1. Nate Silver successfully projected 49 states of 50 in 2008 AND 50 of 50 in 2012!
    So with Clinton leading the solid Electoral College vote maybe Newstalk1010 should look more at her policies and monetary ties rather than the Trump show?!
  2. Is there not some restriction on former MPs having business and consultation with Government after stepping down?

    Harper's legacy is turning a $13 Billion Surplus into a record $55 Billion Deficit eventually into a balance budget then losing his majority government to someone that was not ready!
  3. the Idea is there in this form. So the question is; what would it cost?

    BTW Trump peaked after the RN convention!
  4. the Court allowed it as part of the Public record. I remember when 1010 hosts would defend Rob and the Fords when in fact it was Gawker that went public before the Star; which was roundly attacked.

    there is still another crack video out there which means...
  5. Ernie & Abby,
    I read in the Star's business section that
    "Most of the hiring in public administration, up by 14,000 jobs, which could be partly related to the federal election campaign, economists speculated."
    I GUESS Harper can take credit for the early election and the coming advertising jobs too...
    by the way the rate went up 0.2% to 7%
  6. No 1 investor; can buy more than 10% of it.

    Sousa has been more positive about the Ontario economy than the Cons...

    Early Childhood Education is a great investment, in fact Education IS a great investment!
    Unfortunately, under the Federal Conservatives young people have been wasting their talent...
  7. Abby; the Conservatives inherited a $13 Billion Surplus from the Liberals.
    Recently ran 7 years of Deficits and only balances this proposed budget now by dipping into the $3 Billion contingency fund meant for "emergencies"
    The low CDN $ is due to the Cons focus on Oil & Gas which went down this year...
  8. A poll of white property owners that speak English has Red Tory in the lead of 1000 voters?!
  9. @Suz58 That's because it is an election year!
    His ill health is a result of his drinking & drugging and eating at the Steak Queen, KFC....
  10. Ford hit Lisi, doesn't mean it did not happen for the charges to be made...