1. 197f'n3? This guy decided to wait until the election campaign 42 years later? I expect nothing less than pure gutter politics from the Left.
  2. It's ineptitude like this that gets the Liberals re-elected.
  3. Grabner boobs!
  4. It appears this man has a previous history with the law and this is yet another case of putting dangerous criminals back on the street to commit more crimes. Capital punishment would be an apt outcome in this case.
  5. I ceased giving two sh1ts about HP the day they started charging more for ink refills than the printer itself.
  6. He'll be back on the street in no time.
  7. What's the point of wasting taxpayer dollars pursuing, charging, and dragging these thug ass punks through the judicial system when any idiot in this town knows that they'll end up right back on the street armed and ready to commit more crimes by Thanksgiving?
  8. There would be no Uber if cabs weren't so prohibitively expensive and government protected.
  9. Do we not have laws in this country? How do these f@cking guys keep ending up back on the street committing crimes? Who are the judges that deem these people not a threat to society? ANSWERS PLEASE!
  10. The fences are being taken down..... unionized government workers..... stop urging them to work so hard!