1. @AbbyW Abby Spain is in a fiscal disaster because manufacturing is no longer at the heart of the economy. Good paying unionized jobs were taken from the people and given to the Chinese, among other Asian countries. You're such an ignorant person. My grandfather was a foreman in a shoe factory. My uncle owned a shoe factory. Christ people like you have their heads up their butts.

    We walked off the job because the government passed a law that was unconstitutional and they forced a contract on us without bargaining. Get your facts straight lady! No kids suffered. The were happy to have the day off! Just like any other kid would. So please shut up once and for all! You and the rest of your Hudak loving buddies should pack it in just like he did. Have some dignity and give it up already! The people have spoken, and they certainly didn't choose your backward tea party political views. Thank God for that!

    If you have it your way everyone of us will be paid minimum wage. There was a time not so long a go that the biggest employer in North America was Ford and workers made the equivalent of $50 per/hour. The middle class was built on these foundations. Today the biggest employer in North America is Walmart paying minimum wages. Not a living wage of course, but a poverty wage. So get off my back and go do something about the grave situation that corporations have left our world in. The biggest welfare queens on the planet are corporations. They are the ones that receive the largest breaks and pay the lowest taxes. Many countries in this world have progressive views about education and wages (Finland, Sweden). We have much to learn from these countries.
  2. @Angry Bill Angry Bill I am very sorry about your experiences in school. I was born in Spain in the 1960s and I too had many a horrible experience in school. When I came to Canada things didn't improve much. I quit high school three times and I finally completed it when I was nineteen. It was my grade 11-12 photography teacher that had the biggest impact on my education. I was 15 when I was on my own so I had to struggle through much of my teens. Teachers were not very sympathetic to my situation. I didn't talk about my family life either because I didn't want to use it as an excuse. I worked many jobs and completed my schooling. I moved on to university and paid for it while working in a variety of jobs. I have worked in restaurants, cleaning (residential & commercial), and self-employed photographer/artist. I was 35 when I went to teacher's college. My daughter was just born and it was a tough road. I wasn't treated very nicely in teacher's college either. Not much understanding for my situation. But I did it! I completed my schooling and I had to get out there and get a job. I have never really fit the mold of the average teacher. I know that I have a very unique perspective and I bring my life experience to my job. I know I sounded angry Bill. But can you really blame me? Did you read the horrible comments that were made. They sicken me! I know how hard I have worked for what I have and I don't take anything I have for granted, nothing! I am proud of my hard work and I know I do my best for society and for my students. What really gets my dander up is when I read the teacher troll's comments. These people are so ignorant about my profession and they are very bitter indeed. Teachers have become the scapegoats of both the media and political parties in the last decade. The truth of the matter is that you and I are not that different from each other. We are workers. I believe in jobs with dignity and justice for all. What's good for teachers is good for all of us. No worker should be risking their lives to go to work especially when the police tells the public to stay off the road because it's too dangerous. Teacher, doctor, machinist, secretary or server, no matter the tittle, we are all human beings and our lives are worth more than that risk. That's my belief system anyway. Last year during our brutal winter, a grade 7 boy at my school fell down in the school yard and fractured his leg in three places. A parent suffered similar injuries. A teacher fractured her arm going from her portable to the school with her class. All three of these people suffered. There is no need to risk these types of injuries. That's my union's point of view and it's also mine. Please stop seeing my union as mob of unionized pigs. We are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Our loved ones should not have to suffer without us. Something worth fighting for.
  3. @Suz58 Funny, when a teacher stands up against the union/teacher bashers they automatically shame the teacher into submission. Well not me!!! It will take more than a few small-minded fools to stop my rant. I will rail against the likes of you any day because it's your mentality that continues to bring down every working person in this country and the rest of this world. God forbid that the working class should flouring and continue to grow. Furthermore, why should our children go into the workforce and make good money and have benefits? No! They should grovel and then get paid minimum wage at three different jobs no less! No rights, no standards, no FUTURE! Losers! Do you understand that you're the reason why we're going backwards in this country? You bash workers that are willing to stand up against the private sector abusers that continue to rape the environment and the working class. I will always stand up against corporatism and capitalism. They are evil forces that must be abolished. So sue me! As far my teaching abilities are concerned, I ROCK! Do you know why? Because I teach my kids to question, to enquire, to problem solve. I don't force feed them crap and standardized tests to please the likes of you. I teach them to be decent human beings with brains of their own. Wouldn't it be cool if I taught your precious children? We teachers may be different but our core is always the same. We are not easily pushed around or demoralized by mobs. And for my finale I shall quote the late Robin William in Dead Poet Society: “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”
  4. @Penny55 Yes, Penny is a model teacher. She's a true team player. I wonder if that mentality would work out well in any other team Penny? Please quit placating these people they feed off it. You have a right to your opinion but don't do it at the expense of your colleagues. You don't love children any more than I do or any other teacher for that matter. Teaching is not about loving children, it's about loving to teach children. Get that right! We're not saints or martyrs. We're not Mother Theresa or Florence Nightingale! We're human beings and we bring into teaching a variety of styles and world views. It's bad enough when the public berates us Penny must you join in with the biggest paddle? Disappointing.
  5. @AbbyW Unionized pigs!!!! Wow! That just says everything about you. You're obviously a very bitter person with little knowledge about unions. You soak up the media and corporate backlash against unions because it feeds your black little soul. Angry much? You pay for my salary, pension, etc. etc. ? What a moron? Truly out of touch with reality. I pay a great deal of taxes and I pay into my pension etc. etc.!!!!! Hilarious! I would like to look at your T4 slip from last year and we can compare who paid what. And then you can do the same thing with every bloody whiner on this site and we can see who bloody hell pays for things in our society. The middle class that's who baby! Including me and other teachers. Sitting at the trough? How insulting! We decided to strike because it's our constitutional right. If you don't like the constitution then petition to get it re-written. In the meantime, me and my unionized pig buddies will continue to stand up for democratic rights and principles. You and your supporters can got back to working in the mills, schools and industries during the Industrial Era since you love corporations so much. And while you're at it you can ensure that women and children can become slaves again. Won't that be a dream come true for corporations? Now I'm gonna cry my crocodile tears for you!
  6. @Angry Bill how dare you say we do nothing on any given day? Your arrogance and ignorance just sickens me. I am so tired of the lack of respect that is given to my profession. You people think that our job is a walk in the park and our unions are too strong. Let me remind you of the fact that the majority of teachers are women and not too long ago a woman's place was in the home even in my profession. Our union fought hard in long to ensure that women and men had rights in the work place. And thanks to those gains you have reaped the rewards of our battles. But yet you sit there and berate us, chastise us and humiliate us! Disgusting bunch of ingrates! We educate your young and we instil in them a sense of pride in the community and their country. Don't you dare start your comparisons. Why the heck should teachers end up in a school sitting there taking in the kids of parents who can't be bothered to do the right thing and keep them home on a dangerous day. Do you know how many parents will bring in their kids and go home and watch TV? Too many to count. In my board a fellow colleague was killed on the way to work during a dangerous storm. Let me guess, that was OK right because she's a teacher and teachers are treated like lepers nowadays. Stop judging my profession as if we're a bunch of crooked child haters who whine to much and start seeing us for the hard-working professionals we really are. We don't have to justify anything to you. If you want to know what we do then come and spend some time in our classrooms. See if you can keep up with our work. Perhaps it would humble you and open up your eyes to the truth.