1. @StuG Which is more important to make a road clear, 2 huge boulders or a tiny pebble? If you answer that correctly you'll understand that Canada's contribution to carbon emissions is the tiny pebble and won't make a dent in the road. The US & China on the other hand...

    Harper's smart enough to understand that. Never mind the argument as to how much all this really affects our climate.
  2. NEWS FLASH!!!

    The private sector pays for everything the government doles out. That's where the governments get their money from. Those of us in the private sector pay taxes which in turn pay for infrastructure, the $ 1 Billion the Liberals stole, the bribing of the teachers' union, the wasted $6 Billion + on health, the salaries and benefits of ALL public sector employees.

    To those who haven't caught on yet the taxes paid by public employees actually comes from those of us in the private sector.

    That's why Rob Ford was so popular. Too bad we can't find other politicians with a similar understanding (without the accompanying distractions).
  3. @StuG The fact that you've chosen to ignore the economic crisis of 2008 and the resulting purpose of running deficits to stimulate the economy, suggests you would do well to take an economics course. Martin did a great job balancing the budget and he was the first in decades to do so I believe.

    We were close to balancing the budget now however with oil dropping over 50% and Canada's strong reliance on oil revenue it's not unreasonable that the target may be missed.

    Although I'm a Conservative at least I'm prepared to give non-partisan credit where it's due. Martin was one of our best finance ministers as was Flaherty.
  4. @Angry Bill Here's how the system works. In order to enforce this type of nonsense you need additional police. The more stupid laws we add the more police we need to enforce them. The cops want this so they can continue to increase their numbers on our dime.

    Imagine getting a $ 1000 fine for texting at a red light where there is ZERO chance of causing an accident.
  5. @Mark7 This country already suffered from one Trudeau too many.
  6. Did the Liberals put up their hands and ask for permission as they continually screwed us?
  7. @Paul Heggie The references you're looking for can be found in the same manual that allows the Liberals to steal $ 1 Billion, delete incriminating emails, wasting billions on eHealth, Ornge etc., and bribe unions by overpaying them to gain their votes.
  8. @Tom I presume you may believe Harper's responsible for low oil prices too.
  9. The more significant instability is a few blocks north at Queen's Park. They should shut that down until engineers figure out how to eradicate that problem
  10. @Angry Bill I know they're not the same however, let's remember the cost to install a pencil sharpener was $ 147, an example of the usurious costs their union has gotten our government to agree to.