Mayor Ford pictured with members of the Hells Angels

Ford took the picture at the football game at the Rogers Centre on the weekend...

Mayor Rob Ford has never met a camera he didn't like.

But once again, a photo could be something that brings trouble to the already embattled Mayor.

This one was shot on the weekend, and featured two members of the Hells Angels from Alberta, and one person who is a prospect for the Toronto Chapter.

Ford was taking in the Buffalo Bills game at the Rogers Centre, when he was asked to pose for pictures by hundreds of people.

When Ford was asked about the photo on Tuesday, he admitted he couldn't even remember which one reporters were asking him about.

"I took probably, and Jerry is my witness, close to 1000 pictures, before the game, during the game, at halftime. How am I supposed to know who is who?"

"I take pictures with every single person that wants to take a picture with me. I wasn't aware I was taking a picture with a Hells Angel."

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly was asked about it and says he doesn't put much credence in that photo.

He even asked reporters, "Would he have known?"

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  1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/03/2013 04:12 PM
    Ugh....who cares?
    I guess that he is supposed to screen everyone he comes into contact with before someone takes a click. Like really.... give it a rest already.
  2. RickC_1236 posted on 12/03/2013 04:17 PM
    The hells angles necklace is right there for all to see maybe he didn’t see it or maybe he was in a drunken stupor wouldn’t be the first time.
  3. Frankie posted on 12/03/2013 04:37 PM
    If Ford had his photo taken with members of the Ontario Liberal Party we'd have reason to have him censured as he would have known how much their party "stole" from taxpayers
  4. REALITY BITES posted on 12/03/2013 04:43 PM
    As Bugs Bunny would say: "What a maroon !!"
  5. MichaelB_2952 posted on 12/03/2013 04:51 PM
    This is a disgusting photo! Were those Hell's Angels guys in a drunken stupor?
  6. Only Common Sense posted on 12/03/2013 05:05 PM
    Those bikers should be ashamed of themselves.
    1. Peter posted on 12/03/2013 05:27 PM
      @Only Common Sense .
      Yes, that's true Common Sense.
      Now we know where they hang out, and everyone in North America is going to be able to identify them from the good photo, and they will be in the public spotlight. Nick, Adam, and Cory
      Nice how that turned out.
      Mayor Ford always attracts positive energy.

      Good Going Mayor Ford.

  7. Peter posted on 12/03/2013 05:18 PM

    This is more of a humorous event, more than anything else.
    Everybody wants a photo of themselves with Mayor Ford.. It's because he's a rock star. It's so much fun to watch the happenings.

    I want my photo with Mayor Ford too.

    I can't wait to see the negative headlines and front page The Star will print. I have to laugh at The Star, we know already what they will publish. That's what makes this so much fun.
    Being a rock star can attracts all kinds of excitement.

    Good going Mayor Ford. -the best mayor Toronto has ever had.

    1. Stug posted on 12/03/2013 07:21 PM
      @Peter rockin Rob and his band the "smokincrack slobs"
  8. GT posted on 12/03/2013 05:23 PM
    Nothin wrong with cutting out the middle man,SNIFF,SNIFF
  9. Art posted on 12/03/2013 07:17 PM
    Rob i'm the last guy to give you any good advise but maybe scale back the self serving photo ops with strangers. I know hard to do but 1st it would be less chances of problems and 2nd because you basically have been making a fool of yourself for the last 3 yrs most of the people are really just laughing at you.
    1. Mark7 posted on 12/04/2013 09:32 AM
      @Art I am laughing at the Ford haters like you. Spare me your general and flawed observations.
  10. tanjo posted on 12/03/2013 10:03 PM
    I do not doubt Ford, surrounded by dozens of people, is not going check every patch and chain everyone is wearing. It's a pretty innocuous picture.

    But why then would the Hell's Angels post it on their web site? And why hasn't the mayor, or at least his office, spoken out against it?

    Surely someone from either group would recognize the undesirable optics of the situation, no?
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/04/2013 08:30 AM
      @tanjo I think if you're going to be hard on anyone in this regard, it would be the Hells Angels.
      The picture the mayor took in front of the 'alleged' crack house, you have a better case of making, instead of this one.

