1. As usual, no repercussions for being way over budget and way over time. We keep elevating the incompetence in the public sector.
  2. If you want to end the disruption fire every employee who doesn't show up to work and replace them with the workers taking over the contract and, anyone who doesn't show up for work becomes ineligible to work on the new contract
  3. @Angry Bill You've got that right. In the private sector if you try to bribe a government employee it's a crime. If the government bribes unions and employees they get the reward of being re-elected. They can even steal our money and get rewarded with a re-election.
  4. Teachers have been paid for a PD day so they can complete report cards. They're not completing the report cards despite being paid. They're keeping the pay they received to perform a task they're not performing. The board is now paying others to do this work.

    This is incredibly abusive and wasteful. What kind of board is running these schools.

    And don't get me started on today's news that the union wants a 3% annual raise PLUS cost-of-living.

    These unions need to be broken and public employees need to live in the real world
  5. This from the Liberals...who've "stolen" over $ 1 Billion, mismanaged at least $ 6 Billion, wasted billions on the Pan Liberal games, and bribed unions to vote for them.

    How about regulating all the above abuses, starting with jailing the senior Liberals behind these activities?
  6. Those who hate the Conservatives think this will be their downfall. I'm sure they're the same people who kept voting the Liberals in Ontario who "stole" more than $ 1 Billion, wasted over $ 6 Billion, and have bribed public unions to get re-elected.

    The senate scandal is inexcusable however the difference in public & media reaction to a few million vs several billion is beyond appalling. It demonstrates to Liberals that they can be as incompetent, dishonest and immoral as possible, yet still remain in power. If the Conservatives acted the same way they'd have been out of office long ago.

    Too bad people don't understand the difference between millions and billions, with millions being spread out over all of Canada and the billions only contained within Ontario.

  7. Where are all the idiots on city council that are against Uber now? See how dangerous taxis are, the taxi turning left with oncoming traffic. Maybe all taxis should be banned. What about the taxi licence this driver received? What's the value of their licence if they can't drive properly?

    Just pointing out the stupidity of those trying to stop progress.
  8. I've yet to hear a single intelligent suggestion coming out of this man's mouth. He started by suggesting all city employees remove the Uber app from their smartphones. Then they found out he had been given money by the taxi industry for his election campaign.

    IMO this guy is a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  9. Only in Ontario do we have the most inefficient form of HOV lanes. It doesn't take a genius to figure out HOV lanes are meant for high traffic periods, not 24 hrs a day, nor do you run solid lines throughout so that a slow car can back the HOV lanes up until the next entry/exit point.

    Ontario politicians and civil servants are in a race to the bottom.

    As to the PanAm Games, this is just another Liberal waste of taxpayer billions. 2 weeks ago there were 1 million unsold tickets of 1.4 million available. I'm sure the 400,000 went for free to athletes, their supporters and all the government officials sucking on the public teat. I don't know a single person that has the slightest interest in these games, yet we will have our lives disrupted, our pockets picked, all to pad the Liberals
  10. @Sick & Tired Completely agree, and the same should apply to every public service union. Why should we be forced to pay exhorbitant remuneration to the public sector that is substantially higher than the private sector? There should be laws enacted prohibiting remuneration higher than the private sector.