1. I believe the expression is "never s**t in your own backyard".
  2. I'd never send my kids there. Wouldn't want their education subjected to the whims of unions. Not enough security especially for women. Hotbed of leftists while the university condones silencing free speech (if it isn't left enough), 4 strikes in 18 years.

    U of T keeps classes open while York closes the school. Congrats to U of T, shame on York administration.
  3. Goes to show how useless the CRTC is and what a waste of taxpayer money -

    1. The networks paying to air the superbowl must be entitled to revenue from advertisiing. Unless they're being given a portion of the US ad revenue who are the CRTC to deny them revenue from running Canadian ads?

    2. The CRTC are probably the only ones in Canada that don't realize the US ads are available on the internet as soon as they're run, therefore Canadians aren't deprived.
  4. @StuG The biggest industry is government, increasing by astronomical costs vs rate of inflation. Since government is the most inefficient and costly way to run just about anything we need smaller government that is only involved where absolutely necessary.

    Then taxes can be lowered, services can improve, and costs can come down. Unfortunately too many people are growing up with a sense of entitlement, that they should make lots of money while doing very little, and let's keep taxing the people that are working hard, providing jobs, etc. more and more so we can get more and more.

    With that attitude our province and this country will sink further to the level of inefficient socialist countries.
  5. @Angiec_5451 Thank you for the correction
  6. He'll get off thanks to his union protecting him from the law. Recently a TTC driver that killed a woman while going through an intersection in Scarborough, apparently through a red light, was acquitted by a judge, despite the driver claiming she couldn't see the traffic light.

    If you can't see the traffic light how do you know if you're allowed to proceed or not? Makes one wonder.
  7. @StuG The only true way to eliminate income equality would be to embrace communism, where everyone gets paid the same. I hear that fewer and fewer countries continue to embrace that system and wonder why. Could it possibly be that people are incentivized to work in order to be remunerated and, generally speaking, the better they work the greater the remuneration?
  8. How much did that lousy mayor Miller along with his leftie cohorts cost the taxpayers cancelling the bridge to the airport? Too bad we can't force them to pay it out of their own pockets.

    Just another example of politicians that don't give a damn about hard-working citizens and squander our hard-earned money for their own personal agenda.
  9. No one should be surprised by her lack of respect for parents that protested. Remember this is someone who was a senior official when $ 1B+ was "stolen" from taxpayers, a senior official when over $ 6 B was wasted in the health sector, premier when she bribed teachers and other unions who were already paid more than the private sector, YET still managed a majority government.

    It's perfectly understandable that her attitude is "F*** ALL OF YOU, I'm premier and you obviously don't mind being "robbed", had your hard-earned tax dollars wasted, and your hard-earned tax dollars used to bribe public unions."

    All you idiots that voted Liberal have helped create this atmosphere of contempt. Too bad the rest of us have to suffer.
  10. If you're an Ontario Liberal politician you either want to use a burner phone or a pay phone so there's no trace of calls back to you so you can spend billions immorally and perhaps illegally but they'll never be able to prove it.