      Imagine if Ford had taken a picture with McGuinty by mistake. Imagine the scandal. Next thing you know, they would be linking Ford with the gas plant scandal.
  11. REALITY BITES posted on 12/04/2013 10:14 AM
    I don't understand why Ford is taking the pictures. Is he taking them to give back to his supporters?
    A 1,000 pictures would pretty well fill a memory card. Who is actually taking the pictures? a friend?
    One more thing: What is causing the Leafs to always be less in shots on goal. They are winning a good amount of games, but what
    is the low shots on goal deal? is it the defence not taking shots from the point? or what style of play causes that.
    1. REALITY BITES posted on 12/04/2013 10:23 AM
      Find your own "nom-de-plume" if you're going to post.
      I am the REAL "REALITY BITES".

      By the way ... your point regarding Ford taking the pictures for his supporters is a good one, but, what's he going to do with the 901 photos left over?
  12. justsaying posted on 12/04/2013 11:02 AM
    What a bunch of enablers Ford Nation is. In fact, Ford Nation was discussed in length on HLN last night, saying that you are delusional.

    Our Mayor (thank God in Title Only) is a publicity seeker. He is an international joke. Sad he does not know the world is laughing at him and Ford Nation, not supporting him.

    Hells Angels, criminals and all sorts line up to have a photo taken with this infamous mayor. His bobble head doll will be worth real $$ one day, not because of his good deeds, but rather because of the now infamous admissions he as made, coupled by ridiculous and erratic behavior.

    Too bad he does not realize that he and his brother are done. Too bad Ford Nation cannot grow up and move out of their mom's basement........(at least in their headspace).

    On the plus side, Americans can now find Toronto on a map.

    Karl B - what will you do once he is out of Politics? Can't wait to see who you rally behind next.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/04/2013 11:42 AM
      @justsaying Well....if by some miracle he doesn't make it back as mayor, I will still be rooting for him if he's still Councillor. Won't be back Chow for sure. Or Vaughn. Or Carroll. Maybe Tory- only if his somewhat 'naive' demeanor isn't capitalized on by the other councillor causing him to turn. Not Stintz or Menin-Wong- there's a couple of bobble-head backstabbers. Not Michael Thompson if he's running.
      So yeah, any viable option for Mayor that would follow in Ford's shoes concerning his agenda is slim-to-none.
      So if Toronto returns to the 'Miller-days', and they end up crying uncle in the middle of the mayor's term (whoever wins besides Ford), then Toronto rightly deserves the fate it has chosen for itself.

      Here's a question back at you: What will you do if Rob Ford wins? How will you take the news?

      Right now, my primary reason I want to see Ford back in office, is to see some heads explode. That includes yours, STUG, REALITY BITES, RICKC, ROB FORDS ESCALADE, ALEX, ART, JM, all the other regulars who like to type spew, Kathleen Wynne, Glen Murray, the majority of city council and Dave Agar.
      If Ford wins, he would be right in his initial prognosis of the upcoming election- with all the heads exploding because of the upset afterwards, if would be a bloodbath. Better bring a mop and some Mr. Cleans.
    2. Mark7 posted on 12/04/2013 12:45 PM
      @justsaying Karl will still be presenting concise and well thought out posts full of logic. You will continue to spew nonsense. The Americans are the leaders in corruption across the world. How dare they TRY to pass on their shame on another country. Try to remember this justsaying about the comedians on these talk shows for what they are. Look at the fools on tv getting paid to play the fool. Anyone enjoying and/or making fun of any person suffering with problems, is a pathetic individual. This encapsulates ALL THE FORD HATERS. May your life been scrutinized for your dirty laundry, justsaying. I know the line is at breaking point from the weight.
  13. justsaying posted on 12/04/2013 01:38 PM
    it has been claimed that Mayor Ford has saved the city over a billion dollars.

    Using the exact same calculations and formula, it has been calculated that Mayor Miller saved us three billion per year. That's 3x more! So, let's keep the formula secret, lest others show it to be the lie it is!
  14. Peter posted on 12/04/2013 01:38 PM
    Yes, I have to agree with Mark7
    "Karl will still be presenting concise and well thought out posts full of logic".
    He is doing an excellent job, better than any other poster here.
    1. justsaying posted on 12/04/2013 01:46 PM
      @Peter concise and well thought out? On what planet? Ok, yes, for a grade three student you are doing a good job.

      We argue you guys around a tree and then you say, 'There is no tree."

