1. Harper has every reason to hire private security. There are a lot of Canadians out there who believe Harper is a fascist, that he is worse than Hitler, and who just might be crazy enough to circumvent everyone else's right to remove him from power through democracy. I don't think there's been more hated man in this country than Stephen Harper is right now so I don't blame him from surrounding himself with protection.
  2. In our progressive society that was one of the first to introduce same-sex marriage and it is absurd and as outdated as the crusades that we have a school board catered to the catholics. Can we move to the 21st century already?
  3. @Anl_ Do you know what this psychopath didn't do before it was too late? Seek help. Fortunately you still have that opportunity. Do yourself a favour.
  4. You never know when the British might be coming.
  5. @AbbyW Black lives do matter. In this case it's the life or lives of the murderers who are being protected by those keeping their mouths shut. My bet is that dozens or hundreds of people know who did this heinous crime and by not coming forward they are just as guilty of not only this crime, but perpetuating the social tragedy that is the black community of this city.
  6. An $8 cab fare in this city gets you pretty much down the block. And they wonder why people are flocking to Uber.
  7. This nightclub is conveniently close to the Gardiner Expressway for the next Black Lives Matter protest. Nevermind, a cop didn't pull the trigger this time.
  8. Who does this woman think she is? If he wants to multitask by roasting his dinner in the car while he finishes his errands then that is his right.
  9. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many illegal hand guns were amongst those protesters walking up the Allen?

    Rather than focussing on "racist police" maybe the community should be looking inward at the vastly disproportionate number of black males who are responsible for most of the violent crime and murders in this city. But no, the status quo remains, children get shot, candlelight vigils and town hall forums are held......until one cops shoot armed black man and the protesters take to the expressways like that's the root of all the problems.

    These folks are the same as the idiots who take over Queen's Park and University Avenue when Israeli soldiers kill a terrorist in Gaza, yet these same people remain at home when ISIS beheads thousands and suicide bombers blow themselves up in crowded mosques.
  10. Anyone else notice that out of all the performers last night, Kanye was the only one doing karaoke? Even worse he was crap at it. I'm sure he also cost as much as all the other performers combined.