1. it's not just a left lane problem, folks. The most dangerous drivers on the highways are the ones who are happily driving along with absolutely no goddamn clue that they're going 65kph while all the other cars are whizzing by going 100+ with the normal flow of traffic. In the winter especially it can be fatal to try to move to another lane to avoid hitting these cars from behind. If we want to stop accidents and congestion it's not the speeders we need to worry about, it's these people. The OPP should be making examples of them.
  2. if only the vehement anti-semitism that has become the essence of York University could disappear for good. If there was ever a good time to enforce the hate speech laws we have in this country it would be right now at York U. My goodness, Hitler would be so proud of this institution.
  3. $15,000 is absolutely absurd especially considering the cost of tuition and the salaries of many of the staff at universities. Even the stipends students receive to pursue higher degrees like PhDs is below the minimum wage of this country, not to mention they are forced to enter a job market that is virtually non-existent. And we wonder why we have such a brain drain.
  4. before anyone goes praising Dave Nonis for this miraculous deal just remember that it was he who took the big steaming dump on the carpet in the first place. All MLSE did was make him pick it up.

    The stain and stink remain.
  5. These allergies exist for two main reasons. First, parents empowered their tantrumy children that didn't like certain foods and in turn these kids grew up to have kids of their own and never fed them the foods that they themselves never liked. Second, nuts are full of very healthy and important fats and for years fat was trending as the mortal enemy. People who clearly knew little about nutrition shied away from foods like peanut butter and shielded their young children from them. We still see this nutritional idiocy with the gluten free movement in western society. Without exposure to these antigens the developing immune systems of young children form a strong hypersensitivity following a primary exposures later in their youth. It is not dissimilar to the way we all get reactions to poison ivy the second time around.

    The problem now is with allergic parents who won't expose their children to the same foods because of the allergy at home. Either way it's time we increase our education of fundamental biology so people better understand how our immune systems work. I firmly believe it will also do wonders to dispel the insanity of the anti-vaxx movement.
  6. Forget this hole. The police should really be investigating the fiscal hole the Liberals have dug us all into. Here's an idea. If they can't lock McGuinty in Milhaven then this tunnel would be a perfect spot.
  7. I'm stunned that MLSE would part with even $1 of their scrooge hoard of money. We'll see if they end up charging people to skate on these public rinks now.
  8. Wynne is going to need one or two scandals far more substantial than this one if she hopes to retain the hearts of her supporters for another majority in the next elections. A few billion dollars worth at least.
  9. Do city pools close at the end of July? This is absurd.