LISTEN: Ford apologizes to Star Reporter

Mayor Ford says sorry to Daniel Dale over comments made in an interview with Conrad Black...

Did it go far enough?

Mayor Rob Ford stood in the council chambers at Toronto City Hall, on a personal point of privelidge, and apologized to Toronto Star reporter Daneil Dale.

Ford says he did not mean to suggest Dale was a pedophile.

Dale served a libel notice last week, demanding the Mayor retract the comments.

But Toronto Star editor Michael Cooke, suggested to Newstalk1010 that the apology needed to be sincere.

Daniel Dale is crafting a response and is expected to deliever it Tuesday afternoon.

At issue is the comment made about Dale when descirbing the scene behind his house at the time Dale was researching a story on a chunk of land the Mayor was trying to buy.

In that interview, Ford had referenced the case where Dale was reportedly near the backyard of the Mayor, and Ford claims he was taking pictures.

"When a guy is taking pictures of little kids... I don't want to say that word... but you start thinking, what's this all about?"

Mayor Ford was asked about the comments on Tuesday, the day after the interview aired, but refused to retract them.

Here's the apology:


Mayor Rob Ford's apology:


“I want to take this opportunity to clarify my comments made in an interview with Conrad Black and to apologize to Daniel Dale for the way in which the media interpreted my comments.  I never called Mr. Dale a pedophile I have never used that word to describe Mr. Dale.  I do not believe Mr. Dale is a pedophile, nor did I intend to suggest that in my comments.  My comments to Conrad Black were in context of my worst experiences with the incredible assault by media, in particular the Toronto Star, on me and my family.  My comments related to the fear I had for my family when my longtime neighbour told me that someone was lurking at my fence and appeared to be taking pictures of my family  home over the fence.   To be clear, I never personally saw Mr. Dale peering over the fence or taking pictures.  My neighbour told me however that he did see someone doing this.  Mr. Dale apparently denies that.   At that moment I honestly believed, I honestly believed my neighbour’s account of the events.  I had no idea at the time who the person was my neighbour told me was leering over my fence.  At that moment I had the same fears and concern that I believe many people would have with such a report from a neighbour that they’ve known for over 15 years and I ran to the area as quickly as I could to accost the person in an attempt to protect my family.  When I arrived at the corner of my home, very far from the land Mr. Dale advises he was researching a story about, I indeed find an individual beside my fence in the general area my neighbour advised me.  This confirmed my fears at the time.  I accosted this person as I believed he was a threat to my family.  This individual turned out to be Daniel Dale on assignment from the Toronto Star.  I have no issue with Mr. Dale personally.  I understand that he is an employee in the very competitive news business and must do as his superiors instruct him.  I do take issue with his bosses at the Toronto Star to put him and I into this situation.  I do not mean to insinuate anything about Mr. Dale personally in my interview with Mr. Black.  I certainly did not intend to suggest that he is a pedophile.  I was merely commenting on the thoughts that went through my mind on the night of May 2012, before I had any idea that that person my neighbour told me he saw peering over my fence was a reporter on assignment from the Toronto Star.  It is unfortunate that the word I did not say has been ascribed to me by the media but I wish to sincerely apologize again to Mr. Dale if my actual words have caused him any harm or personal offence.  And if Mr. Daniel Dale is here I want to personally apologize to him.”


