"Lock it or Lose it" Campaign Kicks Off

Toronto Police warning shoppers to keep valuables out of sight and lock up their vehicles.

Toronto Police along with various other policing agencies in the GTA are once again launching the campaign dubbed “Lock it or Lose it”.


The annual province-wide campaign focuses on crime prevention targeting auto thefts and valuables in vehicles left unlocked. 


Members of the public are being warned to keep their valuables out of sight when placing them inside their vehicles and to always make sure their vehicles are locked. 


The campaign will be launched at Yorkdale Shopping Centre Thursday morning as officers examine parked vehicles to ensure they are locked and no valuables are in plain view.

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  1. Civil Discourse posted on 12/12/2013 12:37 PM
    So, here's what I think... WHAT A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND TAXPAYERS DOLLARS! Geez Louise! Now, what in the hell does this actually accomplish? Seriously! What do I pay home insurance for? What do I pay fire and theft for on my vehicle? What the hell are the police doing? My car. My stuff. My choice. Screw off.

    I've watched them run around and open car doors in the Yorkdale parking lot. Pretty sure a cop needs a warrant in order to admit himself into your vehicle. Pretty sure I'd like to have our cops doing actual work rather than sipping coffee and strolling around an underground garage peering into people's cars. It's not only a useless pursuit but it's also an egregious abuse of power. For example---Maybe a person has a pack of rolling papers on his car seat. Some idiot officer takes that finding and calls it into a patrol car nearby and they lie in wait for the guy and pull him over using evidence that's been illegally obtained. The douchebaggery of Toronto police and cops in general has to stop. I support law enforcement but this is just offensive. What are mall cops for FFS!
    1. DJ posted on 12/13/2013 10:42 AM
      @Civil Discourse Are you for real? The point is to cut down on theft claims that in the long run increase our insurance rates and so officers do not have to attend these avoidable theft calls, then they do have time for more important matters or "doing actual work" as you call it.
      If your rolling papers were used for smoking illegal drugs, then buddy I want you off the road.
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