1. Stop the stupidity!
    As a smoker for over 53 years, one who tried unsuccessfully every method known out there to quit over a span of the last 20 years, I can point to the E-cigarette as the one method that worked.
    A year ago, March 20th, as a gift for our anniversary, my wife gave me one of the mid-range cigarettes containing minimal nicotine and I threw my real cigarettes away.
    I now happily puff away on the non-nicotine version but still derive the feeling of smoking in that I have something to do with my hands and I experience the exhalation of "smoke".
    This crap that we don't know whether these things are dangerous is a lie. Health Canada knows they aren't dangerous but the Harper government is P.O'd that their tobacco tax revenue has taken a dramatic hit in the last couple of years.
    Here's the truth of the matter.
    The "oil" that is used has either an alcohol or a vegetable base and is available in varying grades of nicotine count - from a high of 24 mg per 30 ml bottle to a low of 0 mg. No smoke - just vapour.
    I spend less than 1/4 the cost of smoking cigarettes and no longer subject myself or others to the hundreds of dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes.
    I exhale a vapour not smoke - it has no smell - and my local favourite pubs all allow those of us who vape but do not smoke the ability to do so within the confines of the pub - ALL WITHOUT A SINGLE COMPLAINT from any other patron at any time.
    Using the E-cigarette has eliminated the smoker's cough I had for the past 10 years within three weeks of starting to use it.
    Reformed smokers who preach AT others about their habit are among the most bothersome people on the planet, so I'm not here to preach.
    What I can say is that I now have a completely harmless habit that adversely affects no one else. The stupidity of the Toronto Board of Health is surpassed only by their desire to feel important - in the name of protecting young people form having a "gateway" to real tobacco.
    Pure unadulterated nonsense!!