1. Here's an idea... Catch the d-bag gansta shooters who did the crime, raid their cribs and take whatever cash, bling or drugs you find to pay for the funerals. Anybody who contributes to this fund-raiser is a moron.
  2. @Ernie What is wrong with Ontario? EVERYTHING, especially the idiots in this province who actually keep voting these corrupt, thieving a-holes back into office, in spite of the fact that their incompetence has been on full display since day one under McGuinty. Worst provincial government in Canadian history, and get ready for another 3 years of the same!
  3. Nail the horse's arse to the wall, Blair. You're leaving soon, with more money stuffed in your pockets than you need. You've got nothing better to do, so rake this d-bag over the coals.