Why hasn't Rob Ford been arrested?

NEWSTALK 1010 puts the question to a top Toronto Police official

Mayor Rob Ford leaves his office at City Hall
Photo: Chris Young / THE CANADIAN PRESS

Detectives have snapped pictures of Rob Ford swapping packages with suspected drug dealers, seized a video that shows the Mayor puffing from a glass pipe, and even eavesdropped on phone conversations that allegedly spell out an offer made to buy that infamous footage.

However, Toronto Police spokesperson Mark Pugash insists there simply is not enough evidence to charge the Mayor or haul him into a police station to answer questions.

"Evidence is not people talking about him (Ford), evidence is not anecdote.  You need evidence to charge someone," he says.

"Courts require evidence and you need reasonable and probable grounds."

Pugash categorically denies that Ford has ever received any kind of special treatment from the police.

NEWSTALK 1010 asked Pugash about reports the Mayor was the subject of a police alert in August.

Dispatchers told officers across the city to be on the look-out for Rob Ford's SUV after witnesses called 911 with concerns that the Mayor was not fit to drive.

An officer tracked the Cadillac Escalade to a hotel on Jarvis Street but the Mayor was not in the vehicle.

Pugash says the police would have had no grounds to charge Ford.

"In an impaired (driving) case, if you say 'I drove impaired last week,' I can't charge you with that -- we need evidence."

Pugash says that while detectives still want to speak to the Mayor about his links to drugs and criminals,  the police cannot make him do so.

"We have requested that the Mayor agree to be interviewed.  He has declined.  We are not legally allowed to force him," he says.

Pugash adds that when another investigation into guns and gangs stumbled upon link to Rob Ford, authorities knew how potentially explosive the allegations against the Mayor could be and how much scrutiny police operations would come under and as a result, opted to put top investigators on the case and maintained close contact with lawyers regarding every move.  

Pugash insists the investigation was executed 'absolutely by the book.'

"We've made sure that we've dotted every 'i' and crossed every 't' and we can justify what we've done and what we haven't done," he says.

Several new but unproven bits of information about the crack cocaine scandal surrounding Rob Ford came out in police reports released by the courts earlier this week.

For example, there are allegations that 2 months before the crack video story broke, Ford was trying to buy the footage.

The allegations are contained in transcripts of wiretaps of the Dixon City Bloods gang speaking to each other on phones.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

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  1. Walter posted on 12/05/2013 04:36 PM
    The big questions are:

    1. Why has Ford not been arrested or charged?
    2. Is there any statute of limitations on how far into the future he could be arrested or charged?
    3. If there are no plans to arrest or charge Ford, how is it possible to release all this information? The justice system should protect those who are innocent and someone who is not being arrested must be assumed to be 100% innocent.
    4. Which is a bigger lie, Ford saying he does not do drugs or Premier Wynnes statement from earlier in the week that the Liberals had no idea what the gas plant cancellation costs would be?
  2. Karl Burgin posted on 12/06/2013 09:17 AM
    I'm answering your questions based on what a criminal lawyer described to Bill Carroll Thursday...

    1.> a.-Because Ford was not the focus of the investigation.
    b.-They have no proof of him doing anything.
    c.-The counter-measures actions taken by Lisi complicated things. And Ford knew he was being monitored, so it was hard to know if he was doing anything illegal, without looking like fools busting him on something that may have been lawful.
    d.-There is a common belief that Ford was advised not to buy liquor from LCBO, because of the negative press. So he resorted to Lisi buying liquor, and passing it to Ford. As to why he never delivered it to Ford's home, instead of parking lots and gas stations is beyond me.
    e.-Overall, its a lack of hard evidence, and too much reasonable doubt.

    2.>He mentioned that it's 6 months max. Once it goes beyond that, there's nothing that could be done.
    3.>That's what my stance has been this entire time. Yet every time I bring that up, I'm labelled as a supporter and enabler for Ford. And this is the stance Dennis Morris (the mayor's lawyer) is openly questioning as well
    4.>I'm not sure if the question is 'which is the bigger lie'. The more pertinent question is, 'which is more important that we need to get to the bottom of"?

    The cynical/conspiracy side of me is saying that all this attention around Ford, may be a tactic to help keep eyes off the gas plant scandal. But as I said, its my belief alone- of which I expect no one to necessarily share.
  3. john posted on 12/09/2013 11:23 AM
    the same reason why the liberals are not arrested for steeling money .
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