Kelly wants Porter expansion plans shelved, for now

Will ask Executive Committee to defer a decision on the runway expansion at the Island Airport...

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly will ask his collegues on the Executive Committee to defer a decision on the expansion plans for Porter Airlines.

Faced with a staff report that recommends delaying a decision until 2015, and the prospect that councillors might move to kill the plan, Kelly is looking to buy more time.

That's why he's asking for a deferral until the new year.

Kelly met with Mayor Rob Ford on Wednesday, marking the first time since Ford was stripped of his powers, that the two have met face-to-face.

The Deputy Mayor calls this a 'lateral move', and calls the expansion of the airport 'an important city initiative.'

He says he doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity to grow.

Mayor Ford says they shouldn't delay anymore, saying 'we're not dealing with a fly-by-night company'.

He says it should be pushed to council so they can vote on it.

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  1. Art posted on 12/04/2013 05:04 PM
    he wants to defer because he doesn't have the backing of council to go forward. council will either kill it or give it a few more years for further study and discussion. whatever happens it will be on the city's terms not Porters as it should. i live 5 minutes away on queensquay. would love to fly to other destinations but i agree with city staff that it needs further study regarding all ramifications to the area. we only have one waterfront
    I would love to know how much study (reading) pro and con regarding all the issues of expansion Rob Ford has done.
    i think i'm safe to assume it's probably the same amount of study he put in to LRT's which is nothing. Ford doesn't know an LRT from a donkey carriage.
    So his opinion means squat to me on this and to many others
  2. Alex posted on 12/04/2013 09:47 PM
    I think more testing on the C-Series jet is required before making a decision to squash this proposal. I live and work in the downtown core and am a proponent to this expansion, conditional to the performance of the proposed jets. However regardless of whether jets will be flying in and out of this airport, I think it'll still be beneficial to extend the runway from operational point of view. Currently the Q400 uses maximum power to take-off; extending the runway more will allow them to take-off at reduced power, further improving the noise issue.
  3. tanjo posted on 12/04/2013 10:49 PM
    To me, this is smart. It sounds like Kelly has Read The Documents, sees too many question marks, and recognizes the need to firm up the details before proceeding.

    Just pushing full steam ahead regardless is how some people end up on the wrong side of the 42 - 3 votes.
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