1. I've stopped counting the number of idiot pedestrians that cross the road without even turning their heads to look for traffic, often while they're on their phones.

    A sad situation with fatal consequences.
  2. @Only Common Sense Smart people learn from the experience of others. If Justin and the Premiers spent any time learning about the experiences of several european countries they'd understand the economic dangers of the damage they'll be causing to Canadians with their upcoming climate policies.
    This is all about taxing companies and individuals in order to access more funds they can waste.
  3. @Save waterD The golf cart idea would require new levels of bureaucracy, about 10,000 public employees to serve the 500 golf carts that would be licensed. It'd cost several million but would help the Liberals stay in power by increasing the number of public workers.
  4. How many millions is Justin wasting on this useless photo-op? Between this and the wasted photo-op meeting with the Premiers to save the world from carbon emissions, they're actually creating more emissions. Just like all those celebrities flying around in their jets to save the planet from the same.

    Too bad the public is so easily conned.
  5. Once he gets caught I'm sure he'll self-identify as a woman, then go to the Ontario Human Rights Commission, plead his case and win.
  6. Is Justin going to resign for breaking his campaign promise?
    Why doesn't he insist on 50% each male and female just like his minsters?
    These terrorists aren't stupid. They'll self-identify as LGBT to get into Canada then change back.
    This is fodder for late-night talk shows
  7. Yet another lie and con job by the Liberals. Europeans have had similar programs and cancelled or scaled them back as they never achieved any significance other than tax revenue to the governments.
    The amount of carbon reduction Ontario will achieve in one year is released by China in less than a day.

    This is a tax grab and the Liberals are hoping everyone is too stupid to understand that. This will hurt Ontario residents and businesses and plays directly into countries like China, India, etc.

    This is what happens when we elect stupid people whose only goal is to tax us to death so they can bribe unions and give jobs to their Liberal friends (in order to waste billions).

    Chretien was intelligent enough to pretend to care about the Kyoto Protocol yet ignore it. Too bad we have a McGill dropout and substitute drama teacher running the country along with a morally bankrupt premier running Ontario.
  8. Letter to Josh Colle -

    Perhaps if you can't think of anything other than raising fares or cutting services you should step down. Those of us in the real world have also heard of cutting costs. The unions are inefficient and grossly overpaid and there are so many levels of management it's amazing the TTC can actually operate.

    Try fixing that problem instead of screwing users and taxpayers. That's all councillors and politicians ever do. Instead of fixing the problems they create they just continually screw taxpayers to pay for their stupidity and incompetence.

    I'm also aware that the TTC gets the least government funding of any transit and that's a separate issue.
  9. These morons couldn't care less that all these taxes will only hurt businesses compared to our competitors in other countries and the carbon impact will be negligible.

    All they care about is taxing us to death so they can continue to run one of the worst governments ever, and keep bribing unions to keep them in power.

    They are morally bankrupt, incompetent and are ruining this province's future.

    The Chinese, Indians and Russians must be salivating at the ignorance of our provincial and federal governments.
  10. @Hinterland Mike Right on! These countries must be laughing uncontrollably at our governments stupidity and naivete. Rachel, Justin, Obama must all be working for the Chinese, Indians, etc. as they'll keep giving them the gift that keeps on giving.