1. There is a God? I never thought I'd ever see Phaneuf wear another uniform until his current contract expired. If miracles can happen then there's a chance we'll see an end to the McGuinty/Wynne regime and hopefully it comes before election time by way of arrest and imprisonment. But hey I'll take anything at this point.
  2. Fight climate change? Really? Our government must think the border of Ontario is a physical entity that extends right up through the atmosphere.
  3. It doesn't matter that these women attempted to continue the relationship in some form. The fact is that Jian Gomeshi beat the crap out of each and every one of these women without consent. So far Marie Henein is succeeding at launching women's rights back by generations for her own personal benefit. The judge in this case MUST see through this evil and shameful ploy.
  4. funny how these brazen gun murders have increased since the police were only permitted to pursue suspected hand guns carriers until after the trigger's been pulled.
  5. Want to catch these guys? Wait at the dock where the cruise ship leaves from.
  6. Why doesn't the Liberal Party just dip into some of the refugee fund and buy this guy a house between an elementary school and the neighbourhood arena. After all, Graham James is the victim here.

    In my Canada if someone were to gun this asshole down on his day parole I'd order the local police force to take the rest of the day off and to head straight to Timmy's for some double doubles.
  7. Good thing Sammy Yatim wasn't black or we'd have another G20 on our hands.
  8. Denying that our planet is getting warmer in the face of mountainous evidence is foolhardy. But so many people whose breadth of knowledge stem from google and social media use that evidence with "expert" fervor to bolster a sociopolitical agenda, the vast majority of whom could be classified as scientifically retarded, these people lay beyond the realm of known stupidity. Ignoring climate change altogether will almost certainly alter the course of humanity as we know it and potentially conclude it, who knows? But facilitating these people to influence and dictate social policy, some of whom also wield tremendous political and economic strength, when that policy is brutally unwarranted will precipitate and end far far sooner.
  9. Moving people in and out of this city is an absolute farce. It's time to amalgamate the ridiculous plethora of GTA transit systems so we can start building real rail and road networks, above and below ground, like every other major city in this world. I hope the next premier of this province not only has the fortitude to do this but will use the same muscle to claw back the money that bleeds out of the GTA for federal redistribution so that this city can finally pay for the infrastructure projects it so desperately needs. It is criminal to watch a lot of those funds go to Montreal, a smaller city that Toronto surpassed in population decades ago, yet has the same sized transit system with half the ridership. Enough is enough!
  10. Imagine if this guy wasn't a Liberal. Jeez louise he'd be lambasted in the media and by opponents to no end! It wasn't long ago when we had a local politician with a problem like his and look what that turned into. The public bullying by the religious left when it comes to social morals is absolutely deplorable.