1. Toronto Life puts Ghomeshi on the list as an influential person because of his notoriety in the news? Is this what they believe makes a person influential?
  2. @Karl Burgin How about your hero Doug now admitting he lied about his wife being Jewish! How crass is that, but that's okay everyone knows Doug will lie about anything to become mayor.
  3. Doug was claiming he collects art, so much for the common man, he has a reproduction of all the Dog Playing Poker series, and a velour Elvis.
  4. How bad is Doug, so bad that people are starting to miss the circus that was Rob. On the evolutionary scale Doug has taken civilization back 400 years compared to Rob's 200.
  5. Who cares, his gaming of the press is really old now.
  6. @Angry Bill Bored or not, very well stated.
  7. @Cosmo Your ego aside, your comment demonstrates why you cannot be a good teacher let alone an excellent teacher and more importantly why you should not be allowed to teach young people. You completely ignore facts and rant on hyperbole, your comment proves you believe your opinion even when the raw facts and logic belie your opinion. You can hate capitalism and the corporate private sector all you want, but you are then hating those that pay your salary and unearned pensions. Again you either ignore or simply do not understand who is the provider of the income you earn seemingly in error. You clearly have not earned the right to comment intelligently nor have you earned the right to express your opinion with students. If you deviate from the established curriculum you should be removed from your assignment. You are one of the leeches on the back of the real tax payer.
  8. Rather curious as to why the Occupational Health and Safety Council of Ontario is not asking questions as to how this bomb threat was handled? This Council is responsible for overseeing workers safety in the workplace and place a large emphasis on violence in the work place and risk assessment. Seems this risk was completely ignored along with the workers safety.
  9. @Stephen Further to Cosmo's uneducated rant, you also need to be aware that it requires 2.5 private sector workers contributing their tax dollars to pay for a single public sector worker's salary based on an example of an annual salary of $50K for the public sector worker. Because of the bloated, over paid public sector the private sector is struggling to maintain let alone grow the Ontario economy. This massive burden is not shared by you in the public sector it is caused by you in the public sector. I truly believe that you owe all private sector workers an apology for your ignorance and disrespect, these people feed you and your expensive benefits, without any option to say no!