1. Just out of curiosity, I wonder how many illegal hand guns were amongst those protesters walking up the Allen?

    Rather than focussing on "racist police" maybe the community should be looking inward at the vastly disproportionate number of black males who are responsible for most of the violent crime and murders in this city. But no, the status quo remains, children get shot, candlelight vigils and town hall forums are held......until one cops shoot armed black man and the protesters take to the expressways like that's the root of all the problems.

    These folks are the same as the idiots who take over Queen's Park and University Avenue when Israeli soldiers kill a terrorist in Gaza, yet these same people remain at home when ISIS beheads thousands and suicide bombers blow themselves up in crowded mosques.
  2. Anyone else notice that out of all the performers last night, Kanye was the only one doing karaoke? Even worse he was crap at it. I'm sure he also cost as much as all the other performers combined.
  3. Toronto's restaurants feature some of the best fish sticks in the world. Kanye will love them.
  4. the insurance companies and the liberal government are one and the same.
  5. This community teetering at a tipping point. Just wait, the moment an officer or white man shoots a thug Canada will see its first Ferguson or Baltimore.
  6. Must be summer in Toronto. I'm sure a candlelight vigil and a community q&a will hold the issue off until the next illegal gun death.
  7. If this package were a bomb and it went off, nobody would notice because the TTC is already a pile of mangled wreckage. With all the signal problems, activated alarms and track construction these days it seems the subway stops mid-tunnel if a rider cuts the cheese. Yet year after year fares go up and nothing changes it is such a joke.
  8. Yet year after year tuition soars in order to pay the salaries of administrators like Goel and faculty like Halpern and his pseudoscientific wife.
  9. The video is bad quality and poorly edited but not that terrible. However any decision to vote Liberal would be the worst ever, as would be the government just like the current one in Ontario.