1. This has to be dirty politics from one of the other parties. I think the Dykstra complainant is the same situation.
  2. Between this accusation and the one against Fantino from the 70's that the complainant just announced (40 hears leater) makes me think this is just dirty tricks by another party during the election.
  3. @City Slicker You are absolutely correct however your teacher friends union is part of the problem. Whilst there is a small number of families who really need handouts society is more and more relying on the nanny state to pay for everything. Daycare and full day kindergarten are perfect examples of spending billions upon billions of dollars for no other reason than to garner votes.

    The nanny state is intended to increase the already onerous tax system by transferring even more money from the middle class to the poor. What's considered rich in Canada only passes for middle class in the US.

    To make matters worse, the government wastes at least 50% of what it takes in. The private sector can perform much of this work at lower cost however those voting for the nanny state prefer it costs them nothing and don't care how much is wasted in the process.

    Discuss that with your teacher friends.

    The most laughable point in Jim Richards show was the moron teacher who thought programs were paid by the board and had no idea that those funds ultimately came from taxpayers. I pity all the children she teaches and wonder how she became a teacher.
  4. I'm really going to listen to a bunch of useless councillors that act like monkeys in a zoo. It's about time the public has the option of a service that doesn't overcharge thanks to collusion between taxi owners and the city.
  5. Decades ago the huge taxi owners in collusion with city council came up with a scheme to overcharge passengers, which is why we have the highest rates in N. America.

    Uber comes along and offers a far superior service, lower rates, greater security, cleaner cars, and the taxi club is up in arms.

    I've been screwed long enough by city council's rules and couldn't care less about the verbal diarrhea spewed by Jim K or Giorgio M and their taxi masters. Hopefully this council will join the 21st century. No matter what I'll continue to use Uber so long as they provide the above advantages.

    As to those drivers protesting, they're not well paid. Perhaps they should join the future and work with Uber where I hear they can make more money.
  6. So kids go hungry while these union pigs work to rule. They're still getting overpaid. Welcome to socialist Ontario
  7. @CarrynS Those educational assistants should be paid the same as in the private sector, with the same types of benefits. I suspect you can't confirm that's the case, and that's where the problem always lies.

    Public unions, their employees, and the government that negotiates those contracts all think that the tax-paying public are a trough they can dip into as deeply as they want.

    One thing Rob Ford was right about, the government, public unions and their employees have no respect for the people that pay their way.
  8. My cynicism suggests this is being done to get younger people to vote Liberal
  9. @IBLeaf The media and public rail on Harper for Duffy's Senate scandal involving $ 90,000, suggesting Harper should be removed from office.
    Contrast that with the most morally bankrupt, incompetent, perhaps criminal (not yet charged) Liberal government and the same media and public love it and voters give them a majority, despite their stealing over $ 1 Billion and mismanaging over $ 6 Billion.

    Dumbest voters in N. America and perhaps beyond. Let's not forget that Wynne is supporting Justin and he's using some of her staff/aids.
  10. If that video is supported by the evidence presented in court this cop should go to jail for life. As for the cop that tasered the guy he should be charged with committing an indecency to a body and fired. Obviously he did it to help pretend they tasered the guy first, then shot him.

    Welcome to corrupt cops!