1. @AbbyW I don't know about you but I am so super excited to buy $25 6-packs of Canadian at Loblaws.
  2. Too bad he didn't commit the murders here in Canada. He'd receive a stern wagging of the finger and be back on the streets with weapon in hand by next Tuesday. Any further punishment would be too emotionally cruel, according to the Supreme Court.
  3. This is wonderful news for the stooges of the world who consider the irreparable damage being caused to our province by this Liberal government to be a blessing from the heavens.
  4. what a joke. Those judges should have paid a short visit to the GTA to see what happens when gun offenders get back onto the streets. Perhaps a few visits with the relatives of the countless murder victims in this city, especially the ones who were murdered by past offenders using illegal guns, would have changed the minds of this ridiculously liberal collection of hermits.
  5. as much as I don't like the condos down in that area, if the city sold all that land to developers it would provide an enormous amount of money needed to bury the expressway underground where it should be. The city is more than capable of ensuring that each developer must contribute to a confluent public space along that corridor so that the area can become a vibrant downtown neighbourhood that doesn't cauterize the waterfront from downtown.
  6. The solution is just plain simple compared to why so many people still vote to keep the Liberals in power.
  7. This plan is a Liberal dream come true.

    Cap & Trade = Tax, Enslave
  8. @Angry Bill I can guarantee you that when electric cars rule the road the price of electricity in this province will effectively eliminate the middle class.
  9. I watched the video. I don't think people criticizing this incident did the same.

    I don't think these ttc constables did anything wrong. A man was resisting arrest and the guy's buddies were interfering, and initiated the violence. I hope this video will help track down and charge the men who disrupted these officers from doing their job.
  10. This is absolutely wonderful news. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this amazing place.