1. To protect their civil service jobs and to protect the big taxi companies. Uber's growth is exploding because they're providing a service the taxi industry refuses to.

    Smelly cars, clueless drivers, unknown drivers, rude/offensive drivers flourish under the current system. Under Uber, if a few people complain, they are suspended until they clean up their act.

    Passengers know exactly whom they're getting in a car with, where it is (vs dispatch lies of 5 mins when it's 15), whose car it was in case they left something in it, etc. The drivers are also very safe from passengers trying not to pay as well as violent passengers.

    Obviously this licensing bureau doesn't give a damn about passengers nor the drivers themselves, which is typical of government bureaucracy.
  2. She was riding his Rocket
  3. So is eliminating the hate-on for cars that many councillors harbour.
  4. What's the difference between the 2 burka dressed crooks robbing the jewellery store and the Ontario Liberal gov't?

    The burka!
  5. @StuG Your comments are partially correct, but I believe they actually refer to either special treatment or gov't handouts. That's most typical when companies are looking at establishing/changing jurisdiction and play one gov't against the other to obtain the best possible deal. It's hard to compete against that by refusing the special treatment.

    I suspect the cost-benefit analysis is actually a vote-benefit analysis.

    From an income tax standpoint the less companies pay the more profitable they are and the more they can spend on employees, R&D, capital, etc. If employees/owners/executives receive higher remuneration they'll pay more taxes.
  6. @Angry Bill They figured since the 15-year old boy that bought liquor at several LCBO locations wasn't challenged it would be easy to pull off.

    Imagine the police lineup if they catch these guys, all covered in burkas. Now, if a store refused them entry because their faces were covered they could go to the farcical human rights tribunal and win a judgement. After all, who would know they're actually men and not Muslim?

    This should be on all the late night comedy shows.
  7. @Angry Bill No, not North Korea but wonderful Ontario, where natives are allowed to almost kill non-natives and the OPP are told to do nothing, and the police have the ability to abuse their power (natives excepted).
  8. Having used Uber many times in Toronto I've yet to meet a single taxi or limo driver that doesn't like Uber. They get more fares than simply relying on their dispatch or being hailed or trolling the streets, they have the safety of knowing who they're picking up, and they don't need to worry about not being paid at their destination.

    As a user I rate the drivers and if there are sufficient complaints they are suspended.

    Cab dispatches routinely misinform customers about the time it takes for a cab to arrive which is terrible service. With Uber I know exactly how long it takes and can see the car approach, a great service.

    I've never had an issue with Uber but I do have a problem with silly bureaucrats that are working in the 19th century to pad the city's coffers and their jobs.

    If Uber weren't such a great service they wouldn't have expanded globally to the extent they have.

    I guess the city doesn't care about passengers and the drivers.
  9. @StuG I didn't expect anyone to take my example of the Feds paying off Ontario's deficit literally but since you did, let's swap Feds for Santa Claus. Perhaps that'll drive the point home.

    As to my being on the losing side, actually it's the entire province that's on the losing side but don't take my word for it, just wait and see what disasters this gov't will dish out to us.
  10. More Liberal lies! This gov't is so incompetent that even if the Feds paid off Ontario's deficit they'd still couldn't balance the books.

    Anyone believing this nonsense is a fool, and probably the same fools that kept voting them in.