1. @AbbyW Please forward the name of your supplier. Whatever you're on has put you into a very interesting place - a place where ignorance of facts is such a happy place.

    As to your" Other than something that ABSOLUTELY CAN'T BE REVERSED"

    The sweetheart deal with beer and liquor sales - will take years of court challenges and millions of dollars more. A good Con like you wouldn't like that "waste".

    "un"amalgamating hundreds of communities in Ontario ??? - years of court challenges and millions of dollars more. A good Con like you wouldn't like that "waste" either.

    "un"amalgamating hundreds of hospitals and thousands of schools ??? - years of court challenges and millions (more likely billions) more. A good Con like you wouldn't like that "waste" yet again.

    Reducing the powers of conservation authorities and the Municipal Board - these bodies are in practice yet another layer of government enshrined in provincial law. Good luck with that.

    "un"selling the profitable companies within the former Ontario Hydro ??? - wow !! - you are truly deluded. Why did you exclude the 407 sale ? - let's include that too. Your ideology is surpassed only by your lack of knowledge - are you a Harris clone?

    Face it AbbyW - the vast majority of the mess we're in can be laid on the desk of the failed school teacher, Harris and his merry band of nitwits - and only decades going forward and billions more spent could possible correct the mistakes.

    Get yourself a book - get someone to read it to you if you have to and become informed. Yes, the Liberal government of Dalton McGuinty was awful by just about every measure - but it paled in comparison to the damage done by that holder of multiple American and foreign directorships - Mike Harris.
  2. Yet another example of how the Harris nitwits screwed things up in this province for generations, not just years.

    A billion dollars a year lost for the last fourteen years with this sweetheart deal between the LCBO and the Beer Store group of off-shore owners.

    Add that to the billions lost from selling the 407.

    Add those amounts to the whole farce and expense of amalgamating cities, school boards and hospitals plus giving conservation authorities and the Ontario Municipal Board way too much power.

    And just in case you forgot - the hydro mess stems mostly from these same nitwits breaking up Ontario Hydro into smaller companies and selling off the ones making a profit - leaving us with the mess known as Hydro One - heavily in debt from the books manipulation that occurred at its "birth".

    Kind of puts the gas plant and ORNGE "scandal" in a different light doesn't it?

    But keep on blaming the mess we're in entirely on the Liberals - that's much easier for all you Cons with the convenient memory loss.
  3. After 9 years of absolute silence, Harper grew a set ??
    No ... it's an election year, stupid !!
  4. @Karl Burgin I see you've recovered from the Duhhg Fraud 65,000 vote loss on Monday.
    Looking forward to having an adult in charge of mayoral duties after the four year disaster from your hero, Rob.
  5. How refreshing !!
    A reasoned. intelligent response ... unlike the Rob and Doug circus.
  6. @Karl Burgin "If Ford wins ..."
    That's about as likely as being run over by an icebreaker at the corner of Bloor and Yonge.

    "Someone should remind him that a bet is a two way street- and he didn't state what would happen if he loses."
    What's to state again? I won't lose. (Back to the icebreaker analogy).
    Besides the money I already stated I'm willing to put up (I guess your limited reading ability didn't pick up on that) would probably keep you in comfort for even longer than the generous two months to which I previously alluded.

    "I will say one thing, whether Ford wins or loses, I ain't going anywhere."
    No surprise there - your deluded drivel has already taken you nowhere. Why not continue to do the same stupid things while hoping for a different result from them?

    Enjoy your drive to work on Tuesday, fighting the traffic through those tear-swollen eyes left over from Monday night's results.
  7. @Karl Burgin I want a piece of that "action", Karl.

    I'll put up the profit from one day's sales from my business against two months of your 'puter fixin' money. That should balance out fairly closely.

    Additionally, after you lose you must agree never to taint this website with your deluded ramblings again.

    Please say yes, so we can be rid of you at the same time as Thug Ford.
  8. @Karl Burgin "The very fact that the race is this close..."
    Your definition of "close" is indeed interesting.

    There has been but 1 poll since Doug Ford entered that was close for him by any sensible definition - except it was conducted by Forum - the same nitwits that predicted a Conservative majority win provincially. Their second poll corrected that joke and actually fell into line with ALL the other polls taken, namely that Ford is in a relatively close race with Chow to come a poor second to Tory (10 - 15% behind).

    1. The massive advance poll numbers clearly indicate that the Tory ground game was hard at work.

    2. Very few people between 40 and 55 will vote for Doug Ford and extremely few over the age of 55 (and they almost always vote).

    3. Additionally, most college or university graduates won't go near a Ford vote. They prefer people who are able to read.

    4. People under 25 will tend to vote for Chow due to youthful ideology or for Ford as a "lark" - but their numbers at the polling booths will be small in comparison.

    That just leaves Ford village and people like you, son.

    My bad ... I forgot you don't even have a vote in this race, troll.
    Maybe you could give Mark7 a call and see if he needs any help drawing his "X" on the 27th.
  9. @Karl Burgin "He was asked to leave and he did."
    He can be "asked / told" ONLY by the DRO or the Poll Manager (where one is present) in each voting location, as I already said, son.

    Ford was actually TOLD by the official in light of the way the Municipal Elections Act read - probably very politely.

    "A fine and being disqualified ... ? Like that's going to happen."

    The fact that it likely won't happen does not change the fact that Ford is flaunting the election laws - as even you - in all your finest deflection - and combined with your continued ignorance of anything beyond a grade three understanding - know full well.
  10. @Karl Burgin Once again you show your unwillingness to become informed as well as your twisted ability to deflect when you are caught in your own ignorance..

    The preliminary punishment was, in fact, meted out. Ford was removed from multiple polling stations by the person in charge at each location (specifically, the Deputy Returning Officer - there is one in every voting location).

    As far as being formally charged as a second measure of punishment that is up to the Returning Officer. A few more complaints like this, and Ford will be charged,

    He could face a fine and, should he persist in his illegal actions on the 27th, he can even be disqualified.

    Do some reading, son. You're biting your self in the a$$ as usual with your deflections.