1. @Ronecol He's a Liberal; he was born without any such lobe.
  2. She's still in the running? I had no idea. Although, as a former member of the Liberal party, she'd be nearly as fiscally clueless as Chow is.
  3. @Jack If anyone is interested in more information, you can check out Brew Wiki and the Homebrew Talk Forums; also, I find Ontario Beer Kegs to be a pretty good source for ingredients.
  4. Until the Ontario government catches up to the rest of Canada and lets the private sector break the Beer Store and LCBO monopolies, we do have some options.

    Farmers Markets, such as the St Lawrence Market in Toronto, and chain store The Wine Rack are an option for buying wine without supporting the government monopoly. Also, there is always the option of brewing your own at home or in specialty stores; I have no information on how affordable that is, though.

    Beer, on the other hand, I can talk about. My fiancee happened to give me a Mr Beer brewing kit for my birthday, and since then I haven't bought a single bottle from the cartel-owned Beer Store. With a simple recipe and a small investment in equipment, you can brew gallons of beer for something like 66 cents per pint.
  5. As long as there are still lazy, irritable union members taking naps in the ticket booths, there will still be room at the TTC to cut employees and repurpose that money for USEFUL purposes instead.
  6. @Fact Provider Congratulations, you accurately predicted that Ontario would make the worst decision besides mass suicide in the voting booths. That's like bragging that you predicted the exact body count in a tenement fire.
  7. @WilliamP_5149 We need Ontario to become a right-to-work province, and we need it yesterday. If you need proof that right-to-work is the right choice, think about this:

    If being a union member was such a good thing, then unions would have no reason to fear right-to-work; given the freedom to choose whether or not to join the union, people would still join. The only possible reason that unions fight SO HARD against right-to-work is that they know that every honest, competent worker who was previously forced to join their ranks in order to work in their chosen profession will leave in droves the second they have the freedom to do so.

    For more information about how badly unions are screwing up our economy and our everyday lives, check out Working Canadians on Facebook, Twitter, or Working Canadians dot ca.
  8. What a load of garbage. Rob Ford goes public about a bomb threat: he gets crucified for being reckless. If he'd kept quiet about it, someone else at City Hall would have leaked it, and he'd be getting crucified for being reckless.

    If Rob Ford saved a drowning woman with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, you idiots would be calling for her to press sexual assault charges.
  9. @Cosmo Decertify your union and quit using extortion to force the taxpayers to give you perks and pay raises we can't afford. Once the thugs who run your unions and protect the worst teachers are gone, you'll see good teachers getting the respect they deserve.