1. @Angry Bill I think they meant " their dollars are WASTED." Matthews is correct that Ontario is the leanest government in Canada; she meant they spend the LEAST effectively of all provinces.
  2. So let me understand, the TTC union is "driving the bus" by refusing to accept driver testing. Our lives could be at stake yet politicians and bureaucrats don't have any backbone to stop this farce.

    This city and this province are run by unions that have politicians and bureaucrats by the throat.

    Unbelievable. Testing should be initiated immediately and anyone refusing should be fired, and screw the union, except that arbitrators and courts and human rights commission will side with the unions.

    No wonder the younger generation doesn't bother voting.
  3. Another example of police "corruption". They lie to protect themselves and each other and this will continue so long as police forces and the courts don't stop this. There's no incentive to clean this up when there are no consequences.

    We need politicians with decency and guts to end this.
  4. The list includes the largest number of overpaid, underworked and incompetent people in Ontario.
  5. Perhaps some good citizens in jail will kill this guy so he never rapes again as clearly we don't have a justice system to deal with these scum.
  6. @AbbyW Additionally, I wonder whether she also injected the brains of these women with her caulking gun. Those victims must be incredibly stupid to have been duped by this.
  7. Isn't this the same minister that said the $ 1 Billion the Liberals stole from us for the 2 gas plants was too high and it would only cost us a cup of coffee?

    If that is correct IMO this minister is a bald-faced liar and I'd be willing to bet that the increase he's claiming will be far greater than his last lie to Ontarions.
  8. For her deliberate actions she should be injected with the same substance she injected into her victims, and denied OHIP for any corrective measures, all in addition to a much lengthier prison sentence.
  9. @StuG You're correct that many casinos are losing money and some casino corps. have gone bankrupt recently. It's a business like any other and has to be run that way. With the population density in the GTA and tourism we generate a casino is feasible if run professionally.
  10. Let's charge the bureaucrats and politicians that have allowed this complete lack of training to be permitted. Until these people take responsibility nonsense like this will continue.