Protesters denounce shooting of teen at Queen subway station

About 60 people gathered outside the station on Sunday night

The scene Friday evening after a shooting at Queen subway station
(CTV Toronto)

The shooting of an 18 year old man inside the Queen Subway station Friday night, spawned a small protest Sunday evening.

About 60 people marched to down to the station, denouncing the shooting and burned an effigy of a pig.

According to the Special Investigations Unit, A teenager holding a gun was inside the subway station when the situation escalated and four officers opened fire.

Witnesses report that the teen was first inside a subway car and told those inside, he didn't want to hurt anyone and he had nothing to live for.

Sunday's protest was organized by a group called Disarm the Police. The group was formed shortly after 18-year old Sammy Yatim was shot by police on board an empty streetcar in July.

The group is calling for police to adopt practices that don't involve use-of-force when dealing with those who are suffering from mental health issues.

The teen shot on Friday remains in hospital, and is in stable condition.

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  1. Jack posted on 12/16/2013 11:10 AM
    There is NO GOOD REASON for a teenager to be carrying a gun in the subway. He was clearly planning to hurt someone, and I'm glad the police removed him from this planet.
  2. john posted on 12/16/2013 11:18 AM
    people need to know when a cop tells u to drop the gun drop the F ing gun . what part of that do thay not understand .
  3. frankie posted on 12/16/2013 11:24 AM
    At least four officers opened fire on a teen with his hands up then covered up the facts and began an online commentary campaign to justify their actions. The public is livid. I want the police board fired, just to start.
  4. john posted on 12/16/2013 11:41 AM
    disarming the police is not the right thing to do . the right thing to let the public carry guns . have a backround check and stuff like that but we should be able to carry guns . now before people telll me then go to the USA . do your history we have been carrying guns back in the old days as well .
    1. Todd posted on 12/16/2013 12:01 PM
      @john Go back to the US. If someone decides to shoot up a subway stop I want my police armed to take him out.
  5. Peter posted on 12/16/2013 12:13 PM
    When I was a young man, my father gave me some very important advice. "Son," he said, "one of the best ways to avoid being shot by the police is by not waving guns around in public places." It's advice that has served me well to this day.

    I'm very thankful that Toronto Police were able to put this guy down before he was able to use that gun to hurt someone else.
  6. JohnVoter posted on 12/16/2013 01:58 PM
    The comments here are frankly discussing. You should be ashamed (Jack). Its clear this guy had issues yes. According to all the witnesses every person said he was being cooperative and told everyone to get off the subway and wanted an intervention alone with the police.

    This could be a clear case of suicide by police or something else.Either way the act of 4 officers firing one a suspect is disgraceful. I agree with a comment say that only veteran cops should carry guns which would lead younger ones to learn to communicate better. There are so few REAL instance a gun is needed at a sence and the very presence of one endanagers both the public and the officer.

    One might argue that 99% of the time the Presence of a gun is not needed and makes people feel uncomfortable whereas as the other 1% can be addressed as a last resort.

    My final note is on the idea around citizen carrying guns. If we choose to do so we will not solve anything, The bottom line is ANY gun in the hands of ANYONE (cops, thugs or Joe citizen) makes ANY situation worse.

    Shame on TPS, as our police service gets more and more educated I expect a high level of Tactical communication and less cowboy actions.
    1. Jack posted on 12/16/2013 02:20 PM
      @JohnVoter "I agree with a comment say that only veteran cops should carry guns which would lead younger ones to learn to communicate better."

      I'm sure the reasonable, level-headed people of Jane & Finch and Regent Park will be thrilled when THAT policy comes into effect. The widows of the young officers you're so eager to put in harm's way will probably be less happy.
  7. john posted on 12/16/2013 02:14 PM
    let me put it this way . if u were in a movie theater and some dick head shoots up the room . would u be glade that everybody has a gun and one of them could kill the bastard before he kills everybody . u need to wake up here m8 . all of u do . gunmen will shoot people in places cause thay know nobody is armed . u HAVE the right to fight back . and i would . u guys want to die go ahead get shot . meanwhile i am making sure my wife and kids are safe . if everybody had guns gunmen would think twice simple as that .
    1. dama posted on 12/16/2013 04:03 PM
      @john Yup.. the good wild wild west... I presumed you own a cache of guns. at home ready to blow someone away.. .

      Your scenario is different from what happened at Queens terminal..

