1. @Ernie You're joking, right???

    The Liberals have "stolen" over $ 1 Billion, mismanaged over $ 6 Billion, lied, spent billions to bribe unions to vote for them, had the OPP stand by while a man was almost beaten to death, and were "punished" by being re-elected with a MAJORITY.

    The heads that should roll are the morons that voted Liberal.
  2. Who cares whether he intended to kill someone at the mall or not, and who cares if he had been beaten up before. What has that got to do with taking a gun to the Eaton Centre, shooting wildly, injuring and killing innocent people?

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? He's a low life piece of garbage along with the others and should be locked up for the rest of his pathetic life. Too bad he and the other garbage didn't all die instead of killing and injuring innocent people.

    Of course our justice system won't give him what he deserves.
  3. Did this guy just arrive from Mars???? Since when does downtown traffic move too fast? This smells of yet another Miller era hate-on for cars. Perhaps they need to drug test this guy as one wonders what he's smoking.

    Start with synchronizing the traffic lights, which that idiot Miller had undone.
  4. The Liberal boondoggle that will cost us billions more than they claimed will now add traffic nightmare to our city. I'll guess that the revenue will be less than their rosy predictions and with other tourists keeping away because of these games we'll lose even more tourism dollars.

    The HOV lanes they're planning for the 6 weeks will become a nightmare for commuters.
  5. Wonder if there were witnesses showing he pulled the gun out of his pants before the cop shot him, or was this another lie to help justify the shooting.

    I no longer trust cops, having seen how they lie and close their eyes to protect their own.

    It does seem pretty stupid to pull a fake gun on a cop.

    Hope the real story comes out to determine what actually happened.
  6. @MarkFromEtobicoke If we take the attitude that everything is bad until it's proven to be okay we might as well just turn our lives over to politicians and bureaucrats since they know everything.

    I'm sure we can all trust the Ontario Liberals to expand on our nanny state.

    I think I'm hearing shades of Orwell's 1984.
  7. @MarkFromEtobicoke Agreed, so how about they check with real scientists instead of junk scientists to find out.
  8. This Liberal government is far more dangerous to the health of Ontario citizens than any alleged 2nd hand e-smoke.
  9. To protect their civil service jobs and to protect the big taxi companies. Uber's growth is exploding because they're providing a service the taxi industry refuses to.

    Smelly cars, clueless drivers, unknown drivers, rude/offensive drivers flourish under the current system. Under Uber, if a few people complain, they are suspended until they clean up their act.

    Passengers know exactly whom they're getting in a car with, where it is (vs dispatch lies of 5 mins when it's 15), whose car it was in case they left something in it, etc. The drivers are also very safe from passengers trying not to pay as well as violent passengers.

    Obviously this licensing bureau doesn't give a damn about passengers nor the drivers themselves, which is typical of government bureaucracy.