1. When drugs, gangs and poverty are the underlying root of a crime, we openly discuss it. When money, love, politics, mental illness, or the police are the underlying root of a crime, we openly discuss it. It is wrong and hypocritical of us to shy away from this discussion when the underlying root is religion.
  2. As long as the food is non-GMO, organic and locally sourced, it is the most nutritious and best tasting food you can buy for yourself and your family. Am I right lefty hipster environmentalists? Ironic isn't it. The very party you've been supporting has been permitting and ignoring the poisoning of your precious dumbfood for a generation!
  3. I highly doubt it. Just wait until influenza arrives, and every unvaccinated wiser-than-thou in the province walks in to the emergency room with a fever and overwhelms hospitals with a flurry of panic. If just one person shows up in Ontario with Ebola, heck the cases in Texas are doing enough damage already, you can bet there will mass hysteria this winter and our hospitals won't be able to isolate the real Ebola cases should there be any. Not a chance.
  4. And guess what? Those professional criminals are the ones who need to pony up the dough to pay their fair share for our badly needed infrastructure projects. Thanks to Rob's misadventures they publicly refused to even be in the same room as him. If you can't even start a dialogue on a professional level then nothing will get done like the last four years.
  5. You must be smoking CAMH's special blend.

    Have you seen the schedule? They won't win 5 games by December, which will be a good thing because there are some major malignancies to remove. Maybe then they will get back on course.
  6. they must be running out of pateints
  7. you guys can't say that because it's politically incorrect and insensitive so there are obviously other factors that are the cause of this. The real solution is candlelight vigils and town hall meetings. It always prevents gun murders by thugs between this murder and the next one, every time.
  8. Doug Ford folks. Straight from the gutter.

    Unfortunately Toronto is full of gutters and Doug promises to build subways for the people who live in them.
  9. Bettman is right we don't need more teams. What we really need is less teams, especially in apathetic American markets that draw embarrassingly low crowds to their games. Pack them up and move them to where there are fans who desperately want it.
  10. Really looking forward to all the business deals that will be done this season down at the Corporate Lounge Arena. Maybe the Leafs will score a couple of goals.