1. @Mark7 And when was it actually that you were right?
  2. @Mark7 Ahh ... the schmoe from Etobicoke speaks... and still as delusional as Karl. How are things in Ford village?
  3. @Karl Burgin Even Ford village isn't "taking him seriously" - or his numbers would, at least, match Rob's - but they don't in EVERY poll taken since he entered.
  4. @Karl Burgin "But to actually go and AND vote- that is what will matter.
    Correct -which is why Duhhhg will do no better than 25%.
  5. @Karl Burgin After carefully weighing up your learned response, I believe the most cogent response to it is:
    HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA ! HA !
  6. @Karl Burgin What campaign?

    To date:
    Skipped 5 debates out of 6;
    Put up a website with difficult words like "Don" spelled wrong;
    Called John Tory names but offered NO platform except Rob's - which has already been dubbed a failure by three quarters of Toronto voters;
    Knocked on 30 doors in his home ward (where he's running a poor second);

    You might not have "given up hope yet" but you might as well save yourself the inevitable disappointment on the 27th.

    And yes ... his campaign IS a dismal failure!
  7. @Karl Burgin AS YOU KNOW, troll ... I am a private business owner - never was a teacher - and the only thing about to explode (4 weeks from now) is your never ending deflection and delusion, because John Tory will be mayor and the Fords will be assigned to the trash heap of infamy to which they hope to rise.
  8. @Karl Burgin The Ford troll from Brampton, Karl, like his fallen heroes, the Fords, is completely out of gas.

    As to his "reply" above, here's the real skinny:

    1. "Whatever Doug Ford's reason are for not attending, should be respected- not necessarily ridiculed. Although cancelling at the last minute is a bit questionable." - Ford's only reason is that he has realized he's dead in the water - and will very possibly finish in third place.

    2. "Not sure where BIGDADDY source is concerning charging for people to come to Ford fest." The usual deflection from troll Karl - not what BIGDADDY said at all - but it is Karl after all - why let facts get in the way of Karl Burgin nonsense.

    3. "I'm beginning to wish that the end game be between Ford and Chow." Poor English as usual - but suitable concession, Karl.
    Yup - hero Duhhhg is done.

    Time to fold up your "anything Ford" tent and pack off back to Brampton, troll.
    BTW - Blackberry is looking for a computer tech to fix all the I-Phones traded in over the last 2 days. Wait a minute - never mind - the successful candidate has to have some talent.
  9. The more I try to travel around the GTA, the more I am reminded of the platform of the Rhinoceros Party in the 70's. Their platform included the paving over of Toronto and Montreal and starting over again.
  10. @Krusty Kommando ROTFLMAO - absolutely true !!