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  1. john posted on 12/17/2013 11:34 AM
    i hope the lawsuit gos i wanna see ford give this jackass the ass kicking of a life time he had no right being in his property without permission to do so simple as that . i hope rob ford will end up owning the star .
    1. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 11:44 AM
      @john You sure have a lot of hope if ford wanted to be a man and stand by his words and take this to court he would NEVER have apologized for saying what he said, he knows he was wrong now he’s scared.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 01:16 PM
      @john I second that....
  2. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 11:36 AM
    Now he’s sorry I really hope Mr Dale pursues his law suit against this joker.
    1. AC posted on 12/17/2013 11:54 AM
      @RickC_1236 that was a half a** apology from the dumb stupid slob. he still owes a FULL apology to the Toronto Star. the Star was bang on in their reporting of everything not the pathological liars he called the paper. Vision TV needs to air a full apology also. Continue with the lawsuit D.D. crack nation is still going to call you names. at least go after his Escalade and when you get it drive up and down the slobs street and give him the finger
    2. Mark7 posted on 12/17/2013 12:02 PM
      @RickC_1236 I sit here and shake my head at you. I am glad I do not live in a private world full of hate. It must cause you a lot of pain. I feel empathy for you at this point.
  3. john posted on 12/17/2013 11:54 AM
    rickc are u really that stupid ?

    if someone was taking pictures of your house without permission would u not do the same thing he did . WAKE UP MATE !
    1. Brian posted on 12/17/2013 12:02 PM
      @john John - don't repeat mayor ford lies nobody was taking pictures of his house -
    2. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 12:27 PM
      @john Its real simple john let me say this in a way a crack nation follower can understand as I am aware it’s very difficult for you folks to think logically. In response to your question were you now suggest Mr Dale was taken pictures of his house I should let you know this is not about robs house but instead his children you asked what would I do I sure as hell wouldn’t put my tail between my legs and apologize after insinuating an individual must be a pedophile on TV to boot I would be damn sure about what I am saying and stand by that to the very end like a MAN. Once again rob put his foot in his mouth and is now begging Mr Dale not to destroy him in court. Why is he sorry jon ? Lol

      Grow up.
  4. nancy posted on 12/17/2013 12:35 PM
    I do think that his comments in the interview referred to his feelings "in the heat of the moment", before he knew the facts about who was looking over his fence. As usual the Star re-interprets the situation to use it against the mayor. As for Mr. Dale, he is being exploited by the Star OR "he doth protest too much" and does indeed have something to hide.......the publicity is putting him and the allegations into the public eye......I believe that the threat of a law suit is hurting him much more than the passing comment in the interview would ever have done.
    1. justsaying posted on 12/17/2013 12:52 PM
      @nancy Nancy, the mayor made multiple interviews since knowing that the reporter never ever touched his property, nor took photos of it. He lied to you, and to everyone he ever spoke to about the situation beyond the moment it occurred. Why are you making excuses for his lies?

      The only excuse is that the mayor believes we are not smart enough to see his lies for what they are.
    2. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 01:27 PM
      @nancy Well said NANCY- you called it right.
      Dale has become the victim of the monster he contributes to.

      @JUSTSAYING: The mayor didn't lie, so as MARK7 said, please stop lying to yourself. He was recounting what he experienced at the time. So no one is making excuses.

      The only sad thing is that any negative press concerning the mayor, you will take at face value- without even remotely having the instinct to question what the motives are.
      Use your head, and not your emotions.
      We both know that the mayor doesn't sugar coat words, nor has the skill of McGuinty/Miller to come up with flowery responses on the fly. That is not his strength. So, now you expect us to believe that he is able to construct elaborate lies in an attempt to bamboozle us all?!?!?
      Come on....I know you're smarter than that. And I'm not trying to be condescending or insulting, so please don't take it that way.
  5. justsaying posted on 12/17/2013 12:48 PM
    So, after knowing for many months that this person was on Public Property, and took absolutely no photos of his home or his private property, the mayor is now acknowledging the journalist who he has called repeatedly on national and international news a ped, isn't?

    What changed Rob? Why are you backing down? Why are you not standing up for yourself and leading the charge out of the gates to freedom and Ford Nation?

    Maybe because it was a lie, you knew it was a lie, and yet continued to besmirch the journalist and his newspaper all the while knowing it was a lie?

    That makes you a liar.

    Right, you have outright lied to us your electorate because you believe we are foolish enough to buy your lies, not question them, but accept them?

    Is that because you hold us in such high regard?

    Why do you lie to us so very often? (and let's not bring in others, we are talking about Rob Ford and only Rob Ford!)

