1. @Peter agree with your points and there were studies and reports and cost associated with the repair so why another report in one week by JT?

    There was a debate in council last term regarding repair or tore it down
    and as you have stated, the bridge is weak now,, spend the money and repair it or spend more and tore it down...
  2. Question I ask: "Is it going to be cheaper if it is sold in grocery stores?"

    Probably not, right? still monopolised by the Foreign owners, so what is Wynne doing?
    moving beer from this corner to the other corner, no savings for me..

    Big Deal
  3. Vandalism should be treated as a serious crime with severe punishment;
    the police and court system are not treating it as such hence it is just a slap on the hand thus there is no deterrent for these vandals to stop.
  4. @63r01d NO ONE should be doing what you had suggested, this is not a movie
    from that video, no one was on board and the bus will be the only bus
    damaged, the truck really helped to minimise the damage.

    Don be stupid and get yourself injured or killed by trying to be a hero...
  5. @Peter I wonder if the landmark Askov ruling would apply here due to long delay;
    if it does then it will be sad for the Bosma's family..

    Google Askov ruling..
  6. @MarkFromEtobicoke Apparently, if you will to call Rob Ford, you will get a reply from him.. and he will try to help.... try calling John Tory and ...ehhhh..
  7. @Samuel B. Those affected should be able to check into a hotel and claim through their insurance companies or city hall.

    I would probably check with my insurance company on this..

    Ultimately, the City should give you a credit ...
  8. Olivia Chow and now Hazel McCallion . is that what ex-politician gets now instead
    of patronage to the senate?

    Definition of retirement changed?
  9. @WalterP_2723 Based on your post of "downloading Thai etc etc,", your IP is now being tracked by the s"sax" crime task force.

    Watch out ..
  10. @Angry Bill Not Freemasons, Freemasons curved the clues onto beautiful architectural stones; I believed those tunnel rat Vietcongs thought the war is still in progress