1. This is absolutely wonderful news. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this amazing place.
  2. When the lawmakers effectively make themselves exempt from the law then our democracy disintegrates. I would say that with respect to the province of Ontario the current merit of its democracy is about as equal to Elizabeth II's power to rule Canada as Queen.
  3. Phoque Quebec! It's a disgrace that it is still a province and that the other provinces pay it billions to life raft their "distinct society".
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    I used to work for one of the government agencies and the amount of waste and incompetence was staggering. But what made me even more sick was the austerity measures being implemented to spend as little money as possible on month-to-month contract workers that receive no benefits whatsoever to do mountainloads of work, while the top managerS (<--- plural) each earned salaries near the top of the sunshine list.
  5. I would like to see the judge who sentenced that sex offender get some industrial silicone injected into his brain via his eyes.
  6. This man deserved to die. I'm sorry, but when you weaponize a car then anyone nearby immediately becomes a potential victim. If he had lived I would have charged him with attempted murder of every person he passed going 190km/h.
  7. I see this as a massive admission of failure by the Liberals. Instead of forcing Ontarians to make more energy conscious decisions by skyrocketting our hydro rates, the decisions have instead landed on the shoulders of the lowest income residents of the province. The Liberals envisioned people making choices like turning off lights when leaving a room, but instead it has become choices like making children eat cold noodles out of a can and wrapping babies in blankets and old shirts because it's too expensive to heat up the room in the dead of winter. SHAME!
  8. @StuG With all due respect, to hell with your moralities.

    Revenue generated by a casino would go a long way to resolving those other issues you speak of like funding public transit, repairing/replacing roads like the Gardiner etc. Effective governments multitask multifaceted endeavours like this to run a city on budget and resolve issues that need dire attention. Sorry if this does not fly with your idea of how governments work, you know, like the provincial one that runs this nanny state.
  9. How pathetic is this headline? A brewery has to ask the government to grant them permission to sell their beer!

    I fu#king hate this nanny province.
  10. Great now we can spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to keep these men fed and living for who knows how long. Time for a bill introducing capital punishment for convicted terrorists and let's give men like these what they wanted to do to us.