1. This was a sick attack by vermin that don't deserve to breathe our air. Having said that, this Pakistani gov't, as others before it, stand by while Christians are murdered in their country for blasphemy and other nonsense. Is there much difference?
  2. 28 shots fired and only hit the boy. Am I the only one that thinks those cops shouldn't be allowed to carry guns if their aim is so bad? Imagine the number of innocent people that could have been killed by their incompetence.
  3. If this scumbag gets away with his nonsensical PTSD that will be a travesty of justice right up there with OJ getting off with murder. Let's hope the jury isn't made up of Liberal voters as they've demonstrated their lack of intellectual capability with their continually propping up the corrupt and incompetent government
  4. The system is automated based on demand so it's not as though someone proactively decided to do this.

    The fact they fixed this once it became known demonstrates they know how to do the right thing
  5. Contrast this situation with the Sammy Yatin situation. He didn't have a gun, he was alone on the streetcar just prior to being killed, he could have been contained in the streetcar, there were 9 police officers, and some of them with their backs to him within a short distance (suggesting they weren't concerned for their safety),

    If this doesn't demonstrate that this was murder/manslaughter I don't know what would. This cop needs to go to jail
  6. @Fact Provider Yet another example from all the lefties who continue to blame Harris (how many years after he left office???), rather than changing what they didn't like. I think the Liberals find it convenient to leave things as they were because it's easier to blame Harris than to deal with something they are against. And how many years have the Liberals been in power giving them plenty of time to change things???

    407 is something that couldn't be reversed; other than that, they could easily reverse changes Harris made IF they really wanted to.

    In the 1920's I'm sure an Ontario government screwed something up. Why don't we blame them too?

    I'm sure Harris is to blame for McGuinty "stealing" $ 1 Billion, mismanaging over $ 6 Billion, and for Wynne to help put Ontario in the highest debt in its history.

    So here's a simple lesson for you Liberal apologists. Other than something that ABSOLUTELY CAN'T BE REVERSED, stop blaming Harris and start blaming your Liberals for not changing those policies.
  7. Survey was done 3 years ago by a major co. and the consensus was that it wasn't a great idea because it only went from union station so there weren't good access points for travellers to use. Of course the Liberals ignored this and went ahead, I'm sure to help out their Liberal buddies.

    Welcome to another Liberal boondoggle.
  8. With those brains the mother must have voted Liberal
  9. I would like to congratulate every single idiot that voted Liberal from McGuinty through to Wynne for helping to direct this province and its inhabitants to financial ruin. Now Wynne wants to start up a pension plan because, in her fantasy world, CPP isn't good enough.

    So now we're going to give the most incompetent gov't in recent history, corrupt if we include the $ 1 Billion they "stole", immoral if we include the billions they've "given" to unions to vote for them, more money to invest for us.

    This'd be similar to having an alcoholic run a bar, a thief to run a bank branch, or a pedophile to run a daycare.

    I used to think the Liberal voters in Ontario were the dumbest in Canada. I'm wrong; they're the dumbest in North America.