1. @AdrianoC1981 What if....
    ...John Tory had won the provincial conservative leadership. We likely wouldn't have had 9 years of Liberal "theft", incompetence and lies.
    ...John Tory had beaten David Miller. We wouldn't have had his 6 years of wasteful socialism and the corresponding disaster he wrought on Toronto AND...we likely wouldn't have had to elect Rob Ford as mayor.

    Just wondering!
  2. @spicygarage He was budget chief under Miller and I consider Miller to be one of the worst mayors this city has ever suffered under. Overpaying wages, St. Clair right-of-way, overpaying Bombardier for subway/streetcars, disconnecting traffic light synchronization, cancelling the Island Airport bridge, etc.

    His ideas often sound good but I question his fiscal conservatism because of his past position.
  3. @Angry Bill Ever since Bell took over CFRB this website has been fraught with problems. Bell may be big but they're incredibly incompetent technologically and with customer service.
  4. Hazel insulted all of Ontarians with her comments about ignoring the scandal of the gas plant. That should have been enough to warn people she's past her best before date and to look at the candidates without listening to Hazel.
  5. @AdrianoC1981 We have a poor selection for mayor. I don't fault Tory for not providing firm numbers as he explained. He could provide a number and his rivals would find something wrong with it no matter how accurate it might be. We're used to politicians lying (McGuinty was the perfect example) and getting voted in. Mike Harris was the last politician who actually did what he said he'd do and look how the socialists and media vilified him.

    Tory isn't fiscally conservative so the Liberals love him. Ford won't be a consensus builder and he's full of BS with his numbers, as was his brother, so we'd end up with 4 more years of nothing.

    Chow would make Miller look fiscally conservative.

    My ideal candidate would be a fiscal conservative in action (vs words when you look at how little Rob accomplished) and a consensus builder similar to Tory. Unfortunately that person doesn't exist this election.
  6. If they're nurses their union is so strong and protective almost nothing will happen to them. A nurse misread the dosage for a patient, giving the patient 10X the dose, almost killing her and causing her permanent damage, and the union was more concerned about the feelings of the idiot nurse and tried to blame the doctor. If this nurse knew her job she'd have known the danger of the dose she gave.

    That's unions for you.
  7. The nurses union is extremely powerful and political so I'm not sure I'd trust her comments either, despite not trusting this Liberal government.
  8. IMO Tory is the most reliable candidate. He's not as fiscally conservative as the city needs however he'll likely achieve more than Ford did/would due to their divisiveness.

    Some of Ford's ideas are fiscally sound however there's a lot more noise than action. The actual amount of savings the last 4 years was pretty small. Rob also blew a huge opportunity to reduce the bloated fire dept. size.

    Chow scares me. I think she'd make David Miller look fiscally conservative, and I think he was one of the most wasteful and terrible mayors this city has ever suffered under.

    In summary, the choices aren't particularly good and Tory's the best of the bunch.
  9. @Angry Bill You're absolutely right, I had forgotten about that. Scrap my comment then.
  10. Is it possible Hazel is simply endorsing the best candidate for Mississauga rather than endorsing a friend?