    You seem to want to keep your children safe. Then why set such a terrible example by being a liar?

    In our society we hold truth above all. Shame you do not share the core value of decency and morality. Will you lie on the stand when you are up on charges? Then you can show off what you learned from hanging with gangsters.

    Good lesson to teach your kids too...but I thought you wanted to protect them? Then go away and leave them so they do not have your lies influencing their lives, lest they grow up to be just like you.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 01:18 PM
      @justsaying He gives an honest account, you have an issue.
      He then turns around and panders to those who had an issue with what Ford said- and you still have issues.

      Just no pleasing you people, is there?
    2. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 01:54 PM
      @justsaying Do you see how childish crack nation is they say things like ok robs a liar but there’s other liars too they will never get it.
  6. REALITY BITES posted on 12/17/2013 01:03 PM
    I, along with others, told you that the lawsuit would be a slam-dunk for Daniel Dale.

    The fear in liar Ford's voice says it all ... in volumes.

    Here's hoping against hope that Mr. Dale continues his action and doesn't let mayor-in-name-only Ford away with his attempted character assassination.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 01:19 PM
      @REALITY BITES Its not a slam-dunk you moron, as this hasn't gone before the courts yet- and there is no hope of Dale winning this one.
      I personally would like to see the court case go forward, and watch the Star get destroyed on this. Whether it be financially, or their subscriptions take another hit, because of again, attacking the mayor.

      Given the mayor's recent track record of winning court cases, my money is on Ford.
    2. dama posted on 12/17/2013 02:40 PM
      @REALITY BITES I was watching Rob Ford;s apology in chamber on CTV and I did not see any fear in his face or eyes, were you watching the same news feed or is there any "dotted" news feed?

      Daniel Dale still can go ahead and sue even with this apology, so you should write Daniel Dale or the Star editor and encourage them to sue and maybe donate to their ligitation fund....

      You know what. they will loose..

      You guys think that Rob Ford is stupid,, he stayed silence for a reason and only offered this apology at his own time.. he might not be a polished politician but he is shrew.....

      Rob Ford for the win.... against undecided John Tory, I hope he runs and get his butt kicked again,, against Olivia Chow,,.. Stintz ?? nahhhhh l has been.. .
  7. john posted on 12/17/2013 01:16 PM
    clearly u guys are not getting what i am saying and it is sad that u dont . so i am going to bow out here i am not here to talk to stupid people it is not my style . u guys have no clue how to handle that kinda thing .
    1. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 01:27 PM
      @john All you’re doing is calling people stupid just because we cannot accept stupidity from both you and rob. Yeah do yourself a favour a bow out.
  8. franklin g posted on 12/17/2013 01:32 PM
    Mayor Ford only said he had started to wonder, as indeed any reasonable person would. It was Dale who used the P word. The Star and Dale are so foolish. Live by the sword and die by the sword media, especially if you fall on it yourself.
  9. tanjo posted on 12/17/2013 01:34 PM
    First, I want to commend Rob Ford for standing up in a very public forum and do something that was very difficult for him. I honestly didn't think he had it in him.

    Second, I don't believe it. The problem is that he brought up the incident when Black asked him about a particularly bad example of the media invading his privacy. This is the worst he could come up with? Are we to conclude then that this is all in his head?

    If he had apologied like this last Tuesday or Wednesday, I think it would have been enough. After going on the Junkie show and repeating the lies, I don't know if this goes far enough.

    It will really depend on how forgiving Dale is.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 01:51 PM
      @tanjo I agree with your first point, and somewhat with your second point.
      The reason why you probably don't believe it (besides it being 'too late'), is that the statement isn't coming from him. It looks very 'lawyered up'.
      I'm betting it was on advice, although I'm not sure why- as I don't see Ford being in any jeopardy.

