1. @Karl Burgin "Keep it in your pants" that's a good one..

    The circus is back on but this time with Jian Ghomeshi
    and not Rob Ford .. lol
  2. @AbbyW She gave Pacetti a condom so that he can fill it with water and drop it off the condo balcony..or did she ask him to blow her a balloon .. hmmmm

    lol I agree with you that she consented by offering him a condom...
    marred man with 2 kids, alone in a room with a woman.. . great temptation
  3. @AbbyW When it comes to game of this magnitude, there is always cost over-run,
    and the athletes and game organisers and politicians are the one that enjoy and support these type of money to host a game that most of us will not even attend or participate.. hmm take it back --- volunteers will participates, work for free lol

    Anyway... follow the money.. check companies that won contacts for this Pan Am game.. who are the board of directors.. etc etc.
  4. @Karl Burgin I guess this is the year of outing popular and famous sex predators;

    Jian Ghomeshi
    Bill Crosby

    finally catching up to them... Bill Crosby is more than 30 years ago..
    and now his shows are cancelled, TV special are cancelled too
    and the 2 Liberal MPs

    and there might be more

    Morale of the story.. if you are a celebrity and making good money,, live healthy and be humble.. you then will not fall from grace..
  5. @MarkFromEtobicoke Was my post about Tobacco ? "This Liberal government will ban E ciggie" and in this instance,, ban from smoking E ciggie here there and every where.. and raise taxes that it wil be another underground economy...

  6. The theory that narrower lanes slow don't traffic might be true initially
    but once drivers get used to it, they will still drive as it was a wider lane,

    Majority of lanes in Europe are narrow and yet they drive faster..
  7. From what had happened lately... it seemed to be shoot first and ask question later...
    kids are kids, if you dont want kids to play with toy guns then ban the manufacturers from selling toy guns.. .

    Having said that, as parents we need to make better choices in buying toys for our kids to play with..

    Sad lost..
  8. Yup,, this Liberal government will ban E-Ciggie and eventually raise the axes on it
    to the extent it will be an underground economy like the regular ciggie....
  9. @Angry Bill He had been sick for a while now.. kind of surprsied to learn of his passing today...he was rather successful as a coach of the Maple Leafs, besides Roger Neilson and Pat Burns

    RIP Pat Quinn
  10. The York police should have no issue arresting this dude based on the clear pictures
    in this article.. let's see.. how many days it takes for them to do so