1. For goodness sakes society has Maury Povich to resolve these issues.
  2. To this day Bobby Orr still wakes up in pain from the hit Pat Quinn laid on him. Maybe one of the most devastating collisions in the history of the game.
  3. Kudos to Mike Toth for making Dion Phaneuf look like an absolute fool when he asked him how not saluting the fans is a strategy that helps the team win.
  4. probably the first instance of "arriving too soon" involving the King streetcar
  5. $500 million is a modest amount to start to this term. They'll need to blow at least a few billion more if they hope to be re-elected.
  6. Not my problem! It costs $12/kilogram for delicious whole beans at costco which I grind fresh every morning and brew for about 15 cents per mug. And the best part is that it tastes unbelievable all by itself, especially compared to Timmy's dysentery effluent which is barely even tolerable with cream and sugar. If I buy coffee on-the-go, McDonald's serves a far superior roast.
  7. so Buffalo has called in the army because people are buried and some have died. Sound familiar? I wonder if the rest of America will make fun of them for years to come.
  8. Yet another unbelievable act of savagery from the most deplorable form of human beings on the planet. It's just as unbelievable that here in Canada there are so many people who believe these acts are justified because of their deep-rooted hatred of Jews disguised as an illegitimacy for Israel and that these terrorists are the victims here.
  9. @StuG Do you know who will have their own problems? Our grand- and great grandchildren. Why? Because they are the ones who will be paying off the damage that this Liberal regime has done to our province.
  10. They were about to put forth all money but just before making an announcement they suddenly remembered the billions of scandaled away tax dollars so they had to backtrack last-minute