1. I trust these numbers as I would blindly trust everything the Liberals have been telling us. Even if it's true, it's likely only a part of the overall story, and I'm willing to bet that will be a financial fiasco, in keeping with everything else the Liberals touch.

    Most Ontario are too blind, stupid or greedy to understand how we're getting hosed by this most incompetent government.

    At this point the Liberals have caused more economic damage to Ontario than the NDP.
  2. @FRANKP_2698 Thanks for providing a very scary and likely accurate analysis. Your comments about union leaders living a lot higher than their members applies equally to wealthy socialists running governments. They've made or inherited substantial sums and want everyone else to be poorer.

    We often hear many union members vote more conservatively than their union suggests. I suppose it depends whether or not their union is being bribed by the government.

    We need legislation similar to that of the federal level prohibiting unions from political spending (don't know if it's year-round or just when elections are called). Unfortunately we can't expect that from the Liberals as they bribe the unions with our tax dollars then expect the unions to spend millions to support them, again with our tax dollars (as our taxes have paid the public salaries that have funded these campaigns).

    In the private sector bribery is illegal. Why should it be different in the public sector?
  3. This may just prove honey boo boo is smarter than the Ontario Liberal supporters.

    There is zero incentive for responsible government when we reward "stealing" $ 1 billion, mismanaging over $ 6 billion, bribing unions with excessive compensation, etc.
  4. Gotta love the job application. Wonder if they check with previous employers - "Hi, do you think your former employee would make a good suicide bomber?". How much paid holidays do they get? Is conviction of a crime a better guarantee of being hired?

    The comedians are going to have a field day with this
  5. Just another excuse to keep taxing people. Guess they've never heard of property taxes.
  6. Too bad our politicians are too weak and wasteful to write contracts that would allow for a Ronald Reagan move (air traffic controllers strike, for those that don't know). In one move he dealt a blow to all federal government ridiculous strikes.

    Shock and awe!
  7. @Angry Bill I'll give you the point about which camera, although there are plenty of existing police forces that'd allow them to determine advantages/disadvantages.

    Zero excuse to turn them off; again they can ask other forces what's done when they take a leak or a crap.

    I completely disagree re explanation to judge about turning camera off, as cops rely on intimidation and their buddy system to get away with things and when they do get caught they're rarely punished. They perjure themselves in court without consequence. They get away with beating people up and nothing happens even if a judge finds them at fault.

    System is stacked against us civilians and this go slow approach is another example of the cops creating the rules.
  8. Another farce involving police. Our councillors have no backbone; they're spineless when it comes to the unions. There are hundreds of police forces that have body cameras so having a report on this is complete BS.

    1. Anyone with a brain could simply contact other forces and get information from them rather than yet another famous Toronto study

    2. Cops being able to turn off their cameras is incredibly stupid. This'd mean before the next time they beat someone senseless (as in the recent judgment against a cop) they'll simply turn off the camera.

    These examples are so obvious it makes me think the lunatics are running the asylum. I couldn't give a rats behind if the police union pushes back. I'd tell them if they don't like it let them quit!
  9. @City Slicker You forgot disgustingly dirty smelly cabs too. Haven't had that experience yet with Uber and if I did, I'd rate them accordingly, and if they received a few negative ratings they warn the driver to smarten up or else.

    If they did that with taxis we wouldn't have those sorts of complaints.
  10. All the while our Liberals have "stolen" over $ 1 Billion, mismanaged $ 6+ Billion, are now "bribing" hydro workers with shares, etc. and the OPP are barely rising from their offices. I forgot to mention the OPP are beholden to the Liberals for their very generous pay and guarantees.

    The 1% are the politicians and civil servants as the rules applying to us don't apply to them.