1. find me a place on Earth where Islam exists and terrorist ideologies don't.
  2. Bombardier can keep them those things are garbage. Just another reason that money should have been put to better use digging subway lines like real world class cities do.
  3. If safety permits are the issue then that's a whole different story, but if this treehouse is being torn down because of a neighbour's complaint then that neighbour deserves a flaming bag of dog shit on their front door. Tree houses in general and especially of this magnitude don't simply appear overnight. This asshole decided to file the complaint years after this project was started and as such the city should let it stand to make and example of them. These types of people are not welcome in our proud city and if they wish to stay here then they should not be able to impose their negativity on the lives of the people and especially the children living around them.
  4. When it comes to electricity in this province I would be willing to pay 100 times the current price if that power was flowing directly into a specialized chair, upon which our corrupt government leaders take turns being strapped into, starting with Mastermind McGuinty and then his puppet leader Wynne, and so on down the line. If there is any juice left we can move on to the party-friendly investors, or should I say investees.
  5. these snake oils are a reflection of the massive failure of our education system and I can guarantee that most ColdFx users and other herbal remedy gamblers are also of the anti-vaccine type.

    One less year of mandatory Shakespeare and one more year of basic Science in the high school curriculum will go a long way to curing idiocy.
  6. ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM. These tragedies will happen right here in Canada and it could be at any moment. The rest of us must not be as oblivious to this fact as too many of our politicians are.
  7. this comes as no surprise now that the Conservative senators have been run through the gauntlet. Most of the ones that were under investigation are Liberals.