1. @Karl Burgin Donny P, you little scamp. You must have run straight home after school to have posted when you did. How've you been, kid?
  2. Just remember, a lot of the people who are skipped by or refuse to answer polls are those firmly in Chow's camp: welfare recipients without phones, union members wanting to distort the poll results, naive post-secondary students who haven't figured out yet that the USSR was hell.

    Don't let Chow win. Do the responsible thing, get out on October 27th, and vote Tory.
  3. @Angry Bill The two things I'm looking forward to most on either Monday night or Tuesday morning are John Tory's victory speech, and Olivia Chow's miserable, humiliated concession speech.

    #vicTORY #AnythingButChow
  4. "And to our friends and fellow citizens in the Muslim community, Canadians know acts such as these committed in the name of Islam are an aberration of your faith. Mutual respect and admiration will help to prevent the influence of distorted ideological propaganda posing as religion."

    Proof that the Liberal Party considers the possibility of hurting a terror cult's feelings or being labelled as racists to be far, far worse than the Canadians who have been murdered by Islam.

    Proof also that pretty-boy Trudeau is thoroughly unqualified to lead this country.
  5. It's adorable that so many people think that the money they're putting into these bonds will still exist in four years. We're talking about the MCGUINTY-WYNNE LIBERALS, the biggest liars and thieves that Ontario has ever seen.

    In 2018, there are going to be a lot of people being told "Sorry, all of that money disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It's probably Mike Harris' fault."
  6. @AbbyW My hope is that after her humiliating defeat on October 27th (or even better, tomorrow) Oblivious Cow will realize that her true calling in life is to move to California and run a small winery, and never darken our political doorsteps again.

    #vicTORY #AnythingButChow

    By the way Newstalk, your login system still needs work. I can't log in with Chrome at all, and even with Firefox or IE it only works one time in three. It's still better than the endless flood of anonymous trolls, but come on.
  7. Unfortunately, the victim's family will never see justice done, because this is Ontario: where a union member always has more rights than us mere peasants.
  8. @Karl Burgin Another part of why I'm supporting Tory is because he supports opening the question of redrawing ward boundaries and cutting back on the ridiculously bloated number of city councillors.

    Incidentally, if anyone is looking for a convenient breakdown of each candidate's position on the various issues at the core of this election, check out the Toronto Taxpayer's Coalition Voting Guide. They'll be updating it on Wednesday to include Council and Trustee candidates as well.
  9. If Chow wins, we all lose. Don't split the vote; support John Tory! Even if Ford wins, he'll be fighting uphill every single day to get his plan through Council, which is full of children who'll swear the sky is green just to spite any Ford who says that it's blue.

    Vote responsibly. Vote for Tory.
  10. @AbbyW Huge cost to the taxpayer? It must have been Chow supporters. It fits with the childish "Everything is MINE, and if I can't have it, nobody can!" worldview that far-left supporters seem to share.