      Again, I wouldn't necessarily classify the recount as 'lies'. But I already know you're stance on that, as we've going through a very lengthy debate on it. So I won't bother quibbling with you on that one ;p

      As for Dale, don't care much about him, or his masters. Just my personal take...
    2. Peter posted on 12/17/2013 04:17 PM
      @tanjo .
      Thank you for your comment Tanjo.

      I partially agree with you. His apology was made up of an explanation that didn't admit that he had done anything wrong. He says I apologize: "if my actual words have caused him any harm or personal offence." He didn't admit to any intent.

      Now I think making some apology is very smart of Mayor Ford.
      1. He hopes Mr. Dale will accept it.
      2 .He shows everyone he is respectful.
      3. He avoids wasteful courts costs & time.

      I wonder if Mayor Ford has also weighed in the suing of council members for them removing is mayor powers. He may have
      decided to stay out of court in that case too. How smart.

      I wonder how Conrad Black will handle his apology.

  10. Mike from the hinterland posted on 12/17/2013 02:35 PM
    I hope the judge throws this trivial law suit out of the courts! What a waste of the court's time. This has nothing to do with Daniel Dale, it only is a fishing expedition by the Toronto Star to get Rob Ford on the stand to get him under oath and ask questions not related to the case.
  11. RickC_1236 posted on 12/17/2013 02:36 PM
    "At that moment I honestly believed, I honestly believed my neighbour’s account of the events. I had no idea at the time who the person was my neighbour told me was leering over my fence. At that moment I had the same fears and concern that I believe many people would have with such a report from a neighbour”

    The use of cocaine in the “crack” form is often associated with more frequent and intense symptoms. Paranoia occurs in 68% to 84% of users.
    1. Angry Bill posted on 12/17/2013 03:17 PM
      @RickC_1236 Is that your excuse, too? You'be been particularly rabid, today.
  12. REALITY BITES posted on 12/17/2013 03:17 PM
    TO dama and Karl Burgin.

    Please don't let the obvious cloud your "thought processes".

    Stay in Never-Never Land with the other quickly shrinking minority of half-wits who still believe anything mayor-in-name-only Ford says.

    There is no "positioning" here by Ford - unless you include his desire to get out of the way of the avalanche about to bury him in his own "pile".
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 03:32 PM
      @REALITY BITES oi....don't you ever get tired of shrieking by your lonesome atop the steeple. You like the sound of your own shrieking, don't you?
    2. Angry Bill posted on 12/17/2013 03:34 PM
      @REALITY BITES You, and many others like you, have made very similar claims many times in the past.. and in each case, Ford came out on top. I have no doubt that he would have won this case, too.

      You guys insult the Ford Nationers quite a bit.. Has it occurred to you all that you are far more rabid in your vitriol and hatred of Ford than the Ford Nationers are against you? Just an observation.

      Here's something else to chew on. If you just cast dispersion on Ford Nation and discount anything they have to say because of your prejudices, then you are missing out once again on the very reason that got Ford elected in the first place.. The situation that Toronto has been placed in by successive socialist and liberal leadership is what the Ford Nationers detest. And even those who are not fans of Ford feel the same way. So if you do nothing except call Ford and his followers names, while at the same time holding up socialists and their agenda as the alternative, then you are very, very much missing the point. Any right-thinking person would not want a socialist agenda. We just can't afford that kind of tax and spend mind set.

      You make a mistake if you treat everyone who isn't a fan of your socialist agenda as a Ford Nationer who supports crack. That's what got Ford elected initially, in spite of all the "experts" who claimed he didn't stand a chance. And the leftist city councilors have been crying in their diapers ever since. Case in point.. during the altercation yesterday in City Hall, when Ford said something about "sure, the corrupt ones get to stay", and one of the councilors piped up and tattled on Ford like a kindergarten baby to the speaker. Um, really? You had to "tattle" on Ford? To me, that says a lot more about the quality of person on city council than it does about Ford. I mean.. tattling. Give me a break. Go back to kindergarten where you belong.
  13. Toby Lake posted on 12/17/2013 03:44 PM
    I don't believe anything Rob or Doug or Mammoliti have to say. He has needed to step down a long time ago. His behaviour is not consistant with a man who feels responsible for such embarrassment.

