1. @karen your comment on this shows just how truly ignorant you are. You knew nothing about these young adults, yet the day of their deaths you accuse them of smoking in their home or late night cooking. What right do you have as a complete stranger to make accusations such as this about these people? I'm Alysia Graham's mom and I can tell you 100% without a doubt that there was no smoking inside of the house and they were all in bed that night before midnight. I had stayed with them in that very same apartment at Thanksgiving, no smoking inside was a hard rule, they always went outside, and on work nights they were always in bed early. These 3 young adults had so much potential and so much life to live, there is nothing they did to deserve a death like that. Comparing their deaths to drunk driving is like comparing apples to oranges. They DID NOT choose this. And who are the negligent killers you speak of in this scenario? Them? Those 4 kids? What penalties should be paid for their trail of death and destruction as you suggest? Dying wasn't enough for you? You have a truly messed up sense of reality if that's what you think. Leave Alysia, Katie, Jordan and Ethan alone. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and just made yourself look like a cruel ignorant person from your comments. We are all devastated by their deaths. You should keep your erroneous opinions to yourself from now on. None of us wants to read it.