1. @BrentW But things already grind to a halt when the weather is bad enough for a snow day. It's not like they're called on a whim - there's rarely more than one per year and many years recently have had none at all. Is it really worth this level of vitriol for people concerned about their safety for one day every other year?

    If the buses are cancelled, most parents already don't send their children to school - someone is found who can look after them if the parents have to go to work, but many parents find a way to work from home or take a day off. It's a hardship for some, but it's more of a hardship to lose a family member to their car spinning out on the ice because they tried to go to work on a snow day.
  2. @AndrewB_4506 No teacher I know would have a problem with that, and they're certainly not less important, but it's not within ETFO's scope to ask for changes to provincial legislation outside of the teaching profession. They're asking for a change to their own working conditions because that's what unions do. If the idea gains traction with the public, other unions and other groups of workers can start asking for the same thing.