1. An excellent example where vigilantism would bring the appropriate justice that this family as well as the public deserves and at the same time save the taxpayers millions in legal manure.
  2. There is no doubt that the cub died because of climate change, eh you leftist idiots?
  3. They have an obligation to tell us! The Quebec government bailed them out to the tune of $1 billion and that money came directly from Ontario in the form of equalization payments, money that for decades has meant the difference between a world class transit system and the joke we've coped with for the last 45 years. So get to f'n work Bombardier because WE bailed YOU out, a$$holes!
  4. So now some Muslims in Toronto are protesting Islamophobia. Not long ago, many Muslims were also out in full force on University Avenue and in Queens Park every single day to protest Israel when they invaded Gaza to take out the Hamas terrorists launching rockets into their country over 50 times a day (mostly a veiled anti-Jewish hate fest).

    Hasn't ISIS done immeasurably worse damage to their faith than a couple of idiots on the subway or Israel fighting Hamas? There has not been one single anti-ISIS protest yet. NOT ONE.
  5. @Hinterland MIke Four years? Hasn't this man been through enough? He is the victim here! Time served is all he might get, and a very stern wag of the finger from the judge instructing him not to do those bad things ever again or else.
  6. lucky guy. I wonder how many of the 72 virgins he's deflowered in his first 24 hours.
  7. Rogers needs to recuperate all the lost revenue from people cutting the cord. Soon the Blue Jays will be all they have.
  8. Don't worry. Nobody in this province can be hated more than you, Kathleen.
  9. if there's anyone we can trust it's the Liberals, right folks?
  10. Unless you're a 1%'er or a poor brainwashed organic GMO-free lefty who shops at Whole Foods, nobody is going to walk ten feet to buy a $3 head of lettuce when for the same price you can get two hamburgers at McDonalds, a large bag of chips and a coke, or a couple of donuts. Our food supply is too plentiful yet too broken, and in the end we all lose because our healthcare system aka. our tax dollars ends up paying for all the food-associated disease.