1. Public servants who abuse public funds belong in prison. If I were the leader of this country my first act in Parliament would be to draft a criminal code for politicians and elected officials, followed by a special facility to be constructed on a remote island in Nunavut. So in my world these trustees would spend a few months chilling out and regretting their mistakes. Mike Duffy, Brampton's mayor and Alison Redford would spend a few years on the permafrost. And finally Dalton McGuinty would be locked in there for natural life, and hopefully the cold air slows down his metabolism so he lives until a ripe old age.
  2. Big deal. Hundreds of people smear feces all over judaism on most Canadian leftist news websites like
  3. When it comes to homegrown terrorism, I don't think Justin Trudeau has the same balls as those from which he came.
  4. Digging into Tyson's past is no lower than the digging that's been done on Mayor Ford's past. No excuses for the interviewer's question, but if Mike was the bigger man and has put his past behind him on this promotional tour then he would have taken the high road and not let loose the profanity he did on live tv. Clearly he is not far removed from the aforementioned list of shame.
  5. this article should be read immediately after this one, and it should come as no surprise.
  6. @Ronecol No matter how badly Chow or Ford display their combined lack of ability people will vote for them anyways. Just remember, your vote has the exact same value as those who vote for a candidate based on:
    - pure physical appearance
    - if they got free food at a picnic
    - they saw the candidate mentioned on American television
    - rumour, hearsay & blind hatred of opposing candidates
    - the candidate's relative is/was a nice person
    - eenie meenie mynie moe

    the list goes on.
  7. There is so much leftist backlash over this discovery because of Stephen Harper's appearance with the hard working researchers who found this lost ship. These people have developed such a deep chronic hatred for this man and the political right that they should be treated institutionally for phychoses. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see another G20 riot if some Canadian researchers cured cancer while he is PM.
  8. @StuG Problem? Whether you agree with someone's opinion or not it doesn't automatically discredit facts they may use to bolster their argument. Should you question a fact it's only befitting to follow up on its veracity before discrediting it entirely. I think the greater problem is blind ignorance, and disrespecting someone as a "dingbat, neo con capitalist right wing gun loving dumbs, who knows sht" because their arguments clash with your beliefs. Perhaps if you put aside the angry stereotypical mindframe you wouldn't be so bitter towards people, or nations. No offense to Curly, Larry or Moe, but that does make you a stooge, StuG.
  9. Jerry Agar got this bang on. Canada lost its seat on the UN Security Council because they are the staunchest supporter of Israel, and the UN hates Israel. Plain and simple.
  10. This transit plan looks like Rob was up late last night with his crayons.