Environment watchdog critical of lack of energy targets

Gord Miller speaks to the province's long-term energy plan as he releases part of his annual report

The province's environment watch-dog is critical of the Liberal government's long-term energy plan and how it misses the bulls-eye on targets.

Gord Miller made the comments as he released the second part of his annual report.

The Environmental Commissioner says there are no interim targets for peak demand or consumption in the plan, with no long term goal for reducing energy during peak times. He says the province outlined a target to get consumption down.

Pointing to skyrocketing electricity rates, Miller underlines the best way to keep your bills down is to conserve.

As for how the province is doing now, Miller says it won't be hitting any of the reduction and consumption targets it has set.

Miller adds province is paying little attention thermal energy used to heat homes and businesses, with no look at conservation for fuels like gasoline, natural gas and oil.

He says those things affect the province's ability to meet climate change targets.

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