1. @Karl Burgin you are not ranting.... its your take on this issue.. the days of reasoning is long gone..
    its shoot first and talk later and if there is no video, this cop would not be charged just like the Yatim's case...

    Defending with "the cop feared for his life ...", from the video, the kid was walking away and back turned from the cop, this kid was murdered by another cop...

    and its not going to be the last..
  2. @Karl Burgin ya. I saw that video and those black cops were dick, alright...

    I wonder what happen to that investigation..
  3. @AbbyW you have the right to start videoing on your cell phone if you are ever stopped by a cop for no apparent reason, just be courteous by advising the cop that you are videoing to help in your situation..

    with what is happening lately, starting with the Yatim's case and yesterday video in NEWStalk1010 of a cop assaulting the 21 year old guy, , the hiring process needs to be looked at, no more macho cops, hire cops that use brain and initiatives to diffuse the situation instead of inflaming it..

    and training methods need to be revamped....

    if dealings with gangs and or thugs then use necessary force, how many gangsters have you read that were killed by cops lately?
  4. @Angry Bill ha ha.. the cops are trained by the book, shoot first and talk later or better him than me...
    so, expect more videos of cop assaulting innocent Joe but to the cops Joe "looks guilty"
    so beat the shit out of them and then play the training card...
  5. @Karl Burgin Karl, you and I and many others can be the prosecution's expert without paying any high expert consultation fee.

    But I agree with Warsaw's take on no action plan by any of the police officers there on that day except these few words: "drop the knife"

    Now, defence lawyer tBrauti(sic) has to discredit Warsaw, interesting...
  6. @AnNH_7721 If the cops knew they were being taped, I don't think they will keeo assaulting that guy on the ground, good thing you are not a cop, for society does not need your kind of cop with the killing mentality
  7. @Hinterland MIke I hope the prosecutors will consult the family first before accepting any plea guilty deal;
    4 lives were lost and 2 critically injured, no lenient deal is acceptable

    Proved once again, money talk; able to hire a top notch expensive defence lawyer
    to represent the Muzzo family.

    Financial compensation , not from their own pocket,, insurance will pay, I think.. unless the Lake family sue in a civil lawsuit.
  8. @Karl Burgin ha ha Took me 7 tries on my log in to reply to you, Karl

    CFRB, Web Admin, what's going on? Cant fix the bug???

    There's probably power struggle before Shapiro takes over from Beeston, AA took a lot of guts to leave without anything lines up, well,, he can afford it....

    Lets hope it will not affect the chemistry for 2016
  9. @Angry Bill its harder to prove it's the pedestrian's fault, hence driver always gets dinged..

    I hit a jaywalker once, I was in the slow lane (Adelaide) and there were construction thus traffic was stop and go,a bus was on my left and this frigging guy came from the front of the bus and onto my lane, I hit him and he went tumbling down to the curb,he wasn't hurt and decided to get up and walk away, but a bystander had already called the cop.. , lucky for me I had 2 witness and they stayed till the cop came and gave their story.

    I wasn't charged but there was a dent on my hood..
  10. @dama i meant "intimidate that guy"