      The other argument is if no one carries a gun we don't need cops with gun. isnt it? but the sad true is guns are everywhere..every weekend, you read about Jow blow was shot or gunned down but when cops appeared,, Joe Blow is already dead or wounded but majority of 18 year old killed by cops, were unstable or mental.. so really.. cops are trigger happy..
  8. adrien roberts posted on 12/16/2013 02:45 PM
    Let’s understand what has happened here…
    In Jan of 2011 a young police officer was, deliberately, in my opinion, killed by a man driving a snowplough …he was the first officer to die in the line of duty since 2002…
    The case followed the normal course to a ‘first degree murder trial’ in the courts and on May 11th, 2013 (of this year) the courts, a jury, failed to convict the perpetrator or even hold that party “responsible” in any way, in any way, for what he had done … he had, clearly, driven that plow right at the officer with the intent to kill him or at least to take him out! The driver KNEW what he was trying to do. There could be no doubt about that!
    But the jury decided to believe the so-called “experts”, psychiatrists, who in there confusion and contradictory testimony, claimed that the perpetrator didn’t know what he was doing!!!! and for all intents and purposes, HE WALKED
    Suddenly on the streets of Toronto the police are killing crazy people, especially youthful crazy people, and for future reference, anyone else who dares to exercise their right to freely assemble or walk the streets or challenge illegal acts perpetrated by police officers … we are all now in imminent danger … trust me
    The police, and this is not a secret, are a secret society, a brotherhood and they have decided that since there is no justice thorough the courts that THEY WILL TAKE ACTION TO ASSURE THAT NO OTHER POLICE OFFICE IS KILLED ON DUTY BY ANOTHER CRAZY GUY …
    Now, a group of concerned citizens are protesting the shooting of another citizen in the subway of Toronto
    Don’t you get it!
    1. dama posted on 12/16/2013 03:55 PM
      @adrien roberts So you are blaming the jury that the guy WALKED based so SO CALLED EXPERT and contradictory testimony and evidence ? ?

      Wow, you are such an expert of criminal law...

      Isnt that what court case is all about? Prosecutor argued its case and Defence lawyer argued their case as well and jury decide, so based on that outcome, you are stating that the cops/brotherhood said it was injustice !!!! or not to their satisfaction, cops is now ok to kill Tom, Dick and Harry?

      So the cops mentality of "better be him than me". holds true then..

      Disarm the cop is a good 1st step(even tho it will happen) to force the cop t learn how to diffuse a situation... too many 18 year old were killed by cop's gun.....
  9. dama posted on 12/16/2013 02:45 PM
    WHAT !!!!! Police killed a man AGAIN !!!!

    WHAT 2 Cops OPENED fire.. ok ok.. can I say
    :Now we are a police state ??

    Sammy Yatim's death is not cold yet and anther 18 year old shot by cops....

    I thought police/cop would have learn a bit from that incident, like TALKING befor shooting.. apparently not..

    Disarming might be a good 1st step but you know it isw not going to happen;
    may I suggest Videoing...

    Every police call to an incident be videoed to protect the police on site and the victim, so there will be no he said, she said kind of testimony.. police should use that...
    1. Mike posted on 12/16/2013 07:18 PM
      @dama Sammy Yatim: Was waving a knife around in public and screaming, got what he deserved.

      This guy: Pulled a gun in a public place, got what he deserved.

      You: Playing armchair quarterback and criticizing people who are each worth ten of you. Shut up and let the adults speak.
  10. hogwild posted on 12/16/2013 06:17 PM
    I say arm ourselves police in this country cant be trusted, an police service board is just a legal coverup shit I trust motorcycle gangs before I trust our cops ...time to take away arms from them time and time again they shoot first then ask questions later if thier huge EGOS let them!!
  11. Mike posted on 12/16/2013 06:29 PM
    I wish the people who come on these message boards and disrespect the men and women who KEEP US SAFE could be forced to wear some sort of identifier in public; then when they get mugged or attacked, they can go without assistance and see how awful a world without police would be like.
    1. dama posted on 12/17/2013 02:56 PM
      @Mike and that's where you are wrong again, you are insinuating that people whose opinions differed from you do not respect those woman or man cops?

      I bet a lot of us respect people in authority, including me, and I am voicing my pinions on the current situation with THESE 4 cops ONLY and not on the whole police force..

      and I stated that it MIGHT be a GOOD 1st step to disarm front line police (acknowledging that it will never happen) , this will force the front line cop to use brain instead of brawn to diffuse a situation..

      again,, everyone is entitle to their opinion.. nothing wrong with that..
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