1. yup. she has to pay back the $520, the expense of Tim Horton's coffee, money spent on magazines ..opps.. she forgot her tooth brush on a recent trip to Toronto..., buy and expense it why are we paying these MPs so much money when they dont seem to spend their own money !!!!
  2. @keithl_9447 They had an orientation on the rules, procedures and regulations and probably were given a set of binders but you now. what? They cant read !!!/ so we did vote those stupid MPs in but when it comes to spending money, they are very smart not to use their own money but yours and mine.....

    Tell Trudeau that he did not need new rules or being transparent, set an example by firing those MPs that billed excessive expense accounts....

    do you think politicians are corrupted?
  3. @Angry Bill WHAT !!!.. aint our taxes used for road repairs?????
    screwed and screwed again and again,.. and it aint stopping till 2018
    by then we will be paying $160

    Hope you Liberal lover wised up in the next election....,
    unless you enjoy bending over .. dont forget the Liberal's
    cap and trade will be raping you soon too
  4. more sponsors should drop him.. and he will feel the pain; in his pocket
  5. Ok , ok, now that he apologized . how should he be punished?

    Ban for life, just like Ben Johnson?.. nahhhhh, a slap on the wrist..
  6. Ha ha,, Federal Liberal MPs are no matter than the Provincial Liberal MPs, all are in milking the taxpayers.... wonder why it is so easy to pay $1700 for a limo ride in a day? well, its not from their won pockets, we are again hosed ....
  7. Brave guy, no harness.
  8. @Angry Bill you think you find Jimmy Hoffa?
  9. ha ha.. on a pretext of using his dogs to play with the woman's service dog !!!!!, so that he would get to know this woman better ????

    what a loser.. the world has definitely gone crazy with all these crazies running around..
  10. @Angry Bill Buying a house is a huge investment and depending on how old that house is, an inspection by a "honest and qualified" inspector is a good option.

    As with most door to door canvasing, there are a lot of dishonest and unqualified inspectors then again, I dont think regulating this industry is necessary, it will cost more to use an inspector.

    and where do you find an inspector to do it for $100? its in the $300 onward range !!

    Get the checklist and one can probably do it themselves, most inspectors dont even go into the attic.