Mayor Ford answers first question on crack allegations

More than a week after allegations of crack use against Rob Ford surfaced, he took a question on the scandal on NEWSTALK 1010's The City

More than a week after allegations of crack use against Rob Ford surfaced, he took a question on the scandal on Newstalk 1010's The City.

The Toronto Mayor has given a few public statements on the controversy, but had not publicly answered questions from the media or city councillors or members of the public until Sunday.

A Newstalk 1010 listener who identified herself as Pam pointedly asked, "Mayor Ford, is that you in the Gawker video?"

"There's no video", laughed the mayor. "That's all I can say, you can't comment on something that doesn't exist".

Two reporters from the Toronto Star and the editor of gossip web site Gawker say they have seen a 90 second clip of a man they believe to be Rob Ford smoking from a crack pipe. Newstalk 1010 has not seen the video and cannot authenticate it.

Pam also asked the mayor if a photo published by both the Toronto Star and Gawker does indeed show him with his arm around recent murder victim, Anthony Smith. Smith was gunned down outside the Loki Lounge on King St. in late March. The Star says the picture was given to them by a man acting as a broker for the owner of the supposed crack tape.

"I take pictures with everyone", the mayor responded to Pam's question.

Councillor Doug Ford accused Pam and unnamed city councillors of racism based on her suggestion that Smith was a drug dealer.

"Rob has taken thousands of pictures with young black men, with their hats on, with their little funny signs and everything else. But I think it's disgusting that you would even come up with a comment "why is he taking pictures of two young black youth"", railed Doug Ford.

Rob Ford agreed, "unfortunately we have some racists there, and that's one of them, so that's very sad that she's a racist."

Doug Ford went onto suggest it would be ridiculous for his brother to run on the-spot background checks before agreeing to take a photo with someone.

"Have you ever smoked a joint, have you ever done this, have you ever done that. Before I take a picture, can I see your qualifications and your resume?", joked the elder Ford as Rob laughed.

You can listen to The City podcast HERE or watch video of the show HERE.

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    1. Karl B. posted on 12/26/2013 08:17 AM
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