1. The video is bad quality and poorly edited but not that terrible. However any decision to vote Liberal would be the worst ever, as would be the government just like the current one in Ontario.
  2. When a franchise trades away their highest paid and highest scoring player for prospects and picks, plus retains some of that salary, it says a tremendous amount about that player off the ice. While I am sure he will continue to have success in Pittsburgh the same issues that have forced the hands of both the Boston Bruins and Maple Leafs will eventually creep through. In the end this is nothing but a tragic story.
  3. Congratulations to the construction worker who worked so hard to revamp this stretch of road. After three years he or she deserves a well-earned vacation.
  4. If J-Roc can't be black then no one can.
  5. Rap is garbage. NXNE should feature music not this so-called form of noise art.
  6. I say let them run stop signs,

    and let cars, trucks and buses remove bicyclists from our streets by means of natural selection.
  7. If the Liberals manage this kind of publicity for the next three years they are sure to be elected to the greatest majority yet.
  8. The Patriots have been a powerhouse for over a decade and been continuously mired in scandal. This time they did something very wrong, paid off bunch of low end employees to do it, covered it up and lied about it. Yet somehow so many people still love them?

    They are the Liberals of the NFL!
  9. I'm not sure what's worse. Letting a terrorist that hates our country's guts back onto our streets or that Trudeau just got one more voter.
  10. I read the pamphlet and my issue is not the straightforward information it contains but the ridiculous attempt at artistic flair.

    On that note I think that we have to look past some people's inherent discomforts regarding sexuality because education regarding preventing infections and injury is very important. Please take a look at this brochure made by the CDC in response to recent sexual ebola transmissions in Western Africa. Keep in mind this is a far more sexually repressed society than we are!