1. I am thoroughly disgusted hearing Glenn De Baeremaeker's comments, many of which I believe to be outright lies. IMO he should be forced to resign for the dishonesty with which he attempted to mislead the public.

    He talks about Uber being dangerous; I believe he's the one who's dangerous. Of course he won't be reported to the integrity commissioner the way Ford was, proving once again the 2 faces at council.

    I hope Uber sues him for libel for millions.
  2. At least he has the honesty to take responsibility. You have to respect that, something the Ontario Liberals could learn from as they take us from one disaster and scandal to another.
  3. Glad to hear they've cancelled their protest. Also very happy these city councillors are urging their constituents not to use Uber. They've proven that they're interest only lies in themselves and couldn't care less about their constituents making life easier for themselves.

    Too bad my taxes have to contribute to these useless out-of-touch councillors.
  4. Too bad! We need chiefs that have business sense rather than continually work to waste our tax dollars
  5. He's a national and international embarrassment! People fawning over him as though he's a movie star don't realize the seriousness and intelligence required to run a country. They think a popularity contest is all it takes.
  6. The gas savings will be more than offset by the dramatic increase in electricity costs thanks to the gross incompetence of successive Liberal governments.
    Furthermore Wynne continues her dishonesty, along with other proponents of electric cars that ignore the amount of carbon input required to create those electric batteries. The net effect is about the same.

    Why would we expect the Liberals or these eco-fundamentalists to provide an honest statement about this?
  7. @LoretoS Why would you want Uber to leave? They're popular because they provide an excellent service. Change the taxi regulations so both can operate without the onerous regulations created to serve the councillors and the plate holders. It's about time our councillors start working for us instead of us working for them.
  8. I would be loathe to invest in a business run by public bureaucrats that have no substantial experience in the private sector, where you have to make a profit to stay in business rather than continually suck on the public teat.
  9. Too bad our councillors are spineless and don't give a damn about hardworking taxpayers footing their waste. There should be a -1% budget annually and any dept. that can't come up with it should have a -5% budget enforced on them. That'd provide some incentive to reduce wasteful spending, but these people are just out to screw taxpayers and keep themselves in power.
  10. Although I've become a fan of Uber and taxi protests were the final straw at least I can respect this attempt to seek an injunction.