1. Agree with Angry Bill. Horvath is just as responsible for this joke called a government as Wynne for propping them up.

    Too bad the media is so biased towards the left, otherwise we'd have journalists reminding us daily of the disaster known as the Liberal gov't and their puppets the NDP. Instead, the media has a feeding frenzy over Duffy because it supposedly hurts the Conservatives. $90M scandal vs $ 6B+ with the Liberals yet most of the publicity goes to the $ 90M. Too bad the public is so easily conned.
  2. and how many millions will go into penalties to the contractors for this delay? IMO having these Liberals run this province is no different than having a pedophile running a daycare or an alcoholic running a bar.
  3. Where's the money from David Miller and his wasteful councillors that caused a $ 30 Million penalty for cancelling the bridge? These despicable councillors waste millions of taxpayer dollars and there's no accountability. On top of that they keep getting re-elected.

    Too bad those of us that dislike seeing our hard-earned tax dollars wasted are a minority.
  4. How many millions were spent in following Ford and the end result was.....NADA, NOTHING, ZIPPO. Makes me wonder if Blair had it out for Ford with all the time and money and resources spent. Perhaps it was police incompetence.

    I'm not supporting Ford here, just wondering if Blair lost sight of whether there really was enough to commit what they did.
  5. Considering he never listened to the Police Board about saving costs he's perfect for the tax and waste Liberals
  6. I got all excited thinking they finally charged McGuinty, Wynne and other Liberals involved in the gas plant scandal.
  7. Ontario's debt to GDP ratio is 40%, about same level as under the disastrous NDP gov't of Bob Rae, and I believe the worst in N. America.
    I don't believe a word anything this Liberal gov't says; they've been lying through their teeth since Dalton won his first election.
    They are the most toxic gov't Ontario has suffered through - dishonest, incompetent, and "thieving". Their attempts at holding wages were an outright lie as they used other means to make up those supposed wage freezes.

    This gov't is tantamount to an alcoholic having free rein running a bar. Until they're gone don't expect Ontario's fiscal mess to improve.

    Too bad the people that voted for them don't understand kindergarten grade level economics
  8. It's also time the sense of entitlement by trustees and board members disappears from the education sector
  9. Hudak mentioned what everyone knew would have to happen, namely that cuts are required to offset the frightening deficit and debt the Liberals have saddled us with. Unfortunately too many voters are too stupid to believe the Liberal lies and the reality.

    If I were a politician I'd lie through my teeth to get elected as there's no point in being truthful. Nowhere in N. America is this more true than Ontario. We win the dumbest voters contest!
  10. These are the same people that couldn't create a by-law or rules for food trucks without 10 years of consultation, millions of dollars wasted, bankrupting vendors in the meantime, and still can't get it right.

    Good luck!