1. Hey Wynne, do you see how easy it is to get a meeting with the PM when you're not a debt-loving idiot with no plans to reduce a billion-dollar deficit?

    And Herry, your death threat against the Prime Minister has been sent to Crime Stoppers. Be polite to the RCMP officers when they come to see you.
  2. @dama I know there are stores that will brew wine for you, and I've heard of stores that do the same with beer; I don't know anything else about them, so I can't make any recommendations. I did accidentally find a bunch on Google while trying to find brew supply stores when I was first starting out, though, so that should get you somewhere :)

    Now, if someone opened a store that brewed bourbon-style whiskey for customers on-site, that would be awesome.
  3. @Angry Bill I wouldn't say the first batch is always crap exactly; the first one I made that wasn't from a kit was definitely strange, but still perfectly drinkable :)

    There's a forum called HomeBrewTalk with plenty of advice and recipes, and finding a brew supply store where you can chat with the owner is always nice. If you're in Toronto, I really like a place called Noble Hop.

    How I got started was my fiancee got me a Mr Beer kit for my birthday; it came with a fermenting bucket large enough for a 2-gallon batch, enough bottles to hold all that beer, and a recipe kit.

    Other than that, all the advice I can think to give is to start with extract ale recipes. Ale yeast (as opposed to lager yeast) likes to ferment at pretty much room temperature, so you don't have to worry much about heat control. "Extract" means that you start with dry or liquid malt extract, so the "hard" part of getting fermentable sugar out of malted barley is done for you. Once you get more confident, you can start adding grains to your recipes a little bit at a time; there's a whole spectrum of recipes between all-extract and all-grain.

    Happy brewing! :D
  4. Boycotting the LCBO and Beer Store is easier than you'd think, and you'll also get a fun new hobby in the process.

    First, understand you'll be cutting yourself off from hard liquor unless you have a way to bring it in from out of province. Unless you're a real alcoholic, this shouldn't be much of a problem.

    That leaves us with beer, wine, and cider. You can make all of these in your own home, completely legally, with very little specialized equipment (which doesn't take up much room) and a low start-up cost. The same equipment, by the way, can be used for all three beverages. Recipes are easy to find on the Internet, ingredients are cheap, and the method is simple. In the end, you'll be producing beverages just as delicious as anything you can get in Ontario's crooked booze market, and at a lower price. The simplest beer recipes are as easy as making soup and letting it sit in a bucket for two weeks and bottles for another two weeks.

    If you're not that patient, you can also buy wine and certain brands of hard cider from Wine Rack, which is NOT government-owned (they're allowed to operate privately, but with restrictions). Also, many farmers' markets include booths selling wine direct from the farm.
  5. The goal of using computers in the workplace is to make everything more streamlined, cost-effective, and efficient.

    The goal of unions in the workplace is to make everything slower, more costly, and redundant.

    Trying to mix the two is like trying to teach a fish to ride a bicycle.
  6. "There are 44 very capable councillors [...]"

    John Tory is really raring to go. Not only has he been reviewing the City's books and coming in to work before his new job even starts, he's even told the first lie of his term three days early!

    (In all seriousness, I'm looking forward to Tory being sworn in. I'm still amazed that Toronto actually made the right decision for once and told Chow "NO")
  7. If he ran for PC leader and won (which by itself is a big IF), we'd actually be in pretty good shape for 2018. Assuming that Ford Nation is able to keep 4 years of momentum going without a Ford as Mayor, Doug would almost automatically take the FN wards of Toronto.

    The only wildcard is whether people outside of Toronto buy into the Ford Nation hype enough to vote for him. Personally, I'd vote for Charlie Manson if it meant getting the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals out of office, so I'd say it's a good chance.

    So go ahead, Doug! Give it a shot!

    (And Newstalk, PLEASE fix your commenting system! I can't log in at all through Chrome, and it takes me six tries to get the site to acknowledge my password through Firefox)
  8. I've been successfully boycotting both the Beer Store's beer monopoly and the LCBO's Soviet-style liquor and wine monopoly. It's surprisingly easy; here's how to do it.

    First, beer. Rather than buy it from the Beer Store or LCBO, I've started brewing my own. It's remarkably easy, there's a very low startup cost for materials, and the Internet is full of recipes for every imaginable style. The only downside is waiting for fermentation and conditioning to finish, but that's only a true obstacle if you're an alcoholic.

    Next, wine. Technically, the LCBO doesn't really have a monopoly on wine: the Wine Rack chain is NOT government-owned and you can also find very good wine at farmer's markets. Also, you can use the same brewing equipment needed to make beer in order to make wine.

    You prefer hard cider? Wine Rack has that too, and once again you can make your own at home. If anything, it's even simpler than making beer if you have the right recipe.

    The only product you're stuck buying at the LCBO is hard liquor. Either befriend someone who travels a lot and is willing to stop at a duty-free for you, or stick with beer/wine/cider until Ontario gets it's head out of it's ass and lets us buy liquor at corner stores like adults.
  9. I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, I really doubt that Doug Ford would be a good Premier.

    On the other hand, nothing can possibly be worse than the "Let's steal one billion dollars and then buy the police force that's investigating our crimes" Liberals, and Ford would be almost guaranteed to win the Ford Nation wards in Toronto.

    I guess it comes down to whether or not anyone else in Ontario has bought into Ford Nation despite not being part of Toronto.
  10. @ToddJK At some point between now and the next Provincial election, I fully expect to see the Liberals pass legislation that only Ontario residents who can prove union membership will be allowed to vote. I'll be shocked if they don't at least try.

    It's just one more reason that any candidate who campaigns on a platform of right-to-work and protecting taxpayers from union thugs will automatically have my vote (if I'm still allowed to vote) in 2018.