1. This is disgraceful that a Dad showed up to fight and brought a weapon. This community of people need to look inside themselves really. And those disrespectful youth that threw punches at a parent shows what kind of parent upbringing they received. Classy I tell you!
  2. How dare the media and you people not even take the time to mourn this young woman's death who by the way leaves behind young children 16 and 12. Instead we shift the focus to gangs which could or could not be the situation here. I can only imagine how her parents feel knowing that you cold blooded non humans could care less about her but rather care about the city's reputation.

    The reason why you don't support BLM is because it reveals the evil that exists within a particular race of people who happen to deny the truth.

    You don't support her family, she doesn't look like you.
  3. This is White people at their finest! This is a sad but true reality of some within the community. Oh by the way yes I can definitely see it happening in good ole Canada especially in Oshawa. Disgraceful and dispicable. The mother needs to get locked up and the kid needs to get turned over to some responsible parents to whip him into shape. Shame on Mama!
  4. @CarsonH Hey Carson , I'm surprised this weak over powered officer didn't resort to shooting and killing since that's what you cowards tend to do anyways. Shoot and kill just like your ancestors. It must be nice hearing when you people shoot bullets at people I'm sure that would've brought a smile on your face.
  5. This is just another sad story that the black community is all too familiar with. It's time that the white community open their eyes and understand that the propensity of violence is right in your backyard and some seemingly happen to be "police officers". This is not the first time this kind of obscene murderous behavior has been displayed from white officers. This unfortunately paints a stain on the police community at large even the so called good Toronto cops who believe carding a certain community is right. Shame on people within the white community who sit and watch with denial without giving a voice to this awful awful behavior.
  6. is it just me or do the these murderers called the police always get away with such hideous crimes. This was clearly a case of racial aggression and it's no surprise who the aggressor is. If it was up to white people, they would do what the terrorist groups are attempting to do in parts other parts of the world, kill all people who don't like them! Give me a break, the unarmed teen was going for his gun, how many times are we going to hear the same old nonsense. These police are trained to use excessive force towards black people because they are heartless, cold animals period.