1. "Coupled with re-timing of traffic lights"

    It seems any improvements to the traffic flow would be due to re-timing the traffic lights and not lane width. Decreasing lane widths can only hurt traffic flow, but maybe only by a small amount - depending on the location.

    These measures that take away from motorists should be compensated with other measures that aid motorist. I would say grade-separating the Eglinton LRT line (from Leslie to KEnnedy) would be a good move. Then maybe cars could be banned from King or Queen during rush hour and the City agrees to retain the East Gardiner.

    Give and take is what's needed.
  2. Should information like this not be released in the morning.

    I imagine there are sure to be riots at night. With the morning, they would give 8 hours for tempers to cool.
  3. This can be expected to happen on the new LRT's on Egliton as well. If something can go wrong it will. That is why everyone agrees that high order transit needs to be grade-separated so that it is impossible for motorists to interfere with transit.
  4. 3 stories from this week.

    - Ontario $500M behind budget predictions.
    - Ontario spends and additional $500M on teachers.
    - Ontario blames the federal government for being short changed $500M.
  5. "Ontario government won't rule out tax increases to tackle deficit"

    That may be true, but they have ruled out good government.
  6. @Ernie It seems that instead of offering money, they just re-announced some money that they already announced a few times previously.

    When can we get rid of these jokers. I want an election.
  7. The two lane portion near Brentcliffe was not required at all. If the launch site would have been on the south side of Eglinton, they could have kept 2 lanes in each direction open, plus the Leslie stop would have been on the south side so riders could board the train in peace, instead of in the middle of the street. Pure lazy design work by Metrolinx.
  8. Is Wynne using that Child Porn guy again to come up with the curriculum?
  9. @Angry Bill UEFA plays mens Champions League matches on Turf.

    Fifa has also played some junior tournaments on turf.

    If anyone gives this complaint any look at all, they should have their heads examined.
  10. Doug had the opportunity to fix the errors with Rob's plans - but chose not too.

    There is too much here, and no priorities are given. Just $9B of subways and no way of raising the needed money.

    What he should have done was elevated the Eglinton LRT and connect it to the SRT/LRT. An extra $500M to save $1.5B on the B-D subway extension. Then cancel the FWLRT and use the money ($1.2Bfrom Finch, plus the $1.0B savings from no B-D subway extension, plus the $1.0B from the SELRT) to build the Sheppard subway.

    Voila. 3 subways (Eglinton, Scarborough, Sheppard) and no extra money needed.

    The biggest complaint against the Ford transit plan is - where is the money? This would need no money.