1. @MarkFromEtobicoke Good try, but once again you've missed the point. I'll make this very simple so even you can understand. Try reading it slowly as if I was talking slowly.

    Example: If you pay someone to commit a murder, you are still guilty of murder even if you didn't do the actual killing. (now watch carefully Mark, I'm going to copy and paste the previous statement but substitute some of the words). If you pay someone to delete emails, you are still guilty of deleting emails even if you didn't do the actual deleting.

    Did that compute? Probably not. The evidence is quite clear on so many occasions throughout McGuinty's tenure, but what's the point of making me personally re-list them all just for you? It does not matter because i can never change your mind. You, the creationist, will selectively ignore any shred of evidence because it threatens your ideological beliefs.
  2. @MarkFromEtobicoke What is the point of reciting evidence when you turn a blind eye to it? Debating with you is akin to a creationist arguing with an evolutionary biologist.
  3. so from what I ascertained from this information....Dalton McGuinty could have stood up on live television, pulled out a high gauge shotgun and murdered an innocent bystander in cold blood, and still would not have been convicted of any crime. Apparently you are exempt from the law if elected to office in the province of Ontario.

    oh, and then would have been re-elected by the blind lemmings.
  4. I hope Cuba maintains a ban on American tourists from polluting their all-inclusive resorts.
  6. The OPP are powerless. if they can't even lock Dalton up in prison for all he did then there's no way they'll do anything to Wynne. Let's face it they're pretty much only good at driving their cruisiers up and down the 401 between En Route Timmy's.
  7. @DTjohnkim not to mention that York U. is already a bastion of vehement anti-semitism. You would think they receive their funding from Hamas.
  8. @StuG IMO the votes in Toronto's core can no longer be influenced. These people are so staunchly leftist that they would still vote against Harper even if he cut all their taxes, dumped a few million in each of their bank accounts, and surgically installed sexual devices to their genitals to ensure they achieve a permanent orgasm for the duration of their natural lives. So you think improving transit in their backyard will change their minds? Heck, these people have empowered a criminal Liberal party at Queens Park for over a decade in the midst of massive scandal and waste.

    Harper is doing this for everyone else.
  9. @MarkFromEtobicoke If the Eglinton Crosstown LRT weren't being constructed right now I'd prefer to see Harris be handed a shovel to singlehandedly redig the subway tunnels he so stupidly filled in back in the 90's.

    Maybe he should be forced to go for a walk in the woods next spring to see how dangerously high our bear population has become after the elitist city-dwelling PETAmongers lobbied the PCs to cancel the spring bear hunt.
  10. @Fact Provider and the Liberals did nothing to perpetuate the monopolized ballgrip on Ontarians? Who LEGISLATED higher, sorry, more socially responsible alcohol prices? Who forced the LCBO to DEMAND wineries, breweries and distilleries charge them higher prices to justify the socially responsible prices of alcohol in Ontario? Dalton McF'nGuinty that's who. No company on planet Earth but the LCBO asks "take the price your are selling your product and triple it please. We insist we pay more". Absolutely appalling.