Cop union boss calls 'Disarm Toronto Police' protest 'insulting and ludicrous'

Toronto Police Association president says he's disappointed that some have jumped to conclusions

Photo: CTV News

The president of Toronto's police union is 'insulted' by a protest near Queen subway station on Sunday night.

Mike McCormack is left shaking his head after demonstrators torched an effigy of a pig as part of a rally.

A group called Disarm Toronto Police is calling for cops to be stripped of their firearms in response to Friday's police shooting at Queen Station that left a young man in hospital.

Witness reports say that the man was carrying what could have been a gun and when police confronted him, he suggested had nothing left to live for.

McCormack says he is disappointed that some have chosen to jump to conclusions about what happened that night.

"The incident is under investigation (by Ontario's Special Investigations Unit) and I can't say what the circumstances were but our officers are trained to respond with lethal force when there is an imminent threat to someone's safety and I would suggest that a firearm would present an imminent threat," he says.

The Toronto Police Association boss says some who have weighed in on the incident just do not appreciate what a police officer must do in a potentially dangerous situation.

"Its not ice cream-making, or whatever. Its a job that, unfortunately, at times is going to involve a certain amount of violence," he says.

McCormack insists he's got no problem with public debate over how his members use deadly force, calling it a 'healthy' discussion to have.

When it comes to the idea of disarming police officers, McCormack calls the notion 'ludicrous.'

When asked whether this incident might prompt the police to make another push to equip front-line police officers with tasers, McCormack says while he supports adding the stun guns to a beat cop's belt, it is not clear yet whether the device would have helped resolve Friday night's shooting any differently.

"We've been advocating for years for front-line officers to have tasers and that first responders are the ones who need them the most."

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  1. john posted on 12/17/2013 12:25 PM
    disarming cops is a bad ideal if theirs is a shooting who going to respond to it in time and we cant carry guns so it is not like i can shoot the guy before he kills everybody . the cops are disarmed and we are not .at some point somebody has got ot respond with gun fire . these people are useing this as a way to disarm the cops so thay can cause crime without worrying about getting shot . .
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