WATCH: Hudak staying mum on possible contempt motion

Tories continue to accuse the Premier of lying after testimony

PC leader Tim Hudak isn't tipping his hand to say if he'll launch a contempt motion against Premier Kathleen Wynne.

After Wynne's second testimony at the probe looking into the gas plants cancellations, Tory energy critic Lisa MacLeod accused the premier of lying about when she knew about the escalating costs for Oakville. MacLeod claims Wynne used different numbers than top bureaucrats close to the contract negotiations with the developer.

Hudak says the Tories will have more to say about it after the committee considers her testimony.

He underlines Wynne said she would be different than former premier Dalton McGuinty but he says the two have the same style.  Hudak points to what he calls misleading the public and MPPs about what she knew about the gas plant scandal.

The Mississauga and Oakville gas plant cancellations are expected to cost tax- and rate-payers $1.1 billion.

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  1. Frankie posted on 12/04/2013 03:36 PM
    Wynne and her Liberals are liars, "thieves", and stupid. The only ones more stupid are the Ontario Liberal voters who keep voting for more disasters. They'll probably use the excuse that had all-day kindergarten been in place when they were growing up they'd be more intelligent.

    Although I'm skeptical about Hudak's idea of a contempt motion it would be nice if it would work, or perhaps.

    IMO they are no less corrupt than the Quebec politicians recently investigated.
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