1. @Karl Burgin Another part of why I'm supporting Tory is because he supports opening the question of redrawing ward boundaries and cutting back on the ridiculously bloated number of city councillors.

    Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a convenient breakdown of each candidate's position on the various issues at the core of this election, check out the Toronto Taxpayer's Coalition Voting Guide. They'll be updating it on Wednesday to include Council and Trustee candidates as well.
  2. If Chow wins, we all lose. Don't split the vote; support John Tory! Even if Ford wins, he'll be fighting uphill every single day to get his plan through Council, which is full of children who'll swear the sky is green just to spite any Ford who says that it's blue.

    Vote responsibly. Vote for Tory.
  3. @AbbyW Huge cost to the taxpayer? It must have been Chow supporters. It fits with the childish "Everything is MINE, and if I can't have it, nobody can!" worldview that far-left supporters seem to share.
  4. I'm not surprised at all that this happened on the Pape bus. The east end of the city between Danforth and Queen is turning into a slum full of vermin like this guy.
  5. Every time Olivia Chow opens her mouth, the nonsense and gibberish that falls out makes her drop further and further behind in the polls. So get as much screentime as you can, Olivia! Show Toronto in clear and painstaking detail why we should NEVER vote for you.

    #vicTORY #AnythingButChow
  6. I'll be voting for John Tory regardless. To show you why, let's review a few facts about living in Toronto:

    1) We cannot afford Olivia Chow. #AnythingButChow.

    2) City council is currently full of petulant children. If anyone named Ford said the sky was blue, there would be an article in the Toronto Star by the end of the day crucifying them for their obvious bigotry against colour-blind people, with no fewer than seven councillors being quoted on their disappointment in his refusal to cater to people who hold the opinion that the sky is green.

    3) Seriously, we cannot afford to have a far-left buffoon like Chow in office.

    So Chow obviously isn't an option, and Doug Ford could have the most taxpayer-friendly and economically-sound platform in the world and Council would still stonewall him just for being a Ford. That leaves Tory.
  7. @Ronecol He's a Liberal; he was born without any such lobe.
  8. She's still in the running? I had no idea. Although, as a former member of the Liberal party, she'd be nearly as fiscally clueless as Chow is.
  9. @Jack If anyone is interested in more information, you can check out Brew Wiki and the Homebrew Talk Forums; also, I find Ontario Beer Kegs to be a pretty good source for ingredients.