      Grow up.
    2. Only Common Sense posted on 12/04/2013 02:00 PM
      @Peter Peter, Mark7 and Karl together haven't presented a cogent argument since the invention of the cotton gin.
      Too laughable for further comment.
  15. Karl Burgin posted on 12/04/2013 03:59 PM
    You supporting the mayor is not the issue- that is your prerogative of which I won't contend with- and I will be just as dumb as ONLY COMMON SENSE, and REALITY BLOWS if insult you because you don't support the mayor.

    What 'Ford Nation' is griping about (any Ford supporter please correct me if I'm wrong), is the hypocrisy and the double-standard, which you are adhering too.

    You claim that Rob Ford is a liar. Yet he is not the first politician to be guilty of such a sin. You've had Miller who is a liar- yet he has been in office for two terms. No one called for his head there.
    You have a provincial government who has been in power for over a decade. Who has lied to the face of its voters, teeter-tottered on issues, and is under investigation for corruption. Again, no one is calling for their head.

    In comes Ford who is trying his best to put the tax payer first. Sure he has his personal problems, and sure has apologized after been barraged like a scape-goat so many times. But you never had a politician who has sincerely apologized, and done their best to make amends. Rob Ford, so far is making an effort to do so.
    How many weeks/months did we have to wait before Kathleen Wynne decided to use the word 'sorry' or 'apologized', instead of regret? Have we even heard anything remotely close to an apology from McGunty for screwing this province over? Has Miller ever apologized for lying when he said he wasn't going to raise/implement new taxes, and then does the exact opposite?

    So in comes Ford...and all of a sudden, he's no good, he's a liar, and a public relations nightmare. Did all of a sudden, you people developed a moral compass, and decide he isn't fit to be mayor, because he isn't a good example? Are you going to loose that compass again once Ford goes, and then everything goes back to "normal"? Therein lies the hypocrisy, and the double-standard. Because what I'm seeing is that you are only applying said moral compass to the mayor- and letting everyone else off the hook.
    One would have thought, that the gas plants scandal, and the following email cover-up, would be the final straw- and that there would be rioting in the streets. And yet, according to the last poll, that there's a good chance that Kathleen Wynne may win another term in government. REALLY?!?!?!?
    So Ford is a bad example when it comes to his personal life, and you're all in distress over that. But the Liberal government, has successfully burden all the people of Ontario, their children, and grand-children, with more debt (than I can count) that has to be paid off because of their gross mistakes- and we're OK with that? You see nothing wrong with that picture?!?!?!?!?!?!

    What I'm beginning to notice is a deep difference between those who support Ford, and those who hate his guts.
    The ones who hate his guts or don't support him, do so because he has made Toronto the main topic of conversation around the water cooler in 98% of office environments around North America.
    They also hate him because they think he's a bully, un-educated and a liar.

    Supporters on the other hand see something different (again if I'm wrong on this, supporters are welcome to jump in here):
    Sure, he's far from perfect, and he still as many personal battles to fight BUT.... we haven't forgotten where Toronto was before Ford came in. Haven't forgotten about the blatant spending, the fool-hardy projects, and the tendency to tax, tax, tax.

    As far as I see it, you gotta get rid of the stuff that matters before you begin tackling the big fish- such as imagery, leadership and so on. Let me be clear- I do not agree with Ford doing drugs, or drinking in which it appears to affect his judgement. He is not guilty all the time of this, and I do not think he is an addict. I do think he tends to have a string of bad judgement calls from time-to-time, but it rarely ever affects stuff when it comes to tax payer dollars.
    The bottom line is that taxing, and the financial stuff needs to be reigned in and under control first and foremost. Once that has been relatively mastered, then we can focus on Toronto's image and leadership qualities.
    1. RickC_1236 posted on 12/04/2013 05:08 PM
      @Karl Burgin You talk pure ish the tapes are out let’s see what novel you write to justify fords lies.
      Rob is making you look like an ass and your not even getting paid lol
  16. justsaying posted on 12/09/2013 09:53 AM
    Sorry for the delay, been away. Karl, Rick - you are both delusional. Let's stick to one argument and stop trying to bring in ridiculous comparisons.

    Time to grow up and move out of your Mother's Etobicoke basement, and realize the entire city, province, country, continent and WORLD is laughing at you for your outrageous opinions of support for the mayor.

    Grow up. It's over.
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