1. School ain't safe anymore with shooting and knifing in schools
    soon everyone will be home schooled..

    What is going on !!!!!
  2. @StuG I dont see how her look has anything to do with her liberal spending of taxpayer's money ...having said that I think it is too late for her in this election..
  3. @Mark7 Flu shot is just a prevention and it is at 60% only, so when one takes a flu shot, there is 40% that one can get the flu..

    I take the flu shot every year and last year after my flu shot I got the COLD so there is a difference between COLD n FLU..

    I will be taking the flu shot soon..
  4. @Angry Bill Yeah, sure.. you can speculate that it is ISIS related, i watched the news and listened to Newstalk 1010 and there was no mention of who the shooter is,, no one knew what the motivation is hence I stated: I need more info before I can conclude that it is ISIS related..

    nonetheless,, it is sad that an innocent volunteer soldier died,,
  5. @Karl Burgin Finally, it hit Canadian soil.... not US or London,, but not too sure if it is ISIS related, needs more info on this nonetheless,, Canada needs to be more vigilant .
  6. @IBLeaf In this instance Oscar Pistorius is a better man (even though he has committed a crime) than you .. what a stupid comment..
  7. @Fact Provider Ford might be flaunting the law and he thrives on that, and you will probably read more on this till Oct 27 night.. so charge him and let the law deal with it.. else.. get over it..
  8. @StuG Many would get in a car with Rob Ford..if Rob Ford allows them to.. as an example.. many people love taking picture with Rob.. I bet you have to pay them to get a picture with you..ha ha

    anyway.. you are laying on very thick on all excuses about senior being dementia.. and why would their lives be in danger just because someone in getting chemo treatment and driving after a few days rest ???

    The poor dementia senior walking in the middle of the night was shot by cop, so who is taking advantage of tat situation ?? not Rob Ford..

    Stug.. take a break from posting .. only a week to go so stay healthy else you wouldnt be alive to see the result .. ..
  9. @Angry Bill I had the same issue.. multiple log in before connection.
    but I am calm always.. lol

    I am just wasting time posting in this forum.. ha ha .
  10. @AbbyW What if...

    Rob Ford was not caught doing crack

    Rob ford was not drunk

    and he did good prior to his issues..

    ya,, what if !!! John Tory wouldn't consider throwing in his hat if Rob Ford was not caught..

    What if..