1. @Peter You're absolutely correct. Unfortunately the "qualified bodies" you refer to have been chosen from the Liberals, the party that stole over $ 1 Billion, mismanaged over $ 6 Billion on health, bribed public unions with increased remuneration to get their vote, and gave us "green" energy which is sapping taxpayers of their own green.

    They've wasted so many billions and the books are such a mess they'll make sure they find the RIGHT qualified bodies to approve the HOT.

    This is what happens when people don't think and vote for a majority for a party that has a known track record of incompetence and, dare I say, corruption in their use of public funds.

    Your same comments apply to the mess known as transit in the GTA, which is why we're in the mess we find ourselves.
  2. Not quite correct that no tax dollars were spent. Miller and his socialist band of councillors cancelled the bridge and, you guessed it, we the sucker taxpayers had to pay the cancellation penalty because of their pathetic agenda.
  3. 66% of those polled, not 66% of Canadians. Very misleading title.

    The biggest contributor to cost of living increases is the cost of taxation (income, sales, etc.). So long as governments keep increasing the size of the civil service AND keep increasing their remuneration to levels well above the private sector.

    Anyone thinking that Trudeau (an idiot) or Mulcair (socialists keep spending until they run out of your money) will improve our cost of living is fooling themselves.

    People complain about Harper being autocratic. So was Chretien and I'm sure many other PMs were too.
  4. Any of them Ontario Liberal politicians? I guess not, otherwise they wouldn't have been arrested.
  5. Two of the most repulsive politicians. Let's hope that the loser doesn't run for Toronto council and infect us with their socialist agenda again.
  6. @HeatherR_3955 I guess there are separate laws allowing them to protest. Reminds me of McGuinty and Caledonia. It's a very slippery slope when you start giving free passes to special interest groups.

    Having seen the police have done nothing what will they do next, block the 401, perhaps the runways at Pearson, etc.?
  7. Meaningless poll. Anyone can get the result they want by asking questions the right way or skewing the people they poll.

    Must have been commissioned by the Liberals. I'm sure those same people would have supported the $ 1 Billion the Liberals stole for the gas plant votes.
  8. Why would I support a bunch of goons disrupting highways, making life miserable for innocent people? They've lost my support.

    If they had any common sense they'd protest rotating police stations where the problem lies. Instead, they choose to harass people that have nothing to do with the problem.

    Too stupid by half!
  9. I"m not minimizing the insulting comments but having police go after this person seems a bit much, especially when cops lie in court, mess with evidence, help get their fraternity get off while pursuing us with a vengeance, and they get away with all this.

    It's about time judges crack down on our police state.
  10. When the Liberals finally announce the TRUE costs of the PanAm games I predict it will have cost over $ 3 Billion.

    As to the nonsense of the facilities built for these games being used for the 2024 Olympics no one has contemplated the condition of those facilities in 9 years time. We'd end up having to build or renovate many of those facilities.