1. @MarkFromEtobicoke In your liberal "take your chances" utopia, terrorists like these lowlifes are investigated for motives posthumously. I beg to differ, and therefore am not even going to pursue this argument further. You've made your train of thought quite clear, thus arguing with you on this subject will be as impossible as trying to explain evolution to a creationist.

    Good luck to you, sir.
  2. @MarkFromEtobicoke That comment is absurd and offensive. How dare you use Cpl. Cirillo as a pawn in your ridiculous argument. Do you expect all future soldiers and citizens to just stand there and be ready for nutcases with shotguns? It must sicken you to imagine the notion that law enforcement to have all the tools necessary to seek out these lunatics before they leave their homes to commit these crimes. I'm sure you're also the type who thinks it's wrong for the police to track down child abusers online. Liberty my ass.

    With all due respect, Ben Franklin lived in the 1700's. Hardly the man to comment on the threat of jihadist extremism in the 21st century.
  3. @sojbee which is probably exactly what he wanted. Now he gets his 72 virgins in paradise.
  4. I applaud this legislation. Now the authorities can apprehend these terrorists before they actually kill people. A soldier is dead because the RCMP had to let one of these radicals go despite his online planning.
  5. @Mark7 It's obvious to me and anyone with any basic level of education that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about regarding vaccines, the influenza virus, and how it is tested for and diagnosed, not to mention spelling and grammar. I'm not even going to try to dignify those utterly ridiculous statements with a response.
  6. @DTjohnkim Excuse me, but ISIS outwardly declared its jihad on Canada before we got involved with the coalition. Blaming Harper for the inevitable events of today and two days ago is absurd and foolishly ignorant on your part.
  7. @Mark7 Your ignorance toward the flu vaccine go hand in hand with your offensive and inappropriate use of the word 'retarded'.
  8. Two wins in a row is an amazing feat even for the Leafs, considering they lost their last game.
  9. The mayoralty may be out of reach, but prison sure isn't.
  10. Prison won't be so bad for Oscar. Being so close to the ground without legs he actually has the advantage if he drops the soap.