1. Not surprising considering the greatest inflationary cost is taxes. If people keep voting governments that have no respect for taxpayers then we can expect taxation to keep rising.

    Too bad people don't understand that about 50% of our taxes are wasted vs having the private sector provide those services, as well as holding politicians accountable for the money they waste on bribing wards, public servants,having "friends" run projects where they have no clue what they're doing.
  2. We need more cops like we need more potholes. Too many cops, way overpaid; that's the problem.
  3. Can't blame the Liberals for thinking us voters are the biggest morons, after all they were given a majority despite the worst record in Ontario history.

    Wynne should return all the donations before changing the legislation, there should be no subsidy from taxpayers, and ban corporate, union AND special interest group donations. Unions create special interest groups to donate to push their agenda.

    Anything less than that would be unethical and, coming from this government, means they won't do it.
  4. @Angry Bill They won't release the analysis as it's the following - economic disadvantage to businesses and citizens, no reduction in greenhouse gases, hiring of more civil servants to vote for us, lots of money for our Liberal friends = 4 more years in office
  5. @lynnea Thanks for the family link re Matthews. Now I understand why someone so incompetent gets to keep their job.
  6. Congratulations to the idiots on Mississauga City Council. Why not ban cars and insist on horse and buggy only.
    If we had a competent provincial government they'd create conditions for the entire province, but why expect any competence from Wynne and her band of morons.
  7. Any heads going to roll at CBC, especially upper management? Doubt it!
  8. We need a disruptor like Uber, AirbNb to shake up government. Nothing wrong with paying taxes; what is wrong is working our tails off while politicians waste billions upon billions to suit their interest. Imagine how much more disposable income we'd have if our taxes were spent efficiently.

    Against that of course we have the civil service and public unions motivated to promote this incompetence to fill their own pockets.
  9. IMO when police, who are given extraordinary powers in the belief they're protecting citizens, abuse the law and our courts, they should be fired, and be criminally charged for perjury. Anything less demonstrates the lack of respect judges and the crown have in upholding our system of justice.