1. There would need to be some protection from cops editing/altering the video or preventing its erasure, also wouldn't trust leaving it in the hands of cops as they could manipulate the video
  2. What a farce! She's focusing on the public school board while the Liberal government has wasted and "stolen" billions.
  3. Why aren't these people protesting in front of the largest global polluters -- China, India, etc? Shows how disingenuous they are.
  4. @StuG I believe the majority of those who would have voted for Rob will vote for Doug, thereby reducing the overall Ford voters. No sympathy votes.
  5. I hope Chow is stupid enough to comment on this and, if she does, I hope some in the media as well as her opponents jump on this to bring up the situation involving Jack and the federal election. At least Ford has been forthright with his ailment.
  6. Wish him well. I respect Ford's integrity in this matter, which is quite a contrast to the federal election where Layton kept quiet despite, as I understand, he knew what he was facing, and then claiming he wouldn't reveal what he had so as not to discourage others with the same disease from losing hope. Pretty arrogant I believe.
  7. Wish him and his family all the best and hope for a successful recover.

    I also keep thinking of his honesty in sharing this and being responsible by withdrawing from the Mayoralty race, and compare this with what I believe was a very different situation with Jack Layton during the federal election. IMO a refreshingly different integrity at play with Ford.
  8. My comments reflect only my opinion of McGuinty during his time as premier. I thought he was one of the most despicable, dishonest, and cowardly politicians in this country.
    He disgraced the position of Premier with Caledonia, one of the most cowardly acts a politician could make. He regularly lied with his promises. He arranged to "steal" over $ 1 Billion of taxpayer dollars for 2 seats. He mismanaged running this province, running the debt to unforeseen levels.

    Morally, the man should have been jailed. Yet the wise voters of Ontario gave his successor a majority!

    That makes Ontario a far bigger laughing stock than anything Ford has done, with much worse consequences.
  9. How about "rediscovering the waste of taxpayers money" and have executives come in to run this as a private business would be run. The money saved could be spent towards subways.
  10. @MarkFromEtobicoke Read your bible, the Toronto Star. The article is in there, or are you too scared to read the truth. Of course I'm sure you'll reply that the Star article is fake or some other nonsense.

    You typify the left that ignore facts when they don't suit them.