1. Don't ask me why, but white people love it.
  2. @Angry Bill The way she goes. The fk'n way she goes.
  3. until China begins taking animal health and sanitation more seriously, such as eliminating live animal markets and enacting modernized farming and processing facilities, then the emergence of these kinds pathogens from their country will never cease.
  4. When this guy retires from coaching football he should become a politician.
  5. @Angry Bill Dave Nonis: "Forget what the statistics show, I'm going to sign Dion Phaneuf to keep him as captain for the next 7 years. And David Clarkson too. Screw our salary cap, it's a sure thing!"

    Randy Carlyle: "but Dave these guys stink. Is this you talking, or the liquor?"

    Dave Nonis: "Randy! I AM THE LIQUOR"
  6. When it comes to MLSE's ownership & management and the product on the ice, Jim Lahey said it perfectly.

    The sh1t apple doesn't fall far from the sh1t tree.
  7. Islam folks. Islam. There you have it. The religion of peace. All because of a f*cking drawing.

    I really feel for the vast majority of muslims who are some of the most peaceful and loving human beings on the planet. The sad reality is that people like these radicalized savages will never go away and we need to accept that this is the new world we live in. Making other muslims denounce it will not end it, religious/racial profiling will not end it, shutting down our borders will not end it. The more we try to stop it the more they try to kill us. So long as the religious ideals of extremism continue to be preached around the world and online then all of us will live as targets for the rest of our lives.
  8. No chance any coach would want to come to Toronto with this current roster. The players and management of the Maple Leafs have a brutal reputation that everyone around the league is aware of. Unless this core group of uncoachables changes then the status quo will remain. As far as I'm concerned today was part 1 of 3. Next is the players and if Dave Nonis can't move them, which he probably won't because he locked them in with brutal long term contracts, then it's time for a new GM who will.
  9. There will never again be a voice like Joe Cocker. Mad Dogs and Englishmen is one of the greatest achievement in the history of music.
  10. @MarkFromEtobicoke Good try, but once again you've missed the point. I'll make this very simple so even you can understand. Try reading it slowly as if I was talking slowly.

    Example: If you pay someone to commit a murder, you are still guilty of murder even if you didn't do the actual killing. (now watch carefully Mark, I'm going to copy and paste the previous statement but substitute some of the words). If you pay someone to delete emails, you are still guilty of deleting emails even if you didn't do the actual deleting.

    Did that compute? Probably not. The evidence is quite clear on so many occasions throughout McGuinty's tenure, but what's the point of making me personally re-list them all just for you? It does not matter because i can never change your mind. You, the creationist, will selectively ignore any shred of evidence because it threatens your ideological beliefs.