvement in the gridlock in spring 2015, migh be his Legacy.. lol

    Having said that, I agree with him on asking Cops to ticket illegal parked cars that slow the flow of traffic... so if you don't want to be ticketed,, park in designated zones
  10. I will believe that this: "Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act " works, if my next premium is 15% less else it is another failed attempt by Charles Sousa and his Liberal government