    The problem I have with this whole story is that the Ford Nation cult following exists online, and not offline. Much of the way we must interpret this story has to include the word Rob Ford did not want to say, which has been assumed and used by Ford Nation types on facebook when referring to Daniel Dale.
    1. Karl Burgin posted on 12/17/2013 04:00 PM
      @Toby Lake That notion goes both ways. And it's been overwhelmingly social media sites who label Ford with many insulting and cruel names- some of which has surfaced here over the months.

      And Ford should only step down if voters vote him out. As Conrad Black has aptly put, "the voters are the ones who run Toronto, not the Toronto Star".

      This drive to circumvent democracy to eject a mayor who has been democratically elected should bother you. Because it is setting a very dangerous precedent.
    2. dama posted on 12/17/2013 04:01 PM
      @Toby Lake Why are you crying over spilt milk? It is over,, for heaven;s sake,, he is NOT resigning so stop harping on that..

      Yes, he is lair, we know that .. he is fat yes we see that.. and yet he is loved like a Rock Star.. read Joe Warmington..

      So you have a problem with online Ford Nation.. well.. it is your problem.. I dont have a problem with online Ford haters for I believe in democracy . so they have the right to post whatever opinions they want on Rod Ford..

      that is what makes it interesting in this 1010 forum...
  14. Paul57 posted on 12/17/2013 04:12 PM
    Did you think Dale would actually follow through on dropping the lawsuit. It was the very media that continued to implicate Mayor Ford (some true but not all) that put the words in Ford's mouth. The media continues to fuel itself even after the actual news has ceased to be relevant.

    It appears only the media can suggest/accuse/allege the unproven wrongdoings of others. God forbid they get cut with the same knife.
    1. Peter posted on 12/17/2013 04:35 PM
      @Paul57 .
      Thank you for your comment Paul57.

      Mr. Dale may be influenced by his employer. My feeling is that he is the fall guy. The Star may hype him to "go ahead and be a man, sue him" type of thing. He doesn't have to pay for anything.

      It would be nice if Mr. Dale accepts the apology, and the donated money to him is given to charity. This amazingly seems how it works out with Mayor Ford in the picture, attracting positiveness. The ending of this incident could be good, - having charity receive money ! That's so positive.

      This is how the Gawker money was used too. Awesome.

      Good going Mayor Ford.

    2. dama posted on 12/18/2013 02:55 PM
      @Paul57 Daniel Dale is being used by Michael Cooke(Star Editor) even though he stated that Daniel has his own mind to make his decision to sue or not.. hard for me to believe that.

      You think Daniel Dale will go ahead after Rob Ford had apologised in city chamber if the Star is not footing the lawyer's fee? I bet Daniel will accept the apology and move on..

      Doug Ford might be right that The Star is loosing subscriptions and is keeping The Star/Rob Ford feud alive to sell newspaper.. lucky for me I receive free Star but if I have to pay,, it will be cancelled promptly...
  15. Peter posted on 12/17/2013 04:45 PM
    I wonder how Conrad Black/Zoomer Media is going to handle this.

    Maybe follow suit like Mayor Ford and give a explanation/partial apology?

    Maybe be more creative somehow?

    Maybe fight it out for the satisfaction?

    I have no idea.

    It will show more about Conrad Black that's for sure.

    1. dama posted on 12/18/2013 03:01 PM
      @Peter I doubt Zoomer Media/Conrad Black will apologise, since Conrad was stating why Rob Ford would apologised when Rob Ford didnt mention that word - Pedophile, so dont expect them to offer any apology...

      sooo Why Daniel Dale has not sue Zoomer/Black and just concentrating on Rob Ford ?

      Vendetta.... ????
  16. maryk_8437 posted on 12/25/2013 03:09 AM
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